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Vacuum Pumping for Penis, Nipples, Clitoris, Breast & Labia

Are you ready to pump? So you probably heard the jokes about the "Swedish Penis Pump" immortalized by "Austin Powers", and wondered to yourself (or to the person sitting next to you at the movie theater) "Do those things really work?" Well, that depends on you...

The enlargement and modification of the penis, clitoris, nipple and genitalia has been historically quite a preoccupation with both men and women throughout the ages. They used various, often crude, methods to enlarge their genitals, nipples, breasts, labia and clitoris by stretching, pulling, and/or hanging huge weights on the specific body part.  

Then in the early 1900's, the invention of the vacuum (suction) penis tube pump came into use.  Doctors were prescribing it for impotency. For the next 60 years or so, the design of the pump went through very minor physical changes. Then, a Doctor in England in the mid-1970's figured a way to use a plastic tube, which was much less of a hazard as the vintage glass types or the metal types which were impossible to see through. His design is basically the same used to today in most penis pumps. 

However, in man's quest to constantly improve a process, the vacuum pumping devices have been redesigned for ease of use for one person, as well as regulating the pressure. The "quick-disconnect" attachment point at the top of the cylinders (the plastic tube the penis, clit, nipple, etc. fit into) has been carefully engineered for safety release, and ease of attaching the pump.

Yet, buyer beware... there are many, many variations of "penis pumps" out there now, but they are not necessarily good quality, and in some cases, they are nothing more than a novelty item or "gag gift" from one of those weird shops at the mall! 

Likewise, there are many that are designed to look and work like a "real" penis pump, however, they are made from lesser quality materials and they soon crack, which means they are useless. They have to hold the vacuum for extended periods of time, so if there is a leak... well, you can figure it out. 

Three models of announced devices of vacuum in a catalogue in New York, of the Jeffrey-Fell company of Buffalo, NY in 1908.

So we have done what we always do here at we did our research:  contacting various suppliers and product tested ... and then searched some more! ...until we came up with the best... for the best price.

Now, rest assured, dear patient... we've got your pump! And we have them in all sizes for all parts of the body... be it the male "patient" who wants to enhance and enlarge the penis, or the female "patient" who wants to develop a larger clitoris or labia, or either who would like to increase their nipples and breasts!

See more  Penis Lengthening and Enlargement!

Concepts of modification

Now, almost everyone who has taken Phys Ed 101 knows, the human body's muscle system responds to exercise routine. Repetition gives results, thus is the same for vacuum pumping for enhancement or modification of the penis, nipples, pussy area or clit! So by following basic routines with your pumping, you will definitely see results!

There is a myriad of websites and organizations who have taken all forms of genital pumping (including labia, clitoris, nipples, penis and balls) to the level of an extreme sport, with extreme results to match... hey to each his/her own!

We just always, always, always recommend to be safe, healthy and smart about any activity regarding the body, especially if you are new to this...  as we said there are those with lots of experience who want to push the envelope, but if you are a novice, take it slow, take it easy and enjoy the new experience!


 For penis enhancement and strengthening, exercises, like sit-ups and squats, serve to fortify and develop the muscles of the pelvis region, as well as the other muscles in that area which are used indirectly (yet directly) in the erection of the penis and its maintenance. So it's a good idea to add this to the routine to make the most of your penis pumping!

For Nipples, Vulva or Clitoris enhancements, the routine is purely pumping! These areas do not have the elaborate muscle system of the penis.

Hot compresses 

By applying hot (not boiling! ... just hot enough to be tolerable on the skin!) compresses ( a hot, wet washcloth will do very well) to the area to be "pumped", such as the penis, vulva or clit, serves to heat the particular area, causing the opening of the blood vessels, temporarily allowing an increase of volume of blood contained in the penis. This also accelerates the tissue expansion.


Massaging the areas (penis, clit, vulva, labia, nipples) both before and after the "pumping",  also aids in the increase of the volume of blood flow to that area,  which thereby provokes permanent expansion of the vascular system of that area.

Pumping 101

As we stated above, repetition with a routine will give the best results. For Penis Pumping, the best and most effective way is to follow a "rule of thumb" method: The first three weeks, dedicate at least 15-20 minutes per day and after that increase for up to 30-40 minutes, and when you feel ready (and you will know if you are ready or not), do an hour a day.

The best results will be accomplished by daily repetition without interruption. Obviously, the first few days you may not notice a difference, however, by the third to fourth week, it should be very noticeable! The complete process usually takes twelve weeks. Then you'll be ready for the next size up!Read more about Pumping 

Breast Pumping Cups

Breast Pumping Cups
click on photo for larger detail

Breast Cup Dimensions:

#400-7000 (A-B+ Cup)
Small = 3.5" W X 3.5" D

#400-7001 (B-C+ Cup)
Medium = 3.875" W X 3.75"D

#400-7002 (C+ -D+)
Large = 4.875" W X 4.5" D

#400-7003 (DD-E+)
XLarge = 5.75" W X 5.25" D

Measurements are inner dimensions.
 D = Deep

Sizes are based on bra cups: for example, if you currently wear approximately an A cup bra, then you'd order the  Small Breast Pumping Cup, which will allow you to "pump up" to a "B" Bra cup size.

 Small: Choose this size to increase from A Cup
to approximately B+ Cup size
Medium: Choose this size
to increase from B+ Cup
to approximately
C+ Cup size
 Large: Choose this size
to increase from C+ Cup
to approximately
D+ Cup size
 X-Large: Choose this size
to increase from DD+
 to approximately
E+ Cup size

NOTE! See the actual dimensions of the cups, to be sure you choose the correct size based on your current breast size.

Don't forget the pump! Or save money and get the whole kit!

Breast Pumping Cups
(sold as pair only)
Price: $148.00/Pair

Breast Cup Size Selections


The Vacuum Pumping collection: Penis Cylinders, Nipple and Clitoris Cylinders
and Pussy/Labia Lips Pumping Cups and the Deluxe Hand Pump
(Note: each piece sold separately.)

For complete kits, check out our  Breast Pumping Kits, Nipple Pumping Kits, Pussy Pumping Kits and Penis Pumping Kits!)

For Breast, Nipples, Clitoris and Vulva or Labia Pumping, the same basic principles apply, however, the results may be much more noticeable in a shorter amount of time. Therefore the process may only need 15-20 minutes per day for two- three weeks, with the balance of eight weeks at only 20-30 minute intervals. This is, again, due to the less "muscularly intricate" nature of these areas.

Read more about Pumping

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Nipple Vacuum Pumping with Madison
Nipple Vacuum Pumping

Madison Pussy Pumping
Pussy Vacuum Pumping

Nipple Pumping with Madison by Victoria Gyna
Nurse Victoria pumps up patient Madison's nipples!

RASH FREE  Total Body Shave Cream (For Women & Men)

One of the most fun and definitely most erotic sensations...  preparation for pumping your new Camel-Toe! YES... you need to be shaved (at least around the areas where the edges of the correct sized cup fits snugly over the pussy area) along with the lube, in order to get the best seal for the most vacuum ! 

Click here for our Rash-Free shaving cream designed specifically for women! Experience the exotic blend of natural oils and emollients to reward yourself with a silky smooth shave. Leaves the skin feeling vibrant, irresistibly soft and conditioned.

Enhanced with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, yet it's so easy to wash off and prevents those bumps and breakouts!

For men... The best seal for the best penis pumping means SHAVING! To get the correct sized cylinder to fit snugly and seal over the pubic area, you'll need to be clean shaven, along with the lube, in order to get the best seal for the most vacuum! 

It makes the preparation for your penis pumping almost as exciting as the pumping itself! Our Rash-Free shaving cream is a blend of natural oils and emollients to get a silky smooth shave, leaving the skin feeling vibrant, soft and conditioned. 

More Lubes and Shaving Cream

Penis Pumping Cylinder 
Premium quality, premium comfort in design, this is the best for fit, form and function! They are 10" long. You will need to verify which size is needed by measuring the circumference of the thickest part of the penis. Then compare that "Penis Circumference" to the "Cylinder Size" column to choose the correct cylinder for your needs! It is very important to measure correctly and accurately.

   Cylinder Size Penis Circumference
1-1/2"                          4-3/4"
1-3/4"                          5-1/2"
2"                               6-1/4"
2-1/4"                               7"
2-1/2"                         7-7/8"
2-3/4"                         8-5/8"

Click here for more information about measure for sizing... it's really easy!

Penis Pumping Cylinders
Price: $79.00

Penis Cylinder Size Selections


Efficient Vacuum Hand Pump
Efficient Single-Handed Vacuum Pump
  This is our latest addition to the offerings for vacuum pumping! This pump is so easy to use and just as easy on the budget! Lighter weight and streamlined rubber grip handles make it a must have for all of your pumping needs! It works with a single-handed "squeeze the trigger" method and the vacuum pressure gauge accurately displays the vacuum readings of your pumping routine from 0-30 inches Hg (Hg = mercury!) or 0-76 cm Hg. It comes ready to use with the hose and coupling attachment for all of our various penis, clitoris and nipple tubes and/or cylinders and pussy (labia) or breast cups. 

Item #400-8001

  Efficient Vacuum Pump 
Price:  $75.00

Nipple Cylinders for Vacuum Pumping
Nipple/Clit Vacuum Pumping Cylinders
For serious nipple (sold as a pair) and/or clitoral (sold as a single) enhancement and enlargement, these uniquely fitted nipple/clit cylinders will do the job! They are designed with the same comfort style as the penis cylinders, but are much, much smaller to fit properly over the nipples and/or the clitoris. Click here for our complete Clitoris Pumping Kits or Nipple Pumping Kits!

 Be sure to measure first to choose the correct size!

Available in:
 Small = 1/2" wide 
Medium = 5/8" wide 
Large = 3/4" wide
   X-Large = 1 1/4" wide 

Height is 4" from top of connector to base

Click here for sizing instructions!

Clitoris Cylinders for Vacuum Pumping
Clitoris Cylinder (Single)

Price: $30.00

Clitoris Cylinder Size Selections


Nipple Cylinders (Pair)
Price: $60.00

Nipple Cylinders Size Selections


Connector T-Hose 
If you plan on pumping two areas (like both nipples!) at the same time, you will need this T-Hose! It has a singular attaching point to the pump, with two connectors for the cylinders. Works great for "partner pumping" too!

Nurse Victoria using the T-Hose and
the 1 1/4" Nipple Cylinders on Madison.

 T-Hose Connection
Item #400-8010
 Price: $40.00

Pussy Cups
(click on photo for larger detail)
Pussy Pumping Cup
The latest rage... swollen lips! No we're not taking about the pouty lips of Angelina Jolie!! These are the lower "love lips"... the labia and vulva! And this is just what everyone's been looking for! Create the popular "Camel Toe"! These are designed for comfort and long life usage and made to fit each person individually! Don't be fooled by the "one size fits all" versions (we all know that that's NOT TRUE!)
Be sure to measure accurately to get the right fit!

Click here for sizing instructions!

 Item # 400-4000 (S)
  Approx. 3.25"W X 4.25"L X 2" D

Item # 400-4001 (M) 
 Approx. 3.75"W X 4.75"L X 2 1/8" D

Item # 400-4002 (L)
  Approx. 4.25"W  X 5.25"L   X 2.25" D

Measurements are inner dimensions.

Pussy Pumping Cups
Price: $85.00

Pussy Cup Size Selections


A Water Based Personal Lubricant, Wet's classic formula is made and tested according to the highest quality industry standards, which contains soothing pure Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

 It is gentle, odorless, colorless, greaseless, non-staining, and condom compatible. WETâ„¢

Original stays moist longer to provide a long lasting, silky lubrication and is a favorite for those who prefer a more viscous, gel-like lubricant.

(bottle label and packaging may be changed by manufacturer)

Available in
10.1 oz
. [286 g] bottle
or 16 oz
. [473 g] pump bottle.

9 oz. Original Formula
Item  #460-2010
Price: $23.95


16 oz. Original Formula
Item #460-2011
Price: $39.95

All Over Body Shave Cream by makes of Miracle Oil

Miracle Oil
Pubic/Genital Area & Total Body Shave Cream 

  Formulated by the maker's of Miracle Oil, Earthly Body created a soft, moisturizing shave cream for total body shaving, including those sensitive areas and pubic region.

The ingredients include tea tree oil infused with natural hemp seed oil, Vitamin E and argan oil soften  beard or any hair for a comfortable shave that moisturizes dry skin without making it oily.

 All the benefits of the core ingredient oils for Miracle Oil have been applied to create this affordable luxury.  Easy to dispense in this handy 8 fl. oz. pump bottle.
  • Formulated for a comfortable, rash-free shave
  • Shields skin from razor friction
  • Conditions & softens even the coarsest body hair for a smooth shave
  • Perfect for grooming any & all areas of the body
  • Helps prevent shave bumps & ingrown hairs left behind by other shave products

Miracle Oil
Pubic/Genital Area & Total Body Shave Cream 

Item #400-8021
Price:  $14.95


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