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Latex & Rubber

Rubber and Latex... oh my!

As medical fetishists, we just love latex and rubber! It just seems to go "hand-in-hand" (pun intended), wouldn't you say? There are so many latex and rubber items used in the medical and clinical worlds, such as latex gloves, enema bags, rubber bulb syringes... well, you get the idea! 

Through the years, we've continued to add more and more latex,  so the expansion means yet another great page in our on-line catalog offering nothing but latex and rubber to our ever increasing inventory of titillating medical and nurse fetish products! 

Of course, we also have other rubber and latex items throughout's huge website... so be sure to check those other pages, also... like the hoods!

Our Rubber Sleep Sack/Mummy Bag

Latex breathing hood in action
Our Rubber Breather Hood

So... you say you like Rubber? Do you believe you are a true Rubber and Latex Fetishist? Well, test yourself against the likes of what this poor slave "patient" endures under the extreme techniques of torture dreamed up by none other than the infamous, Amanda Wildefyre.

She cajoles and controls while doling out expertly exquisite pain and pleasure, languishing in the world of latex.  Two of her most important latex works are captured (yup, pun intended) here on these DVD's... Rubber Nurse and Rubber Sex Slave...
Rubber Nurse Video
Rubber Nurse

The world famous Mistress Amanda Wildefyre at her finest! Doing her version of the fetish nurse in head-to-toe latex! She understands the true meaning of severe bondage and medical fetish play! Unique clinic play includes unusual punishment hoods and some of the most unique equipment ever used.  Hydraulic chair, latex straight jacket, ballet boots and extreme latex bondage as well as inflatables, inescapable bondage, medical play, electro-play are all part of this spectacular video.  (NOTE: see her reviews of some of our latest products!)

Rubber Nurse DVD
Item #670-6952
Price: $39.95


Rubber Sex Slave Amanda Wildefyre
Rubber Sex Slave

If you love  Rubber Nurse  and need another "fix" of Amanda Wildefyre, her Rubber Sex Slave fills the desire! Alyx, a female, sex crazed nymphomaniac, submits herself to Mistress Amanda Wildefyre for total rubber sex reconditioning. Dressed in a rubber catsuit and corset, placed in immobilizing latex bondage and hoods, she is totally exposed for torment. After being force-fed a special sex serum, Alyx is made to orgasm over and over again, as only a female sex slave can. Latex, Hoods, Electro-Stimulation and Bizarre Scenarios abound! Produced by Bob Zak and directed by Amanda Wildefyre in 2002, this is another classic for any die-hard fetishist!

Rubber Sex Slave DVD
Item #670-6981
 Price: $39.95


Inflatable Rubber and Latex Toys

There are so many ways to enjoy rubber, and one of the more unique is inflation. We currently have inflatable insertable toys, such as a butt plug, dildo and even an anal/rectal stretcher called the "butt knobbler". We get so "pumped up" on the idea, that we hope to be adding even more of these as well as other types of latex inflating gear... the Macy's Parade floats, maybe?? 

Not only is he inflated, he's tied and being led around on tethers! 
What a lucky guy, wouldn't you say?


 Nurse Ivy peeks out from behind the Latex Formed Ball Mitts


Housk Randall is one of the leading observers in the field of erotic anthropology. The powerful imagery he creates is regularly exhibited in major galleries and museums around the world, and he is twice winner of the Erotic Oscar for Photography. We met him in Amsterdam at a party celebrating the release of the book of his photographs (a few pieces from that collection shown above) called "Bizarre Rubber".  He is a true gentleperson, scholar and artistic genius. Visit his website, where he sells his pieces on-line for a mere pittance of their true value!

Latex is not synthesized in a laboratory - it is a completely natural product obtained from the Brazilian rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. Latex is harvested much like maple syrup, from slits made in the tree's bark. The milky sap is pooled, treated with preservatives, then centrifuged to concentrate the rubber solids. Various chemicals are then added and the latex emulsion is used to make products ranging from tires to rubber gloves to the kinky toys and rubber clothes so dearly loved by rubber and latex fetishists worldwide!


Vacuum Bed

Vacuum Bed Close Up

Close Up of Vacuum Bed



Rubber Gloves and Rubber Thi-Highs in Anime Art!

(photo supplied by kinky "patient" customer in Japan...
sorry! ...we're not sure where to get or who makes these great figurines! If anyone does, please let us know... we want one!!)




Latex Vacuum Bed
Ready for the latex ride of your life? How about complete encasement in a vacuum sealed latex framed "bed"? With only a small hole for breathing, this unique system will challenge even the most die hard latex fetishist! It's tight and it's like nothing you have ever experienced in or out of latex! The system is complete with perforated 1ΒΌ" PVC tube framing, 17/20 gauge latex "bedding" and carrying case, you just add the vacuum... any standard vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment will do just fine! 
...see you latex la-la land!!

Latex Vacuum Bed
Item# 790-7100 
Price: $425.00 

Latex Breath Hood
Rubber Latex Breather Hood

Here is one very challenging hood! It has a "transparent" section which acts as a balloon, inflating on exhale, and deflating on inhale with two tiny holes for very low air outakes... well, you know what that means! This hood is perfect for the medical role play fetishists who like to do controlled breath play. The hood is very easy to put on, with a zipper back, which also helps, since it does take "training" to get use to it. One size.

Latex Breather Hood
Item #790-4000 
Price: $115.00


Add this with the Sleep Sack for a night of dreams come true...

For more latex hoods, Click Here!

Latex Formed Ball (Fists) Mitts
Keep your hands to yourself! Now you can buckle up those feisty fists nice and tight in these molded rubber latex mitts! Made of heavy duty latex, these mittens will keep that unruly patient in check!

Latex Formed Ball Mitts
Item# 790-2000 
Price: $85.00


Rubber Latex Sleep Sack
Also known as a "saunasack" in Germany, this is the ultimate for the rubber latex fanatic! Imagine wrapping yourself in neck to toe and all around in thick, sumptuous black rubber. It's a full 6 feet long from the base of the neck to bottom of the bag and 24" wide, so it will fit any size. With the zipper, it's easy to step into. Watch 'em sweat!!

Black Rubber Latex 
Sleep Sack
Item #790-7080 
Price: $225.00


Rubber Latex Sheet 
(8' x 6'8" flat) 
This is wonderfully made, high quality latex rubber sheeting, dear rubber fetishist! It is heavy yet extremely supple and compliant... as will your "patient" be, when you bed them down for the night with the intoxicating aroma of rubber, and its silky smooth coolness caressing every pore of their body! This luxurious oversized (fits over any sized bed, since it is flat!) latex sheet is worth every penny (and dollar)!!  And, of course, it is great for wrapping and mummy play!

Rubber Latex Sheet
Item# 790-7010 
Price: $255.00

Inflatable Semi-rigid Dildo Penis
Inflatable Dildo Penis
A full 5" long and it inflates up to 2 1/4" width, this is another way to inflate someone's "ego"! Made of heavy black rubber with an inner rigid core for easy insertion. The adjustable valve pumps to inflate and locks at different widths... just one of those maddening little devices that keeps one guessing... can you take more?

Inflatable Semi-Rigid Dildo
Item #320-3002
Price: $38.95


Inflatable Butt Plug
Inflatable Butt Plug
4" long this tapered butt plug can inflate up to a whopping 3" in diameter! Just like the Inflatable Penis Dildo, its made of heavy black rubber with an adjustable valve pump to inflate and lock at different widths...

Inflatable Butt Plug
Item #320-3001
Price: $45.00


Inflatable Butt Knobbler
Inflatable Butt Knobbler
Our inflatable insertables have been so popular we decided to add another, designed for stretching the rectal/anal opening... the inflatable butt knobbler is a shorty (approx. 4" long) penis shape when deflated, but pump it up and can grow to a full 3 inches around! It's just another of our nasty toys ordered by the Nurse for extra "physical therapy"!

Inflatable Butt Knobbler
Item #320-3000
Price: $42.00


Men's Latex Butcher Apron 
Perfect for those last minute "procedures" when absolutely nothing else except rubber will fit the moment... smooth and sensual, this latex apron is designed for a one-size-fits-all-perfectly fit! Available in Transparent, Black (both shown above) and Red! Styled after the authentic butcher's apron, it is long (shin length)!

Men's Butcher Style 
Latex Apron 
Price: $68.00 $58.95

Choose Color of Apron


Men's Latex Brief 
with Attached Butt Plug
You asked for it... we have them! These black rubber latex briefs have a built in solid rubber latex butt plug measuring 4 1/2" long by 1 1/4" diameter, which stays firmly in place! They fit oh-so-snug and will be sure to make a great impression! <evil grin> 
Sizes are:
Item #780-2500  Small  (Men's 28-32)
 Item #780-2501  Medium  (Men's 32-36)
Item #780-2502  Large  (Men's 38-42)
Item #780-2503  X-Large  (Men's 44-46)

Men's Latex Brief 
with Attached Butt Plug
Price: $75.00

Choose Latex Brief Size


Women's Latex Brief 
with Attached Dong
And now we have them for women! Styled and fitted for the female form, these black rubber latex "panties" have a built in solid rubber latex penis styled  4 1/2 long by 1 1/2" diameter dong, which is centered in the panty for the vagina.

So sleek and smooth, they can be worn under clothes... no one will know why she seems to be so content, with her subtle smile of sheer excitement brewing below! 


Sizes are:

Item #780-4500  Small  (Women's 4-6)
 Item #780-4501  Medium  (Women's 8-10)
Item #780-4502  Large  (Women's 12-14)
Item #780-4503  X-Large  (Women's 16-18)

Women's Latex Brief 
with Attached Dong
Price: $75.00

Choose Latex Brief Size


Black Rubber Latex Stockings
Oh, the joy of sleek, smooth latex wrapped so snugly from the top of the thigh to the tip of the toe! Yes, we have those sensuous rubber latex thi-high stockings that everyone loves. They stay in place with the rubber latex garter belt! What a look and feel! 
Available in Black !

Black Latex Stockings 
Price: $65.00

Choose Size


Black Latex Garter Belt
Hold those rubber latex stockings up! This step-in rubber latex garter belt has four easy to use "flip clips" for the attachments to the stockings. As with all of our fine, imported European rubber latex items, it is made with heavier gauge rubber for fit and function. 

Garter Belt
Price: $55.00
Select Size


Rubber Latex Gloves
Sure!! They are so sexy you won't need anything else to wear! Our high quality fine fitting rubber latex gloves will always be a true fetishist's idea of perfection. Opera (long- high above the elbow) is available in Black or Red
 Opera Length Long  Rubber Latex Gloves
Price: $45.00/pair

Long Latex Gloves
Size & Color Selections


Our high quality fine fitting wrist length rubber latex gloves are available in Black, Red or Transparent.

Wrist Length Rubber
Latex Gloves
Price: $30.00/pair

Wrist Length Latex Gloves
Size & Color Selections


Rubber Latex Socks 
  Thank you, Nurse! My feet were getting chilly... oh, the rubber patient's favorite, these easy to wear, yet snuggly secure Rubber Socks will make any fetishist's fancy foot work dance with delight! Not a fashion statement... a fetish statement! They are made of sturdy, high quality latex rubber and are available in sizes Small (women's approx.6-7), Medium (men's approx.5-7), Large (men's approx. 8-10), X-Large (men's approx. 11-12). Great for pre-wrapping in mummy play or the perfect "shoes" to wear with a naughty patient gown.
Rubber Latex Socks 
Price: $45.00/Pair

Socks Size Selections



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