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Take Advantage!!
 ...of the Drop Dead Red FINAL SALE!

Gorgeous Red Latex and more!

Need to make a statement? We are down to the last of our red latex, naughty patients and we are giving you one last chance top s-n-a-p them up before they are gone forever!  

We have a few other RED inspirational items that are from our regular non-sale offerings, like a red heart or or red hand riding crop (slap some sense into those silly "patients"!) or the red Nurse's Stethoscope!

NOTE: More Latex on Latex & Rubber Pages

Latex Nurse Hood and Leather Nurse RestraintsSeeing more red? ...Definitely!!

Anna Rose (of is our luscious nurse in distress
wrapped in her favorite second skin... LATEX! 

She peers out innocently from the semitransparent latex Nurse Hood we import from Europe! Her long red latex gloved hands are shackled..

Sure!! They are so sexy you won't need anything else to wear! Our high quality fine fitting rubber latex gloves will always be a true fetishist's idea of perfection.  Wrist Length or Opera Length (really long, high above the elbow) and besides, RED Latex...

Have a heart... 

 Our heart  riding crop is just the perfect application to create the RED-ness of love with a bit of a twist! So touching... don't you think?

What better way to show how much your dear patient or sub loves you than having a RED heart shaped mark left emblazoned across one's ...uh... bottom!? 

The crop is long, lean and gently mean... and definitely will keep that dear patient on his or her toes with anticipation of the next "whap!". 

The gloves, fishnet hose and stethoscope definitely make a medical statement!
(Dress no longer available, sorry!)


Heart Crop Puns

Medical Fetish Pun # 69: Be still my beating heart!

Red latex stockings and Nursey Shoes 

'Gotta love that r-e-d latex! Long and sexy... stockings, gloves and garters... wow!




Rubber Latex Wrist Gloves

Only Size X-Large


X-Large Red Rubber Latex Wrist Length Gloves
Item #780-6013
Price: $38.00/pair only $18.95


Rubber Latex Long Gloves

Only Size Small and X-Large

Small Red Rubber Latex Wrist Length Gloves
Item #780-6040
Price: $48.00/pair only $21.95


X-Large Red Rubber Latex Wrist Length Gloves
Item #780-6043
Price: $48.00/pair only $21.95


Red Latex Stockings
Only Size SMALL

Fits women's U.S. shoe size 7-8

Rubber Latex Stockings
Item #780-4910
Price: $75.00/pair only $38.95

(Don't worry!... we'll still have the black latex stockings and latex garter belt available!)

Slapper w/Heart Crop
How... touching!? This is made of heart shaped red shiny leather flaps (for added slapping sound) on a 26" crop with a handle.  A wonderful idea for any time there needs to be attention given with a stern but loving touch!  Leave your heart on their behind... In this case a thwack!

Heart Crop
Item #520-6001
Price: $29.95


Slapper Hand Crop
Another great "handy" percussion device which lends a "hand" to the task at hand! 
Made of red leather with a shiny finish on a full 26" long crop with handle. How about leaving a long lasting hand made impression?!

Slapper Hand Crop
Item #520-6000
Price: $32.95


Red Nurse's Stethoscope 
When you really want the patient to pay attention, swirl this red stethoscope in front of their eyes! It makes the statement for that Nasty Nurse!  ... and a perfect compliment to the any of our Uniforms!!  Made of pliable nylon tubing and stainless shiny ear and drum piece. Ready for red?

Red Stethoscope
Item #720-8021
Price: $14.95


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