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Male Urinal System demo

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 For all of you you have been begging for them (literally!)... here you go! We have decided to once again carry a few offerings for Catheters, due to the overwhelming requests!

 Thanks so much to all of your loyalty and support! ... as always, be safe, sane and consensual... but most of all: HAVE FUN! 

Get educated! Read all about about Catheters and Catheter Play in our Medical Fetish Library !!

Of all the insertables used in role play, the catheters offer a special sort of control game for the BDSM scene. There is no control over the urinary function: if the catheter is left open, the bladder will drain completely into a leg bag (as shown left) or a larger table/bedside drainage bag and continue to drain as more urine is produced by the body.

If the catheter is closed off by a clamping device, they cannot urinate... even if they wanted to! And you can be sure... Insertion and removal are definitely highlights of this procedure!

As with all insertables, play safe and remember catheters must be played with only if they are sterilized, so we suggest getting a few, to be sure you're getting a sealed packaged catheter. 

Remember, these are sold as a novelty item, so use sanity and safety as well as consensuality when using. Knowledge is power! So click here for the Catheter Play section of our Medical Fetish Library... read up and know what you are doing!


Catheters: Brief History

The earliest precursor to the present day Foley catheter is documented in 3000 B.C. It is believed that Egyptians used metal pipes to perform bladder catheterizations. As early as 400 B.C., hollow reeds and pipes were used in cadavers to study the form and function of cardiac valves.

In 1844, Claude Bernard inserted a mercury thermometer into the carotid artery of a horse and advanced it through the aortic valve into the left ventricle to measure blood temperature. It is because of his work that the use of catheters became the method of standard for physiologists in the study of cardiovascular blood flow. 

Adolph Fick took another major step in the development of cardiac catheterization in 1870. His famous note on the calculation of blood flow is the basis for today's cardiac procedures.

Among the earliest published descriptions of human catheterization were done by Fritz Bleichroeder, E. Unger, and W. Loeb in 1912. They were among the first to insert catheters into the blood vessels without x-ray visualization. Interest in catheterization was also stimulated with the advent of chemotherapy.

Early chemotherapy required the injection of drugs directly into the central circulation. Bleichroeder inserted catheters into dog arteries and assessed the effects after leaving them in place for several hours. He reported no complications or clots.

The Foley Catheter came into existence in the 1930s. Frederick E. B. Foley began to experiment with different catheters of the time. He realized that urinary catheters would easily slip out of the bladder because there was no way to hold them in place.

Foley experimented with different methods of securing the catheter until he came up with the idea of attaching a balloon-like device to the end of the catheter. The device would then be able to be placed and then inflated from the outside. By 1934, Foley catheters were on the market. Other than in material, the Foley catheter remains relatively unchanged in design today!

More info on catheters... click here!


Male External Catheters or "Texas Catheters" 

Male external catheters have traditionally been used for the management of urinary incontinence due to surgery, injury and disease. These "condom type" devices are placed over the penis and attached to a collection device, usually a leg bag  which is worn under the clothes for mobility or a bedside drainage bag for prolonged bed stays.

 The nonsensitizing adhesive provides a reliable bond to the skin for extra confidence and maximum wear time. A kink-proof funnel helps ensure uninterrupted urine flow.

      They are clear which allows easy inspection of skin and attachment area and made of either latex or silicone. 

Our wide band Texas catheter has the adhesive built into almost the entire sheath wall. It has 70% more adhesive area than is found in other self-adhering styles, which helps prevent urine migration up the penis shaft, which results in premature removal, and it helps prevent urine build-up around the head of the penis, which results in catheter blow-off! 

We offer three diameter sizes to provide proper fit and greater reliability! 

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External Male Urinal System
Complete External Male
 Urinal System

includes Penis Sheath, Waistband and  20 oz. Leg Bag

This is the ultimate in a complete External Male Urinal System! Just what the Nurse ordered! The "jock" style elastic waistband is uniquely designed for a "one size fits most" (up to size 48" waist).

The soft, comfortable latex penis sheath snaps off for easy care and cleaning. It attaches to a one-way valve tube that prevents fluid return. Entire unit is washable. Great for events, kinky parties or in long term mummification scenes!


  • Features unique design in one size that fits most
  • Soft latex sheath snaps off for easy care
  • Pliable latex penis sheath is comfortable for long term wear
  • Elastic waistband provides comfortable, secure fit
  • Unique one-way valve prevents fluid from return
  • Entire Unit is machine washable
  • Easily worn under garments
  • Spares sold separately for Sheath and Leg Bag Assembly
  • Complete with instructions

External Male Urinal System
Item #260-8000
Price: $68.95

External Male Urinal System Spare Sheath
  Replacement Latex Penis Sheath
Item #260-8100
Price: $28.95


External Male Urinal System Spare Leg Bag
  Replacement  20 oz. Leg Bags
Item #260-8101
Price: $15.95


Large 60 cc Plastic Syringe
Large Plastic Syringe
A full 60cc's (2 fluid ounces) in this plastic disposable syringe. Great for a variety of uses, such as lube insertion, quick water flushes, or attached to a catheter! Handy, lightweight and easy to use.

Large 60cc Plastic Syringe
Item #260-4025
Price: $6.95

Plastic 10 cc Syringe
Small Plastic Syringe
Here's that handy little luer-lok tipped syringe that we discuss in the Sound Play section of our Medical Fetish Library... it's the way to get the extra lube into the urethra before inserting a catheter or a sound!

  Small Plastic Syringe
Item # 260-4020 
Price: $2.00

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