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Nurse Victoria using Heart Crop on Nurse Ivy
Nurse Victoria giving her Heart [Crop] to Nurse Ivy!
Percussion / Impact Play

Percussion or Impact Play offers a wide variety of methods for achieving the "end" result: a whack!  that usually leaves a lasting impression!

Thankfully, there are many implements, such as floggers, paddles, whips, crops, canes, etc. that save the implementor's hand from being just as sore as the receiver's derriere!

Percussion play, spanking, flogging, etc. is extremely exciting and stimulating for both the giver and receiver, and basic safety precautions always help to make the experience remain that way! The best areas for percussion play are the buttocks, thighs, calves, upper back, and chest muscles. Light tapping, flicking and/or titillating torment of the genitalia, breasts or nipples is another way of creating amazing sensations using crops and whips!

Massage Oil Candles
Flame from a massage oil candle
Since we're on the topic of "impact" play or percussion play, we might as well include the play that almost every BDSMer and Medical Fetishist loves! ... hot wax play! It has that sensual, hot surprise effect, not too far from the same pain/pleasure triggered in our brain when a snap of a flogger or crop hits an unsuspecting buttocks cheek!

Well, let's go one step further... why not mix the hot liquidy warmth of a melted candle and combine it with sensuous, aromatic massage oils? That's the ticket! These candles melt and produce a warm silky smooth massage oil that can be massaged into the skin! Rather than dried, flaky wax, you'll have soft supple skin!

Massage Candle Oil flowing on back

Just think where a scene that started out as a taunting and torturous percussion play can go with this application afterwards!!

JimmyJane™ Afterglow massage oil candles engage all the senses; after lighting  them, you will enjoy their scent, the sensation as the warmed oil drizzles slowly and sensually across the skin as the perfect start to an unforgettable massage – or a hydrating treat after a bath.

Pair AFTERGLOW with our CONTOUR M Ceramic Massage Stone for a decadent multisensory experience.

Body-Safe and Paraben-Free – No phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, animal products or animal testing
Multi-Use – For scent, illumination, massage and skincare
Perfect Melting Point – Liquefies into a luxuriant massage oil at body temperature
Aphrodisiac Scents – To engage  the senses
Proprietary Formulation – Includes Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe

Porcelain Container – For an even, body-flattering glow
Pour Spout – For easy application of oil
Clean-Burning – Paraffin-free and lead-free, with natural cotton wicks
Dimensions – 2.6" x 2.6" x 2.5" and 4.5oz (128g)
Burn Time – Up to 32 hours

To use:  Light the candle, allow a few moments to melt and then pour... it will be silky, smooth and warm to the skin... then massage in... guaranteed to be a new ritual added to your sex play or even bondage and percussion play!

Bourbon Scented JimmyJane Massage Oil Candle
JimmyJane™ Massage Oil Candle
  Bourbon Scented

Made from a proprietary formulation that includes Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe
combined with the heady aroma of Bourbon will make this intoxicating experience a new addiction!

JimmyJane's reputation for quality and sensuality assure it! 

Reusable Pouring Ceramic Holder
2.6" x 2.6" x 2.5" 
4.5oz (128g)

Bourbon Scented Massage Candle
Item #520-8555

Lotus Scented JimmyJane Massage Candle
JimmyJane™ Massage Oil Candle
  Lotus Scented

Made from a proprietary formulation that includes Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe
combined with the light, zenful essence of Lotus will make this ethereal experience feel like a private spa rejuvenation!

JimmyJane's reputation for quality and sensuality assure it! 

Reusable Pouring Ceramic Holder
2.6" x 2.6" x 2.5" 
4.5oz (128g)

Lotus Scented Massage Candle
Item #520-8556
Price: $32.95


JimmyJane Massage Tool in hand

JimmyJane™ Massage Tool

CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones combine the indulgence of hot stone massage with the benefits of massage tools. Warm them up to soothe or cool them down to refresh – with smooth, polished surfaces, they glide over skin, relieving tension as they go.

CONTOUR M is designed for versatility and is great for application across the whole body. Use the large dome for large strokes or flip it over and use the four small nodes for multi-point stimulation.

Pair it with an AFTERGLOW Natural Massage Oil Candle for added scent and sensation.

Body-Safe – Double-fired, biocompatible porcelain
Holds Temperature – Can be warmed or cooled for extra stimulation
Ergonomic – Reduces strain on fingers and wrists
Durable – Non-porous and easy to clean
Dimensions – 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.75" at its widest point

JimmyJane™ Massage Tool
Item #520-8560
Price: $24.95


Foot Fetish - Massage Oil Candle
Got a foot fetish? Then you will LOVE the
effects of the warm, melted candle massage oil...

Buck Hammer

A little poke here, a bonk there and a flick of a soft brush over there... you've just experienced a buck hammer! It is a truly versatile medical toy which has a double headed rubber hammer, housing the sharp needle-like poker screwed in the top. In the base of the handle, a small fine hair brush screws in and out! With all of the diversity of this stainless steel percussion device, it's always three times the fun!

Buck Hammer shown with brush and needle tip

Taylor Hammer

"Did you feel that? How about that? Hhmm... " Didn't you just detest that "funny bone" feeling when the ol' doc would smack you under your knee cap with this nasty little taylor hammer? Well... do we need to explain any further? ...Start locating some new "funny bones' on a patient or slave hear you soon!


Heart Shaped Riding CropRiding Crops

The thrilling, stinging sudden shock! of a loud snapping crack across the buttocks... okay
who didn't get a little tingle in their groin when they read that?  It's true... there is something primeval about our connection with the sound, look and stately appearance of a person wielding a riding crop!

So is it any wonder that in Medical Fetish and similar BDSM scenes, it almost feels "empty" without seeing, hearing (or better yet!) experiencing the end results of a whack! ... snap! across the backside (or other locations?) ? Of course!

Each crop has its own unique feeling, too! The tight narrow strip on the end of our Flexible Riding Crop can be a true terror... or softly swathed across the tip of a penis can cause an immediate erection! Even a constant, steady tapping on the clitoris can bring about an orgasm!

Another way of using the crop is to deliberately leave "marks" (we call them love taps!?) and with the shapes of a Heart or a Hand at the end of the crop, well you can figure out what those marks are going to be shaped like after they have been implemented!

And for the Nurse who really wants to keep that naughty patient ready to jump through their routines, there's nothing quite like the Nurse's Mercy Crop... ironic, isn't it?


Nurse Cindy flogging Nurse Ivy

Nurse Lacy loves our Blue Ball Beaters
Blue Ball Beaters
"... and the beat goes on... the beat goes on! "

Hit me with your rhythm stick... two firm rubber balls affixed to a flexible metal spring-like handle which terminates in the wooden handles, this pair of blue ball beaters is simply irresistible!
Blue Ball Beaters

The thu-thwack thud sound they make when they make contact with the skin is addictive (maybe not to the receiver!). Take them to a party and watch them line up for the "do me next!"...

Nurses Valentine and Angela playing with the Blue Ball Beaters

"Wow! We just had to let you know how much we love our new blue ball beaters!  ...They are so responsive with that springy "bounce-back" that makes them so easy to work. And they are amazingly effective... j is so into heavy ball torture and he never thought anything would bring him to his knees... that's all changed! I finally have the perfect weapon to make him regret he ever thought that! Thanks! We love you guys!!"

-Anne & j
A couple of happy Customers
Blue Ball Beaters


Nurse's Mercy Crop
Nurse's Mercy Riding Crop
Naughty patients, beware... the Head Nurse just discovered a new "attention getter"! This 26" long crop is shaped in a disc with two firm sides, one with white leather and a red cross and the other side in all black leather. This crop is perfect as a multi-purpose BDSM percussion device with a Medical Fetish twist! For that feeling of control and form, the reinforced handle is bound in leather with a wrist grip sling. It's just what every Nurse dreams of owning... and every "patient" wishes that their naughty patient gown covered up better in the back!

Nurse's Mercy Riding Crop
Item #520-6004
 Price: $32.95


Multi-Use Buck Hammer 
 Now this is a versatile medical toy!
The stainless steel body holds two rubber heads on one end, a small brush screws into the bottom of the handle and a sharp pointed "poker" screws into the top of the head. So many tactile tools, for so little money!
Buck Hammer - Medical Percussion
Multi-Use Buck Hammer
Item #480-8000
Price: $13.95
only $6.95

Taylor Hammer
Taylor Hammer 
This is the rubber tipped percussion device your doc uses on your knee to check you reflexes! Think of the possibilities for other parts of the body...

Taylor Hammer
Item #480-8001
Price: $12.95


  Heart Felt Riding Crop

How... touching!? This is made of heart shaped red shiny leather flaps (for added slapping sound) on a 26" crop with a handle. 

A wonderful idea for that loved one with a penchant for heart-felt punishment! Leave your heart on their behinds... In this case with a thwack of the Slapper!

Heart Felt Riding Crop
Item #520-6001
 Price: $32.95

Refined Flexible Riding Crop
Refined Flexible Riding Crop
This is the classic style riding crop, one that every fetishist must own! The leather tip is reinforced for a firm "crack!". The handle is finely crafted with an easy to hold and control grip. It's a full 24" long from tip to tip! Go ahead... make their day!

Refined  Flexible Riding Crop
Item #520-6002


Slapper Hand Crop
Another great "handy" percussion device which lends a "hand" to the task at hand! 
Made of red leather with a shiny finish on a full 26" long crop with handle. How about leaving a long lasting hand made impression?!

Slapper Hand Crop
Item #520-6000

Black Suede Flogger Whip
Lelo's Sensua(l) Suede Whip
Percussively speaking, this sweet, sexy, suede tailed flogger may appear simple but it is powerful enough to bring them to their knees (and tears!!)! It is made of  fine quality soft, yet firm suede so it works perfectly for a light warm-up or sensual flogging, but it is equally punishing when a strong firm thudding action is applied!

The sophisticated polished metal and acrylic handle adds to its meaning as a tool with both a purpose and a passion! Convenient to carry in handbags, briefcases or suitcases, this is another one of those "Don't leave home without it" toys! As a gift, it's ready to go in the beautiful, tissue paper lined box!

Whip Size: 14" total length
Handle Size: 5.75" x 7/8")
Tails: Leather Suede
Handle:  Acrylic with Polished Metal
Available in Scarlet Red or Midnight Black

Red Suede Flogger Whip
Sensua(l) Suede Whip Flogger
 Price: $44.00

Bamboo Punishing Cane
Bamboo Punishing Cane
There is nothing quite so humbling as the ferocious, yet so simple sting of a swat from a Bamboo Cane! The slender strength and agility of bamboo is what makes it so tasking, yet is so light in the hand of the one using it! Our version of the bamboo punishing cane, has a sturdy leather wrapped handle and a covered tip to prevent splitting. It is not for the fainthearted... despite how harmless it appears packs a viscous, often skin breaking, whack! It is long, too! 40" from tip to tip!!

Bamboo Cane
Item #520-6003

Blue Ball Beaters

Blue Ball Beaters 
The rubber balls on the end of these flexible beaters, make a firm thud when the balls meet the skin! The wooden handles give the thu-thwacker a firm grip! Sold as a pair (one for each hand and each...)

Blue Ball Beaters
Item #520-8000
Price: $39.95


  For many people (or newbies to "percussion play") a good old fashioned spanking is the perfect way to start any scene... a great "warm up", as they say!  That's because on a physical level, spanking increases blood flow, adding sensitivity, a feeling of warmth all the while it is raising the adrenaline and arousal levels! Spanking covers a myriad of emotional turn ons, too.

Spanking 101:

1. Speak up: let your partner (or someone you trust to explore with) know you are ready to try it.

2. Safe Word: establish a boundary of how much you believe you can tolerate prior to starting the spanking. Also, create a word that says "STOP NOW"... as in all BDSM, the credo of safe, sane and consensual means you communicate clearly what is acceptable and what is not. A safe word is sacred. Once uttered in a scene (regardless if it is "just spanking") it means STOP NOW!!

3. Take it slowly, at first. There's no need to rush into what can become one of the sensually sexual highlights of your turn on stage... be it in the bedroom or dungeon! Talk about what feels good, maybe discuss elements of masturbation fantasies to help add to the arousal.

4. Do it, but do it right! Obviously there are no rules, it's really up to the spanker and spankee for what happens. But a few tricks and tips may help keep it from going in the wrong direction:
a.) Do some light tickling strokes of the fingertips in between the slaps
b.) Try cupping the genitals with one hand while spanking the cheeks with an upward motion, this will add to the percussive reflex as the blows seem to penetrate through to the genitals.
c.) Add more pressure to the genitals, by gently squeezing them in between the slaps.
d.) Rub the warmed spanked area with the flat palm of the hand for friction.

5. Past the warm up stage: let's go for it! This is the point where both agree they are ready to push more limits, spank harder, longer and then try using devices such as paddles, floggers, crops or canes for more extreme levels of the endorphin releases from the pleasure and pain of percussion!
You have your safe word... like we said, "Go for it!"
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