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Clinical Gear & Supplies, Condoms, Dental Dams, Disposables
& Safe Sex Supplies

Nurses Natalie and Victoria testing the O2 Mask
Every well equipped medical fetish clinic or BDSM exam  play room needs certain essentials and necessities to keep things on edge, while maintaining a safe and clean environment!

Here in the Supply Closet of , we have all of the proper items and products  you will need to operate efficiently and safely in your BDSM kinky clinic such as, condoms, dental damsforceps, latex gloves, or nitrile gloves, under pads, stethoscopes, scissors, alcohol swabs, bulb syringes, protective face masks, Surgical Lube and so much more! And be sure to stop by our other product pages for much more medical fetish goodies!

We even have plastic portable urinals in both male and female versions... and the very popular Female Urination Device FUD that is designed to let the girls go anywhere!

Once you've discovered the excitement of setting up a "clinic" atmosphere to play in, the "gotta have it" bug hits and you will do what every other true fetishist does... search high and low for all of the possibilities, ideas and stuff related to the fetish.

With that in mind, we've done a lot of the homework for you, not only on this page, of course, but throughout the entire site! If you are looking for a  privacy screen or an I.V. Stand or whatever you may need for creating your very own kinky clinic, they are on the Clinic Furnishings Product page!

Well, you get the idea! Just like the supply closet at the hospital, this page will be filled to the ceiling with all of the goodies you'll need to keep you and your Klinik In The Kink! 


Kumi Stethoscope

"...I can hear your heart beat! batta - boom... batta - boom!" 

With one of our authentic stethoscopes around your neck, dangling over your chest, all set for the "clinical" mood!

If you are the Nurse or the Doc, you'll be ready to listen to the pitter-patter of that nervous little patient while they await your next "procedure"!  And we have two to choose from get one of each!


Our Instrument Tray is just right for all of the supplies every clinically kinky Nurse or Doc requires! So many nasty accouterments that you know and love as "Medical Toys" will fit nicely on this medical grade stainless steel tray! Perfect for squeeze play, percussion play and sharp play and other medical fetish toys, like specula or sounds to keep that patient on their tippy toes! 


Kumimonster In Latex Tubing and hood in clinic

Kumimonster struggles in our clinic, bound to the exam chair
 with Latex Tubing... (including her ankles with those lovely red shoes!)
 the Enema Bag and Enema Equipment is making her very, very nervous,
as she grimaces under the Latex Humility Hood!



No more messy exam tables or beds... 
these pads are disposable, absorbent 
plastic lined and large! 23" X 24"




Medical Toys Clinic

One of our Medical Toys Clinic rooms with a few essentials and furnishings

Nose Clips / Nasal Clamps
More sensory deprivation items offered by! Our Nasal Clamps hold the nostrils closed, completely! They are made of durable pliable plastic with foam cushion pads for the outer nostrils... just squeeze open and they clamp on firmly after released...  How long can you hold your breath? Well, find out with our Nose Clips!

Nurse Laural clamps a Nasal Clamp on Nurse Ivanna!


Forceps, also known as hemostats, are one of the basics for any hospital, clinic or medical room! They are so versatile and handy! They can be used for squeezing and pinching, pulling labia apart, balls sacks and nipples, just to mention a few! They are the best for clamping off catheter tubes and enema tube closures, because they won't leak like the plastic clamps do! (By the way, the Monster Forceps really lives up to its name!)

So, be sure to get a few different sizes, they really do come in handy! Sometimes they're like having an extra hand... that's one way the medical professionals use them, too!


Monster Forceps...  24" long steel locking forceps! --- for the serious squeeze!


  Nurse Lacey gets mischievous with her forceps in mind!


Nurse SuziQ with large plastic syringe

Plastic Syringe... comes in handy!



Nurse Jackie Showtime TV

Nurse Jackie (check out her stethoscope!) wishes, "Too bad they don't let me handle the pills!"
"Nurse Jackie" is on Showtime's TV... it's one of the many television shows
 for the medical fetishist in all of us!

Tricks for using a Vaginal or Anal Oral Sex Dam:
The "dental dam" is a small piece of microthin latex used over the vagina or anus for oral sex. If you plan on driving someone wild with your tongue techniques, but you're a little unsure of their sexual health history, here's a few ... uh.. pointers!

1.) Rinse the dam first: Many dams are covered with a powder that can irritate the genital area.

2.) Hold it firmly in place. This can be done either by the licker or the lickee and will help increase the sensations.

3.) Put some lubrication on the side of the dam that will be in contact with the genitals. Again this increases the sensations.
4.) Some people like to experiment by placing different foods on the side of the licker. This can be a fun way to play-))

5.) The Licker can try to create air bubble then sucking and snapping them back.

6.) Try using one of the different flavored dams that are now on the market for a bit of spice.

7.) Have fun! Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques but always keep track of the side you are licking! (It defeats the whole thing if you lick the side that's been up against the pussy or the anus!)

Click here for more info on the Dental Dams

Click here for our Medical Fetish Library section about Oral Sex

Old joke: "How does a woman hold her liquor?"... "By their ears!"


Sex and Sex Toys Lubricants

 The first thing to keep in mind is that every sex toy and sensual aid could use a little lubrication. Whether you're rubbing against it, putting it into you, or putting you into it, you should be using a lubricant.

Lubricants make sex toys not only feel better, but also more safe to use. Think about what happens when you're having sex: the body creates natural lubrication so you and your partner don't hurt each other with too much friction. The same logic applies to using toys, either with a partner or during solo play. Really, there's no such thing as too much lubrication. Even if you lubricate naturally, a dab of extra lubricant on your toy is a highly recommended addition. It's better to be safe and slippery than sorry and sore!

Choose the Correct Lube for the Application
Lubricants come in three basic formulations: 
-water-based lube, which is the most common and most versatile, works great all around for sex play, all toys (including silicone) and anal play. -silicone-based lube, which is a long lasting lube and waterproof, so it's great for water (even underwater!) play and non-silicone toys. 
-petroleum-based lube, which is great for anal play, but not good on toys of any kind.

Water-Based Lubricants
Water-based lubes, such as Original and Light formulas by Wet may be used on virtually any vibrator, masturbation sleeve, erection ring or dildo. 
The water-based lubes are relatively easy for cleanup: just rinse off the toy with warm water with soap to remove any bacteria and you are done! 
You definitely want to use a water-based lube with anything made of silicone!  Basic reminder: don't use silicone lubes on silicone toys!

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone lubricant has special qualities which make it perfect for more demanding sexual applications. These lubricants stay slippery until washed off with soap and water. Ideal for extended intercourse as well as underwater sex, silicone lubes are also preferred by many for anal use. If you love your waterproof toys (or just love having sex in the water), you and a silicone lubricant, such as Platinum, will be lifetime companions! 

Another "pro" for silicone lubricant is that it lasts longer and can be easily revived after a lengthy encounter with your favorite vibrating friend, just by adding a little water or saliva to it. Silicone lubes never really get absorbed or evaporate the way a water-based lube may. A good warm to hot water and soapy (anti-bacterial is best) wash should clean them up! 


Latex gloved hand holding forceps... what a delight!

Scissors and Tweezers

Scissors are another clinic and BDSM play basic for safety and convenience! Any bondage scene using, ropes, duct tape, saran wrap, mummy wraps, etc. should never begin without a trusty pair of paramedic scissors near by! And for more intricate working and for cutting away any head or face wrappings, the surgical scissors are designed exclusively for curved and angled cutting!

Tweezers are on the Squeeze Products page... and be sure to read up on Squeeze Play in the Medical Fetish Library! So many parts... so many ways to pinch and squeeze!

Always handy to have a nude, high-heeled
stockroom clerk in the clinic!

Grey's Anatomy -day at the office

Ahhhh, yes!... just another day at!
(oh, sorry... that's "Grey's Anatomy"... wow! 'sure looks like us!)

Nip Tuck just what the Doc ordered

Oh... this television show definitely floated our Medical Fetish boat!!
"nip/tuck" on the FX channel

Disposable Breathing Mask
Disposable Breathing Mask

Medically designed for use with manual or automatic resuscitators and ventilators, these are one of the unique and versatile breathing face masks that's perfect for any medical fetish scene!

The cushioned outer area is 5 " outer diameter and  3" inner diameter, from nose to mouth opening. Use your imagination for unlimited ideas of breath play fantasies!

Single Disposable Breath Mask
Item #490-7040
Price: $4.95

Miracle Oil 1 oz. Bottle
Miracle Oil
1 oz. Dropper Bottle

Heal those cuts, burns and bruises quickly and scar-free with this little natural Miracle in a bottle! Very aptly named, Miracle Oil, contains 9 different healing oils, including Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E. 100% natural it works as an Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Germicide! Another added bonus feature of this little Miracle is its moisturizing properties which is just what every foot fetishists desires to repair cuticles, dried, cracked heels and toenail infections! For burns or skin irritations it soothes as it heals. The list of what this little bottle of Miracle Oil can do goes on and on:
•use for intense skin rejuvenation
•heals shave bumps and waxing irritation
•heals chemical burns on scalp
•moisturizes dry elbows
•stretch mark & scar prevention 
•heals and soothes after piercings and tattoos
•sunburn and insect bites

Miracle Oil 1 oz. Bottle
Item # 490-2030
Price: $12.95


Alcohol Prep Pads
Good value... more prep pads, less money!  Same 70% Isopropyl properties, but this box contains 200 packets! Perfect for quick wipes to kill most basic bacteria and germs as an antiseptic on skin or insertable toys, like sounds, butt plugs, dildoes, etc. before or during play scenes. 

Alcohol Prep Pads
Item #490-6022
Price: $16.95/200 packets

Female Plastic Urinal

Plastic Female Urinal 
There's nothing more intimidating for most patients than being told, "Okay, time to give the Doctor a sample!" ...with the appearance of a urinal to give it in! This re-usable plastic urinal is designed specifically for the female urinary apparatus... just hold it over the pussy area and let it go! The urine collects in the bottle portion (as shown below).

Width: 6.5"
Height: 12"
Depth: 3.5"

It holds  28oz. (800 cc)  ...think of the mind games you can play! 
Female Urinal Filled
Female Urinal
Item #490-6026
 Price: $12.95


Plastic Male Urinal 
Plan on playing doctor or nurse for a while but just distain the idea of stopping for those "pee-pee" breaks? Well, here's the solution! Grab the handle slip it on and watch that restrained patient smile with relief... then you won't miss a "beat" you can get right back at it! 

Width: 3.5"
Height: 9"
Depth: 4.75"

It holds a full 32oz. (1000 cc)  ...and just imagine the mind-mess when you threaten to serve it for cocktails later! <evil, devious grin>

Male Urinal
Item #490-6025 
Price: $10.95

Large 60cc Plastic  Syringe
60 cc Plastic Catheter Tip Syringe
A full 60 cc's (2 fluid ounces) in this plastic disposable syringe. Great for a variety of uses, such as lube insertion, quick water flushes, or attached to a catheter! Handy, lightweight and easy to use, these are always a welcomed addition to any medical fetish play scene with enemas or the perfect prop for that Nurse or Doctor Outfit!

Large 60cc Plastic Syringe
Item #260-4025

Price: $6.95


100cc Irrigation Syringe
X-Large 100cc Plastic Syringe
We have had so many request for a "really large plastic syringe for doing enema play" for years and the largest we could come up with was our 60cc Syringe... well now we have it!  Another 40cc's = a full 100cc plastic irrigation syringe with elongated tip. It's so sexy looking for "feeding" our medical fetishist's fantasies!

100 cc X-Large Irrigation Syringe
Item #260-4028
Price: $12.95


Small Plastic Syringe
Here's that handy little luer-lok tipped syringe that we discuss in the Sound Play section of our Medical Fetish Library... it's the way to get the extra lube into the urethra before inserting the sound! ... or use it for anything else your imagination can dream up!

  Small Plastic Syringe
Item # 260-4020
Price: $2.00


100 ml/3.5 oz. Flex-nozzle Irrigation Syringe
For a quick flushing or a pre-play prep, this very handy hydro-syringe is great! It holds up to 100 ml or 3.5 ounces of liquid. The ring-hole plunger and the long flexible nozzle applicator make it so easy and convenient to use! 
Flex-Nozzle Irrigation Syringe
Nozzle: 4.75” x .5” (12 cm x 1.25 cm)
Syringe: 4.75" x 1.75" (12 cm x 4.45 cm)
Smoky PVC and Silicone

100 ml / 3.5 oz. Flex-nozzle
Irrigation Syringe
Item #260-4035
Price: $18.95


  Vacuum Pressure Cuff Set 
 Yes, it's what the real med-folks use for checking blood pressure, but we Devious Docs and Nasty Nurses have something more diabolical in mind! Just wrap, velcro in place and pump the inner bladder for a nice tight squeeze! Get all three sizes for multiple body parts squeezing! The set includes the pressure meter, pressure cuff, pump and case, also! Wrap a CyberVyber in there to add some extra zing! to the experience!
  • Small is 10" X 3" (great for penis and small wrists)
  • Medium is 14" X 4.25" (great for combo cock & ball or ankles) 
  • Large is 21" X 6" (great for arms, legs or breasts) . 
  Vacuum Pressure Cuffs
Price: $42.00

Body Pressure Cuff Size Selections


Large Chrome Syringe
Looking for the ultimate "attention- getter" in the clinic? Well, just flash this large 6 oz. chrome syringe in their face and watch the reaction! It comes with a removable splash guard and nozzle... no one will dare to call this a little squirt!

Chrome Syringe
Item #260-4030 

Price: $34.95

Crown Condoms Skinless
Male Condoms

We did our research to find the best condom to do the best job... and here it is... it's the condom used by [safe and sane] Porn Stars, actually! The Crown® Skinless skin condoms are made using the best technology to create a condom that is made thinner, so adds to sensitivity, yet without compromising the strength of the condom.

They are odorless and tasteless.
Super Sensitive, Dependable and Stretchable.

Crown Skinless Condom of Porn Stars

Head Width: 53mm / 2.08"

Shaft Width: 153mm / 2.08"
Base Width: 53mm / 2.08"
Length:        180mm / 7.08"
Thickness:   .047mm / 0.00185"

Lubrication:    Water Based

• Made of Latex
• Reservoir Tip
• Thinnest Condom at 0.00181"

Crown® Male Condoms: 24 Pack
Item #440-5000
Price: $8.95/24-Pack


Crown® Male Condoms: 100 Pack
Item #440-5005
Price: $29.95/100-Pack


We all know how to use this! The perfect finishing touch to any nurse or doctor's uniform! Pliable nylon tubing and stainless shiny ear and drum piece. I can hear your heart beat! Are you scared enough yet?

Black Stethoscope
Item #720-8020

Price: $17.95


Red Stethoscope 
When you really want the patient to pay attention, swirl this red stethoscope in front of their eyes! It makes the statement for that Nasty Nurse!  ... and a perfect compliment to the PVC Uniforms!!  Made of pliable nylon tubing and stainless shiny ear and drum piece.

Red Stethoscope
Item #720-8021


16" Forceps

Great versatility! - cath tubes, enema tubes, nipples, balls, labia lips, cotton swabs, and more and more...                                     

Perfect for hanging weights, too!

16" Curved Forceps
  Item #480-4011
$20.00 only $15.00


24" Monster Sized Forceps
Monster Forceps 
So cool!! You'll want a pair just to hang on the wall for their intimidation factor, alone! Or perhaps you've been looking for the ultimate CBT device???

Stainless steel forceps gigantico!! A full 2 feet long! Yes, 24" of clamping and squeezing! ...and it is heavy! Open it up, slide a body part or two and then lock it shut with the adjustable ratchet closure near the finger holes ...the possibilities are endless! Try hanging weights from them, too!

More sizes of
forceps available, too!

Monster Forceps
Item #480-4020
Price: $36.00 only $20.00


Note: may vary in packaging and manufacturer name, logo, etc.

Surgical Lubricant
Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly. It is especially formulated for anal, urethral and gynecological lubrication.  4 oz. tube.
Looking for more lubes? click here...

Surgical Lubricant
Item #460-2000
 Price: $7.95

Lube Shooter

 The Lube Shooter 
Just like its name, the Lube Shooter, this ingenious little device is great for inserting lube precisely where you want it to go... urethra (perfect for sound play!), anus or vagina! As it states on the box, "...puts lube between your cheeks and not on the sheets!" 

If you are using a thick "grease" type lube (usually comes in a tub or jar), simply dunk the applicator tip into the container and pull up [suck up] the plunger to fill. NOTE: Never double dip! Always use a clean applicator in the container of lube, to prevent bacterial growth and/or contamination of the lube.

Each Lube Shooter® three-pack comes with three lube applicator barrels and one plunger and cap.

Lube Shooter Measurements

  • Applicator is 5" (12.7cm) from base to tip long
  • Plunger is 4" (10.16cm) from base to tip long
  • Plunger is ½ " (1.27cm) wide

Lube Shooters™
Item #450-1000
  Price: $9.95 $8.95

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