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Breast Pumping Vacuum Cups & Kits
Breast Cup Pumping on Natali Demore

Pumping For Breasts

... vacuum cups for the entire breast!  These uniquely shaped and sized breast pumping cups fit  well over the entire breast area to give you a sexy, erotic, exciting way to "pump you up"!

The size selection, just like all of our pumping products, is made to fit the personal, individual size that you require! 

For BDSM role play, it adds an intoxicating suction pressure power to the entire breast area... so stimulating! These breast cups are designed especially for comfort and long life usage!

Sizes are based on bra cups: for example, if you currently wear approximately an A cup bra, then you'd order the Small Breast Pumping Cup, which will allow you to "pump up" to a "B" Bra cup size.

 Small: Choose this size to increase from A Cup to approximately B+ Cup size
Medium: Choose this size
to increase from B+ Cup to approximately C+ Cup size
 Large: Choose this size
to increase from C+ Cup to approximately D+ Cup size
 X-Large: Choose this size
to increase from DD+ to approximately E+ Cup size

NOTE! See the actual dimensions of the cups, to be sure you choose the correct size based on your current breast size.

Don't forget the pump! Or save money and get the whole kit!

Breast Pumping Cups -pair

Breast Pumping Cups
(sold as pair only)
Price: $158.00/Pair

Breast Cup Size Selections


Breast Cups Nurse Victoria and Charlotte Brooke
Nurse Victoria pumps Charlotte Brooke...

Vacuum Pumping FAQ's 

Q1. Does this really work? 
A1. Yes! The same way working out in a gym for developing muscle mass of your legs, arms,  shoulders, etc. the muscle mass is stretched and engorge to develop larger with the vacuum suction. 

Q2. Can I use any pumping device with these cylinders and cups? 
A2. No! These are designed to be used with the all metal Hand Pump for the proper fit of the connector and the best function for measurements with the vacuum suction meter for accuracy and consistency. 

Q3. I ordered the wrong size, now what? 
A3. As we clearly state, for hygiene purposes we cannot take these items back, so measure accurately and order correctly the first time to prevent making a costly error. 

Q4. Why can't I get enough vacuum? It seems like it's leaking air somehow?? 
A4. This is usually indicative of an improper seal, either due to hair or "bumps" in the skin or not enough lube being used for the seal. Always be sure the area is completely hair free by shaving and use lots of lubricant can never have too much lube!! And try to be sure the base is always as flat and flush with the surface of the body as possible. The last case scenario may be that the wrong size was ordered.

Q5. How long do my Breast Pumping sessions need to be?

A5. Generally, the more often you pump, the more dramatic the results. We recommend pumping sessions of 20 minutes to half-hour for Breast Pumping and repeated daily, for best results. However, apply vacuum pressure for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Release vacuum pressure and remove the cylinder for a few minutes between each 10-minute pumping interval. And remember to give yourself some "time-off" after a week or so of pumping for the best results. 
Breast Pumping Cups
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Breast Pumping Cups

Breast Pumping Cup Dimensions:

#400-7000 (A-B+ Cup)
Small = 3.5" W X 3.5" D

#400-7001 (B-C+ Cup)
Medium = 3.875" W X 3.75"D

#400-7002 (C+ -D+)
Large = 4.875" W X 4.5" D

#400-7003 (DD-E+)
XLarge = 5.75" W X 5.25" D

-Measurements  = inner dimensions
-Sizing = Bra cup sizes
-D = Deep

Efficient Vacuum Hand Pump
Efficient Single-Handed Vacuum Pump
  This is our latest addition to the offerings for vacuum pumping! This pump is so easy to use and just as easy on the budget! Lighter weight and streamlined rubber grip handles make it a must have for all of your pumping needs!

 It works with a single-handed "squeeze the trigger" method and the vacuum pressure gauge accurately displays the vacuum readings of your pumping routine from
0-30 inches Hg (Hg = mercury!) or 0-76 cm Hg.

It comes ready to use with the hose and coupling attachment for all of our various penis, clitoris and nipple tubes and/or cylinders and pussy (labia) or breast cups. 

Item #400-8001

  Efficient Vacuum Pump 
Price:  $75.00

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