Taboo Talk Radio: Medical Fetishes

Nurse Laural went live on the airwaves, Saturday night, July 22nd,2000 as the guest for a entire hour discussion and live call-in talk show on Medical Fetish and our wonderful website,

Marilyn Chambers (of Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door fame) asked Laural a myriad of questions relating the world of medical fetish along with her intrigue of products and information pages. The other host of the show, Mike Watson, was amazed at some of the possibilities related to the medical and nurse fetish fantasies.

Marilyn admitted that she had very little actual medial fetish play in her movie roles, but was fascinated by it and plans on ordering a nurse's uniform and cap for her own personal collection. "I think that would be so sexy and fun to get all dressed up like that [a nurse] and then walk over to my man and say, 'Hey! Are you ready for your exam now?' while he's watching the Super Bowl or something!…", she said. And Laural of course, agreed wholeheartedly!

The interview lasted the full hour of the show. Laural, Marilyn and Mike responded to call-in questions from listeners. Most listeners were explaining their own personal medical fetish or fantasy experience. One asked about putting ice on the "particular male body part" (he was being cautious because he was on radio…) and wondered how that would effect using a T.E.N.S. on it afterwards. Nurse Laural responded by using the analogy of a runner: if a muscle is cold then suddenly stimulated, it usually cramps up and spasms. He wasn't too sure that's the results he was "shooting for"!

The radio show, Taboo Talk, ended its hour at 2 A.M. East Coast time, with Marilyn and Mike asking what should be done for first timers. With very little time left, Laural said to follow common sense and the basics: be safe, sane and consensual, take things slowly and keep checking with the "newbie" to be sure they are not in peril or agony… it's suppose to be a fantasy… not a nightmare!

So stay tuned as the adventure continues….

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