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Introduction to Vacuum Pumping

Vacuum pumping is the usage of a cylinder for penis and testicles or a cup, as in the case of pussy cups  or breast cups along with a vacuum pumping device to create a level of vacuum suction within the cylinder or cup that will stretch and enlarge tissues, skin and muscles.

With steady use, a permanent increase of 3" in length and 3 1/2" in circumference or more is not uncommon for penis enlargement.

Vacuum pumping is the process of applying vacuum pressure to the genitals, typically the penis, nipples, labia, or clitoris, to induce temporary swelling, rich coloration, and long-term growth.

Concepts of modification

Almost everyone who has taken Phys Ed 101 knows, the human body's muscle system responds to exercise routine. Repetition gives results, thus is the same for vacuum pumping for enhancement or modification of the penis, nipples, breast, pussy area or clit! So by following basic routines with your pumping, you will definitely see results!

There are a myriad of websites and organizations who have taken all forms of genital pumping (including labia, clitoris, nipples, penis and balls) to the level of an extreme sport, with extreme results to match... hey, to each his/her own!

We always, always, always recommend to be safe, healthy and smart about any activity regarding the body, especially if you are new to this...  as we said there are those with lots of experience who want to push the envelope, but if you are a novice, take it slow, take it easy and enjoy the new experience!


 For penis enhancement and strengthening, exercises, like sit-ups and squats, serve to fortify and develop the muscles of the pelvis region, as well as the other muscles in that area which are used indirectly (yet directly) in the erection of the penis and its maintenance. So it's a good idea to add this to the routine to make the most of your penis pumping!

For Breast, Nipples, Labia (Pussy) or Clitoris enhancements, the routine is purely pumping! These areas do not have the elaborate muscle system of the penis.

How to use a vacuum hand pump

Insert the pump hose into the quick disconnect coupler on the top of the cylinder; push until you hear an audible click. This means the hose is locked in. After using our Efficient Hand Pump , to release the hose, just push the tab on side of the coupler. The coupler will retain vacuum in the cylinder or cup.  To reconnect the hose, push the release valve on the side of the coupler and reinsert the connector from the hose to the coupler.

Lubricate the entire area you will be pumping: penis base/shaft, nipples, labia lips, clitoris, etc. with plenty of lube. This helps create a seal around the base of penis (or other body part) with the edge of the cylinder or cup and also helps the tissue and skin stretch. A non-drying lube (water-based or silicone) works the best.

Press the base of cylinder against your groin (or nipple area or clit or pussy area). Squeeze the handle on the pump to create the vacuum. Using the the suction pounds per square inch meter on our Deluxe Pump, for beginners, we suggest approximately 4-7 lbs./psi of vacuum suction. As familiarity and comfort with the process is achieved, increase the psi as desired.  We recommend that the tube (cylinder or pussy cup) be removed every 15 minutes with a 1-2 minute rest period in between.

The level of vacuum suction psi and time intervals will vary with skin type and experience. Some people may see obvious results in as little as one half hour, while others may take up to 1 hour or more to achieve their chosen results. (Many advanced extreme super pumpers may spend 2-8 hours or even more for their monstrous results, but remember they had to advance in increasing cylinder sizes many, many times to do so!)


The most pronounced and immediate effect of vacuum pumping is harmless swelling caused by engorgement of tissue with blood and lymphatic fluid. Blood flow returns to normal soon after vacuum pressure is removed, but lymphatic fluid takes longer to drain. For this reason, temporary growth from vacuum pumping can last for more than an hour. Repeated vacuum pumping sessions will, over time, encourage more lasting growth of soft tissues.

Less pronounced, but very important for penile extension and combating the effects of aging on penis size, is stretching of ligaments. Ligaments are structural elements of the body. Over time, ligaments become less elastic, reducing our flexibility. In the case of the penis, reduced elasticity of the suspensory ligament limits the erect length of the penis. Vacuum pumping stretches ligaments, maintaining or improving their elasticity.


Lubrications: Wet Original is preferable or a heavy mineral oil, Aloe Vera Lotions, or any non-drying lube.

Pumping: those who want to speed-up their pumping process find that heat is very helpful. One trick is to wrap a heating pad around the tube/cylinder!

Sealing: Heavy pubic hair does not allow for a good seal due to the air leaks around the hair. We recommend trimming or shaving the pubic hair area for penis pumping as well as pussy pumping .

Cleaning: For best results, clean the pump in warm (not boiling!) soapy water; any liquid dish detergent soap is fine. Do not use alcohol or any type of cleaning solvents on the cylinders or cups. NEVER put any of the pumping devices in the dishwasher or use alcohol on them!

CAUTION : If you notice red spots or blood blisters, immediately stop pumping and allow time for them to heal before resuming. This indicates that your skin is not yet ready for that level of vacuum or for that length of time. These pumps are capable of a high level of vacuum. Common sense should be used. and its parent company are NOT LIABLE FOR THEIR USE.

                                                Always safe, sane and consensual...

- Compiled and edited by Medical Toys with thanks to the Deviants Dictionary in part for this information!

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