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  Medical Toys Newsletter Archives

Note: since the onset (or onslaught) of Twitter and Facebook along with our blog on Tumblr,  we ceased formal publication of a "newsletter" in exchange for the daily updates and interaction via our social media sites.
 Thanks for following us as we continue to evolve and grow... over 19 years and running!!!

Spring-Summer 2011 -Meet Nurse Rebecca, Electro Play, Sex Questions
Newsletter Winter 2010-2011
- Anal Play by Jack Morin, -Meet Nurse Vivienne
Newsletter Fall 2010 -Vibrators throughout History, Japan's Penis and Vagina Festivals
Newsletter Halloween 2010 -Kinky Witches , -Sex sells Coffins
Newsletter Winter 2009-Spring 2010 -Safer Sex Practices, -Meet Nurse Mona
Newsletter Summer 2009 -Nurse Jackie, and W Magazine
Newsletter Spring 2009 -Over 10 years of Medical Fetish, -Medical Fetish Restaurants
Newsletter Winter 2008-09 -Sex for Anti-aging, -Anna Rose of as Lab Mouse
Newsletter Autumn 2008 -Photo Shoots at, -Domination in Cinema
Newsletter Summer 2008 -Popularity of Nurses in Pop Culture
Newsletter Summer-Fall 2007 -Medical Fetish in Taipei, -Museum of Sex NYC
Newsletter Fall-Winter 2006-2007 -October Effigies, - Meet Nurse Victoria
Newsletter Spring-Summer 2006 -Transamerica Penis, -Violet Blue loves Medical Fetish
Newsletter Fall-Winter 2005-2006 -Grey's Anatomy and other Medical Fetish themed TV shows
Newsletter Summer 2005 -Richard Branson, Medical Fetishist, - Meet Dr. Morteau
Newsletter Spring 2005 -Japanese Cosplay, - Meet Nurse Cindy
Newsletter Winter 2004-2005 -Health Benefits of Orgasm, -Icy No-no's!
Newsletter Summer 2004 -Homage to Japanese Fans, -Fetishist banned from Hospital
Newsletter Fall-Winter 2003-2004 -Red Crosses, - Canada's "Sex Lady", Sue Johanson
Newsletter Spring Summer 2003 Costume Department, -Nurses & Enema Play II
Newsletter Fall Winter 2002 Nurses & Enema Play I, -meet Nurse Patricia
Newsletter Fall Winter 2001 -A word about 9/11, -Meet Nurse Ivanna
Newsletter Spring Summer 2001 -New Space for, -Meet Nurse Lacey
Newsletter Fall Winter 2000 -Medical Toys on Playboy's Sexcetera TV, -Meet Nurse Angela
Newsletter Spring Summer 2000 -More Updates at website, -Meet Nurse Valentine
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