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Braces & Medical Bondage
Nurse Cindy in the Leg Braces


Sweet Nurse Cindy in the
 Restrictive Leg Braces and Upper Torso Wrap (left)

Leg Braces
Just like all of the other authentic products on this page,
these  particular restrictive devices are the actual leg braces
used for incarceration of 'alleged' criminals! 
The concept is an ingenious one of keeping the 
prisoner from being able walk freely and the hinge at the knee
can be locked so while in a seated position, they cannot stand
up! They are made with highest quality of steel and nylon traps
and the ankle strap is heavy duty leather! It even comes in its
own carrying case!

They have the exclusive "L-100" locking
feature at the ankle, so you can be sure your "patient" won't be getting out of these braces! And remember... they can be worn under clothing, so no one will notice... except that for some reason, your dear companion seems to be sitting or standing very still... hhhmmm...
Nurse Cindy in Leg Braces

Nurse Cindy in Leg Braces

Leg braces, arm binders, mummy bandages and belting keep
our latex clad patient from escaping her wheel chair!

 Nurse Cindy in Whitehead Gag and Surgical Collar

Nurse Cindy struggles on the Gyno table in our Whitehead Gag and Neck Brace...
 just another day at the office... ho-hum!

Institutional Cuffs

Heavy, heavy leather cuffs! These are the real McCoy! Used in
hospitals and security institutions, there is no escaping these
cuffs! The slave or sub will know who's in charge as you
lock down the secure closure over the heavy duty leather

They are heavily padded and are of the highest quality
medical or clinic leather and stainless clamp locks. These are
every BDSM  patient's dream come true... they'll just faint at the
sight, smell (that great leather odor!) and size of these cuffs!!

To make life easier for the Nurse or  Doctor in charge, we

highly recommend the Hog-Tie Clips! Connecting the cuffs is
as easy as clipping the four d-clips to each cuff!

The newly re-designed medical bondage institutional HR cuffs now offer
a unique locking system!


Institutional Bondage

Looking for even more Institutional and Medical Bondage?

Click on Madison's butt above!

Bondage Wraps

Wraps are the rage... but these wraps are actual clinical and medical 
issue! They are used to securely envelope the patient, so that they can not
move at all! The design uses very heavy duty canvas which binds the entire body from neck to feet for most people and seals it with the velcro. Once the patient is wrapped and sealed, they can be carried (or suspended!) by
the heavy duty side handles!

Nurse Mona in the Upper Torso Wrap

There are also upper body and lower body versions of the wrap, which, for
obvious reasons, don't have handles! The ease of use and time savings for
a total mummification or  tight bondage for the upper and lower body
make these a popular item in any dungeon, clinic or even the boudoir!

See our Mummification page for more info and pictures!

Locking Leather Arm and Leg Binder Splints

Here they are... our extremely restrictive Locking Leather Arm Binders!  The lockable buckles, heavy black bridle leather make a stiff splint-like encasement with a black garment leather inner lining... these arm binders (sold as a pair) will definitely put a hold on any "patient"!

They are exquisitely made of the finest grade leather, with double sided D-rings for maximum binding capabilities! So durable, you will most likely wear out before they do!

Due to popular demand, we also now have matching black leather Leg Binders, too!

Definitely, these are one of our most extreme restraints! 

Remember: heavy leather... heavy breathing!
The perfect prescription!! Get your fix... arms and legs!

Vital Stats:

  • Very sexy, diverse and functional for medical scenes, as well as any restrictive bondage scene your imagination can dream up!
  • Hardware: 10 welded d-rings attachment and 5 lockable 1" roller buckles on each arm.
  • Outer layer is heavy duty leather
  • Inner lining is the soft garment leather.
  • Sizing: Fits most arms. The over all length is 16" and the wrist area opens from 3" wide up to 7" wide, while the upper arm area opens from 5" wide up to 9" wide!
  • Lockable buckles make it more secure!

Leather Lockable Leg Splints

Locking Leg Splint Binders

Small Brass Lock
Small Brass Lock/ Keys
Here's the lock that fits the various lockable buckle belt closures for this hood. You will need 4 total for the Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood.

Small Brass Lock
Item #600-1005
Price: $4.50/each



Drawing sent to us by one of our "brace lover" customers!
-Thanks,  BR!

Steel Finger and Hand Restraints
click on photo for larger detail
Steel Finger & Hand Restraints
  Bondage restraints for the anatomy medical fetishist just took a deep, dark twist - right down to the fingertips! For a truly mind-blowing session, these unusual high-quality steel devices (pair) restrain the entire hand from wrist to top of the fingers!

An adjustable wrist brace is tightened with a vise and set screw to ensure a lack of metacarpal mobility, while aluminum wing nut screws pin the fingers in place inside the steel rings to create a hauntingly exciting look, as much as it is secure.

 These hand crafted restraints are made of powder coated steel allowing the natural silver of the steel shine through. Sold as a pair.

• Total length: wrist cuff to rings: 7" (17.9cm)

• Wrist restraint fits wrists 6" to 8"
 (15.2cm to 21.4cm) around

• Finger rings: approx. 0.75" (1.8cm) across

Steel Finger & Hand Restraints
Item #600-6005
Discontinued by Manufacturer

Brace-Medical Bondage email

Restrictive Leg Braces Set
These are the same leg braces used for keep prisoners form being able to walk, stand or sit on their own. Severe medical brace bondage at its finest quality! This is the complete kit including the left leg brace and the right leg brace and carrying case. These braces are made of metal 27" long with 2" wide nylon straps from the thigh to below the knee and then a 1-1/4" leather strap for the ankle. There is a locking hinge at the knee joint for standing or sitting, of course, that's only if you allow it!! What a concept! Have you a need to keep an unruly patient or sub under that kind of control!? By the way, they aren't noticeable under certain types of clothing...
Wow! what fun that could be!

Full Specifications:
Metal piece on the leg brace = 27" long

Three (3) 2" wide nylon straps:
 top to bottom
37 1⁄2"
 32 1⁄2" and 30 1⁄2" in length
Bottotm leather strap:
 17" long and 1 1⁄4" wide
 with 10 size adjustments

Item #600-8000
Price: $498.00/Complete Set
 2 Leg Braces w/ Carrying Case
only $448.20
(price discounted in cart)

Adjustable Neck Brace
Adjustable Neck Brace
The same neck brace (also known as a surgical collar) used by EMT's is just the ultimate in clinical bondage or even out in public! Who will know? Only you and your Naughty Nurse or Devious Doc! It is adjustable for all sizes, settings range from 4 inch in height up to a neck stretching 6" with a very easy to use Velcro strap for tight closure fittings! Very versatile and very, very effective and very affordable!

Adjustable Neck Brace
Item #600-8005

Medical Quick Release Cuffs
Medical Restraint Cuffs
Thickly padded and quilted for durability and comfort, these are the real deal! Used in hospitals, clinics and health institutions worldwide on those patients who may need some added encouragement to stay in put!

They have a quick release, easy to use fastening system that allows for up to 60" of tethering. No need to tie, just slip the end of the washable (entire unit can be thrown in the washer!) cotton strap into the attached end of the quick-disconnect clasp and with a CLICK! your patient is secure!!

Think of the possibilities: wheelchairs, body boards, beds, office furniture, St. Andrew's Crosses... you think of it, you can attach!

  • Knotless quick disconnect clasps
  • Machine washable
  • 2 convenient sizes
  • Adjustable easy-fit with velcro closure
  • Unique wrist and ankle adjustment - Easy to fit without cinching and prevents the tourniquet effect
Medical Restraint Wrist Cuffs
11 1/2" long X 3" wide
Item #600-3000


Medical Restraint Ankle Cuffs
12 1/2" long X 3" wide
Item #600-3001


Medical Bondage Cuffs
The real McCoy! These heavy duty leather cuffs with thick leather with foam padding are the actual restraints used in hospitals and institutions! They are commercial grade, strong and durable and once locked in place, no patient will dare try to escape!

Sold as a pair ...with keys, of course!

Humane Restraint Cuffs 3 sizes

Institutional HR Wrist
Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4000


 Institutional HR Ankle
 Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4001
 Price: $139.95


 Institutional HR X-Large
Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4002
 Price: $145.00


Bondage Wrap - Upper and Lower Torso
These bondage wraps are designed for institutions to wrap around the upper or lower torso to prevent any arm or leg movements! They are constructed of heavy duty mail-bag canvas and seal around for closure with a full width and length of Velcro™ keeping arms or legs secure and tightly bound!

Three different legnths for the perfect prewrap under other mummifications or just to use as a quick way to securely add some medical bondage to any bondage or BDSM play scene!

X-Large Wrap: 72" W X 8"H
Upper Torso:  60"W X 8"H

Lower Torso:  36"W X 8"H

Item #620-4040
 8" X 36" Canvas Velcro™ Wrap  Price: $68.00

Item #620-4041
 8" X 60" Canvas Velcro™ Wrap
 Price: $70.00


Item #620-4042
 8" X 72" Canvas Velcro™ Wrap  Price: $72.00


Locking Institutional Leather Belts 
Click on image for larger detail
Authentic Institutional Medical Leather Bondage Belts

Secured locking leather bondage belts go a long, long way! These are the real institutional belts for incarceration and "unruly patient management"! The locking device is the same as used on our Institutional Medical Bondage Cuffs and can be used with them as a wrist to waist binding, ankle to wrist binding, etc. Use your devious imagination. You can never run out of uses and ideas for Medical Toys like these! Made from thick leather belting, they are available in three very convenient sizes: 18" long, 24" long, 48' long, 60" long and 72" long ... get two of each size...
 the possibilities are endless!

Locking Leather Belt detail photo 
Click on image for larger detail

18"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8000
 Price: $42.95 ea.


24"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8001
 Price: $48.95 ea.


48"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8002
 Price: $65.95 ea.


60"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt

Item #580-8011
 Price: $72.95 ea.


72"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8012
 Price: $78.95 ea.

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