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Tickle Toes with a pinwheel Sharp Medical Instruments

Wartenberg Pin Wheel

The original concept and design of a wartenberg pinwheel  (occasionally seen misspelled as wartenburg or wartunburg) or medically known as the neurological wheel was the ingenuity of the great Dr. Wartenberg. His brilliant device was used to test the nerve reactions as it glided across the skin.

Now, we kinky fetish folks have come up with a much more sensual use for the good Dr. Wartenberg's nasty little neuro wheel or pinwheel! It is an absolute must have for any BDSM dungeon, clinic, toy box or doctor bag!

So, get one... or two! One for each hand!! One for each breast, ball or nipple!! They are great for anywhere on the body and two make it even more tantalizing and often, unbearable!! And they are just great for taking along with you in your purse or attaché or the glove box in the car for those unexpected play times on the road! Or try our new disposable pinwheels which are individually wrapped... all plastic, durable and very hygienic for multi-partner play!

BDSM Pin Wheel


Gorgeous Black & White Photo by Stanislav Blagenkov

While you're at it... grab a few other sharp toys to surprise that patient! How about our Vampire Gloves or a Straight Razor? They will definitely add some sharp drama and an edge to the scene!! Get the point?

Needle Hammer
Tap!... oww! Tap-tap!.. oowww!! What is that?... they'll be asking! This very unique percussion hammer has a nasty little point (or eight!) to make! It is made with a flexible metal shaft to allow a "bounce-back" effect after striking, so it can really be bewildering during an exam with a blindfolded patient! Like our wartenberg wheel, it can be used almost anywhere on the body! Since they travel so well, you might want more than one!

Great for using as a skin stimulator or for pulling gently at the folds of skin in the labia area or as a nasty little device to excite stubborn nipples and penises that won't jump to attention! They definitely will after a few tugs with this!


Vampire Leather Gloves

Vampire Gloves
also known as Pins-n-Needles gloves, have been part of the BDSM scene forever! And many of you may still own your original "single" glove from "way back when" ... but it is/was probably way too big (or too small) and the leather is/was almost cardboard-like in supple-ness... right?

The new and very much improved version of Vampire Gloves are here!

 This pair (yes, sold as a PAIR!) is made of supple, fine grain quality leather and are available in S, M, L and XL!

To find out your best fit and glove size, measure (in inches) around your dominant hand (right if you are right-handed, and left if you are left-handed) with a tape measure across your palm.

1. Measure around the hand at the fullest part.
2. Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.
3. Use the LARGEST of the two measurements for the correct glove size.
4. If you are RIGHT handed, take measurements from your RIGHT hand, if you are LEFT handed, take measurements from your LEFT hand.

Straight Razor

There is nothing like the nice, clean, smooth feeling of skin after a fresh close shave. Every patient or submissive will feel excitement beyond compare as they experience the slow careful glide of a old style straight edge razor across their body as the hair shears off! The entire ordeal can be a ritual in itself... So get out the shaving cream and lather up! 






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Wartenberg Wheel
click photo for larger detail
Wartenberg Wheel/ Pinwheel 

This is it! The all time favorite of every kinky fetish nurse or doctor as well as the BDSM club fav... the wartenberg pin wheel or neurowheel, as the med-pro's call it! Made of shiny stainless steel, it's 7" long with sharp pins which rotate around as it rolls across the flesh. They work great in pairs (get it?) so get two!! Ouch!

Item #480-2040
Price: $13.95


click photo for more images
Wartenberg Pinwheel Seven
A fantastic twist on the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel, seven rows of individually spinning wheels of pins (like needles!) roll over your body like a meat tenderizer! Let it im-press you, let it make its point with you...

The Nurse or Doc wielding this creatively evil device, is sure to locate places once thought to be "unresponsive"!

 • Length is 7 inches (17.8 cm)
 • Circumference of wheel is 4 inches (10.2 cm)
 • Weight is 0.232 pounds (3.70 oz)

Pinwheel Seven
Item #480-2050

Price: $35.00

Double Pinwheel Finger
Double Pinwheel Finger Roller

Creative and ingenious, as well as devious! This uniquely designed idea of merging two Wartenberg Wheels to fit on your finger is phenomenal! 

Double Pinwheel Finger Demo

Specifically engineered to fit most fingers and allow easy access to rolling both large 1.5" pinwheels simultaneously over the skin.  Bring added, sharp stimulating pin point pleasure and pain to any session, with accuracy and control at your fingertips... literally!

3.75" long overall
 .8" i.d. rings
1.5" wide wheels

Double Pinwheel Finger Roller
Item #480-2018

Price: $34.95

Talon Skin Scratcher
Talon Skin Scratcher
Sharp and to the point! This Talon Skin Scratcher is worn like a ring on your finger to  tease, taunt and torment your prey! Two stainless steel sharp points extend beyond the tip of your finger so you can slide slowly and deliberately over the skin's surface. Watch the goose bumps rise as you run it over their chest, back, thighs... anywhere! Get at least one of each size ... or more... for endless possibilities!
Talon Skin Scracther demo
Available in two ring sizes:

Each are 4.25" long from base to tips
 Large Ring is 0.91" i.d.
 Small Ring is 0.79" i.d.
Talon Skin Scratcher Claws
These are very sharp! Just like the Retractors, Wartenberg Pinwheels and all sharp role play toys, use extra attention when playing with them!

Talon Skin Scratcher - Med/Large
Item #480-2015

Price: $23.95

Talon Skin Scratcher - Small
Item #480-2016

Price: $21.95

Retractor for Sharp Play
Solid stainless steel 9" long, this retractor is great to use to scratch along the body with its sharp curved "prongs". Or use it for pulling apart those "fleshy" areas... this is one tool that is as diverse as your imagination!

Get two and see what great concepts you can think up with a bit of rope or bondage ties looped through the very handy wholes in the handle!


Stainless Steel Retractor
Item #480-2030
Price: $18.95


Pair of Retractors
Item #480-2031

Save! Get 2 for $34.95

Black Leather Vampire Gloves
Vampire Gloves

Soft, supple fine quality leather gloves take on a whole new function when they become a pair of black leather Vampire Gloves! Designed for  a non-puncturing, but sharp tactile sensation when applied to the skin. Each of the fingers have tiny prickly tacks protruding out, which are short [approx. 1/8"] and will prick and scratch and torment the skin like little thorns.

 Depending on the amount of pressure applied, it can be light, tickling and stimulating or hard, tormenting and piercing! Obviously, however, pressing extremely firm will possibly break the skin.

Gloves slip on and have snap closures at the wrist.

Use our handy [get it?] measuring method
to get the best fit!

Small - 8.5"
Medium - 9.5"
Large - 10.5"
X-Large - 11.5"

Vampire Gloves (pair)
Price: $49.95

Vampire Glove Size Selections

Medievel Pinwheel Round with Spikes
click photo for larger detail
Medieval Pinwheel

"Hey... I'm gonna go medieval on your ass!" And you'll mean it with this "flail looking", heavy duty pinwheel! Just like the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel, this is designed to send chills down the body as it rolls over the skin with deep, lingering sensations. It's bulkier and heavier than the classic pinwheel, so it gives completely different reactions! A must-have in every dungeon or medical ward!

 • Length is 7 inches (17.8 cm)
 • Circumference of wheel is 5 inches (12.7 cm)
 • Weight is 0.312 pounds (5.0 oz)

Medieval Pinwheel
Item #480-2060

Price: $30.00

Straight Edge Razor Black Handle

Straight Edge Razor 
Shaving prior to an operation was SOP (standard operating procedure!), so how can you go without one of these in your medical collection. Sharp steel blades folds into the sleek black handle. Now you can shave just the way they did it in the old days!

  ~5/8" rounded tip
~Black plastic handle
 ~Fully opened length is 9-3/4"
~Closed length is 6"
~Available with Black or White Handle

Item #480-2000 Black Handle
$10.95  only $7.95


Straight Edge Razor White Handle
Item #480-2001 White Handle
Price: $10.95
  only $7.95

Paramedic EMT Scissors
Paramedic EMT Scissors 
Official professional paramedic scissors used my EMS folks! They will cut through anything! 7 1/2" long with black plastic handle. They're the "Ginzu Knife" of the scissors world!

EMT / Paramedic Scissors
Item #480-2021
Price: $9.00

Surgical Bandage Scissors
Surgical Bandage Scissors
These 7" long stainless steel bandage scissors are obviously designed for cutting bandages with their blunt lower tip which gets under the "bandage" or wrapping, without cutting the skin. Just a cut above!

Surgical Bandage Scissors
Item #480-2020
Price: $7.75

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