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Restraints on Nurse Victoria with Natali Demore
Restraints- Bondage

The classic bondage garment is the strait jacket with closed sleeves terminating in straps that can be used to fasten the arms crossed over the chest, available in the canvas 'asylum' version or even in leather or rubber.

Other bondage garments are 'monogloves' which force both hands into a specially made bag, 'leg bags' which do the same for both legs, and sleepsacks made in restrictive sizes. It is easier if the subject is in a vertical position, although you might need a helper or two to keep him or her there while you work. Once the sleepsack is secure, it may be used for suspension.

There are other garments that, since they restrict movement, can be classed as bondage items: indeed many women's fashions fall into this category, especially when their characteristics are exaggerated in fetish wear. 

Consider the hobble skirt, a narrow skirt with its hemline just below the knee whose effectiveness in forcing the wearer to shuffle about slowly and helplessly can be as good as any set of ankle restraints. Even high heels have a restrictive effect on gait.

A huge variety of items are available that are designed and made for affixing around the body in various ways. The humble leather belt is the simplest and most everyday of such items and can be adapted for bondage use; many more items are made either for institutional non-consensual restraint or for erotic use. Leather Mitts or Rubber Mitts force that submissive to "keep one's hand to oneself"!

Most restraints are found in leather but can be made from rubber or neoprene. They are constructed from straps that wrap round parts of the body with some form of fastening device to hold them in place: most often a buckle but sometimes a more lockable arrangement. One or more metal rings, usually D-rings, are usually fixed to the straps to provide anchor points for further restraint.

The simplest, a common sight in many BDSM toy boxes, are Ankle and Wrist restraints, single bands for ankles and wrists that can be used to cuff someone's hands or hobble them. But there are many possibilities for other types of restraints, thighs, knees, collar to wrists, neck to wrists, double wrists to ankles, and a hog tie restraint with a collar and affixed straps for wrists and ankles.

Restraints can be adapted from belts, dog collars or horse tackle but are best purpose made, either for bondage purposes or for institutional use with a matching locking system and the facility to cuff wrists to belt. Attaching to chairs, poles and boards makes the restriction even more so.

Thicker and softer hospital restraints are more comfortable as well as fur-lined leather ones . Well-made restraints will last longer, be more reliable and satisfying to use than cheap and shoddy ones, that is why we carry only well-made, long lasting, high quality restraints. You may pay more for quality, but you will definitely get what you pay for. Remember, the restraint should be made to be used with the strain or force you intend to put on it, safety will depend on it!

Padlocks and Clips

For easily fixing restraints and chains together, a wide range of fastening devices are on sale in hardware stores, yacht chandlers and so on. What you choose will depend on how securely you want to restrain someone: some players are happy with fastenings that the bottom could undo if they tried, for others only padlocks will do.

Padlocks come in a variety of sizes and strengths, are reasonably priced, and ideal for use with chains. However, as with all lockable items, always make sure you have the keys to hand before locking them on, and bear in mind they can be fiddly to unlock in an emergency. If you have several, make sure you can find the right key for the right lock quickly. Worth hunting out are sets of padlocks which are all operated by the same key. Combination locks are another alternative but once again make sure there is a fail-safe and remember these can be very fiddly.

Other security locks may have their uses: consider those designed for locking bicycle wheels, from the traditional barrel shaped combination locks to modern thief-proof devices.

Non-lockable clips of various kinds are easier to use and can be quite sturdy. And the safety of the clips called "Panic Snaps" is another factor to keep in mind. These are designed for a "quick release", which can be very handy in many long term situations, where the bottom needs to get out of the restraints now! As always, safety depends on  how much weight a particular lock or fastening can hold, so make sure it is designed to do so. Small padlocks, for example, should keep restrained wrists securely fastened together,  but not recommended for suspending a body! Always use common sense in any bondage scene.

Tapes and Wraps

Adhesive tapes and wraps like cling film (saran wrap) are popular for mummification but can also be used in more general bondage: for example, in the hand bindings mentioned above under padlocks.

Duct tape is a binding that's convenient in some circumstances and is readily available in black or silver. However, be careful about applying it to bare skin: ripping it off will remove hairs and possibly even skin and can be painful, and irritation may result from contact with the adhesive. Go easy, or apply it over a barrier material such as old cloth or cling film or pallet wrap.

More related information is located on the Medical Fetish Library's Mummification page.


Body harnesses or body wraps can be used to anchor other restraints, for appearance and for tightness and restriction: some are specifically designed to be progressively tightened, giving a corset-like sensation. They are also a popular accessory in suspension scenes -- though make absolutely sure here that the harness you intend to use is capable of supporting the weight of the suspended person safely. Many bondage suppliers offer special heavy duty harnesses specifically for suspension, implying that they do not consider their ordinary harnesses strong enough.

Head harnesses or Muzzles typically consist of straps round the forehead and jaw, over the head and possibly round the collar as well. They can be used for placing blindfolds and gags, and/or for attaching the head to something
else. Great care must always be taken when involving the head in bondage, because of the danger of placing
undue strain on the neck.


Handcuffs, familiar from police use, are another one of those well-known SM icons that have real practical
drawbacks: they're made for temporary use on prisoners in transit and designed to be potentially painful so they
can be very uncomfortable and damaging to nerves and bones. If you do use them, make sure they aren't too tight (the wrist should move easily inside them), avoid putting any kind of tension or pressure on them once on (don't pull someone by them) and avoid putting weight on them (such as lying face-up with hands cuffed behind back).

There are a variety of different types: the two most popular are the U-shapes with a cross-piece and the ratchet
type which must always be locked in use to avoid it tightening further, usually by poking a hole on the side
adjacent to the keyhole. Leg Cuffs and Thumb Cuffs are similar, just sized differently for fit, obviously. Variations on the theme are 'straight 8s' with both cuffs as one solid piece rather than joined with a chain, and ankle cuffs with a longer chain. Avoid the novelty reproduction cuffs sold cheaply in joke and souvenir shops: better to spend more money on a genuine reliable pair.
Spreader Bars These are restraints separated by a long solid object, usually a length of wooden dowel or a metal bar, to force certain parts of the body apart. The most common examples are leg spreaders with two ankle straps separated by a 1m (3') length of wood or metal bar to force the legs apart.

                                                Always safe, sane and consensual...

- Compiled and edited by Medical Toys with thanks to the Deviants Dictionary in part for this information!

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