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MedicalToys Clinic Room #1

Ready to start setting up that kinky clinic? Every well equipped  medical play room has to have the right equipment and apparatus to complete the scenario of the medical fetish scene!

When we originally began setting up our own Medical Toys Kinky Klinik (now we have many!), we searched everywhere to find many of these furnishings to use in our very own kinky clinic!  So we are happy to offer some of the same items to furnish your very own sexy, fetish exam room or kinky clinic!

Anna Rose of on the Bondage Barrel

Stainless Steel Cart with various devious devices of delights!

A clinic is a very busy place... lots of procedures requiring specialized tools, instruments and delectable devices are required, for hour upon hour of medical play sessions. But all of those medical toys need storage and display areas, so they can be grabbed at a moment's notice! Well, that's why they invented rolling stainless steel carts! With lockable easy roller casters and three tiers of shelving, our medical grade stainless steel cart will have a spot for everything.

"I noticed that you have the same surgical gown, facemask and gloves, Sue!
...Did you get yours at"

 The clinic wares that you'll see here, such as the folding privacy screens, I.V. stands, metal topped glass Sundry Jars (for holding all of your little necessities!), latex gloves, lamps, small metal instrument tables, Sharps Containers and much more, will be just what the Doctor (or Nurse!) ordered to make the clinic a perfect operation!

(Note: this was one of our earlier clinics... circa 1999!)

As always at, we will continue to add more products and equipment as we find it! We listen to our customers wants and needs and fill our shelves and clinic with the great ideas and products you have called to tell us about, or emailed us about! We listen and act! So don't hesitate to ask us about a special item, product or even clinic or exam room equipment, that you are looking for!

 The fact that we at take our medical fetish play so seriously, reflects in all of our products' and equipment's high quality and attention to the details! As the years go by, we continue to add to our clinic rooms. We've moved into larger and larger spaces (currently, 8500 square feet total!) and our clinic rooms have become more and more sophisticated as we grow. So you can rest assured that we are bringing that all to you, our valuable customers, friends and "patients"!


Nurse Valentine with IV Stand and Eye chart
  ( aha! --'caught you staring at her Camel Toe!)

"I have had several pieces of your enema equipment for some time and
finally decided that we needed an IV stand.  I had priced them around
at several places and found I could beat your price by a few dollars,
but I was not sure of the quality of the product.  I opted for the
business I knew was good and I was not disappointed.  The stand
arrived yesterday and went into service this morning.  It held a full
one gallon bag of soapy delight very well and I did much better
rolling the stand behind me that I did carrying the bag to the bathroom. 
Thank you for the prompt delivery as well."

-J.S. (one of our very happy "patients") 

Privacy Screen/Curtain folded and opened. 

Nurse Cindy-Patient Ivy Clinic Scene

Privacy Screen is perfect for an afternoon session in the clinic
 with Nurse Cindy attending to her patient Ivy who needs R&R (restraints and rubber)


A rather sparsely equipped clinic... 
unlike our Medical Toys Kinky Clinic!





Privacy Screen
This is the authentic medical office privacy curtain... three way folding and rolling on caster wheels, it's 5'6" (five feet, six inches) high and each of the three panels is 27" wide. It is perfect for adding that "clinic" look to an average room. The panels are made of washable vinyl, so they are easy to keep clean! If you like to play doctor/nurse with the real ambiance of a crisp white room, this will do the trick, fold it up and roll it away, when you are done! It's also very intimidating when you order your "patient" to strip down behind it, just before they get their exam!

Ground delivery only.
Does not qualify for free shipping promotions.

Item #980-2025
 Price: $225.00


Eye Chart
     This is the actual heavily laminated eye chart you'll find in your local optometrist office! Yes, it is the real thing... Hang one anywhere you want to add that clinical ambiance!  For fun, put the "patient" through the paces, by asking them to read what's on line #6, while they are blindfolded!

Hanging Eye Chart
Item #490-4000 
Price: $18.95

Step Stool
Step Stool

Need a boost up to get on top of that gyno table? Here you go! Constructed of steel, it features all welded steel base and top eliminating screws or rivets this along with the 1" steel tube allows for a load capacity of 250 pounds. Added safety features include reinforced rubber feet and a rubber tread top. It's perfect for keeping naughty patients in a "time out" corner, as well!

Ground delivery only.
Does not qualify for free shipping promotions.

Rolling Exam Stool
Item #980-2040
Price: $45.00


IV Stand for Enema Bags
I.V. Stand

Perfect for easy adjusting of that heavy enema bag! This is a hospital grade, heavy duty, very sturdy and well-balanced, four wheel I.V. Stand. It is just what the clinic or exam room needs!

Because it is so well made, it holds enema bags, douches or almost anything else a naughty nurse or devious doc can imagine...  and won't tip over like the three wheel "less expensive" versions, we've seen!

New lower price!! Save 25%!!!
Item #980-2015 
Price: $115.00


Sharps Container
This is the container you see in every doctor office and lab that epitomizes safety! Designed to discard biohazardous materials, the 2 quart sealable plastic size can be used for all of your play disposables or just add it to your clinic as real "medical decor".
Biohazard Container
Item #490-6035
Price: $9.50

Stainless Steel Medical Cart

Stainless Steel Utility Cart/Table
Now that you have all of those instruments, medical toys, and apparati, where are you going to put them? Here's the answer! This heavy duty, stainless steel rolling cart works like a table when the wheels are locked. It has plenty of space (three shelves!) to store and display all of your instruments, so they are handy and ready for action! ...and it is strong! It holds up to 200 lbs.!! The over all size is 27.5" L X 16.25" W X 32" H. It comes preassembled, so it's ready to go!

Ground delivery only. 
Does not qualify for free shipping promotions.

Stainless Steel Cart
Item #980-2010 
Price: $295.00

Exam Lamp
Exam Floor Lamp 
  Here we have another clinic exam room must have! This professional, heavy duty, shiny chrome finished, long gooseneck steel lamp adjusts in all directions. The height is adjustable from 34" all the way up to 55' high! And it is built to last and last. Just imagine... it is so versatile for examinations, interrogations and illuminations! It uses just a standard lightbulb, too!

Ground delivery only.
Does not qualify for free shipping promotions.

Exam Floor Lamp
Item #980-2020 
Price: $120.00

Black Nitrile Gloves

  Black Nitrile Gloves

Blue Nitrile Powder-Free, Latex-Free Exam Gloves have a soft compound for easy fit and comfort over a long period of time, without compromising integrity or strength. They're perfect for anal-play, sound-play, cath-play, enema-play and much more... 

Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves
Price: $20.95/ Box of 100 Gloves

Black Nitrile Gloves Size Selections


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