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05/08/2019 May is masturbation month ... yeah, we know, it technically doesn't need to be once a year, but it is a reminder for all of us to partake in our own self satisfaction!

Busy, hectic schedules, deadlines, commitments and others pulling us this way and that way, all take a toll to the point where we have nothing left for ourselves (self-pleasure)!

Take time this month to get [literally] in touch with yourself ... adding even one new toy that you never tried, will take you to a new level of your own personal sexual evolution ...and obviously, in turn, you will be a much happier person!

Suggestions:  The Womanizer's Inside/Out   Erotic Electrostimulation   Prostate Stimulation Toys

04/20/2019 More fun for the Anal Retentive (and anal aficionados!)... those who love bum, love anal beads ... and if they vibrate!! ...WAHOOO!!

Also updated the Urethral Sounds section... the Book Shop and the TENS eStim has those great Penis/Testicle electrodes, again!

lease follow our medical fetish fun: Facebook and Twitter

03/01-2019 Yes!! It's March Madness time, once again!!! For over 20 years we have indulged the maladies of Medical Fetish, mischief and madness in March! So, for our loyal patients, Docs and Nurses, please take this time to revisit and add to your fetish!

For our new customers, soon-to-be- loyal patients, Docs and Nurse ... Start today! Embrace your kink! ... let your fun fetish flag fly!!!

Happy New Year 2019!  Wishing all of you the very best that a new year can bring!!

To start this new year properly, here's a few medical toys that will 'jump start' the heart, get the adrenaline flowing, along with a push off the couch (sofa, whatever you want to call it) ----> go P-L-A-Y!! --->
Rechargeable Masturbation Sleeve, 'Bumpy Ride' Enema Nozzle Curved Silicone E-Stim Butt Plug/Prostate Stim, Geisha Butt Plug, CBT Chastity Gear ... and that's a just a start... so go for it!

11/30/2018 Really? It's almost December 2018?? Okay... not sure where, when or how... but here we are!
We're officially kicking off the Holiday Season! ... and we have the Medical Toys to make those spirits bright! Yup, you know where this is going: prezzies!!! Put this under the tree and you are scoring some major 2018 "thank you, Honey" points!!

Remember... all orders over $200.00 get an extra, extra 10% off! [shows up in the shopping cart] That really adds up... especially on many of our already reduced items! Cha-Ching-a-ling... it's the time for giving! -- but you might as well save, too!!

Our little "What's New Blog" gets overlooked, now and again, thanks to our zealous efforts in the social media realm, like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook... well, you get the idea!  Anyway... we are always adding and improving things here at the kinky Medical Toys clinic!! Thanks for 'checking in' wherever you do it!

09/10/2018  Sorry to say but that Labor Day weekend has "cum and gone"... hope you took advantage! Inevitably, it's back to work, but be sure to "squeeze" in some play!!

Just update our CBT Toys and Devices page... as well as the mummification page and the sounds and urethral play page, so check it out!

Reminder to those of you who have not yet followed us on Facebook and Twitter...  or visited our MedicalToys Tumblr blog ... why not?

Stay tuned as we add more Medical Toys for you Medical Fetish pleasure (and pain!)...

08/22/2018  We've been busy behind the scenes here ... literally! {behind ... and scene!} prepping for new ideas and new products to finish out a year of ups and downs ... literally! {ups... and downs... a few ins and outs, thrown in!}

So keep checking in! We also plan on doing a special, soon!! Stay tuned!!!

07/13/2018  #Friday13th ... Okay, so don't let a silly superstition ruin an awesome time to have some Indoor Adventures!!

07/03/2018 July 4th WEEK! ... some of you get to have a really long weekend with the 4th falling in the middle of the week! TAKE ADVANTAGE!!  - - - Use those "unalienable rights" !!!

06/21/2018 June! ... Summertime begins!! The formalities, frivolities and fantasies of the Summer Solstice though us all into the fracas of fetish fun, so get into some hot fun in a c-o-o-l clinic (or bedroom!) with some new Medical Fetish toys, bondage gear, erotic-electro playthings and anything that will float your boat this summer!!

05/01/2018 May Day! Beltane! The day of the sacred fires for purification, rebirth ... and passion! No wonder the 'marketing geniuses' of our day came up with "May = Masturbation Month"!!

Well as, always, we are offering plenty of incentive for adding to your own rituals and celebrations this May with some Medical Fetish, Mischief and May-hem! What better way to get some 'fire' going than to add some Electro-Sex fun to your play toys?

Need some helpful new ideas for your own way to enjoy Masturbation Month? Well, take a look (and feel!) of these offerings: Rechargeable Masturbation Sleeve , HydroMax Water Penis Pumping System, Myriad of Magic Wand Vibrators and Attachments  and a Plethora of Playful and Powerful Sex Toys!

“I realized if I wait until I'm not scared to try new things, then I'll never get to try them at all.”  

― Marie Sexton, Between Sinners and Saints

03/20/2018  Spring Fever ... First day of Spring (or Fall, for our Southern Hemisphere patients!) better known as the Equinox, which means day and night are just about equal! Be adventurous! - maybe try out Urethra Inserts and Penis Plugs, just what the Nasty Nurse ordered!

 ... we also have quite a few  attachments for the Magic Wand... AND a cordless version of the << insert chorus of angels singing, "aaaahhhhh..." >>  Wand-We-Love-So-Dearly.

01/12/2018 New Year... new Medical Fetish gear!!  Welcome to 2018, Docs, Nurses and naughty patients! This is the 20th year that has been here serving the Medical Fetish and BDSM community!

We are so proud and honored to continue being a sexy, fun part of so many kinky folks' desires, dreams and loves!

We are also featured in a great new book by Katharine Gates, "Deviant Desires: A Tour of the Erotic Edge"

... so make some very healthy New Year's Resolutions of Medical Fetish, Mischief and Mayhem, with you and yours!

Oh! And don't forget to keep in touch weekly throughout this new year as we share even more via our Social Media posts on
Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook.

12/02/2017 Slipping into December... plenty of Holiday festivities and fetish fun for those who can slow down long enough to get there! 

Remember: Make sure you to take some time for yourself, too! It's so easy to get "wrapped up" [oh, joy!!] in the fast paced, year end rush, but stop and think about the last time you really had some good ol' kinky fun!? ... and then go do it!

Regret minimization framework: "So I wanted to project myself forward to age 80 and say, 'Okay, now I'm looking back on my life. I want to have minimized the number of regrets I have.' " ~Jeff Bezos

11/27/2017 Enjoying Cyber Sex Monday? ... then you will enjoy a few of our one-day-only Cyber-Monday offerings: Authentic Institutional Canvas Straitjackets and our
Authentic Institutional Locking Leather Cuffs and the easy to use, super secure Bondage Wraps

Remember... you get an ADDITIONAL 10% off for any order over $200!! ... have fun... Tuesday is creeping up fast!! ;-o
10/23/2017 October brings so many changes... so remember this: The real excitement begins at the end of your comfort zone! Enjoy it ... all!

09/25/2017 What the world needs now... Love - Sweet - Love ... so true! --- and we just happen to have a few ideas on how to "Show 'em LOVE!"   -- use your imagination and have some fun... it's later than you think!

08/16/2017 It's back to school, so... Pay Attention! Nurse Anna Rose will get you back on track to the tasks at hand, d
iscovering the world of bondage, BDSM and fetish is education time! ... grab some anal toys, spanking tools, pussy toys, vibrators and electro-stim toys ... for serious study, get over to the Medical Fetish Library and read!

As always, we have plenty of Medical Toys for the those already knowledgeable of the ins-and-outs and ups-and-downs of Medical Fetish, but are looking to graduate to the next level... enjoy!

Hot August Nights! What more can we say? ... REMEMBER: Sizzling, sweaty sex is always better than none at all!

07/05/2013  Clearing the smoke from yesterday's 4th of July celebration (hoping everyone has all of their digits intact!) we offer a few new goodies to add to the summer medical fetish fun! ...
Also just updated the Medical Fetish Library and Glossary pages with an additional section on Anal Play.

06-22-2017 It's officially summer up here (No-Hemi) ... and So-Hemi is looking at l-o-n-g-e-r nights!  BUT! we've got a l-o-n-g weekend coming up for the 4th of July, so throw in some Medical Fetish in your picnic baskets, suitcases and backpacks!!

  If you are into the fetish of squeezing and pinching, we have plenty of devious devices for that paraphilia called, Thlipsosis!

And if that's not your bag, baby, be sure to stock up on other bondage gear and medical toys!!!

Oh yeah ... here's a few more Medical Fetish summer fun ideas to grab and play with... Braces and Medical Bondage ... Electro-Sex Devices for TENS Units  Anal Kit and Electro-butt plugs ... Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds ... Books for Beach Reading ... Black Leather Hoods, Restraints and Cuffs ... Institutional Restraints, Braces and Hoods

There's so much more here to discover, too... make this summer memorable for YOU ... and share it with another, if you can!  ---- Need some more inspiration? Check this video out!

05-04-2017 May Day! May Day! Medical Fetish, Mischief and... MAY-HEM!! Despite the chaos and craziness going on right now, just remember: your favorite Nurses here at will help make you all better!

Yes... there's nothing that a new Complete Neon Wand Kit and Case or some Electro-Sex Toys can't cure!

Or if you need some solitude and time for reflection, grab a Sensory Deprivation Hood and a Straitjacket and zen-out!

04-18-2017 Just updated the front page of with a nod to all who have Multiple BDSM Personalities.. be it a Dom/me, Head Nurse, sweet subby, straitjacketed patient or a naughty intern... we have the the medical fetish and bondage gear to indulge any or ALL of those identities!

3-20-2017 Spring has sprung... along with a few other things!! --- prepare yourself for the on-going March Madness... maybe get a Straitjacket!?

If you have not seen the new goodies on the CBT Cock & Ball Toys section, check it out!! ... it just keeps growing.. and growing... and...

3-2-2017 Our front page really inspires, excites and ignites the passions with a great quote from Ann Rice's Beauty Series ... if you haven't read her books, do so... if you have, re-read them!

March comes in like a lion! The wild weather may keep some of you locked indoors... oh drat!  - that means you have more bondage, Medical Fetish and role-play time!  Go for it!!

And for those being hit by these nasty Flu bugs flying around* please, dear kinky patients, Nurses and Docs, keep yourselves healthy and boost that immune system!

*[lost much of our productivity the whole month of February due to Flu hitting our Staff ---- Nurses with coughs and blowing their noses is not a pretty picture!  ---- and NOT the fun sort of Medical Fetish we like!!!]

2-1-2017  Keep love alive! ... add some Medical Fetish Fun to your Valentine's Day!

01-06-2017 New Year celebrations continue... be sure you make all of your resolutions with the idea of being healthy medical fetishly speaking! 

12-29-2016  Sending our very best wishes to all of our naughty patients, nasty Nurses and devious Docs for a great kinky New Year's Celebrations! ...Make it a Medical Fetish 2017!! ;-o)

12-4-2016 'tis the season!! ... and the reason to get and give and then, get again! knows exactly what everyone on your naughty list ( including you! ) deserves!! So get creative, have fun and explore the outer and inner most regions that have been on that list!!!

Have a very safe and happy Holiday Season!!

11-3-2016  VOTE! ... get what you want ... then get more of what you want at ... stand up for your right to be kinky, sexy, fun and exciting! We're adding even more E-Stim toys for even more tantalizing, mind-blowing experiences!     ... oh yeah, once again ... VOTE!!

10-15-2016 Sexy! ... Scary! ... It's Halloween at! Let the ghouls of gyno, devious Docs and Naughty Nurses administer instruments of CBT and/or anal play ... just open your trick or treat bag and add some Medical Toys!!

09-09-2016 Back to school ... The School of Hard Knocks, that is, for students of Kink 101 and Medical Fetish 101!!  If you need a "refresher course" we have plenty of homework for you! Studies can be very hard in Medical Fetish Bondage Lab  ... or brush up on your language skills! ... and, of course, there's always the best get away for post-exam study session... a bit of peace and quiet... snug as a bug!

08-02-2016 HOT AUGUST NIGHTS ... don't waste 'em! Play and play HARD! Have fun, create memories and chase thrills ... and you won't have to even leave your air conditioned room!  So go for it! ... throw in some Medical Fetish for those last days of summer playtime!

07-08-2016  This week was just like a summer roller coaster ride, that's for sure! Coming off of the highs and excitement of the July 4th fireworks, Pride Parades and family gatherings, etc. to the lows of angry people all over the world, even in our own back yards. ... It's true that thrill rides,  just like our BDSM play life, give us endorphin rushes that culminate in a feeling of happiness, joy and elation...  which is exactly why we fly off to our fetish fantasyland! Fetishists and BDSM players usually stay away from negative, angry and destructive behavior. We relish the opportunities to be happy, horny and satisfied vs. being angry ... seems like a clear and simple choice, don't you think?  

... and here's a few new items, we've just added that may float your fetish fantasy boat! --> Electrified Metal Butt Plug, Beaded/Bumpy Urethral Sound Electrode, Latex Clinic Mask .

Of course, there are the tried and true favorites ---> Violet Wands, CBT Toys and plenty of Anal Play Toys, too! Grab some summer reading, while you are at it!

06-24-2016  Start your summer fun (that long 4th of July weekend is fast approaching!) ... or maybe you're planning indoor winter fun because you are in the So-Hemi... wherever you are... grab some new Medical Toys! There's so many creative ways to have magic with a
Magic Wand and an array of accessories and attachments... or maybe you want to increase the bathing suit bulges? -- Pussy Pumping Nipple Pumping and Penis Pumping will do the trick!

Check out the newly updated CBT page... and for those looking for more unique butt toys for your arse-nal here's a great new E-stim Butt Plugs! ... or for some insanely exciting ways to rock your prostate, be sure to get the revolutionary Vibro-Rotating Prostate Massager

Don't forget to pack a few new Vibrators in your weekend get away bag... you'll be glad you didn't leave home without them!

06-04-2016  Are you ready for summer? Planning awesome escapes? ... Well then, remember this: The real excitement begins at the end of your comfort zone! Enjoy it ... all!

05-12-2016 Another May! ... our month of Medical Fetish, Mischief and May-hem!   it's also National Masturbation Month in the United States, so grab some toys and celebrate! And maybe try some tried and true or even some repeats of old favorites throughout the site ... always have fun... it's all about how to explore!

04-13-2016 Just added a new Unisex Enema / Douche Set to our very popular Enema Section... and to keep things even more interesting, we add the New Twist Wireless RC Egg in our Vibrators Section!

By the way, here's another amazing twist! ...early a.m. on April 12th we posted about Pegging on our Facebook page... then, that same night, Pegging got a great plug (we love alliteration) on the new Nikki Glaser show on Comedy central called "Not Safe"... check it out!

03-22-2016  Oh! ...we are so excited about a few new Medical Toys we just added!! If you are into CBT... Electro-Stim... and choking the monkey, have we got the techno electro e-stim erotic toy for you! It's designed the way the "Fleshlight" works, but it hooks up to a power box! Get crankin'!!!

Spring has SPRUNG! <puns always intended> so in honor of things that rising to the occasion, we added a great set of Silicone Sounds! They are so easy to use, easy to clean and fun ... great for beginner pee-hole players!

Prostate Stimulation gets a rise out of you? Check out a few new additions on that page as well!

03-11-2016  This Sunday, March 13th at 2 AM local time we Spring Forward one hour... so take advantage of that extra hour tonight and tomorrow with some Medical Fetish playtime!

... and next week is St. Patty's Day and as the old adage goes, if you are not wearing green you get pinched! Well, for all those who really like getting pinched, squeezed, clamped, braced, etc. we say, "Wearing my green, but pinch me anyway!"

Keeping on top ... (even if occasionally the Nurses want to be a bottom!) of our customer's wishes... we are adding more medical fetish fun and excitement ... The Bullet Metal Butt Plugs are b-a-a-a-c-k ... <puns always intended>

02-05-2016  Thanks so much to our naughty patients, Naughty Nurses and Devious Docs, we've been super busy and so excited about this New Year ... however, behind the scenes, we're dealing with USPS postal issues ... increasing prices and, like today, the entire website is either off-line or not working... <heavy, heavy sigh> ... We never give up, though!!  --- Just wish we could 'beam" our customers' orders to them! (or deliver them ourselves, wouldn't that be fun!)

01-15-2016 Be sure you make some really healthy resolutions for your New Year 2016!

12-31-2015 to 01-01-2016  Auld Lang Syne! Here we go... into another New Year!!

Thanks to ALL of you, our naughty patients, Devious Doctors and Nasty Nurses, for an absolutely Medical Fetish-filled 2015!!

Let's continue
the fun, frivolity and fetish-ness in 2016!

11-09-2015  Here we are in November, already! We are quite sure that we are not the only ones who are scratching our heads (under our Nurse's Caps) wondering: how did we get here so fast?!? ... the good thing is, we still have time to plan for the holidays, making sure we have all of the toys and essentials we'll need for those special times when we can sneak away ...and really play!

We've just added another great Prostate Play Vibe Kit... on the Vibrator Kits page... and for more Vibrations, check out the Vibrators and Hitachi Magic Wand and Accessories pages, too!

E-Stim is also very, very popular with the Prostate Explorers and Prostate E-Stim offers so many possibilities... so be sure to check it out... and get some education and knowledge from the Medical Fetish Library about Prostate Stimulation

10-30-2015 Happy Halloween Weekend, one and all !

10-18-2015  Our main focus now ----> Halloween ... our favorite time of the year! ... it's almost knocking at our doors!! We have a few Surgical Outfits still available, but once they are gone, they are gone f-o-r-e-v-e-r! So snatch 'em up! Nurse Caps are discounted to a sinfully low price. Naughty Patient Gowns are always a Medical Fetishist's must-have, so get yours! For the creative submissive who wants to attend a Halloween Bash with everyone else waiting on you, feeding you, etc. ... just show up in a Strait Jacket!

 -- take note: if you want anything for a party or an event, LET US KNOW, so we can let you know how quickly we can get it to you or if it is out of stock, so you have time to search elsewhere! We want you to have a very HAPPY Halloween!

We took time to PLAY... and we hope everyone else did likewise, this past holiday weekend, here in the states! It's playtime for our international friends and patients with the first weekend of summer in the No-Hemisphere and winter fun in the So-Hemisphere!

But playing hard also means working work, so not to worry... we've been adding a few more new Medical Toys to play with, too... like the new Dual Silicone Butt Plugs10 Bead Urethral Steel Insert, and more Tens E-Stim fun, too!

For our Original Hitachi Magic Wand fans, it is now available in a beefed-up cordless version! No more searching for a "location" to use with an outlet in the wall!! It's quieter, more variations of vibrations and pulsating choices ...and it's powerful! --- We LOVE it! and so will you!!

06-26-2015 The 4th of July is next weekend... for some it's a three day weekend and some it's a four day weekend.. or maybe incorporated into a vacation... whatever you do, take time out for some sexual freedoms!!

06-10-2015 June! Summertime! (except for our So-Hemi patients and Docs... your Wintertime is starting!) so we kick off with what summer offers up the most: PLAYTIME! We have so many new toys to play with, too!

So make sure you take your time... grab a Margarita or a Pina Colada and stroll through the many pages of Medical Toys we have to offer!

Remember to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr too... you never know what can happen once our Nurses start playing in the summer heat!

05-05-2015 Here it is again... May! ... and our month of Medical Fetish, Mischief and May-hem! is off to a great start!! Some new , some tried and true and some returns of old favorites throughout the site ... so have fun... explore!

May is also National Masturbation Month in the United States, so grab some toys and celebrate!

04-15-2015 Just updated the front page of with a nod to all who have Multiple BDSM Personalities.. be it a Dom/me, Head Nurse, sweet subby, straitjacketed patient or a naughty intern... we have the the medical fetish and bondage gear to indulge any or ALL of those identities!

04-14-2015 A few new Cock and Ball Torment devices added for our CBT patients! Leather Ball Stretchers are back with an added perk... and for the urethral play fans, we have an over the top one for you! ...or if you prefer some zing! in your ding-a-ling, we have a few devious attachments, including clamps and a sound that work with the TENS unit, as well as our forever-favorite, the PES Deep Throat!

04-02-2015 April is here... spring is in the air (actually, it's autumn for our So-Hemi kinky patients!) and many of us are planning to pack up go... so take the Nurse's advice and take your Medical Fetish with you!

We've added a few new items, too! In our Prostate Stimulation section, we added the Aneros SGX and MGX ... and our Glass & Silicone Insertables page keeps... uhhhmmm... expanding! The new Glass Butt Plug is amazing, and that Double Bumper is back! (pun intended?)  ... for the most serious of Nipple Torture Lovers, we have the new Extreme Claws that will test even the most hardened (on a roll with the puns) pain junkie!

03-16-2015 Ready for St. Patty's Day? ... many of us already started celebrating over the weekend! ... and carry it on until next weekend!  We are all for the wearing of the green ... and as the old rule goes, if you don't, you will get pinched... but that may be just the incentive you need!

Looking for a few new toys to play with?? ... check these out!  ---> Erection Cage and Multi-Tiered Vibrating Butt Plug

03-08-2015 Well March definitely came in like a lion for most of us, hasn't it? Our staff ended up with the flu virus (not the kind of medical fetish bug we like!! ) ... so things are finally getting back on track!

We've just updated the Clearance section and the Latex Hoods and Neck Corsets... there are absolutely mind-blowing savings on some really rare medical fetish latex items! Take a look and see if you can grab 'em while they are there... before they are GONE forever!

02-16-2015  Happy Presidents Day for the U.S. ...another sexy Valentine's weekend has slipped by and we do hope you are still in the after-glow! And ... how many of you went to see the "50 Shades of Grey" movie that came out over the weekend?

Always ready with some great ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out Nurse Victoria's devious delights with her sentiment, "It's all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. Then, I REALLY get excited!"

01-31-2015  The end of the first month of 2015 ... tomorrow #SuperBowl Sunday ... plenty of reasons to get that naughty patient into the clinic and have your way, Doctor/Nurse! .... maybe some
Chastity and E-Stim  CBT Toys from the CBT and Cock-n-Ball Play gear page or  Complete Neon Wand Kit and Case!

Get ready for some Valentine Fun ... emember to keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr
01-10-2015  Just updated the front page of the theme is "It's not what you wear ... it's how you wear it!" and the gorgeous and naked Madison Young affirms that!  We continue to add more new medical fetish fun to boost your New Year resolutions... like the Double Bumper and the Bumpy Ride Glass Insertables, just to keep your focus!

By the way, we are offering a special free gift to anyone who reads this and puts #MedicalFetish in their order's Customer Comments section!

01-2-2015 Happy New Year! So many changes happened for us 'behind the scenes' in 2014 and now we look for this 2015 to be a year of fun, gratitude and exciting new fetish-ventures!

12-23-2014 Sending our very best wishes to all of our naughty patients, nasty Nurses and devious Docs for a great kinky Holiday Season! ... and don't forget! --- get your New Year's Celebration toys in time for the big bang of 2015!! ;-o)

12-08-2014  The Holiday Season is in full gear... 'tis the Season for Giving... and Receiving! We've been updating and adding and making more merry for everyone... even the naughty [but nice] boys and girls... check out all of the new fun you can have with CBT Toys and some Magic Wand magic, Penis Pumping with a few new twists ... Vibrators with so many options, Glass and Silicone Insertables make a fine gifts of pleasure ...aaaaannnnd authentic starched cotton Nurse Caps are on sale!

Bondage Turkey11-21-2014  Yup... that time of year again!! ... when we soooo look forward to those four days off (well, some of you get that!!) but you have to deal with being nice-nice with the family, feeding your face with foods that makes you sleep like the dead, yet all the while you are secretly craving a romp and tie-up in the bedroom/dungeon!

Oh well... do your best to sneak away! We offer a few consolation prizes for when you do finally get your freedom ... Electro-sex fun is the perfect get-even for hours and hours in the kitchen! Or how about doing a bound and stuffed turkey role-play scene ?...some bondage gear and insertables and anal toys should work nicely!  And let's admit... what we may really want more than anything else is some alone time... and NOTHING gets you more alone that a great, head encasing, sound muffling, sight impeding HOOD!            

Gobble-gobble, naughty patients!

10-01-2014 First day of October!!  ...and the vigil of the month of Halloween begins! This is definitely the favorite time of year for us here at ... we truly feel the affinity of our friends, customers and naughty patients who allow themselves to come out of the 'medicine closet' and be as kinky, wild and free as they can be, without getting into too much trouble!

In that light, we've just updated the front page of to bring in the sexy, scary feelings we all share in BDSM and Medical Fetish... enjoy!

09-23-2014 First day of Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere, that is -- Spring has already started 'Down Under' with our Aussie and So-Hemi friends and naughty patients!) ... and many of our West Coast friends and naughty patients survived the Folsom Fair this past weekend... were you there?

Check out this week's front page of for another dose Medical Fetish, again!  Go get yours!

BTW... If you haven't already got your copy of Ernest Greene's book, "Master of O" -- get that, too!

09-15-2014 It's 'check up' time at the clinic! Nurse Victoria promises that it "won't hurt!" ... however, that sadistic smile she wears tells a whole different story!

For example... those
new Chastity and E-Stim  CBT Toys from the CBT and Cock-n-Ball Play gear page may get someone's attention, all right!

Remember to keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and our Medical Fetish blog at

oh, ICYMI: here's Nurse Laural's FacebookPinterest and FetLife pages... and Nurse Ivy's Facebook & Twitter 

08/22/2014  "Hot for Teacher!" ... it's that time again! Back to School!! Books and bags become the focus for the avid student, especially so for nurses!

It's also the "final count down" to the last long Summer Weekend: Labor Day! Celebrate!! Make sure you are ready for anything... grab a few new Medical Toys... Medical Fetish is always more fun!

08/14/2014  Hot August Nights! Let's face it...sweaty, sizzling sex is always better than none at all! --- take advantage of some creative, super-fun ways to make it even hotter! --> Thrills and Chills

Summer reading: Oral Sex ... by the way, you can use this great info about Fellatio, Cunnilingus and Analingus from our Medical Fetish Library as a fun 'test' afterwards... an 'oral exam', may be in order!  <as always, all puns intended!>

If you have not already joined our ever growing social media community on Facebook, FetLife, Tumbler and Twitter... what are you waiting for? Here's your special invitation!

...also visit our blog ...
and for our Deutscher Freunde, haben wir die Titelseite in Deutsch!

07/16/2014 In case you didn't notice... Summer is in full SWING! {...but, we know it's winter for our 'down-under' patients!}
So don't forget to have some kinky fun mixed in with the beach and pool fun! Nothing like a nice relaxing evening in bondage to take make the sunburn work to its fullest effect!

Feeling to lazy to do a serious bondage scene? Well let us give you a few ideas to make it so much easier as well as fun AND entertaining! ---> Portable Sex Machine ...Braces and Medical Bondage ... Electro Anal Kit and Electro-butt plugs ... Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds ... Bondage for Sex book ... Black Leather Restraints and Cuffs...  Institutional Bondage

Need some more inspiration? Check this video out!  it's an intimate, hot, sexy vignette based on the '50 Shades of Grey' theme... BOUND to ignite a spark!!

7/07/2014 Bounce back from the holiday weekend in the states... hoping everyone truly enjoyed their full 'tastes' of summer, in all forms! Now we are in high gear to add more fun to the summer's electrical storms!

Our new front page features Madison Young hanging around the beach, discovering the 'treasures' that wash up on the shore... 

By the way if you have not already got a copy of "Daddy: A Memoir" by the talented Ms. Young, what are you waiting for? Add it to your summer reads!

For our Southern Hemisphere fans, friends and naughty patients, we know you are in the rapture of Long Winter Nights! So let the Night Nurses of assist you!!

7/02/2014  JULY! ... oh wow... it's really here... we in the USA are looking forward to this long weekend ahead -- 4th of July!! That time of celebrating with red-white-blue stuff everywhere and fireworks, hot dogs and beer... and if you can sneak away from all of that, get thee to a hidden room and have some good old American kinky times!

We just updated the front page of the site, in honor of our [sexual] Independence Day ... and as a reminder that we do have a twisted view of what 'freedom' represents: the CBT and Cock-n-Ball Play gear page is updated with new Chastity and E-Stim things!

So everyone have a great l-o-n-g hot, steamy time this weekend ... start early this HUMP day!

6/19/2014 It's hot and steamy... perfect for another kinky summer of hanging around ... for a bit of sun protection, be sure to use your beach umbrella -- which makes a great Shibari rope-tie scene, too!

For ideas to stay in the coolness of the clinic (or air-conditioned bed/play-room), we have plenty of medical and institutional bondage to play with, including the Muzzle, Disc Blindfold, Silicone Ball Gags ... just to get you chilled out!

And grab some toys to stuff in the duffel bag, back pack or suitcases... like the CBT & Urethral Insertion Toys , or the  DeepVibe Penis Sleeve ...and then some medical fetish wares like Clinic Gadgets & Supplies!

Here's even more Medical Fetish summer fun to grab and play with... Braces and Medical Bondage ... Electro Anal Kit and Electro-butt plugs ... Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds ... Bondage for Sex book ... Black Leather Restraints and Cuffs

...but we know it's winter now for our 'Ozzie' and 'Kiwi' friends and So-Hemisphere patients, Docs and Nurses, so you will need to 'gear up' for your l-o-n-g winter nights!

06/01/2014 It's official! Summer is here! ...and we are ready for fun in the sun and then cooling off in the icy clinic! We decided to start out the month teasing you... so all of you who have Tantalolangnia will LOVE it! ... and even if it's not a huge sexual arousal for you, let's face it, we all like to get teased, now and then!

... and for our Southern-Hemi dwellers, like our 'Ozzie' and 'Kiwi' friends, we can tease you with some toys and gear for your l-o-n-g winter nights!

05/30/2014 Wow! ... May-hem has been exactly that! This month has given us so much mayhem, mischief and even some really downright frightful moments... but being good Nurses, we try to heal every situation!

Since we take every single customer experience so seriously, after this week's encounter with a customer who purchased Strict Leather hood and was disappointed that it was not a Sinvention hood, we want to clarify that we do not carry Sinvention at this time, although we have in the past. We currently carry products from Strict Leather and other leather manufacturers, due to availability and timely inventory deliveries. We are currently making every effort to avoid any confusion that the products we carry are NOT Sinvention, even though they may be seen on our myriad of medical fetish photos taken during our relationship with Sinvention. To clear up any possible misinterpretations, we are reviewing and replacing any inaccurate product photos within the sale's area of the webpages to assure they represent our current product lines.

Moving on to the exciting stuff... enjoy the last days of May 2014! Start your summer with medical fetish fun and always r
emember to keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and our Medical Fetish blog at

... and for our Southern-Hemi dwellers, like our 'Ozzie' and 'Kiwi' friends, we can help with those l-o-n-g winter nights!

05/23/2014 Hey-y-y-y!! Ho-o-o-o!! --- it's the beginning of a l-o-n-g weekend for the USA... Memorial Day Weekend is here! ... kind of our true beginning of summer fun... so check out our offerings to get you vacation planning in tune with Medical Toys, Bondage Gear, Erotic Electro Sex Toys ... or maybe some Fetish Boots and Shoes!

Have a safe and happy entry into the Summer of 2014!

... and for our Southern-Hemi dwellers, like our 'Ozzie' and 'Kiwi' friends, we can help with those l-o-n-g winter nights!

Remember to keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and our Medical Fetish blog at

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05/01/2014 May Day! May-hem! Medical Fetish, Mischief and... You can see where this is all going!

We know everyone is going through some tumultuous stuff, right now, but remember that your favorite Nurses at will help make you all better! our brand new Complete Neon Wand Kit and Case!

04/14/2014  Thlipsosis is the fetish of pinching or squeezing for sexual arousal... and that's just how we are feeling right now... squeezed and pinched! So let's put feeling that to good use --- follow the Nurses' orders and add some squeeze sensations and pinching play to your medical fetish and BDSM scenes!

3/30/2014  Ready for April? Still working on the tax deadline? Feeling like you're up against the wall? (...but not the way you want to be??) ...well we can offer some relief! Take advantage of us... Nurses always make you feel better, don't they?

3/12/2014  After starting out the week with a 6.9 earthquake here in Eureka, California, we decided to shake it up even more for March Medical Fetish Madness by offering FREE! really cool BDSM Bondage T-Shirts with every order over $100 [before taxes, S&H] --- we will give 'em out as long as they last, so hurry up and get one before we run out of them! 

3/01/2014   March Medical Fetish Madness begins... the new front-page teases with the types of medical bondage we have become infamous for! The Foot Fetish is obvious... but medical BDSM and institutional bondage, gags and more have been our theme for Medical Fetish March's going back over 16 years!

So be prepared for another March of medical fetish, mischief and mayhem!

Remember to keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and our Medical Fetish blog at

2/18/2014   New front page... deeply romantic and kinky sexy with a quote from Anne Rice's (written under A. N. Roquelaure, of course!) Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. With all of the wild weather, long lover's weekend that culminated with Presidents' Day, we decided to pour it on... thick and juicy!

We are announcing our Facebook Valentine Contest winner : Congratulations, Mark Logsdon for winning the Medical Cuffs and Spreader Bars Set!

Keep up with us daily on
Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and our Medical Fetish blog at

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2/05/2014 Wow! Did anyone see what happened to January? We were so busy with ringing in the new year (including the Chinese Year of the Horse!) ... shipping tons of orders for our happy, kinky customers, updating our Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and that poor little "What's New" was left behind! (but what a cute behind it is!!)

So, here we are: February 2014 ... the weather, politics, stock market and Olympics are making the headlines, but we want to focus on you, our medical fetish and bondage lovers... purveyors of perve!

We just updated the front page with plenty of ideas for making your ?Valentine's Day
weekend? (it falls on Friday this year!) a sexy success!

01/03/2014 Happy New Year 2014, dearest naughty patients, Nurses and Doctors! ...and we will, as we have done for over 15 years, continue to take extra special care of everyone!

We just updated the front home page... so now you've been given fair warning about the epidemic of medical fetish bugs out there... time to get your fetish shots!! More new medical fetish, bondage and sex toys for more adventure, sexy fun and kinky play in 2014! "No time is better than the present!"

12/28/2013 Wow! What a wild and wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season, so far! Lots of fun with family and friends... and most importantly, our naughty patients, Nurses and Docs out there were sufficiently supplied and sourced... ready for another great New Medical Fetish Year!

We've added our new line of the Institutional Medical Restraints, Whitehead Gags and Silicone Ball Gags and Blindfolds, just in time!

12/06/2013 This week has been amazing... lots of kinky holiday spirit abounds! [all puns intended] -- We've been adding more possibilities for making the holidays even brighter with updates to the CBT & Urethral Insertion Toys , like the new  DeepVibe Penis Sleeve ...and the Clinic Gadgets & Supplies ... and oh! -- to make the holidays "wetter" we updated the enema equipment pages!

Earlier in the week we updated and added to the medical and institutional bondage sections, there's the Muzzle, Disc Blindfold, Silicone Ball Gags ... just to get you warmed up!

If you haven't been to the Anal Play and the Silicone & Glass Insertables page for a while, they have grown!!! So grab a chair, because you will be there for a while!

Keep checking in with us on Twitter, Facebook, Medical Fetish News and Tumblr for daily, hourly and minute-to-minute fun, fetish and fantasies of the medical kind!

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12/02/2013  We are officially kicking off the Holiday Season... the Nurses are "geared up" and ready for one of our favorite times of the year! We love making fantasies come true... That being said, we have added so many new wonderful ways to make that happen!

11/26/2013 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Take advantage of the day(s) off... enjoy the feasts of food, fun with family... and if you can squeeze in some fetish play time --- Gobble-gobble go-for-it! You deserve it!

Like Nurse Mona on the front page says... "You know you want it!"

11/15/2013 Strange, but true! ...our What's New Blog page has lost the last 8 weeks of updates*! --- if they mysteriously show up again, just as mysteriously as they disappeared, we will add them back in... in the meantime, on to the new fun stuff at hand!

Enema aficionados rejoice at the updates on the Enema sections (yes, there are two sections!), including a new long, flexible nozzle!

We just added an amazing new Erotic Electro-Stim Vibrator that takes G-Spot orgasms to a whole 'nother level!!!

Our Social Media is growing like crazy, too... We now have a Tumblr page,
Facebook has exploded to over 1400+ and Twitter, Nurse Laural's Pinterest and our blog are growing more and more popular everyday!  ...with a huge thanks to you, all of our Medical Fetish patients, Doctors and Nurses out there!!

<< *09/20/2013 to 11/14/2013: LOST IN CYBERSPACE >>

09/13/2013 Happy Friday the 13th! Always a festive day for us at! <evil smirks>

Just added a new section for Pegging Toys! So many requests for more fun gear after the Pegging library page was such a huge hit with our Facebook and Twitter fans!

Also, Nurse Laural added more of her informative video series for Sound Play... check out the new Hanks Sound Play video, along with the other videos! You can read more detailed information about Sound Play in our Medical Fetish Library, too!

Don't forget to check the latest on our Blog!

09/08/2013 Now that Nurses Victoria and Ivy had some basic Medical Fetish 101 training from Nurse Anna Rose (, Nurse Victoria is ready for her first patient: Nurse Lilu! Part of a fetish nurse's training is, of course, a mastery of medical fetish terms! ... the newly updated front page tells the story...

On a serious note, we have lost a great bondage and BDSM fetishist: Jeff Gord, of House of Gord. He passed suddenly of a heart attack on September 3rd. We have known him for over 20 years and witnessed, always in awe, amazement and mouth-dropping wonder of his imaginative, mind blowing creations in Forniphilia (a term Jeff coined for molding and bending females into "human furniture" via bondage). We are all still in shock and deep sorrow of losing such an unparalleled creative force in the community, joining all of his grieving friends and loved ones.

Long weekend ahead... don't say we didn't remind you! So grab some new fun Medical Toys to play with... we just added a few to the Glass and Silicone Sex Toys section... and if you haven't played Doctor or Nurse in a while, get some accessories for the clinic {bedroom, silly!} ...

08/16/2013 Just added a few new "prescribed" recommendations by the Head Nurse to the website: for our Enemaniacs: The Advanced Shower Shot is a must on the play list!!

... and
The Booby Trap is back! ~bound to be a BIG ? ? ?

And here's an end-of-summer required reading (and using ...and playing, etc.) review, in case you missed it:  Braces and Medical Bondage ... Electro Anal Kit and Electro-butt plugs ... Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds ... Bondage for Sex book ... P
ortable Sex Machine ... Zentai style Mummy Bondage Suits ...  Prober ... Canvas Bondage Bag/ Sleep Sack ... leather suspension sling

Need some inspiration? Check this video out!   ~Stay kinky, my friends!

08/14/2013 Summer vacays are like medical fetish procedures: once you finally get to go through them, you can't wait to have the next one!

But summer is rapidly drawing to a close [boo-hoo!] and then it's back to school (or work)!! Nurse Anna Rose gives Student Nurses Ivy and Victoria an earful (or obviously, many other orifices) about Medical Toys 101... so listen up! Pay attention! ... and get ready for some discipline!

07/12/2013 What a wild week here at the MedicalToys clinic! So much happening, but always keeping our naughty patients (un?)comfortably happy and enjoying themselves...

06/30/2013 Updated and added more new fun Summer (or for our So-Hemi friends, Winter!) medical fetish fun stuff... The Urethral Sound page has a few new urethral insertables ... the Sqweel2 is becoming the Nurse's best go-to toy and nothing "beats" the heat like an Ice-Vibrator!

Another section of the Medical Fetish Library being added: Oral Sex

Our medical fetish Facebook page is almost at 1,000 "Likers" ***thanks, one and all*** ... continue to help us grow!! Be sure to follow us on Twitter too... and our blog!

06/25/2013 Planning your Summer Vacation or Stay-cation? ... be sure you throw in some Medical Toys!

Don't forget we get that nice long weekend next week, too!!

If you haven't visited lately, check out the latest updates on the Black Leather Restraints & Hoods, Prostate Vibrators and Vibrator Kits and Kinky Combo Kits!

06/06/2013 A few new amazing Medical Toys we've added along the way that you might have missed: the Portable Sex Machine ... Zentai style Mummy Bondage Suits ... Bondage Shoes ... Prober ... Canvas Bondage Bag/ Sleep Sack ... leather suspension sling

There you go! ... a few more additions for your summer fun of bondage, BDSM and Medical Fetish!

06/01/2013 "Another summer of hanging around? ... make it kinky!"  -- 'nuff said!

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05/28/2013 SUMMER ...yes! Technically, after Memorial Day weekend it is considered summer here in the U.S.... however, Mother Nature is still dropping snow here and there... so start planning your vacations or STAYcations of medical fetish and bondage fun RIGHT HERE! We have everything you need (except sunscreen!)

Summer is special... take advantage of our sales, our great Doctor/Nurse play ideas, medical bondage and information to make this summer one for the kinky record books!

Don't let September sneak up and catch you with your pants down, but you didn't do anything!!

05/27/2013 Memorial Day is for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces, it goes back to the U.S. Civil War times. We also want to honor all of those who are remembering someone they lost. 

05/17/2013 Even more and more Maydical May-hem!! and Mischief... our new front page reminds you: "Medical Fetish doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg!"

More mischief for the CBT lovers: new cock cages and chastity devices!

Take advantage while we can offer it: 10% off special on all of our Vacuum Pumping Kits and Penis Cylinders, Nipple & Clitoris Cylinders & Kits, Pussy & Breast Cups & Kits!! Just put the code: PUMPING-10 in the customer comments, and our lovely customer service Nurses will take an additional 10% off when they process your order!

Long weekend coming up - need a new Vibrator? how about some Heels? ...need some handcuffs? need some "take-along" bondage gear? -- it's all here!! ... get your Medical Toys, now!!

05/11/2013 More Maydical May-hem!! and Mischief...  Work outs for the Va-jay-jay! --- just added a great new Kegel Exerciser system... tone your inner muscles!!

Guys! Prostate health and pleasure is getting more and more mainstream attention... we've been touting it's benefits for over 15 years (better later than never!!) and now there is a book available: Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

10% off special on all of our Vacuum Pumping Kits and Penis Cylinders, Nipple & Clitoris Cylinders & Kits, Pussy & Breast Cups & Kits!! Just put the code: PUMPING-10 in the customer comments, and our lovely customer service Nurses will take an additional 10% off when they process your order! How's that for some mayhem?

05/03/2013 May-hem!! Medical Fetish and Mischief... get ready for anything!

First of all, we have a 10% off special on all of our Vacuum Pumping Kits and Penis Cylinders, Nipple & Clit Cylinders, Pussy & Breast Cups!! Just put the code: PUMPING-10 in the customer comments, and our lovely customer service Nurses will take an additional 10% off when they process your order! How's that for some mayhem?

Next, we have added a great little accessory for our electro-stim lovers! Adapter leads that allow you to integrate TENS pads with the use PES electro toys, as well as using them with Erostek and Folsom Power Boxes... may-gnificent, you say!?

Total Control Leather Hood
added to our Hoods section, this one will keep 'em wondering and worrying what's next!

Have you heard of the Sqweel2? We just added it to our vibration play section, although it doesn't vibrate, what a tongue lashing it gives! ...and the Ice Vibe returneth!

Glass sex toy fetishists will love our new addition: The Glass Anal Slider... so much pleasure, so much fun!

04/16/2013  So glad we were able to help so many of you with our "Tax Relief Program" [tic] last week!

Now we are in the race for the cure: for the Anal Retentive!! ... check out the new front page!

04/08/2013 We've been hearing from our dear patients for the past week about their frustration with tax week... so being the sweet, loving, kind, wonderful Nurses that we are, we are offering a full 15% off all week for orders over $200!

As always, that's figured out in the shopping cart, so remember, the more you add to the cart, starting at $200.00, it starts deducting 15% off!! That's a very significant savings on our already lower prices! Shipping is discounted, too, for large orders, so the more the buy the more you save!

Nurse Roxy will help you make up your mind with a few ideas on the front page! Just click on any item (no, no, sorry, you can't have Nurse Roxy!!) and you will be transported to that item's info and to buy it! Tax season comes once a year, but you don't!!! HAVE FUN!!

04/05/2013 Newly updated and additional Domina Files on the video section. ...oh, and take advantage of the Tried and True... and in the shower: Penis Pumping! the new cordless version of the Magic Wand in 110v and European 220V, too!

04/02/2013 April's here... along with the [Golden] Showers! Our new front page gives you plenty of options for enjoying the rites of pee-pee passage!

Jessica Rabbit - our Ester Nurse!
03/29/2013  Getting ready to hop into April! ... and depending on where you are, this weekend will go out like a lamb or a lion... so enjoy it as it comes!!

Here's a few new goodies to get you ready for April... in the shower: Penis Pumping! Yes, a new device that works with the heat and moisture of baths or showers... ingenious and much more fun that a rubber ducky!!

Gals... the Zara is back... if you haven't checked it out, do it! ...oh, one more thump over the head too for the COOL Magic Wand Stuff! all of the new attachments for the Magic Wand... plus a new cordless version in 110v and European 220V, too!

Enjoy your bunny ears...

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03/15/2013  Enjoy your St. Patrick's weekend one an all!!!  ... we've added a few more fun things to keep the mischievous spirit well fed! Like feeding the mind with some new books: How to Be Kinky (the updated pictorial version) and How to Be Kinkier.

We also added faux-fur lined black leather cuffs back on... so popular... Nurse Ivy's favorite, too!

 ...and yet another extremely large inflatable anal insertion device --oh my!

Remember, if you haven't already done so, join our ever growing popularity we have with our followers on Facebook and Twitter... and also visit our blog (the name says it all!)

03/06/2013 We've been very busy adding more medical fetish, mischief and mayhem for March... The Medical Fetish Library section now has a Glossary for fetish, BDSM, sexual and paraphilia terms!

Then on to the CBT: Cock & Ball Toys section with a few Male Chastity Devices... then over to the Gags and Blindfold section with a Mouth Guard Gag and a Leather Ball Gag (leather stuffed ball!!)

And then a final spin [pun intended] over to the Anal Play page for yet another great combo of large anal beads with a vibrator!

02/28/2013 Farewell, February! ...the general consensus is that it was the longest February ever! So get ready for a Medical Fetish, Mischief and Mayhem March!

It's the month of the Ides of March, which in Canada, is celebrated by the drinking a cocktail called, Bloody Caesar... sounds pretty medical-fetish-mayhem-ish, wouldn't you say?

Nurse Lilu came up with the idea for our new front page! March is the month of the wearin' of the green for St. Patrick's Day, and you know (or may not) that if you get caught not wearing green, you get pinched! But let's face it, as Sado-masochists --- we kinda like that idea!

If you haven't visited lately, check out the latest updates on the Black Leather Restraints & Hoods, Prostate Vibrators and Vibrator Kits pages...

02/21/2013 With all of the amazing options available for the beloved [our Nurses are now bowing their heads in honor and praise] Hitachi Magic Wand, we decided it's time it received the ultimate respect: it's on every page/section!  Oh... and guys-- wait 'til you see what the kinky minds of Magic Wand Attachment makers came up with for you!

... and another really unique goodie for the girls is the FUD! ... in keeping with the current mantra:
"You know you want it"

02/15/2013 Just updated the front page... "You know you want it" seemed to fit the mood! Straitjackets and Medical Restraints and a Sensory Deprivation Hood will help!

Just added amazing new "Bondage Shoes"... pushing those fetish limits even further!

Anal Play and Insertables are always a great way to push limits or release tension so we added yet another great Glass Insertable, called the Prober... vag or butt, it's a must own!

02/12/2013 Last minute Valentine's Day gift givers... you are running out of time!!  We just updated a few more sections this week in case you need even more ideas: The Percussion [spanking, flogging, canes] section can get things rosy for V-day! ... and if you need to make a point, our Sharp section has Talons for some skin-sational sensations!

02/06/2013 Next week is Valentine's Day... our Nurses are working overtime to get those last minute gifts and surprises out the door and into your lover's hot little hands! 

In case you are one of the many who FORGOT somehow that next week is IT... here are a few suggestions we just updated this week: Vibrators (hearing lots of yelling behind me... "YAHOO!!!"), the Anal Play and Glass & Silicone Insertables pages have some new inputs as well as the Gags and Blindfolds were updated... nothing says Kinky Valentine, like a gag and a blindfold!

01/31/2013 Last day of the first month...  are you still following your resolutions? We are! ...just go back to the beginning of January's What's New to see how good we Nurses have been so far!

Like we said, this is the year we commit to be the wildest ever and so far... very wild!  Already updated the Valentine front page... can't let eye-candy get stale!

The Butt-Lockers are back in [pun intended, yes!]...  and the Enema section one and two have some great new gear and the sexy Black Silicone One Gallon Bag set is the prize winner!

Remember your medical fetish resolution... follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter...  and then visit our blog!

01/25/2013 Lots of new stuff this week! Awesome new leather gear: Padded Leather Hood, Leather Muzzle with removable Blindfold & Gags, Leather Blindfold/Head HarnessSilicone Pony Bit Gag

Great new medical Open Mouth Gag that will get your patients drooling! We also updated, the Speculum page, the Braces and Medical Restraints, the Percussion sections.

Aaaand... to help those guys out there who want to "beef up their beef", we added a Penis Enlargement section that works on length! Use these in conjunction with the Penis Pumping for stamina and girth! Hey!... you made it a resolution to work on your body for 2013... don't forget the little guy! He wants to be a Big Guy!!

01/17/2013 Okay... if you think the traditional Valentine gifts are going to work in 2013, after what "Fifty Shades of Grey" has done in 2012... forget it!! The book, "Screw The Roses, Send me the Thorns" nails it on the head!  Everyone wants kinky now!  So grab some ideas from our front page... or look through the Product Categories!

 We have so many great gift ideas for your kinky guy or gal... Domme/Dom or sub... Nurse/Doc or naughty patient! After all... Valentine's Day was meant for showing your affection and now, finally, we can really show it - regardless of how kinky!!

01/11/2013 What a busy, busy week this was... everybody was back at it and pumped up for the New Year! Inventory replenishment was coming in as fast as the UPS, Fedex and USPS trucks could get out of each other's way in the parking lot! ... gotta love January!! This is our 15th year, so we've got the routines down to a science!

Just added the nasty Electro-thruster to the TENS accessories... it is amazing! Also updated the Speculum section! Open wide... wider... wider!!

In case you missed it, we updated and added a huge collection of Black Leather*: Black Leather Arm & Leg Splints, Sensory Deprivation Hood and Black Leather Muzzle  and Black Leather Padded Mitts.

*Many of our naughty patients love the black leather because it still looks great after years of "wear and tear" ;-o

01/04/2013 Happy 2013 one and all!! So many new and exciting "resolutions" planned and already begun for this year and for our kinky clinical constituents [you... silly!!!] ... is gonna be [more] wild!

And this is the year of the Snake! ~which reminds us of our CBT, catheters and the urethral sounds! Looks like a good year for penises! ...even the ones we gals have: Real-Do!

For those of you wondering: "Whatever happened to the Newsletters sent out via email?"... Social Media happened! We have been able to update, add photos, videos and share tons of great medical fetish, latex, BDSM, bondage, mummification, nurse, fetish fashion and boots and shoe fetishes and so much more with the aids of
Facebook and Twitter and our blog... we are in the process of setting up a new email notification system, so any of you who have asked for emails will be getting them again!

12/27/2012 As 2012 draws to a close, we want to, once again, thank all of our friends, customers, naughty [but nice] patients and loves everywhere who continue to support us in our kinky quest to share the love and passion of Medical Fetish and all things related!

We just updated the front page...and we agree... "2013 is going to be a Wild Year!!" ... So get your medical kink on and grab some new medical fetish and bondage gear for the new year!!

12/04/2012 Just added a great new Canvas Bondage Bag/ Sleep Sack... perfectly cozy for those long winter nights!

ohhh... yes! Everyone gets really "joyous" when we add new CBT toys... so go check out the new Gates of Hell Penis Plug with interchangeable rings... and the new Beaded Urethral Plug ... stay tuned more on the way!

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11/29/2012 Starting to look like the holidays... A few of our Nurses (especially Ivy & Victoria) had way too much fun decorating our Medical Toys Kinky Clinic tree!! 'Tis the Season!! [...have fun clicking on each picture!]

Oh... just in case you missed our authentic Institutional restraints and wraps on Monday, we have lowered their prices for the rest of the "season" as well... take advantage!! ...  Canvas Straitjackets and our
authentic institutional Locking Leather Cuffs and the easy to use, super secure Bondage Wraps

For those of you who have not yet followed us on Facebook and/or Twitter...  or visited our blog ... why not?

11/08/2012 Newly updated front page... Ready for the long winter nights!?

Also updated the Anal Play page: the Wild Ride, Stainless Steel Butt Locker, and more ... then over on the Prostate Stimulation page, there are a few new devices for not only P-spot stim... but keeping things "up and at 'em" too!

Oh... enema freaks, rejoice: the Higginson is b-a-a-ck!!

11/05/2012 Darkness is upon us! [in the Northern Hemisphere, that is] ... Feeling the disorienting effect of the one hour shift? Post Halloween, many, many recuperating still from Super Storm Sandy and election week...

... how can we top all of that within Medical Fetish?... maybe with the help of our awesome front page Nurse Victoria reminding us to VOTE! ...and then ride through the rest with some fantasy fun... after all, the nights are just going to get L-O-N-G-E-R!

10/22/2012 More great medical and institutional bondage gear: Black Leather Arm & Leg Splints, Tan/White Institutional Cuffs and Collar... besides those, don't forget we just added our leather Sensory Deprivation Hood and Black Leather Muzzle again... the Medical Adjustable Neck Brace and Black Leather Padded Mitts, along with amazing Steel Finger-Hand Vice Restraints.

And we have Silicone Ball Gags, again...

Countdown to Halloween!... grab some patient gowns or shoes... or maybe straitjackets and some bondage ballet boots, if you are staying home!

10/12/2012 What a week... this sort of sums it up: [from a Tweet by @MistressKatyaNY] "Yeah, that’s what she said"

We added and updated more electro-stim, TENS and Violet Wand fun (the Neon Wand's "Magic Fingers" are selling like hot-cakes for halloween! <is there a pun in that?>)

10/05/2012 Happy Birthday, Nurse Laural! ...  [Friday birthdays in our kinky clinic
are always the best! ;-o]

We're not just partying for Nurse Laural's B-day here... we also added a ton more to website! We have been rockin' it overtime, lately!!  Our leather Sensory Deprivation Hood and Black Leather Muzzle are back... the Medical Adjustable Neck Brace and Black Leather Padded Mitts, along with amazing Steel Finger-Hand Vice Restraints. And we have Silicone Ball Gags, again...

We've updated the Bookshop with more How To's  books for the novices/newbies who want to learn about what they've read in "Fifty Shades of Grey", but were afraid to ask...

And oh, yeah... and some new Butt Plugs to fit in the "Hands-Free" Hitachi Magic Wand Bondage Belt ... and another great anal [or vaginal] Glass Insertable for the adventurous "inner sanctum" explorers!

Reminder: Halloween!! ... Halloween!!

09/29/2012  Wow!... wherever you are on the planet this weekend (Northern Hemisphere: Fall Equinox and Southern: it's Spring!) that big ol' full moon is gonna make you feel some wild energy! ... we've been feeling it all week here, so that really stimulated us Nasty Nurses to adding even more nasty fun to play with!

On the Latex Hoods and Neck Corsets section we added a Gas Mask! ... just in time for Halloween, huh? And then... on the CBT page, we added a new version of our heavy weight ball crusher, the Ball Cell Crusher II... on the Insertables pages, we added a curved thicker version of our original glass Bumpmeister, the Bumpmeister II

Okay... not done yet... on the Medical Fetish Shoes and Ballet Boots section we just added Zombie Heels! (also, just in time for Halloween, right?)  ... and then... we added the Remote Control Wireless Bullet to the Vibration Play page... a few new Prostate Stimulation devices, oh yes!... like the 5-function Vibe (and these we added last week:
glass Prostate Stims and a new Vice Vibrating Progasm)

And last but definitely not least: The Anaconda! Yup! just like the name implies BIG!!! It's a large, penis-shaped solid medical grade silicone 
"thrustable" dildo on a handle! Intimidating... think: Anaconda!!

09/23/2012  Little bit distracted by the Folsom Street Fair [San Francisco's premier fetish, bondage & kink street party!] this weekend... but doing our best to add more goodies for our impatient naughty patients, Docs and Nurses!

We just added a couple of new glass Prostate Stims and a new Vice Vibrating Progasm on the Prostate Stimulation page and some new toys to the Glass & Silicone Insertables section, including this amazing Silicone 3-way insertable vibrator! ...

And the BIG NEWS! The Urethral Sound Sets are marked down! We found a new vendor who is doing an awesome job and giving us better prices, so, as usual, we are passing that on to our beloved patients and customers! Feel the love!!

Again, for those of you who have not yet followed us on Facebook and/or Twitter...  or visited our blog ... why not?

09/15/2012  Getting ready for our favorite time of year again! << HALLOWEEN!!>> So we "decorated" the front page with our lovely Nurses, Ivy and Victoria, as Zombies and Vampires ~ "Ghouls just wana have Medical Fetish fun!"

Check out the new Nurse Booties... they are just what every Naughty Nurse needs!

09/05/2012 Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend of kinky medical fetish fun and frolicking! We certainly did!!! But now we are back at it... making way for more new medical toys and gadgets for our naughty patients, Nasty Nurses and Devious Docs everywhere!

Just update our CBT Toys and Devices page... as well as the Urethral Sounds page, so check it out!

Reminder to those of you who have not yet followed us on Facebook and Twitter...  or visited our blog ... why not?

As always, we have plenty of Medical Toys for the tried and true who know the ins-and-outs and ups-and-downs of Medical Fetish... enjoy!

08/18/2012  We are so ready for a hot summer weekend... in all of its many guises! ;-o 

So to get you inspired, we've added more new goodies this week: there's a great new rechargeable, cordless vibe, Aphrodite... and for some hot eroti-batics (erotic acrobatics-- just made that term up, so you saw it here first!) here's a great leather suspension sling ... and for even more inspiration get a DVD (just added more)

If you missed any of our daily updates and stories, pics and video this week, here's a sample we decided to make a permanent addition to the site: We called it the "No Hands Magic Wand Experiment"

So join our ever growing popularity we have with our followers on Facebook and Twitter... and also visit our blog (the name says it all!) ...and for our Deutscher Freunde, haben wir die Titelseite in Deutsch!

08/10/2012  It has been a week of shock and sadness for us here... we lost one of our Nurses, Natali Demore. We have not yet been able to truly absorb the full impact of this. We will be adding a memorial page for her. Our deepest condolences to her other many, many friends and family.

We have been diligently adding more... like the new Leather Straitjacket... the new Shower Shot with Dong Nozzle... more enema gear... more bondage gear ...and CBT toys!

Follow us daily on Facebook and Twitter... and also visit our blog.



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