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  Medical Toys Newsletter Archives

Note: since the onset (or onslaught) of Twitter and Facebook along with the addition of our blog: MedicalFetishNews,
 we ceased formal publication of a "newsletter" in exchange for the daily updates and interaction of our social media sites. After implementation of a new email distribution system, we will continue to contact those who agreed to receiving emails from us. Thanks for following us as we continue to evolve and grow... over 15 years and running!!!

Spring-Summer 2011 -Meet Nurse Rebecca, Electro Play, Sex Questions
Newsletter Winter 2010-2011
- Anal Play by Jack Morin, -Meet Nurse Vivienne
Newsletter Fall 2010 -Vibrators throughout History, Japan's Penis and Vagina Festivals
Newsletter Halloween 2010 -Kinky Witches , -Sex sells Coffins
Newsletter Winter 2009-Spring 2010 -Safer Sex Practices, -Meet Nurse Mona
Newsletter Summer 2009 -Nurse Jackie, and W Magazine
Newsletter Spring 2009 -Over 10 years of Medical Fetish, -Medical Fetish Restaurants
Newsletter Winter 2008-09 -Sex for Anti-aging, -Anna Rose of as Lab Mouse
Newsletter Autumn 2008 -Photo Shoots at, -Domination in Cinema
Newsletter Summer 2008 -Popularity of Nurses in Pop Culture
Newsletter Summer-Fall 2007 -Medical Fetish in Taipei, -Museum of Sex NYC
Newsletter Fall-Winter 2006-2007 -October Effigies, - Meet Nurse Victoria
Newsletter Spring-Summer 2006 -Transamerica Penis, -Violet Blue loves Medical Fetish
Newsletter Fall-Winter 2005-2006 -Grey's Anatomy and other Medical Fetish themed TV shows
Newsletter Summer 2005 -Richard Branson, Medical Fetishist, - Meet Dr. Morteau
Newsletter Spring 2005 -Japanese Cosplay, - Meet Nurse Cindy
Newsletter Winter 2004-2005 -Health Benefits of Orgasm, -Icy No-no's!
Newsletter Summer 2004 -Homage to Japanese Fans, -Fetishist banned from Hospital
Newsletter Fall-Winter 2003-2004 -Red Crosses, - Canada's "Sex Lady", Sue Johanson
Newsletter Spring Summer 2003 Costume Department, -Nurses & Enema Play II
Newsletter Fall Winter 2002 Nurses & Enema Play I, -meet Nurse Patricia
Newsletter Fall Winter 2001 -A word about 9/11, -Meet Nurse Ivanna
Newsletter Spring Summer 2001 -New Space for, -Meet Nurse Lacey
Newsletter Fall Winter 2000 -Medical Toys on Playboy's Sexcetera TV, -Meet Nurse Angela
Newsletter Spring Summer 2000 -More Updates at website, -Meet Nurse Valentine
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