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Dungeon-In-A-Box® and Heavy Duty Bondage Kits
Quickie Kits
"Nurse, I love this do-it-yourself kit; go get me a screwdriver..."

Okay, how many times did you wish you had just the right hardware combination to transform that chair or bed into an instant piece of bondage or dungeon furniture? Sure, you thought of ways, went running all over trying to find exactly what might work, only to find that something just wasn't quite right! Well, we have done the homework, we search high and low, we experimented (ah, the blood, sweat and tears of it all!) and have come up with some great kits to do just what you've been trying to do... and you won't have to look into the raised eyebrowed face of a Hardware Store employee! 

The Dungeon-In-A-Box® and Heavy Duty Dungeon Kit take care of all of the woes, waste of time and wary eyeballs! Each kit has a slew of ideas and basic instructions. you just can't go wrong! And you can also get separate pieces, if you want extras or spares! We've used these in the Medical Toys Kinky Clinic for so many different pieces of exam furniture, the patient bed, the door jams (we use the door jam quite a bit: clip the wrists to the upper rings on the inside of the jams near the top of the doorway, then do the ankles the same way at the lower part of the door jam rings ...instant spread eagle!), even the wall next to the toilet has two!

So let your imagination and our little booklet of ideas and instructions (comes with each kit) run amuck with your tool belt! 

NOTE: These kits are hardware only!! You'll need to get the wood...


A few ideas for creating your own Dungeon and Bondage Equipment
using our Dungeon-In-A-Box Kit©  and our Heavy Duty Bondage Kit!

Panic Snaps, Hog-Tie Clip and Double-D Clips

Clip, clip, clip... the sounds and sights of fastening a cuffed and bound patient or sub/slave to an exam table or a dungeon bench. We know how important it is to keep that frisky one secured, so we are offering a few different clips and handy kits which will also add some time saving and ease to the scene! We offer the quick and easy Double D-Clips

Our heavy duty leather new Hog Tie Clips will make a four way connection from ankles and wrist a cinch! Once you've got 'em where you want 'em, just clip 'em... 





Jumbo Bondage Clips Set 
Jumbo 4 1/2" Double D clips are the best and easiest method for attaching cuffs, legcuffs, spreader bars or any other bondage devices! 

Jumbo Bondage D-Clips
Item #640-2015
Price: $17.95/4 Pack


Item #640-2016
Price: $34.95/10 Pack


Dungeon-In -A-Box Kit

Dungeon-In-A-Box® is a complete kit including four Bondage Ring Plates , sixteen 1" mounting screws, four Jumbo Bondage Clips and a collection of ideas and basic instructions to make bondage devices and equipment! 

Dungeon In A Box Kit
Item #640-9000
Price: $29.95/Kit

No longer available

Bondage Ring Plate
Set of 4 Bondage Ring Plates for spares or extras around the dungeon.

Bondage Ring Plate
Item #640-4011
 Price: $18.95/Set 

No Longer Available

Heavy Duty Bondage Kit

Heavy Duty 
Bondage Kit
This Heavy Duty Bondage Dungeon Kit, includes four  heavy duty 3 1/2" screw in rings Heavy Duty Bondage Rings , four jumbo bondage clips and ideas and basic instructions for creating all sorts of bondage or dungeon furniture!

Heavy Duty Bondage Kit
Item #640-9001 
Price: $29.95/Kit

No Longer Available

Heavy Duty Bondage Ring SetHeavy Duty
Bondage Ring

Set of 4 strong 3 1/2" screw with ring for spares or just about anything!

Heavy Duty Bondage Rings Set
Item #640-4010
Price:$16.95/4 Pack 

No Longer Available

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