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Medical & Nurse Fetish Clearance Sale!
These are items that we no longer carry or have been discontinued
by our supplier or special offers.  All sales are final!

Over The Mouth Latex Neck Coset

Over Mouth
 Neck Corset

Hand made of thick 2.5mm white latex, fully formed with a corset-style lacing in the back for closure, this will keep any chatter box quiet!  This stiff reinforced rubber neck corset holds the head and neck secure with correct posture, as the mouth is completely covered.
It's another superior quality offering we are importing from HW Design!

Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")
Medium: SOLD OUT!
Large: SOLD OUT!

White Latex
Over The Mouth Neck Corset
Price: $375.00  $195.00

Covers Mouth Neck Corset Size Selections


Latex Rubber Neck Corset

High Latex Rubber
 Neck Corset
Every Medical Fetishist's and Latex enthusiast's dream (wet dream?) has just come true! Imported from Austria, it is uniquely handmade of thick 2.5 mm white latex, rolled and secure to hold the head up high and neck posture straight! It has the corset style lacing in the back for closure. Created and designed with the finest quality and perfection by H-W Design.

Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")
Medium: 36-38 cm -SOLD OUT!
Large: 40-42 cm (approx. 16.5"-18")

  Heavy Latex Neck Corset
Price: $275.00 $175.00

High Neck Corset Size Selections


Kumi in the high neck latex corset with adjusting steel bar
Latex High Neck Corset
w/Adj. Steel Bar

With its adjustable steel bar in the center, this neck corset is extreme! ... it screams medical fetish fantasies!!

 Imported from Austria*, it is uniquely handmade of thick 2.5 mm white latex, rolled and secure to hold the head up high and neck posture straight! It has the corset style lacing in the back for closure.

Adjustable Latex Neck Corset

Only one size available:
Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")

Very Rare Opportunity!

  Heavy Latex Neck Corset
with Adjustable Steel Bar
Price: $325.00 $248.95

High Neck Corset w/Adj. Bar


Mens Leather Bondage Shorts with Zipper Front
Click on picture for larger detail
Men's Leather Shorts
   These run really, really small and we have 2 (two) brand new in the box pair available only...
So, even though they are marked on each box as Medium and Large, they really fit like  X-Small (maybe a 26-28 waist?) and a Small (28-30)
 -- we just want to give them a good (sexy) home ;-)

Leather Shorts on

Men's Leather Shorts
Price: $84.95 Adoption fee: $15.00

 Leather Shorts Size Selections


Men's Latex
 Butcher Apron 

The last of a great classic... our smooth and sensual latex apron is designed for a one-size-fits-all-perfectly fit  which is 45" wide by 50" from bib-top to front hem ... there is so much latex here, it weighs almost 4 pounds!

Styled after the authentic butcher's apron, it is long (shin length on most men)... We
originally sold these in Semi-Transparent, Black (both shown above) and Red...

We only have one Red
and one Semi-Transparent left!!

Men's Butcher Style 
Latex Apron 
Price: $78.00 $59.95

Choose Color of Apron


32 fr Silicone Colon Tube

Made by Klystra, this is the last of 30" long x 32 FR (0.42") wide silicone colon tube. 

Inside diameter = 0.250" (1/4")
Outside Diameter = 0.42"

We only have one of those left
and they are no longer making them.

Only One Available!
32 fr Silicone Colon Tube
Item #300-3019
Price: $22.95
Final Sale! $18.00/each


Nurses' Mystery Collection of
 Medical Toys & Goodies

Do you like taking chances? Well, our Nurses decided to add some fun and mystery to this clearance page by creating "Grab Bags" of some of our unique one-of-a-kind medical toys that are worth much, much more!

They may include instruments, medical items, instruments, toys, books, samples, DVD's...  whatever!
 --all brand new & never used --

Each kit is hand selected and created,
so let our Nurses have fun packing your mystery kit!!

Medical Mystery Kit
Item #240-9999
Valued at over $100.00!
only $39.95!!


Vibrators and more...

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