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Ask The Nurse!

Taboo Magazine's
"Ask the Nurse"

Nurse Laural The Naughty Nurse Column in Von Gutenberg Marquis Magazine
Nurse Laural's "Naughty Nurse"
Column in Von Gutenberg (Marquis) Magazine


Taboo Magazine
"Ask the Nurse"
by Nurse Laural

... Nurse Laural's articles for Europe's Finest Fetish Magazine: SECRET... 

Laural Wood's article on Sensory Deprivation is featured in Secret  #30 and her article on Anal Play 
in Issue #29!


The Secret website is absolutely magnificent! They have included gallery after gallery of mind blowing photography of Fetish Photographers from all over the planet! 

A quote from the Secret's editor
and its webmaster:  "We always endeavoured to reflect the spirit of our magazine: Fetish, Fantasy, SM and Style.  ...purity and sobriety."

The Secret site was conceived to give visitors the magical impression of traversing Secret Magazine with its rich fetish style which remains unequaled. They continue to keep the burning passion of pure fetishism alive and very well!


 I'm Nurse Laural, the Practicing, No Mercy Nursey, here at Welcome to my "Ask the Nurse" page. 

 As always, we hold your privacy and discretion at the highest level, so we only use your initials and we never, ever use your email address

 If you prefer to NOT have your question posted or used in my articles, please state that in your email. I always answer each email directly. So, feel free to send those medical fetish befuddlings, those peculiar pangs of puzzlement and any Medical or Nurse Fetish related questions...

Check your local newsstand for Nurse Laural's latest column in Taboo Magazine!
A few samples:

Dear Nurse Laural,

I love your website! I'm a nurse in real life and I was absolutely amazed at the level of understanding and respect you have for us medical profession folk!  You add a pleasant air of humor and fun to what can often be a very difficult job. Now, as far as the bondage stuff, it looks so sexy, but I don't know anything about it! What is it about? Why is it so popular, lately? And do you think anyone  can enjoy it or do you have to have a pre-set fantasy, first?

Thanks for any help,

Nurse Newbie

Reply: Dear Nurse Newbie,

First, thank you for acknowledging the efforts we put into this website for the past ten years. Wow! That seems almost surreal to write: 10 YEARS!  I have to say, during that time, your question (or something similar) is one of the most popular! 

During these past ten years, I witnessed the evolution of our social acceptance of sexual role play, primarily due to the internet. There are thousands upon thousands seeking information about bondage fetish, bondage role play, medial bondage and other  fetish fantasies. Bondage is frequently seen in movies, TV and the almighty music video everyday, regardless of its past social stigmas.

The answer to your questions, Newbie, could literally make a book, but to sum it up in a quick reply: bondage looks sexy because it strikes a cord in our psyche connecting to that "release" mechanism, that can be triggered in a myriad of ways through role-play. The thrill of being tied up or tying others up as part of a sexual role-play, apparently crosses over boundaries (no pun intended) to the release of an ironic "freedom". From the coquette who prefers soft, silk scarves wrapped around the bed posts to the burly, leather-clad brute strapped immobile in a custom made bondage chair, the "release" happens. That's one of the omniscient qualities that draw so many to bondage role play. There is no need to have a "pre-set fantasy"; just your own imagination, open mind and willingness to explore yourself, inside and out will do it!

Hi, Nurse Laural,

My partner and I have been into the "regular" BDSM scene for a couple of years, now. We heard about at a fetish ball and we are so blown away by your site and products. We wanted to explore some new options in BDSM and this sure seems like the next step! Our question is where do we start? It all looks like fun, but with a limited budget and experience, we need some help... can you?

Thanks in advance for any advice and for having such a terrific website!

Don and Cindy (okay to use our first names on the site)

Reply:  Thank you, Don & Cindy!
 We all appreciate your kind words and accolades from the bottom of our hearts! 

Regarding your question: The best place to get started in Medical Fetish play is the same place you started with BDSM play... that is communication! 

Before you buy your first medical toy, sit down and talk!! What are your likes and/or dislikes? Do you prefer water/enema play? Do you like mummification? Do you like the idea of sound play? Go through the site and read all of the Medical Fetish Library pages, too. These will help you make your "first time" medical fetish play easier, because you'll have a better idea of what to expect.

Then once you have established which area you and your partner would like to try first, go for one or two items at a time. The Whitehead Gag and the wartenberg wheel (a.k.a., pinwheel, neurowheel, etc.) seem to be the "first-timers" favorites. But you may want to try enemas... See? It's really up to you, your partner, your fantasies and your imagination! 

As always, the credo of loving care: Safe, Sane and Consensual 


Dear Nurse,
I am an RN that misses the old style uniforms, caps and capes.  Our school gave up "capping", the year before I was eligible, so I was really disappointed.  Fortunately I was able to obtain a cap, for 'costume' wear, of course. I am new to the site (a friend turned me on to you, he is really into nurses, and just now told me of his excitement that I am one), and I must say, I am fascinated at your diversity.  I will be ordering myself a cape. I often thought about making one, since I couldn't buy one, but now I don't have to.  I enjoy sewing also, but am finding less and less time. I bought several uniform dresses (whites, of course), as they were being phased out.  Think of my friends' delight when I show up with the full outfit!

Thanks for an incredible, informative, sane (I was concerned about some of the play, but read your library notes), and complete, web site. Who would have thought what we learned in nursing school could be so much fun?


Debra, RN

Reply:  Hello, Debra!
 Thank you so very much for your wonderful and inspiring email! You really had us all beaming around here! ... We added the cape to our collection because we could not find  any out  there, either! We make them as close to the original nurse's capes as possible, except we use a lighter weight woven cotton (the "originals" were heavy wool, as you probably know...).

 ...Thank you, thank you for sharing your thoughts. We have the highest respect, gratitude and love for our legions of real nurses out there. You are truly angels on earth!   -NL 

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