Straitjacket Required -
Tie Optional
An educational program by Mark and Travis
21 Oct, 2004 Story by Mark
his article started out as a review of a straitjacket program which Travis and I presented in 2004 for the smOdyssey group in San Jose, California. The group is a non profit BDSM organization located in the famous 'Silicon Valley' area, south of San Francisco.

The smOdyssey straitjacket class of 2004.
In an effort to collect a wide variety of gear to show during the program, Travis and I contacted our friends and asked them to bring their straitjackets. As a result, we ended up with 14 different makes, models, sizes, materials and colors of gear to show, which was quite exciting and much more than we had anticipated
The title of our successful program was "Straitjacket Required - Tie Optional". As it turned out, the first half of the program was an impromptu fashion show of straitjackets, and the second half was a hands-on experience as we invited the program attendees to try on the gear or assist others in doing so. What fun! As a result, the second half of the program turned into a giant straitjacket party. Everyone was trying on everything, as well as being restrained to classroom chairs and from overhead attachment points (which we had setup for the first part of the program). Everyone had a great time. After all, it's not often that you can see 14 different straitjackets in one place, and have a chance to try them on too.

The photo at the top of this page shows some of the attendees who agreed to have the photo taken in a group. Most wanted to wear a hood for confidentiality. Doesn't the photo look like a high school photo from your old yearbook? Travis is the one lying on the floor in front.

Although this article started out to be a review of our program in 2004, in December 2006 I decided to gather up all my straitjacket photos and throw them onto the page. I got a little carried away, I hope you enjoy looking at them all. If some of the images don't load the first time around, please refresh your browser a few times. The straitjackets shown on this page were obtained from the following manufacturers and stores:, Maxcita, JT-Stockroom, Humane Restraint, Mister-S, Rob of Amsterdam, Madame-S, David Menkes Leather, Regulation. Enjoy!

This wonderful latex straitjacket is manufactured by Madame-S. The subject is seated in a simple wooden strait-backed chair. Her ankles, knees, waist and chest are strapped to the chair and her leather muzzle is secured from overhead. This straitjacket can be seen in the article Safety, Security, Comfort.

You never know what kind of reaction you'll get when someone try's on a straitjacket for the first time. This straitjacket is by Maxcita and the leather straps by Humane Restraint.

This poor woman is tightly bound in a double-lined leather straitjacket and leg binder, and a leather"Bishop Muzzle". The double-lined gear provides much greater weight and bondage restriction, with less give than traditional single layer gear. This straitjacket can be seen in the article An Afternoon of Delight. Notice the contrast between the black leather and the white bed sheets. Fantastic! All of the gear is manufactured by Mister-S
In these photos, a canvas straitjacket and leather straps are employed for maximum bedroom fun. The bed frame is made of 80/20 aluminum extrusion, the straitjacket is from Maxcita, and the leather straps are from Humane Restraint. This gear can be seen in the article High Tech Restraint.
Believe it or not, this black leather hood, collar and straitjacket was made by Jim, the person in the straitjacket. After 6 months of creating custom patterns, Jim assembled the straitjacket and hood with a standard home sewing machine. Check out this 3-part article about Jim and his unique sewing project titled Mister Smooth.
Here we see the application of a Maxcita canvas straitjacket over a latex catsuit and sexy red boots. Reed's mistress 'KitNBoots' has done a fantastic job securing him to the floor with four Humane Restraint straps and stainless steel anchors. A great idea, and very effective!
Reed has always fantasized about being restrained in a straitjacket and having a sexy Mistress standing over him in a short skirt. It looks like Reed got fantasy, but sometimes fantasies don't always end the way you you want them to...
KitNBoots removes blindfold, allowing him to witness the extremely helpless and erotic predicament he's in.
KitNBoots reminds Reed that he is restrained for her amusement, not his. He's nothing more than a sexual toy, and if he complains he might be left in this bondage for the entire night.
Reed sees the smile on his Mistress' face. What does she have in store for him?
KitnBoots removes Reed's leather mouth cover.
She gently kisses his lips. Reed knows exactly what's coming - or does he?
Lets stop here and review Reed's situation. He's dressed in his favorite latex, red boots and a straitjacket, and secured to the floor so he can't move. This makes it impossible for KitNBoots to receive much sexual pleasure from his body because he's all covered up with fetish gear.
Reed is in a helpless situation, so, basically, anything goes at this point- no matter how outrageous it may be. People who are new to bondage usually ask the same question "I have them all tied up, then what?" This is the fun of sexual bondage play. Lets see what happens next.
Reed knows that his body is completely inaccessible to KitNBoots, except for his face. KitNBoots has on a short skirt. Hummm... I think this is part of Reed's fantasy.
KitNBoots pulls out a double-ended dildo gag. Reed's fantasy is about to be fulfilled. Who says serious bondage can't be fun, sexy and fulfilling?
Wasting no time, KitNBoots inserts the dildo gag into Reed's waiting mouth. Reed blushes with embarrassment, but he's becoming more turned on with every passing second. The room becomes very quiet.
The room becomes very quiet. You see, it was only last week that Reed and his Mistress purchased this double-ended dildo gag at the Mister-S store, and both of them immediately envisioned this same scene. Well, almost...
At this point Reed has gone to heaven. He blushes again as his ultimate male fantasy is about to be fulfilled. Needless to say, he's excited beyond belief.
What's is this? Reed is confronted with a serious steel chastity belt guarding his Mistresses' most private parts! OUCH! KitnBoots has aced the scene with more bondage gear!
Damn! What a let-down! You should never trust a Mistresses who uses serious bondage gear.
A bondage scene at the House of Gord. Straitjacket by David Menkes Leather, leg binder, straps and cage by Mister-S, heavy latex hood by Cocoon.
Another photo of the David Menkes straitjacket. Chains secure her to the vertical post and a Mister-S leather muzzle keeps her quiet.
How can any woman resist this beautiful red straitjacket from Madame-S? Once she's secured, a number of bondage positions can be explored with fun and ease.
This set of canvas gear features a hood, straitjacket and leg sack from Maxcita. All three pieces are connected together, or can be used separately. Heavy cotton straps and "D" rings are sewn into each piece of gear allowing multiple attachment points for suspension or tie down.
The feeling of leather can be very sensual, especially when you're naked. This poor woman is going nowhere since her ankles are strapped to the chair. Straitjacket by David Menkes Leather, ankle straps from Mister-S. This chair bondage can be seen in the article The Unbearable Lightness of Bondage.
Leather boots and straitjackets look fantastic together, and feel wonderful too. This poor woman struggles helplessly while a dildo inside her works it's magic.
Struggling in bondage can be fun, and usually leads to an orgasm (or two). Shackles from Mister-S, straitjacket from David Menkes.

This latex straitjacket and attached hood from looks fantastic on Reed's long torso. If you add a collar, leash and attractive Mistress to lead him around, you can draw a lot of attention at a fetish event. Straitjacket by Regulation LTD. in london.

Here we see a Maxcita canvas straitjacket and hood. The hood is attached to the straitjacket by a narrow leather strap under the collar so it's can't be seen. Notice the heavy cotton straps and D rings, including the two shoulder straps and rings for further tie-down or overhead suspension.
This is an interesting variation - the straitjacket arms are secured behind the back instead of crossing in front.
Here's an excellent example of serious bondage: straitjacket, leg binder, full hood, chains, straps and a heavy steel cage. The straitjacket is custom made with two layers of garment leather, so it's much more restrictive. Hood, cage, straitjacket and straps from Mister-S, leg binder from David Menkes Leather. You can see details of this scene in the article The Art of Cage Bondage.
Here's something you don't see very often. Metal bed frame is made of 80/20, straitjacket by Maxcita, leather straps from Humane Restraint, red spandex full-body suit from, and latex hypoxia hood from Studio Gum. Details of this gear can be seen in the article High Tech Restraint.
In this case the straitjacket is suspended from overhead eye-bolts. Care must me taken to assure the subject doesn't sink down into the straitjacket so far as to have the collar restrict their breathing. The straitjacket must fit properly, and the crotch straps must be pulled tight enough to support the full weight of the torso. Straitjacket from Maxcita, blindfold and rubber gag from Mister-S.
This woman is bound in a "3 point" bondage position - her ankles are secured in a heavy pillory and a chain runs between the back of the straitjacket collar to the top of the bondage platform. She's comfortable and helpless, and unable to escape from this compromising position.
This woman is being strapped into an extremely heavy double-lined leather straitjacket. The hood is a single layer, but has a second layer of leather sewn inside the hood across the mouth acting as a kind of psychological muzzle. It feels quite nice and adds a lot to the overall effect of the hood. Everything is from Mister-S including the wide leather straps. You can details of this scene in the article For Your Eyes Only.
There's a special energy present when lovers are playing with bondage. Notice how dramatic she looks when tugging against her collar chain. When you're bound in this configuration the collar chain feels just as dramatic and restrictive as it looks in these photos.
A cool photo of a Mister-S straitjacket with quilted and padded elbows, and bubble gas-mask latex hood.
Mya of BoundForTrouble demonstrates the proper use of a straitjacket. This black canvas straitjacket and playroom are available for use at the Dominion in Los Angeles.
Bondage play at 665 leather in Los Angeles. Straitjackets and cages seem to work well together.
Here we see the use of Martin's Jail Cell Collar, and a Mister-S straitjacket and hood. Martin's collar attaches to the vertical bars of the cage and is secured with a padlock in the back. Remember to use extreme care when playing with collars which are attached to the wall, ceiling or other gear. If the person in bondage faints or panics, they could easily strangle themselves.
This is what happens with a bunch of kinky people, some straitjackets, and too many beers. Can you spot Gord, the Rubber Sisters, Pupett, and JG-Leathers and Mark the author? The black latex hood with gas-mask is from Maxcita.
Here's something you don't see very often - an extraterrestrial creature being held for scientific research by Mya of Be careful Mya, this sexy creature might be more than you bargained for! Straitjacket by Mister-S, collar by Martin, hood no longer available. Remember to use extreme care when playing with collars which are attached to the wall, ceiling or other gear. If the person in bondage faints or panics, they could easily strangle themselves.
It's easy to find people in straitjackets wandering around in the 100,000+ crowd at the yearly San Francisco Folsom Street Fair. Foreground-left with sunglasses is Squirm of, and the woman in red latex is Pupett. Straitjackets with optional 'tit-flaps' by Mister-S.
JG-Leathers attaches an overhead chain leash to his friend, with the idea that she can't stray very far from the kitchen. Since she's tied to the chair John, I don't think this will be a problem.
These wonderful images were from a joint photo shoot with GwenMedia in Los Angeles before they closed in 2005. Both the small and large straitjackets are made by Maxcita, the leather straps and cuffs are from HumaineRestraint, the latex gas-mask hood is from Studio Gum, and the red bondage table is from Dungeon Furniture. The woman's straitjacket has a custom contoured waist (similar to a corset) which enhances the curves of her body. I've never seen another straitjacket like it.
Sonny Black ( left) of DungeonFurinture, Faith, and Travis in the ChiSisters playroom in Los Angeles. Faith is restrained in a Maxcita combination leg binder and straitjacket, with HumaineRestraint straps and an amazing 'Padded Wall Rack' from DungeonFurinture. As you can see, Faith isn't going anywhere.
Another fun photo of Faith in a Maxcita straitjacket, lying on a 'Stallion' spanking house from DungeonFurinture. Earlier on this page I commented that black straitjackets and black boots go well together, however, it appears that the same is true for white. This photo was shot in a playroom at the Dominion in Los Angeles.
Once again at the Dominion, we decided to pull out all the stops and put everyone in bondage for this photo. From left: Mya of BoundForTrouble, Edanya from, and Faith. Although both straitjackets are from Maxcita, notice the contoured waist of Edanya's SJ and how she's suspended from overhead with her ankles pulled up behind her with HumaineRestraint gear. What fun!
Here's poor Faith again in the same Maxcita straitjacket with HumaineRestraint cuffs, locked inside of a cage made by DungeonFurinture. Faith is a real sport when it comes to bondage, I think she likes it. Check out her smile.
Here's a straitjacket we photographed in the testing laboratories of The straitjacket is exactly like the one they sell on their website, however the blindfold, straps and pretty model are not included. Notice the quilted arms and diagonal seams down the front of the straitjacket, I wish I had one like this myself. Very nice, and it fits the model quite well. She looks so comfy and helpless in her straitjacket, blindfold and ball gag.
Fetish Model Pupett always finds herself in a jam, this time in the clutches of Mistress-P. Corseted waist straitjacket by Maxcita.
This unique leather garment is called a 'Butterfly Straitjacket' and was made by a private person who makes gear in his spare time. I have not seen anything like it since I photographed it in 2005. Details of this cool straitjacket can be found in the article Wings of a Butterfly.
Poor Gumbi doesn't have a chance of escape from this heavy latex no-arms leotard and inflatable balloon hood. Technically, the leotard isn't really a straitjacket, but it's quite similar. Look for these photos in an upcoming article.
The following photos are from the SMOdyssey class. What fun! I wish I had this opportunity when I was in my 20s and first exploring the bondage scene.
Straitjacket Required - Tie Optional
Straitjackets in BDSM Play: an educational program presented for smOdyssey
by Mark and Travis of
Not everyone likes to play naked. Some people enjoy playing fully dressed, in one of the most restrictive garments ever created: the straitjacket. Come examine and explore this unique fetish with us. This class will include both theory and practice. We'll discuss the allure of the straitjacket, tips for creating memorable scenes, and showcase a number examples of this object of our obsession - manufactured in latex, leather and institutional canvas. Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to try on a straitjacket, and see for themselves just how much fun this kinky and exciting garment can be!
Here are participants of the smOdyssey straitjacket class of 2004, with my friend Travis on the floor in the foreground. Have you ever seen a larger selection of straitjackets in one place?
This gentleman volunteered to try on a straitjacket from Rob of Amsterdam, so we strapped him into an old barber chair just for additional excitement.
I suggested to the class that the students tie each other up rather than Travis and I doing all the work. It didn't take very long before everyone got into the action.
This is a straitjacket from JT-Stockroom, and the latex hood is from Cocoon. When the class ended this fellow didn't want to be untied!
Straitjackets can be quite alarming to the uninitiated.
This is a Mister-S quilted and padded arm straitjacket, which can protect the elbows when playing rough. This woman fell into a mindless bliss as soon as we strapped her into the chair. Latex hood by Cocoon.
All in all, everyone had a great time at the smOdyssey straitjacket program! Left SJ from David Menkes, Center canvas SJ from Maxcita, right SJ from Madame-S.