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Over the past couple of years, we have been mention or sited or "used" (oh how we LOVE that!) so many places, we stopped adding them here...  but be it on television, magazines, the news or any other media representation we have been posting them on Facebook and Twitter!  So, if you are not already doing so (and why not?) ... follow us!

Facebook: MedicalToys

Twitter: MedicalToys

We will leave this Media Section for archival purposes, though. Have fun!

 Wherever you see a hypo-needle like this on this page,  just click on it to read or see more photos or related material to the article or event where MTC is/was in the Media!

JG-Leathers, and Venus DeMila bring
'The Creature' to life at our Twisted Clinic.

Martin Sargent with encased Nurse Victoria

Martin Sargent with a mummified Nurse Victoria
 during Webdrifter TV shoot at
[click on image for full video...]


Martin Sargent with Nurse Laural, Nurse Victoria
 and Nurse Ivy during the filming.


Nurse Valentine and Playboy's 
videographer, Gavin playing Doctor!



Sam Phillips, Nurses Angela, Valentine and Laural
during filming of Playboy's Sexcetera.


Von Gutenberg Magazine cover (Marquis USA)
  Nurse Laural's Column in the new  fetish
  magazine Von Gutenberg!

Nurse Laural  writes articles
for Secret Magazine, Belgium



Nurse Laural's column in Taboo Magazine
is still going strong!

Tank Girl and Booga in a T-Shirt
Tank Girl and Booga
in a T-Shirt

Television, Podcasts, Music Video and Movies

"Hurricane" Music Video for 30 Seconds to Mars
 October 13, 2010

CSI Miami TV
April, 2010

Criminal Minds TV
March, 2010

Talking Sex Radio/TSR Network Internet TV with Rev Mel September 21, 2009

Playboy Radio "Night Calls" with Nicki Hunter September 18, 2009

"Sucker Punch" Movie
(due out in 2011)

CNN Headline News  "News To Me" January 14, 2008

Webdrifter w/Martin Sargent
Episode #13

Requiring our Whitehead Gags and Blindfolds... 

Our Fire Cups and Cupping Sets will make it to an upcoming episode! 

Missy Elliot Video, "Teary Eyed"
In her totally Medical Fetish music video released on September 27, 2005, Missy Elliot and her dancers are clad in our Leather Straitjackets

Battlestar Galactica
An episode for human bindings, so they ordered our Bondage Wraps

Saw II 
For the premiere opening at a trendy celeb filled boutique hotel on Sunset Strip, we sent our crisp white Nurse Uniforms and Nurse Caps

BBC Graham Norton Show
Where our Air Casts and Naughty Patient's Gown have found their way to the UK, for use on unsuspecting television guest stars of the show!

Playboy's Sexcetera
(premier airing date was November 13, 2000)

Now,  we are currently airing on Playboy in their 
"Best Of Sexcetera" programs for 2001-2004!

Reports are coming in from Playboy Europe & Mexico that we are popping up on their tubes over there, too!

Want to read all about our fun doing the video shoot for the Playboy Channels' Sexcetera program with Sam Phillips (Penthouse Pet '94) back in September 2000, 
just click here on the hypo-needle icon! 

VH-1 was seeking Medical Fetish folks who live out there fantasies... in their home!

Channel Five in England was seeking Medical Fetishists!


Talking Sex Radio/TSR Network Internet TV

Host Rev Mel interviews Nurse Laural about the "ins and outs" of Medical Fetish and some of their infamous toys & gear!

Playboy Radio

Nicki Hunter star of adult cinema interviews the owner of as they hit her "hot button" of her love of Medical Fetish and making her an honorary  "Nasty Nurse".

Taboo Talk Radio
click here to read all about it! and Nurse Laural featured on Marilyn Chambers National Radio Show
"Taboo Talk"

Sheena-n-Sam Talk Radio
Sheena and Sam spoke on Los Angeles
Radio Talk Show about and
the eye opening experiences Sam Phillips
had while filming for Sexcetera!

Museum of Sex 

New York City

W Magazine
Dazed Magazine
Playboy Magazine
Hustler Magazine
Men's Health
Penthouse Magazine
New Yorker Magazine
Village Voice- New York
San Francisco Weekly 
Lava Life Magazine
New Times Palm Beach & Miami
New Yorker Magazine
Pitch Weekly -Kansas City
Twin Cities Uncovered
Philadelphia Weekly
Now Toronto
Portland Mercury
Nugget Magazine 
FETISH Magazine
SkinTwo Magazine 
On Our Backs Magazine 
Bizarre Magazine
Bitches With Whips
DDI: Supplier listings
Unzipped Magazine
Hustler's Taboo Magazine
New Woman - UK
San Francisco Bay Times 
Bizarre Magazine - UK
Secret Magazine-Belgium
Scarlet Magazine - UK

Em & Lo's Sex Toys: An A-Z Guide to Bedside Accessories 
Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns

 The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy
Deviant Desires
Tank Girl,
The Gifting #4

The Stranger
Savage Love
Penthouse/Variations Magazine Fetish Erotica
Jane's Guide Review
Annie Sprinkle's "How to Examine your
Own Cervix" 
Meme Pool: March 12th Review
Bondage Directory
Max Fisch
Sexual Playground
Eric Kroll
Fetish Classifieds
Dark Zone
Blue Blood
DomSub Nation
Whap Magazine
Sexy Sadist
Playboy (of course!)
House of Gord
Simone Devonshire
Stephanie Locke
and so many more weblogs, Facebook, Twitter,'s, etc.
Sex Fantasy Guide Book




Nurse Laural and Eric
 from Penthouse's Variations Magazine

We just can't keep quiet!
The word is out about us!


   Excerpts and Clippings
(these are only a few of the thousands, after 15 years!)

"...If your vagina is very fleshy, and pads of fat are bulging around the blades of the speculum, try a larger size, or inserting the speculum sideways. So now  you check out your insides... groovy. Look at the colors and textures. ...Looking for a speculum? You can buy one at!"
-from "How to Examine Your Cervix" on
Annie Sprinkle's

 "... its pages are packed with delicious little gadgets from the world of medicine, that can be hard to find,  but aren't hard to find a use for!..."
 -review of our catalog by Tony Mitchell 
from SkinTwo Magazine

"Medical is a truly large and utterly fascinating online retailer supplying all manner of medical supplies and restraints for bondage and/or fetish enthusiasts. In short, if you can think of it, they've probably got it. Mummification enthusiasts will love this place as well! The site features the usual online catalogue as well as a gallery illustrating their products in action. Healing was never this much fun before or since!" 
-Tied and True Tales

 "All I did was type "catheter fetish" into a search engine ( and "ta-da!” not 10 minutes later I was on the phone with the owners of, "provider of medical toys, products, and apparel for the medical fetish,  nurse fetish and the medical BDSM scene."
-Dan Savage, Savage Love Columnist

"The medical (clinic, as they say in Europe) scene has long been an underground subject. Pulling it out of its underground obscurity is a growing faction of  Fetish Medical enthusiasts!..."
- excerpt from Medical Fetish Series articles in Bitches With Whips Magazine

"If you really want to play doctor, this would be the place to fulfill your medical fetish needs. ... all sorts of supplies for sale and galleries to visit..." -from Penthouse Magazine's Variations
" know, I've met a lot of people in this industry, and I have to say, Laural and the Staff of are the nicest and most well rounded couple I have ever met! They just make you feel so comfortable and normal!..." 
        -from Sam Phillips  Radio Show, the Sheena-n-Sam Show

" - Medical Fetish and Nurse Fetish images, information and instruments with a library, gallery and on-line secure ordering shop and much more. .."

"Those that have more of a general interest in medical fetish stuff might enjoy some of the FAQs and info found on"

"And don't forget to buy your favorite medical fetish gifts at I just found this site and just about creamed myself... wait, I did cream myself... eeesh, pass the kleenex please..."

"...Those who never outgrew playing doctor, will have no trouble locating whatever they need.... more than just a mere toy store... I was very impressed by MedicalToys customer service."
-Edward Carpal
Nugget Magazine

 "... if it has anything to do with Playing Doctor or medical fetish... the only place to go is"
-Hustler's Taboo Magazine Article


"The strongest endorsement for the return of the white uniform came not from a working nurse but from Laural Wood, who is a "nurse practitioner" at, one of the largest dealers of medical-fetish paraphernalia on the Web."
-John Seabrook
  New Yorker Magazine

  "Does the sound of metal clinking on a tray send chills up your spine? Do you like the feeling of a hand wrapped in latex gloves as it slides a cold steel instrument between your legs? If you answered yes, then you, my friend, are a medical fetishist. Shop for nurse's uniforms, strait jackets, rectal scopes, mummy bags, even eye charts and I.V. stands. The "Ask the Nurse" and "Ask the Doctor" sections will answer any question you might have about this clinical clique so you can open up and say, "ahh! ..."
-Cybersocket's Pick
"But, hey, don't take my word for it. I've got a couple of bonus guest expert for you: Laural Wood of, "the largest provider of medical toys, products, and apparel for the medical fetish, nurse fetish, and medical BDSM scene on the web."
-Dan Savage  of "Savage Love"

"And for the ultimate in duct tape bondage fun, check out for an excellent run down and illustration of mummification..."
"Friendly TABOO advice columnist Nurse Laural presides at she's got ultrafine enema gear, sounds, straitjackets, hospital restraints...Serious stuff offered with a nice touch of lascivious levity...."
-Taboo Magazine 

" Dear Eva, I noticed you playing with some nipple pumps in one of your video clips...where did you get them from?... -Dolly

Hi Dolly, 
For the cupping sets I just bought some from My nipples are way too sensitive though.You may have noticed that if there is any nipple torture it is usually me that is giving it!  -Luv Eva" Blog  

"...Straightjackets for bondage to specula for peering at the insides of orifices... All those stainless steel wonders, like sounds and anal intruders. Vacuum pumps for stretching, swelling and giving hickies to nipples, cocks, ball sacs. So if you think you might like some medical play... Start with medicaltoys ( It has great pics -- live humans (well, faux-wounded humans) in their contraptions (as opposed to close-ups of naked devices) -- the prices are fairly reasonable, the selection is geared toward players, and the text player friendly, that is, informative in terms of how you use an implement or why you may want particular features." 
-Adult Friend Finder  

" It's the "Toys-R-Us" of Medical and Nurse Fetish!
What a great place, oh yeah, it's a website! But it feels like an honest to goodness fetish clinic... and the nurses!! The medical toys selection is absolutely mind blowing... never thought you could do so many different things with instruments!! There are enemas, straitjackets, clinic furniture, all kinds of medical stuff! And did I mention the nurses? They have an easy to use shopping cart, that I really liked and am looking forward to my first order. Check out the newsletters while you're visiting... all in all you will need a long visit... like I said, it seems like you are in an actual kinky clinic somewhere, not a website."

"Fondle a medical instrument, prop up against a leather wall, and try on an adult size baby bonnet and bib at the Museum of Sex's exhibit. Hey, whatever happens at the Museum of Sex, stays at the Museum of Sex." The Exhibit runs through March 2008. 
-Rare Daily New York

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