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 Straitjacket & Strait Jackets
Straitjacket and Heels Nurse Lilu

Nurse Lilu could not wait to get into this straitjacket
and these sexy high heels... now, she's trying to figure out how to type with her nose, because she doesn't want to take any of it off!

The original straitjacket (also seen spelled as straightjacket, straight jacket, str8-jacket) used in institutions and clinics to keep those uncontrollable patients under control!

The long history of this jacket touts from medieval times to famous magicians to modern use in hospitals and even some infamous movie scenes! (Remember the Lady Sings the Blues or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest straitjacket scenes?)

The institutional straitjacket is made of a very heavy duty washable canvas with heavy leather locking straps across the back and a crotch strap for more restraint! It is the ultimate in bondage for both the bonder (for its aesthetic and authenticity value) and the bondee (for its superior upper body restraint)!


Need some help with a few basic instructions about how to use a Straitjacket? 
Click here:

Basic Instructions to Use a Straitjacket

Nurse Valentine, circa 1999, in our Canvas Straitjacket... snug (and cute) as a bug!

Black Canvas Strait Jacket with Nurse Boots
Nurse Lilu in the Black Canvas Straitjacket and Nurse Boots!

Nurse Mona LOVES straitjackets!

Nurse Rebecca LOVES the Bolero Straitjacket
"...makes everything so accessible!!"

Nurse Rebecca- Bolero Leather Strait Jacket

Leather Straitjacket & Hoods
Can you imagine a more complete sensation? Heavy, supple, sumptuous leather wrapped tightly around your entire head and upper body! The nurse buckles your Total Control Hood eye mask and mouth guard in place, after she's tightened the laces in the back for a totally snug fit,  then she buckles the back of the Leather Strait Jacket firmly wrapping your arms around you.

Nurse with Leather Straitjacket & Hood
Like Nurse Cindy's Cap? Grab it here...

The aroma of the fine quality leather intoxicates you even further... sensing the straps slung taut between your legs up into your crotch, as it throbs.  Ooohhh... sorry! ...did we get a little carried away with these?? No wonder!! We are sure you will too! Both the leather hood and strait jacket are handcrafted with tender loving care, so fine quality and integrity for lifelong play is literally built into them!

 If you already have our heavy duty canvas institutional straitjacket, then you know what we mean about the unique feeling of being bound in a straitjacket!

Now combine this incredible bondage device with the perfection, the excitement and the aura of leather...  Along with a Leather Hood or Muzzle,  you'll be ready for hours and hours of leather institutional bliss! 

What?? ... You say you don't have any straitjackets at all? ...Really?
...What are you waiting for??

Leather Straitjacket, Leather Thigh-Hi Ballet Boots and a Black Leather Muzzle
the match made in bondage heaven!

Madison Young (left and below) struggling with our Leather Moto-Psycho Straitjacket... to no avail!

Made to order, it is an unusual design that clearly intrigues the straitjacket collector or aficionado as "must own"!

This straitjacket has details and superb North American craftsmanship and quality with a look very similar to a motorcycle jacket. There is quilting of the leather on the sleeves and a zipper up the back.  It also has an added feature of an attached, fully lockable D-ring adorned collar!

Madison Young in our Moto-Psycho Straitjacket

Ivy, enjoying a moment of peace in our kinky clinic
wearing MotoPsycho Strait Jacket and Disc Blindfold
(As seen in article by Mark of about Straitjackets ...)

Victoria Ball Gag Cage and Straitjacket
Nurse Victoria locked away in our Octagon Cage, Gagged and Straitjacketed.

Institutional Canvas Strait Jacket
It's the real thing! The authentic sturdy, heavy duty washable "mail-bag" canvas (yes... the same thick canvas they make the U.S. Postal bags out of!!) canvas straitjacket made with strong locking leather straps and a leather crotch strap this straight jacket is the original outfit used in maximum security institutions and for clinical restraint in mental hospitals!

 Available in three sizes, this is for the uncontrollable "patient" who needs much more training...

Item #600-2000
= Chest 36 - 42
 Price: $220.00
(plus additional 10% off in cart!)


Item #600-2001 
= Chest 42 - 46
Price:  $220.00
(plus additional 10% off in cart!)


Item #600-2002 
= Chest 46 - 48
Price:  $220.00
(plus additional 10% off in cart!)


Item #600-2003
= Chest 48 - 50
Price:  $230.00
(plus additional 10% off in cart!)

Bolero style Straitjacket- Latex

Latex Bolero Style Straitjacket
High on our list of lusts and "must haves", this is it! The hot and "over the top" [yes, pun intended] Bolero Straitjacket™ is just what the Doctor ordered -- in 30 gauge latex! Just like a traditional straitjacket, the Latex Bolero Straitjacket™ has a buckling collar and back buckling closures with extra long glove-like sleeves that extend beyond the fingertips. The sleeves end with a small rectangular ring on one and a 1” wide strap on the other.

What makes this straitjacket so unique make are the cropped length and chest strap (vertically and horizontally adjustable) which leave nearly the entire chest and back exposed (oh, what fun!). The two heavy gauge nickel-plated D-rings provide additional points for attachment.

Only One left!!
Women's Size X-Large

Neck 14½"
Upper Bust 36½"
Under Bust Strap 24½" – 35½"
Shoulder to Shoulder (Back) 16"
Bicep 12½

Latex Bolero Straitjacket
Price: $455.00 $350.00 final sale!
Latex Bolero X-Large
Item #790-6504

Black Canvas w/ Leather Straps Straitjackets
Black Canvas Straitjacket
w/ Leather Straps

Supple soft cotton canvas with strict leather straps puts this Strait Jacket in league of its own! It is so comfortable, yet so restrictive, that you won't want to come out of it! Watching TV will take on a whole new dimension! (Perfect for the TV remote control hog!)
The collar has a built-in D-ring in the front, both Velcro and buckling leather strap in the back. The two crotch straps keep it secure and snug, so no Houdini's can get out of this one! It is sized (see list below) to fit very well. This is the best combination for the price!

Small: Chest 35-37" - Waist 27-31"
Medium: Chest 38-40" - Waist 32-34"
Large: Chest 42-44" - Waist 35-38"


Black Canvas Straitjacket with Nurse Boots

Black Canvas Straitjacket
Price: $198.95

Black Canvas Straitjacket Size Selections

Leather Bolero Straitjacket
Leather Bolero Style Straitjacket
Okay, we also LOVE, love this soft, supple leather version... we cannot tell a lie! It is just as sexy hot and "over the top", but this Bolero Straitjacket™ is creamy smooth leather! It is a cropped strait jacket made of high quality, light and medium weight garment leather, latigo belting and nickel-plated hardware.

It also has a buckling collar and back closures in addition to the extra long glove-like sleeves that extend beyond the fingertips. The sleeves end with a small rectangular ring on one and a 1” wide strap on the other.

Leather Bolero - Back

Like it's Latex cousin the unique cropped length and the vertically and horizontally adjustable chest strap leave nearly the entire chest and back exposed. The two heavy gauge D-rings provide additional points for attachment.
Leather Bolero D-Ring Detail

Click here to verify the sizing you need!

Leather Bolero Straitjacket
Price: $439.95
(plus additional 10% off in cart!)

Leather Bolero Straitjacket Size Selections

Men's Leather Bolero Style Straitjacket

Bolero Leather Straitjacket Mens

The adaptable, awesome and audacious Men's Bolero Straitjacket™ is a deluxe edition of the classic Bolero Straitjacket created to fit and functionally be all that you need in leather straitjacketed bondage and then some! Like a few extra perks such as multiple straps and harnessing for the back, arms, crotch and CBT that makes this so very versatile. 

Just what the serious bondage lover has asked for, here it is! ...soft, supple, thick garment leather with 6 oz. leather belting and nickel plated hardware make this unique specialized straitjacket perfect for captive play, slave training, medical scenes, Nipple Play, CBT Play ... well, just about any bondage and BDSM predicament!

Strap View Back


Chest Size:

Small 35in-38in / 89cm-96.5cm
Medium 38in-41in / 96.5-104cm
Large 41in-44in / 104cm-112cm
XLarge 44in-47in / 112cm-119.5cm

Neck Size:

Small 13in-16in / 33cm-40.5cm
Medium 14in-17in / 35.5cm-43cm
Large 15in-18in / 38cm-46cm
XLarge 16in-19in / 40.5cm-48cm

Bolero Leather Straitjacket Men back view

Men's Leather Bolero Straitjacket
Price: $539.95
(plus additional 10% off in cart!)

Men's Leather Bolero Straitjacket Size Selections


Black Leather Strait Jacket
Premium Leather Strait Jacket 

Missy Elliot's crew bought our luscious leather straitjackets for her seriously Medical Fetish video, "Teary Eyed"! And for all of our straitjacket and mummy fans who have been asking us for leather... this is it!

One of the highest quality, most sumptuous and supple leather straitjackets for an indecently low price! 

It's so perfect for long term sessions because of it's design and it is amazingly restrictive. There are belted straps that are strategically located: one at the neck, three that run across the back and two around the thighs.

 This strait jacket also has three D-rings, one at the neck and one on each sleeve, for additional bondage positions. On top of all the great security, we have made the elbows more durable by applying extra leather to help prevent wear and tear.
Leather Straitjacket Black back view

Size 1 = Chest 39 inches to 42 inches
Waist 32 inches to 35 inches

Size 2 = Chest 43 inches to 46 inches
Waist 35 inches to 38 inches

Size 3 = Chest 47 inches to 50 inches
 Waist 38 inches to 42 inches.

Leather Straitjacket

Item #580-6000
Price: $525.00 

(additional 10% off in cart!)

Black Leather Straitjacket  Size Selections

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