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Making every moment count...
Well, it's quite obvious fellow netizens, kinkizens and citizens of planet earth, that September 11th, 2001 opened all of our eyes in a horrible, catastrophic way. We have witnessed the crossing of a very real threshold of insanity. We have all been shocked, hurt, angered and outraged by the senseless acts of a few, which has, so sadly, effected so many.  The stories, discussions, and accounts of what happened on that fateful day will follow for a long time. There will also be a continuous stream of ideas, methodologies and rationales of how to prepare for, as well as, try to prevent such terrorism in our lives.
Therefore (although difficult to admit, due to the thousands of lives lost and even more than that, suffering) one of the most positive messages from this horrific wake-up call, is to live and enjoy everyday to the fullest! We must do what we want to do and  be strong about it. The conviction we feel by being true to our own selves and actions will flow over into every element of our lives.  Everyday tasks will become more vital. Relationships will take on deeper commitments. Difficulties will become more tolerable. Every aspect of life will hold meaning and value. 

And so it is, in each of us, as individuals, deciding to  to make every moment count in our own lives, that we can collectively change on a worldwide level.

This is not the sort of article we wanted to include in our fun filled world of fetish and fantasy newsletter, however, we decided, as individuals to collectively try to make a difference.                         -The Staff

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Welcome, Nurse Ivanna!
Introducing our latest Nurse at, here she is direct from the the kinky medical fetish finishing school of nursing, Nurse Ivanna! After graduating with honors (of course!), Ivanna joined our staff of kinky clinic nurses this past summer.  She was very eager and ready for the laborious tasks ahead, such as product testing, modelling, orders and customer service and sharing in all of the medical fetish duties around at 

Initially, we realized she had something very contagious... her bright smile and enthusiasm! One of her favorite sayings is, "I'm game for anything!"  And she has proven it over and over! We really like that quality in a fetish nurse!

Ivanna has many talents... artist, poet and writer, just to mention a few and she's quite a wiz on the web, too! She's very environmentally conscious, too! She rides her trusty bicycle to as many places possible, rather than take the car! Like the rest of us at, she recycles and has given us even more efficient ideas around the clinic, office and warehouse!

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