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Latex and Rubber Hoods and Neck Corsets
Victoria lovingly applies Studio Gum hood
Nurse Victoria lovingly takes her breath away...
Rubber Hoods & Neck Corsets

Has there ever been a more exciting device created for the medical fetish play scene that the continually reinvented hood? Think about it... there have been a zillion hoods designed over the decades for every taste and fancy in the BDSM scene, yet we never seem to have enough!

Well, as many of our customers and "patients" have seen over the years, we just continued to add more and more impressive and unique, especially rubber and latex, hoods as we find them!

We've literally traversed the globe to bring this incredible collection of rubber, latex, leather and other types of hoods as close to you as your fingertips on the keyboards!

 It's with great glee and delight  that we introduce this fabulous compilation of head coverings, masks, hoods and the like for every combination possible and then some!

Latex Condom Hood

Multi-function Latex Hood with Accessories

Sexy... latexy...  and oh so very, very versatile!

This latest addition to our hood collection is the "Swiss Army Knife" of hoods!

Complete with snap in place blindfold and three snap in assorted gags, this hood keeps things on the edge... never knowing what's coming (or going!) next!!

Latex Penis Gag for Multi-hood

   The Penis Gag has a smaller "inner penis" for the mouth
and the gag snaps in place on the hood for a firm, secure fit!

The Funnel Gag with penis mouth gag
has a hole right through the center!

The Inflatable Butterfly Mouth Gag snaps in place,
so it's not going anywhere but ...ugmpffph!

Without the blindfold and gag(s) snapped in place,
here's what you see!


Neck Corset with adjustable metal bar

Nurse Roxi in our Neck Corset
with Adjustable Metal Bar

And Neck Corsets will add a whole dimension to that fetishist dream: Serious Bondage!

Our heavy rubber neck corsets keep the bottom's head and neck immobile! The Neck Corset with the Adjustable Metal Bar is over the top...  and our Neck Corset that Covers the Mouth puts the silencer on any chatty patient!

So be prepared to be totally controlled in complete isolation and deprivation...
as if any patient could be so deserving of such!

Over the Mouth Neck Corset in Latex

Nurse Roxi in our Latex Over the Mouth Neck Corset

Hoods in Medical Fetish

Using a hood in the medical fetish role play scene is extremely elemental. The hood can be made of various types of materials such as rubber, leather, latex, PVC, spandex, etc. It is usually designed to completely cover the head, which means it commonly uses a method for an opening in the back with a zipper or lacing to enable an easy application of the hood. Then the closure of the back opening snuggly secures the complete head.

Many hoods contain two eye holes, nostril openings, and/or a mouth opening (which may or may not be closed with a zip and/or used with a gag that goes over the hood). Many hoods are designed specifically for complete closure, so they cannot see, speak, or hear as in the case of their use for mummification, while other hoods allow the wearer to see and/or use their mouth and lips and they can usually hear what is going on or receive commands.

Kumimonster in Red Neck Corset
Latex hoods used in medical fetish scenes are usually multiple purposes and function as a method of objectifying the wearer along with providing sensory deprivation.

A tight hood keeps the "patient" under constant reminder that he/she is under the control of the Doc or Nurse, and this is true of any BDSM scene.

The hooded submissive becomes completely dependent upon the guidance and direction of the one in charge!

Almost all hoods in the BDSM and medical fetish role play are designed with safety in mind. They have quick releases, such as zippers,  to enable a fast removal if the wearer is in any sort of discomfort or shortness of breath.

Latex is an especially unique material for hoods and neck corsets with its ability to stretch and form fit and restriction.
back view of Steel Adjustable Bar Latex Neck Corset


Rubber Gas Mask Hood by Studio Gum

Studio Gum Hood Nurse Cindy
Nurse Victoria admires her Black Gas Mask Hooded patient!


 Latex Condom Hood... open wide...
you're in for a big surprise!

Latex Condom Hood
Oh my dear patient, do I really need to explain how I
plan to use this Condom Hood on you?


Zipper Front Latex Hood

Sadly, our once oh-so-popluar Latex Zipper Front Hood
 is no longer available. Enjoy the photos, though!

Multi-Functional Latex hood with gags
Multi-function Latex Hood
plus (3) Unique Gags

Smooth sexy latex, three different (and by that we also mean "unique" or "not of the usual sort"!) snap- on gags, a snap-on blindfold and a beautifully tight fitting zip back hood complete this ensemble of fantasy fulfillment!

There is a penis-penis gag, a penis-funnel gag and an inflatable mouth filling butterfly gag included with this hood.

The eyes and mouth of the hood are open when the blindfold and gag(s) are not snapped in place there!
Multi-function Latex Hood w/Gags
Item #790-4090 
Price: $295.00 $255.00
(plus aditional 10% off in cart!)


30 ga. Rubber Padded Hood 
Latex Sensory Deprivation

For the latex fetishist who craves sensory deprivation and breath control...  here's you hood! Hand constructed with both an inner hood of 14 ga. latex which fits snugly over the head, along with an outer hood of fully enclosed heavy 30 ga. latex.

The 2 nickel-plated grommets near the nose and mouth allow for breathing and the 16 lacing hooks allow for and adjustable fit with lacing up the back. The belted collar has a locking buckle. A very unique and challenging hood, indeed! Add Vivishine for the shiny results shown above.

Dimensions: Fits Forehead from 24½" to 27".
Fits Neck from 15¾" to 17

Latex Sensory Deprivation Hood
Item #790-4050
  Price: $299.95  only $269.95
(plus additional 10% off in cart!)


Latex Condom Hood
(click on photo for larger image)
Latex Condom Hood 

Well fitted, sexy black latex zip-back hood with a built-in "mouth condom"... oh my, Nurse, what will you dream up next?

This anatomically molded hood features detailed areas for ears, chin, and shaped nose with open nostrils. It is a very challenging hood! The zipper on the back is 12" (30 cm) with an inner flap. Overall latex thickness is .02" (.4 mm)

Head size fits approx. 22"
 Neck size fits up to 16"
 Condom: 4 3/4" L X 1 3/8" W

Black Latex Condom Hood
Item #790-3550
   Price: $155.00 $98.00
(last one available)


Latex Breather Hood
(click on photo for larger image)
Rubber Latex Breather Hood

Adrenaline junkies only... Here is another  very challenging hood! The "transparent" latex face section acts as a balloon, inflating on exhale, and deflating on inhale with two tiny holes for very low air outakes... well, you know what that means! This hood is perfect for the medical role play fetishists who like to do controlled breath play. 12"
zipper back with internal flap is very easy to put on. By the way, that zipper helps out nicely, since this hood does take "training" to get use to it.

One size fits neck up to 16"
 and head to 22".

Rubber Latex Breather Hood
Item #790-4000
Price: $145.00


Black Rubber Gas Mask
(click on photo for larger image)
Black Rubber Gas Mask 
What medical fetish scene is complete without a gas mask? This heavy duty rubber gas mask is just what the Doctor (and haz-mat!] ordered... with five adjustable straps to ensure a very secure fit.
Black Rubber Gas Mask side
 Latex scenes, medical scenes, interrogation scenes... any scene you do, just slip on this Gas Mask to take it to the next level... Add an extra edgy element to your breath control scene with this Israeli gas mask. Made of heavy-duty rubber, it has acrylic lenses over the eye openings. The adjustable elastic straps are easy to adjust and fit most heads. Wear it over the Full Spandex Hood for even more intensity!

Black Rubber Gas Mask on
Note: This is a gas mask only, does not have filter.

Black Rubber Gas Mask
Item #790-4045
Price: $49.95

Red Latex Mask with White Cross
Red Latex Clinic Mask w/Cross

This medical/clinic muzzle style latex mask is just what every Nurse or Doctor ordered! If Medical Fetish is your bag, baby... and you like the look and feel of latex wrapped around your cranium, either as the one in charge or the "naughty patient", you will LOVE this T-backed head harness! Made in Europe of fine latex... it is just as intoxicating to wear as it is to look upon that Medical Fetish Practitioner wearing it!

(Shown above on Anna Rose of with her own hood underneath)

Red Latex Clinic Muzzle
(click on photo for larger image)

Red Latex Clinic Mask
w/White Cross

Item #790-4110
Price: $69.95

Over The Mouth Latex Neck Coset
Over Mouth
 Neck Corset

Hand made of thick 2.5mm white latex, fully formed with a corset-style lacing in the back for closure, this will keep any chatter box quiet!  This stiff reinforced rubber neck corset holds the head and neck secure with correct posture, as the mouth is completely covered.
It's another superior quality offering we are importing from HW Design!

Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")
Medium: SOLD OUT!
Large: SOLD OUT!

White Latex
Over The Mouth Neck Corset
Price: $355.00  $175.00

Covers Mouth Neck Corset Size Selections


Nurse Hood - Maske
Latex Nurse Hood

Oh... ahhh... the latex fetish nurse at her best... transparent latex caresses the entire head with a full zipper back, while white latex trim accents the face with a medical medallion emblazoned at the top. This is an exclusive design, hand made with the finest quality and craftsmanship from Europe. As you can see on our lovely model, Anna Rose, this hood is extremely dramatic and sexy, yet it's easy to wear and comfortable.
Small: 55-56 cm (approx. 22"-23")
Medium: 57-58 cm (approx. 24"-25"
Large: SOLD OUT!

   Latex Nurse Hood
Price: $225.00 $155.00

Nurse Hood Size Selections


Latex Rubber Neck Corset

High Latex Rubber
 Neck Corset
Every Medical Fetishist's and Latex enthusiast's dream (wet dream?) has just come true! Imported from Austria, it is uniquely handmade of thick 2.5 mm white latex, rolled and secure to hold the head up high and neck posture straight! It has the corset style lacing in the back for closure. Created and designed with the finest quality and perfection by H-W Design.

Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")
Medium: SOLD OUT!

  Heavy Latex Neck Corset
Price: $275.00 $155.00

High Neck Corset Size Selections


Kumi in the high neck latex corset with adjusting steel bar
Latex High Neck Corset
w/Adj. Steel Bar

With its adjustable steel bar in the center, this neck corset is extreme! ... it screams medical fetish fantasies!!

 Imported from Austria*, it is uniquely handmade of thick 2.5 mm white latex, rolled and secure to hold the head up high and neck posture straight! It has the corset style lacing in the back for closure.

Adjustable Latex Neck Corset

Only one size available:
Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")

  Heavy Latex Neck Corset
with Adjustable Steel Bar
Price: $325.00 $225.00


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