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Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex DVD
The Expert Guide to Anal Sex
Tristan Taormino, columnist and anal sex expert, leads an all-star cast in an instructional and entertaining look at anal sex, complete with anatomy, tips and techniques to help you achieve maximum pleasure with your anal adventures.

You can watch these scenes with an informative introduction by Tristan (if you really want to learn), or without (if you really just want to play!). Who says learning can't be fun?

Expert Guide to Anal Sex DVD
Item #670-2596
Price: $35.95


DVD, Expert Guide to Pegging
The Expert Guide to Pegging/Strap-On Sex for Couples

Tristan Taormino, columnist and anal sex expert, breaks through the myths and challenges the stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men. Recently dubbed pegging by sex advice columnist, Dan Savage, this DVD is perfect for learning the ins-and-outs about anal anatomy, hygiene, toys/strap-ons for anal and prostate use, penetration tips and prostate stimulation tips for producing one of the most erotic, exciting male orgasms through anal sex.

Expert Guide to Pegging  DVD
Item #670-2599
Price: $35.95


Bend OVer Boyfriend DVD
Bend Over Boyfriend

In Bend Over Boyfriend, sex educators Carol Queen and Robert Morgan guide the viewer step by step, demonstrating how to have anal sex with a strap-on dildo. Using role-play and fantasy, they give suggestions on how to broach the topic of anal sex with a partner and teach the viewer exactly how to have anal sex.

Two other couples use Carol and Robert's instructions and perform explicit demonstrations of anal sex.

Viewers learn how to ask for anal sex with a partner; find the best anal sex positions and techniques; choose the right strapons and dildos for anal penetration; use lubricants for anal sex; buckle the strapon; relax and fully enjoy anal penetration.

Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence also debunk the myths of anal sex. It doesn't have to hurt!

Bend Over Boyfriend
 (Pegging)  DVD

Item #670-1485


Female Ejaculation DVD
Click on above photo for an example

GUSH:  Female Ejaculation & G-Spot

Proving again that there really IS a G-spot, sexologist and sexual icon, Dr. Carol Queen, leads viewers on a guided and often wet tour of G-spot stimulation in a frank yet approachable manner.

Featuring real-life couples and sex professionals, this DVD provides viewers with all the tools needed for self-exploration and partner exploration, including anatomical information and  techniques that will offer a guaranteed explosion as they search for the elusive G-spot.

 Includes scenes directed by AVN award-winning directors Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour and a full hour of bonus footage including cast interviews, G-spot hunting with Dr. Queen, and an educational slide show from Sheri Winston. 

DVD is 90 minutes

IMPORTANT: Be sure to see our complete "Female Ejaculation" information!

GUSH:  Female Ejaculation & G-Spot DVD 
Item #670-3198
Price: $18.95


Guide to Anal Pleasure DVD

Guide to Anal Pleasure
featuring Dr. Jack Morin
(author of 
Anal Pleasure and Health Book)

Stimulation of the anal erogenous zone can produce explosive orgasms for both men and women. Orgasms resulting from prostate stimulation can be the most intense a man can have. Created by the "Better Sex" series from the Sinclair Institute, this DVD features real couples demonstrating explicitly detailed positions for anal sex techniques, specially designed anal toys and lubricants, plus much more!

Anal sex may still carry some social taboos from negative attitudes and a lack of information. Dr. Jack Morin, the world’s foremost authority on anal health and pleasure, explains the physiology of anal stimulation, dispels myths, and discusses the role of proper preparation and
anal sex techniques in achieving one of the most ultimate sexual pleasures.

 Guide to Anal Pleasure DVD
Item #670-3192
Price: $35.95


Expert Guide to Anal Sex for Men - Pegging
The Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men

Tristan Taormino, columnist and anal sex expert, breaks through the myths and challenges the stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men.

This DVD is perfect for learning the ins-and-outs about anal anatomy, hygiene, toys/strap-ons for anal and prostate use, penetration tips and prostate stimulation tips for producing one of the most erotic, exciting male orgasms through anal sex.

 Features Enema How-to, Mini Features on Solo Prostate Stimulation Toys, Strap-on Dildos and Harnesses, and Safer Sex.

Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure  for Men DVD
Item #670-2598
Price: $35.95


Amanda Wildefyre's Head Games DVD
Head Games
by Amanda Wildefyre

Mistress Amanda's rubber slave has been put away for the night. He's suspended and stored, helplessly, in a diabolical suit of rubber. His arms are held tight in a latex straight jacket while a heavy rubber hood with breath control hoses encases his head. Pointed toe ballet boots force him into more severe restraint with a feeling of feminine submission, while powerful electrodes invade his body. Morning comes and Mistress Amanda mechanically lowers Her slave for more training.

He is then transported to the rotating medical table where he's subjected to more severe intense play including several types of latex hoods, clamps and unique bondage scenarios, that only this world famous Mistress can dream up!
She is known for her serious bondage and bizarre BDSM scenes and she includes nose hooks, breath control, breast worship and severe genital play in this video, just to name a few!

Once the training for the day is complete, the rubber slave is returned to his solitary captivity, high above the medical room floor.
Run time length: 69 minutes

Head Games DVD
Item #670-3269
Price: $39.95


Latex Dominatrix
Latex Dominatrix

Mistress Jean Bardot meets Mistress Sandra in Vienna. After a wonderful afternoon touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage (in Latex, of course), the two get down to business. The helpless latex covered slave is at their mercy, but, they suddenly turn their attention to the tall, slim latex clad Claudia. Watch closely as they drill her long fingernails and lock her beneath the latex slave. They are both at the Mistress's mercy! Fingernail bondage. Hoods. Bizarre Latex! Cast: Jean Bardot, Mistress Sandra and Claudia
Director: Robert Zak

Running Time:54 minutes

Latex Dominatrix DVD
Item #670-5216


Rubber Klinik Part 1
Rubber Klinik 

Another classic GwenMedia movie for those seeking some rubber restraining and medical fetish...  welcome to the Rubber Klinik! Step in, if you dare, to witness some amazing clinic and dungeon play starring Mistress Jean Bardot (Rubberella), Jewell Marceau and Anna Mills. Scenes include steel restraints, a vacuum bed, electro-therapy, breathing hoods, suspension, and much more! There's even an added bonus of seeing a bit of "pony play" as Sheila (Anna Mills) is put through her paces by Mistress on an electric treadmill while wearing "pony boots"! 

The Rubber Klinik DVD
Item #670-6934
 Price: $39.95


Fetish Files Stella Van Gent Mitsress Hannah
Fetish Files I by Peter Kurtz
This DVD, done with famous Euro Dominas, is a series of scenes that feature so many fetishes and BDSM. Mistress Hannah and Stella Van Gent force slave # 7 to conduct some hard labour. But why must he perform these pointless tasks? It doesn't matter, as these two cruel bitches don't care! Shot in a WWII German Army Command Post - a secret underground bunker. Mistress Hannah cuffs and chains Tallulah Tease, alternately spanking then pleasuring her. After clamping her slut, Mistress Hannah introduces her big black strapon. Mistress Lubyanka goes on vacation, leaving her slave with Mistress Hannah. If slave # L thinks he will have an easy time, he is soon proved wrong to Mistress Hannah's bizarre amusement.
 A submissive couple apply to serve Mistress Hannah. After using each of them in turn, whilst the other partner is restrained and forced to watch, Mistress Hannah commands them to interact before the two girls spit-roast the submissive male with their strapons.

 Mistress Hannah visits her favourite rubber dolls, the Rubber Sisters, and joins in the heavy latex fun in the gummi clinic. Whatever the diagnosis, there's only one treatment... an exhilarating orgasm!

Fetish Files I
Item #670-2246
 Price: $39.95

Diary of a Rubber Girl Gwen Media DVD
Diary of a Rubber Girl
Follow this rubber slave girl throughout the day, as her Mistress leaves her in an array of predicament bondage scenarios. When not completely captive, she follows her Mistress' strict orders from cleaning to performing on camera. Hear her innermost thoughts as she narrates her day while trying to please her Mistress.
She is encased in her favorite material: latex and rubber including, heavy rubber, hoods, catsuits, corsets,
gas mask and much more. Watch as she endures (but secretly loves) the bondage, breath play, electrical play, vacuum suction bed and fucking machine sessions, her Mistress doles out with pleasure and delight!
This Isabella Sinclair directed GwenMedia movie includes: Chapter Selection - Image Gallery - Trailers - Plus Over 20 Minutes of Bonus Footage including Deleted Scenes, Interviews, and More. Running Time: 66 minutes

Diary of a Rubber Girl
Item #670-2152
Price: $39.95


Kinky General Kelly Shibari, et al.
A Night at Kinky General
Filmed here in the Medical Toys Clinic! This is the Medical Fetish Play scenes you have been drooling for! Stars sexy BBW beauty Kelly Shibari, sultry Dr. Fiercest and  Oliver Hyde (alter ego, our Nurse Rebecca!) in over-the-top, heart pulsing "procedures"
(needed an EKG machine to monitor the heart rates!!) while taking the gender bending of Oliver to its titillating orgasmic climax! Kelly gets a thorough "going over" by Dr. Wood... he knows what is good for her and the prescription is tough to swallow!

A Night at Kinky General

Item #670-5623
Not Available

Rubber Nurse Video
Rubber Nurse 

The world famous Mistress Amanda Wildefyre at her finest! Doing her version of the fetish nurse in head-to-toe latex! She understands the true meaning of severe bondage and medical fetish play! Unique clinic play includes unusual punishment hoods and some of the most unique equipment ever used.  Hydraulic chair, latex straight jacket, ballet boots and extreme latex bondage as well as inflatables, inescapable bondage, medical play, electro-play are all part of this spectacular video.  Run time length: 72 minutes

Rubber Nurse DVD
Item #670-6952
Price: $39.95


Rubber Sex Slave Amanda Wildefyre
Rubber Sex Slave

If you love  Rubber Nurse  and need another "fix" of Amanda Wildefyre, her Rubber Sex Slave fills the desire! Alyx, a female, sex crazed nymphomaniac, submits herself to Mistress Amanda Wildefyre for total rubber sex reconditioning. Dressed in a rubber catsuit and corset, placed in immobilizing latex bondage and hoods, she is totally exposed for torment. After being force-fed a special sex serum, Alyx is made to orgasm over and over again, as only a female sex slave can. Latex, Hoods, Electro-Stimulation and Bizarre Scenarios abound! Produced by Bob Zak and directed by Amanda Wildefyre in 2002, this is another classic for any die-hard fetishist! Run time length: 90 minutes

Rubber Sex Slave DVD
Item #670-6981
 Price: $39.95


Outpatient Gwen Media DVD ARADIA

Submissive beauty Kristiana Fluer finds herself held captive by an unmerciful Mistress Aradia in her weird medical laboratory. With her legs spread and taped on a sort of a surgery table she gets her mouth stretched with metal gags, then forced to orgasm with an electric stimulator and spanked together with Aradia's nurse assistant Racquel who joins Kristiana on the reception end of the punishment. Finally Mistress Aradia puts Racquel into a steel gibbet cage while Kristiana takes more punishment and gets put in a latex body bag with see-through plastic hood

Outpatient DVD
Item #670-5936
Price: $39.95


       Under the very accomplished hands of Mistress Aradia, Dana De Armond and Babydoll are put through a series of encapsulations, institutional bondage, latex inflatable balls (yes they are each sealed inside huge latex inflating balloon balls!). She demonstrates her strict discipline to these two naughty girls in a variety of confining and very vulnerable positions! Some of the breath play will leave you breathless!

Enclosure DVD
Item #670-2426
Price: $39.95


Flesh Control

The finest in medical fetish  and sensory deprivation entertainment! Mistress Aradia is the real deal! Mistress Aradia is in control! Her slave is expecting an evening of seductive submission, but is instead greeted with an enormous amount of pain, suffering and breath control. Then with no mercy it's intense electro-stimulation along with more breath control in Mistress Aradia's seductive steel lined clinic, before being taken into the dungeon for some extreme squeeze play... covered in clothespins from face to crotch. Can flesh be controlled? Watch this rare session by Aradia and her slave patient and see!


Flesh Control DVD
Item #670-2812
Price: $39.95 


Ivy Manor One
Ivy Manor Part One features Mistress Isabella Sinclaire and bondage model Jewell Marceau on a journey filled with slick latex, unique bondage and steamy adventures as they tour the Ivy Manor.

Re-released and re-authored with never before seen footage, an extensive photo gallery and an interview with Mistress Isabella Sinclaire on the making of The Ivy Manor Series.

"Ivy Manor: The Beginning is unquestionably one of the most stylish and hottest fetish videos to appear in some time. Definitely worth watching..."

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau, K. Cloake, Nomi, Mia Pavelli, Eden Wells

Director: John Fitzgerald
Running Time:71 minutes

Ivy Manor Part One DVD
Item #670-4101
 Price: $39.95


Ivy Manor Two
Ivy Manor Part Two promises even more adventure for Jennifer as she is immersed in student life at Isabella's school. Heavy rubber bondage, dual whippings, ballet shoe punishment, a giant rubber ball and a honey scene you just shouldn't miss.

Cast: Jewell Marceau, Isabella Sinclaire, Mia Pavelli, Mistress Damiana, Eden Wells

Director: John Fitzgerald
Running Time:59 minutes

Ivy Manor Part Two DVD
Item #670-4102
 Price: $39.95


Ivy Manor Three
 Ivy Manor Part Three: With Jennifer deeply immersed in her own nightmare, Isabella ships her off to a tropical island where she experiences a new brand of domination. Long-term rubber bondage, wax, latex worship and pony training make Tropical Submission a dramatic addition to the Ivy Manor series!

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau & Mia Pavelli

Running Time:59 minutes

Ivy Manor Part Three DVD
Item #670-4103
 Price: $39.95


Ivy Manor Four
Ivy Manor Part
Four of the series returns Jennifer to the Manor, where she must endure a new set of torments from Mistress Isabella. And when she’s not being punished herself, she must help in some of the school’s most diabolical lessons!

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau, Emily Marilyn & Nomi

Director: Robert Zak
Running Time:61 minutes

Ivy Manor Part Four DVD
Item #670-4104
 Price: $39.95


Ivy Manor Five
Ivy Manor Part
Four finds Jennifer (Jewell Marceau) is helplessly encased in rubber, Ivy Manor slave Amy (January Seraph) can't help but use her for her own pleasure... until Mistress Isabella catches her in the act and gives her the pleasure she so much desires.

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau, January Seraph and Natalie Addam (Cameo appearances byEmily Marilyn and Erica Kole)

Director: John Fitzgerald
Running Time:62 minutes

Ivy Manor Part Five DVD
Item #670-4105
 Price: $39.95


Domina Files Vol. 1
Lady Riva's Dungeon
Cologne, Germany

Filmed entirely on location in Cologne, Germany at the awe-inspiring BDSM playrooms of noted professional dominatrix, Lady Riva, our Domina Files camera crew introduces you to Rubber Goddess Pia, submissive rubber girls Ann Kick & Suzanne Vargas, and of course Lady Riva herself! They take you on an exotic tour of Riva's elaborately equipped dungeon rooms and document the pulse-pounding excitement of extreme rubber bondage, heavy fetishism and strict but erotic sexual discipline which occurs every day, and every night, as part of Riva's Rubber Addicted Club. You are in Riva's dungeon, right along with all the bizarre action!
 1 Hour 20 Minutes

The Domina Files #1 DVD
Item #670-2201

Domina Files no-3
Domina Files Vol. 3

House of Peculiar Desires - Amsterdam, Holland

Starring: Mistress Madieanne
Amsterdam's renowned Mistress Madieanne invites our Domina Files film crew into the elaborate confines of her fantasy suite while she puts her favorite submissive rubber doll through his paces. Intolerant of "Dollie's" performance lately, Madieanne encases him in multiple layers of latex, forces him into heavy leather restraint, feminizes him in inflatable rubber and teaches him valuable, and sometimes painful lessons about how to properly worship and serve his Mistress. 1 Hour 36 Minutes

Domina Files no-3 back DVD cover

The Domina Files #3 DVD
Item #670-2203

Domina Files 4
Domina Files Vol. 4

Studio Chelsea

Amsterdam, Holland

Fancy an immobilizing suction session in a latex vacuum bed? Do you dream of tightly strapped suspension in a heavy leather body bag while a dominatrix toys with you mercilessly? Care for some rubberized breath play, and a CBT treatment by two exotic mistresses, to stimulate your libido? At Studio Chelsea, in Amsterdam, there is no such thing as a B&D fantasy too extreme, or a fetish vignette too bizarre for the ultra-kinky dominas who rule in this real-life, leather-and-rubber wonderland! And thanks to our Domina Files camera crew, we take you there, up close and personal! Studio Chelsea dominas, Cara, Salomé & Troy, take one lucky bondage slave through a series of fetish-and-discipline fantasies in what is unquestionably one of Europe's best-equipped dungeons! An absolute must for extreme latex-and-leather bondage fans!  1 Hour 21 Minutes

The Domina Files #4 DVD
Item #670-2204

Domina 6
Domina Files Vol. 6
Ms. Winifred
Amsterdam, Holland

Ordered to clean the loft space of his Domina's fantasy chamber, this errant slave finds himself caught where he should not be, secretly fondling Mistress Winnifred's precious rubber bondage gear and arousing himself against her personal latex wardrobe! As Domina Files viewers will see, it's off to the dungeon and white room for his prompt and prolonged punishment! Mistress Winnifred employs all her expensive and elaborate restraints, matched with her fertile imagination, to discipline, demoralize and thoroughly frustrate her slave. Like any accomplished dominatrix, she takes her pleasure at her slave's discomfiture! This is real bondage, domination and fetish action, featuring loads of latex, with one of Holland's most enticing professional mistresses!  1 Hour 21 Minutes

The Domina Files #6 DVD
Item #670-2206

Domina Files #9 Mistress Miranda
Domina Files Vol. 9
Ms. Miranda
London, England

The London-based BDSM studio of Mistress Miranda is unquestionably one of the best, most discreet professional fantasy venues in England. The Domina Files film crew went there to document Miranda in her kinky chambers while she put Her favorite pervy pet, Boot Slave, through a series of highly stimulating suspension, restriction & medical fetish treatments! From the immaculate white tile & stainless steel of her clinic, to the black & blue suspension chamber (aptly named!), to her ultra-equipped upstairs dungeon, this fashionably fetishistic dominatrix puts her submissive slave through delights & torments you really must see to believe! Includes multiple action scenes, interview segments & dungeon tour footage. And wait until you see the amazing latex outfits She and Her sub wear!  1 Hour 22 Minutes

Domina Files Vol. 9 Cover DVD

The Domina Files #9 DVD
Item #670-2209

Domina Files Vol. 10
Das Domizil der Gräfin
Düsseldorf, Germany

Tour one of europe's finest BDSM emporiums as our Domina Files film crew visits Das Domizil Der Gräfin in Düsseldorf! See 8 ravishing Mistresses torment half a dozen subservient slaves in 7 sumptuous playrooms! Duel whippings in the Red Dungeon! Kinky rubber submersion treatment in The Spa! Elaborate bondage & suspension in the Main Chamber! Frilly forced feminization in The Boudoir! Erotic faux medical examination in The Clinic! Forced captivity in The Cellar! Strict caning in the Harem Suite! Plus, interview footage with Head Mistress, Die Gräfin (The Countess), between scenes! It's several domination & fetish DVD's in one!  1 Hour 33 Minutes

The Domina Files #10 DVD
Item #670-2210

Domina Files Vol. 11
Mistress Brigitte More
Rotterdam, Holland

Erotic bondage, nipple clamps and boot licking confronts sexy submissive Bambi at the Rotterdam dungeon of Mistress Brigitte More! Holland's most fashionable Dominatrix shows Bambi the ropes, along with crops, floggers, a painful cupping unit and her heavily-strapped leather body bag for this intimate Mistress/slavegirl BDSM session! Five exciting fantasy scenes! Multiple fetish wardrobe changes! Close up dungeon tour footage! Extensive interview segments with Mistress Brigitte... she is fascinating!
1 Hour 12 minutes

Domina Files no- 11 cover

The Domina Files #11 DVD
Item #670-2211

Domina Files no-12 cover front DVD
Domina Files Vol. 12
Das Forum
Dusseldorf, Germany

The elaborate BDSM chambers of the Dusseldorf dominance studio, Das Forum, plays host to our Domina Files film crew as Mistresses Solitar, Carmen & Dolores take turns dominating their male and female submissives in the mirrored dungeon, the bondage room and the medical clinic! Fantasy action includes an intense "white room" examination of slave girl Babette, elaborate rope bondage of TS Karin and very physical bondage and discipline of slave Ryujin by two Das Forum Dominas! Five action scenes! Extensive dungeon tour footage!  1Hour 20 Minutes

Domina Files Vol. 12 back DVD
The Domina Files #12 DVD
Item #670-2212

La Clinica Domina Files 25 Medical Fetish
Domina Files #25
Studio La Clinica
 Paderborn, Germany

Occupying a modernized and refurbished German army barrack in the ancient city of Paderborn, the spacious BDSM medical fetish facility (aptly named, Studio La Clinica) is the unusual and exciting lair of Lady Natascha and Lady Marlene and Mistress Ornella. This amazing fantasy emporium boasts 3 different clinical rooms, a sumptuous rubber room and a huge, fully equipped bondage and torture dungeon! The Domina Files video crew documents the explicit torments of slave red and marathon man as Natascha and Ornella force them from room to room to endure clinical nipple torment, anal probing and examinations, CBT, electro-stimulation, rubber enclosure, bondage and severe corporal discipline!  Stunning medical fantasy imagery plus informative dungeon tour footage and great interview segments with La Clinica's headmistress Lady Natascha.
Any medical fetishist's dream vacation would be a visit here... but you can take the video tour on this DVD!
1 Hour 15 Minutes

Domina Files 25

The Domina Files #25 DVD
Item #670-2225


Domina Files no 30 front
Domina Files Vol. 30
Mistress Tokyo
Sydney, Australia

Located near Sydney's Blackwattle Bay, the bondage & medical dungeon of Mistress Tokyo is truly one of the southern hemisphere's best venues for bizarre and heavily fetishistic BDSM fantasy! In this video you will witness Mistress Tokyo's intense leather interrogation! Watch as she artfully suspends her willing submissive in rope bondage and torments him with her lit cigar! Marvel at two heavy latex clinical sessions, where both Tokyo and her slave don heavy rubber for an anal exam and a multi-layered cocooning!  1Hour 20 Minutes

Domina Files Vol 30 back DVD

The Domina Files #30 DVD
Item #670-2230

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