Newsletter   Spring/Summer 2001
Thanks to you, our wonderful customers, has been feeling some growing pains... but it sure does feel great! 

We outgrew our former space, so we've recently moved to a larger warehouse and shipping location, however, our office and mailing address, phones, etc. are all the same!

We went through some of the typical "pains" related to moving and re-organizing! Our shipping turn time was stretched out as we scrambled to find out where items were in the new facility! We found extra items that we didn't know we had, and could not locate items we knew we did have! So it was quite frustrating at times, but we all tried to keep a good sense of humor about it! Of course, we also dealt with computer set ups and all of the fun stuff with finding files and paperwork! Stress levels were definitely tested to the limits!

But overall, we think most of it went fairly seamless, and we tried to thwart issues as quickly as they developed to preserve our superior customer service! Now, as we continue to put inventory away, organize shelves, files and desks and allow the dust to settle, we see the improvements already on quicker, more efficient order processing, packing and shipping. And let's not forget about the extra room we have now, for more new items, products and fun stuff!

So, this Spring and Summer, you will see us adding all sorts of new products and additional goodies to the website and mailorder catalogue! We thank you again, for your continued support, patronage and for being able to share in our growth and pleasure which, in the end [pardon the pun], is why we are here in the first place!

Enjoy! -Nurse Laural 
 & the Staff

We at, are so very fortunate to have such a lovely collection of Nurses on our staff! Adding to that,  allow us to introduce our newest Nurse! Nurse Lacy! And she is just an angel.

Tall and slender with an angelic face, Lacy is the Nurse we refer to as our "tall drink of water", especially in her platform boots!... and boy, do her waters run deep! 

Her ethereal nature makes her a natural as the soft spoken, gentle handed care giver... but don't ignite her red-head temper or you'll see that angel flash into a devil in minutes! We've rarely seen that side, but she has informed us about a time or two when it erupted! (Remember that saying... "watch out for the quiet ones"!)

One of Lacy's greatest loves is antiques! She has been collecting them from childhood when her Grandmother began teaching her about their value and how to choose the best! She's helped us amass quite a great collection of antique medical and pharmaceutical bottles, instruments, furniture and clinical apparatus for our Medical Toys clinic! Quite an impressive sight! By the way, ironically, she's a Deadhead... yup! our little demure Lacy is a Grateful Dead fan! How about that!?

We will continue to add more photos of Nurse Lacy (as well as all of our staff) in the gallery, or on the actual product pages, so be sure to keep checking back as we update and expand and add!

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