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Nipple Vacuum Efficient Pumping Kit
  • Command attention with erect, sexy nipples
  • Designed for comfort, fit
  • Safe and effective
  • Top quality
  • Everything you need in one kit
Nipple Pumping Kits

Enjoy the benefits of large, beautiful, sensitive nipples with the Pumping Plus Nipple Enhancement Kit. This is a safe, all natural, non surgical nipple enhancement solution.

The sensations and sensitivities you experience from vacuum pumping your nipples is so exciting. Not only will they look sexier, they will definitely feel sexier!

Everything you need... right out of the box! safely and comfortably enhance the size and firmness of your nipples!

The complete kit includes two of our specially designed nipple pumping cylinders (choose size), our efficent all-metal hand pump, a T-hose for double connection and a 4 oz. bottle of lubricant.

#400-9010, 1/2" diameter Nipple Pumping Kit, $197.00 $179.95

#400-9011, 5/8" diameter Nipple Pumping Kit, $197.00 $179.95

#400-9012, 3/4" diameter Nipple Pumping Kit, $197.00 $179.95

#400-9013, 1-1/4" diameter Nipple Pumping Kit, $207.00 $189.95

Sizing Guidance:

Nipple cylinder sizing is mostly a matter of personal preference. Our comprehensive nipple cylinder sizing guide (see link below) will help you determine the cylinder size that will help you achieve the results you desire.

* Nipple Cylinder Sizing Guidance

Nipple Pumping Cylinders

Nipple Pumping Cylinders

from $60.00

Pumping Plus Vacuum Hand Pump

Vacuum Hand Pump


Vacuum T-Hose Connector

Vacuum T-Hose Connector


WET Original Formula Water-Based Lubricant

WET Original Formula Lube

from $23.95

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