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Locking Leather Arm and Leg Binder Splints

Here they are... our extremely restrictive Locking Leather Arm Binders!  The lockable buckles, heavy black bridle leather make a stiff splint-like encasement with a black garment leather inner lining... these arm binders (sold as a pair) will definitely put a hold on any "patient"!

They are exquisitely made of the finest grade leather, with double sided D-rings for maximum binding capabilities! So durable, you will most likely wear out before they do!

Due to popular demand, we also now have matching black leather Leg Binders, too!

Definitely, these are one of our most extreme restraints! 

Remember: heavy leather... heavy breathing!
The perfect prescription!! Get your fix... arms and legs!

Vital Stats:

  • Very sexy, diverse and functional for medical scenes, as well as any restrictive bondage scene your imagination can dream up!
  • Hardware: 10 welded d-rings attachment and 5 lockable 1" roller buckles on each arm.
  • Outer layer is heavy duty leather
  • Inner lining is the soft garment leather.
  • Sizing: Fits most arms. The over all length is 16" and the wrist area opens from 3" wide up to 7" wide, while the upper arm area opens from 5" wide up to 9" wide!
  • Lockable buckles make it more secure!

Leather Lockable Leg Splints

Locking Leg Splint Binders

Small Brass Lock
Small Brass Lock/ Keys
Here's the lock that fits the various lockable buckle belt closures for this hood. You will need 4 total for the Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood.

Small Brass Lock
Item #600-1005
Price: $4.50/each



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Black Leather Locking
Arm Binder Splints
Everyone wants these... they are the ultimate in controlling the mobility of your patient or submissive's arms in bondage during a scene! These sturdy, heavy duty all black beather Arm Binder Splints are 16" from wrist to above elbow with  10 welded d-rings, 5 lockable, 1 inch roller buckles on each arm.

Fits a wide range of sizes.

Locking buckle design allows for the extra security of a lock. Can be used with or without locks.

16 inches in length and 3 lbs 6 oz

Black Arm Binders/PAIR
Item #580-4013

Locking Leather Leg Splints
Black Leather Locking
Leg Binder Splints

By popular demand... we can now offer Leg Splints, too! Just like the Locking Leather Arm Splints (above), these leg restraints feature locking buckle closures that ensure restricted movement and the ultimate control in any bondage encounter, but there are six on the leg version (five on the arm version). Can you imagine, having the legs just as constricted and locked down, as well as the arms!?  Also made of premium high-quality leather and are fully adjustable for the most secure yet comfortable fit, these leg splints will bind and secure... no bending at all! Once they are on, that patient or submissive will be staying put! --- cannot run, cannot get away!

  • 20" approx. Ankle to Thigh
  • Top (thigh area) strap adjusts from 17-21" around
  •  2nd strap from 16-19.75"
  •  3rd strap 14.75-18.5"
  •  4th strap from 13.25-17"
  • Bottom (ankle) strap from 12.5-16"
  • Under-foot strap adjusts from 6.25-13.5" .
Black Leg Binders/PAIR
Item #580-4023
Price: $269.95

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