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Erotic ElectroSex E-Stim Accessories
for use with T.E.N.S. Units

Many are discovering the intense excitement of electrosex as another stimulus to
sexual activity and add the kink factor!

Enjoy Erotic Electro-sex at your fingertips! ...

Soft, safe electrical impulses stimulate and excite wherever and however you like! It's a new way to add an intense orgasm to sex and role play scenes. The Electro-sex E-stim accessories found on this page work with our standard TENS unit with its multi-function settings for vaginal, anal, penis and testicle stimulation! Using low level electrical current to contract the muscles, and stimulate the nerves contributes to great sexual pleasure and often creates hands-free orgasms!

Why wait any longer to try it?
Discover the excitement of erotic electro-stimulation, easily and affordably. These accessories for the T.E.N.S. will keep you coming back for more and more (literally!)... easy to use, easy to add more accessories and very easy on the wallet!

Electro-Stimulator T.E.N.S. Unit Set

TENS Unit Set
 The T.E.N.S. [*Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation] electro stimulator unit set comes complete with two sets of leads (the banana-style plugs on the end of the leads also work on the Bi-polar Body Clamps!), 4 self-sticking hypoallergenic pads, an instruction booklet and yes, the 9V battery is included!

Most popular question: What does it feel like?
Best answer: Initially feels like a tingly, "pins and needles" sensation and after practicing with it, it can be controlled to give a pulsating, muscle contraction effect. The more practice, the more understanding of its effects and how it works best for each individual depending on their level of excitement!

Easy to use and definitely easy on the wallet, this kit has everything you need to get started. Then, add any of the Electrosex Erotic-Stim Electrodes Accessories you see here for even more fun, exciting and unique electro-sex-play!

Don't forget to get some spare pads!

 Electro-Stim TENS Unit Set
Item # 200-6000
 Price: $95.95


X-Long TENS pads for labia and penis
TENS X-Long Pads
These self adhesive pads are long (three inches!) and thin ( over 1/2") making them ideal for placing along or around the penis or along the labia. Just like standard sized TENS pads [below], they are reusable and are sold as a pack of four.

Size: 15mm by 75mm (0.6" by 3")

TENS X-Long Pads - 4/Pack
Item #200-6205
 Price: $21.95

Spare TENS Adhesive Pads
TENS Pads - Spares
Did you already wear out those electrode pads for your TENS Unit? Are they not "sticking" well enough for you, anymore? Well, fear not! We just happen to have the spares! They come 4 self-adhesive pads with attached leads in a set... So grab a set or two so you are ready for those rainy days! ... don't forget to extend the life of that zzzapp! by using the conductive gel, too!

Size: 51mm by 51mm (2" by 2")

TENS Spare Pads - 4 Pack
Item #200-6200
 Price: $14.95


TENS Wire Leads - Spare 

Additional wire leads for the T.E.N.S. unit we sell.
Sold as one female plug [into unit] with split male banana plugs.

TENS Unit Spare Lead Wire
Item #200-6300
 Price: $9.95



What a great idea! The "sucking" action of vacuum cups, combined ingeniously with electro-stim! They work just like a suction cup to adhere to the skin... the Stimu-Cups are made of a strong yet pliable elastomer type material that provides powerful suction that's so easy to use and adhesive free! Just press the cup in the center with the thumb, release and it sucks the skin into the cup, to stay in place (see brief instructions) and varying thumb pressure adjusts the suction pressure.

Stimu-Cups: Cupping with TENS electro-stim
Suction Cups with T.E.N.S. Connection

Now here's a  really novel and sexy idea! ...mixing cupping and e-stim play at the same time!  Works perfectly for anywhere on the body: push the soft pliable center , release and it sucks up the skin in the area like the vacuum cups! But go one step further: electro-stim!! They connect easily to the male (a.k.a. banana plug pin) on the lead wires that come with the T.E.N.S. unit! So versatile and easy to clean...they can be sterilized in boiling water, too.

Sold as a pair of semi-transparent cups with instructions and a cotton storage bag. They are available in 3 sizes [dimensions shown here are the inner cup widths] 3 cm (approx. 1.25"), 4.5 cm (approx. 1.85") and 6 cm (approx. 2.45")

These were so fun and are till are fun for those
lucky ones who bought them when we had them!

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Pubic Enemy No 1 CBT Chastity Electro-sex
CBT Chastity Electro-stim
Has e-stim fascinated you for playing with CBT and male chastity, but it seemed too expensive to experiment with? Or maybe you are an electro-sex aficionado looking for yet another amazing new toy to add to your collection! Regardless of the reason, this is the MUST-HAVE gadget for anyone who loves playing with their penis! So, we are pretty sure, that does include you!

Designed and manufactured in Germany, this device combines the finest and most ingenious penile-restraint technology with the unmatched thrill of e-stim! It's made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone interior conducting surfaces, which are removable for cleaning or whenever you may prefer to use the cage by itself! The length, as well as the diameter are adjustable.
Electro CBT Chastity
 The cage is secured by either the metal padlock or a zip-tie style, single-use plastic closure. Once fully imprisoned, the kit includes clever printed name shields, to identify who the locked up sub belongs to!

It attaches to any e-stim controller units via the electrode cable with dual pole,
2 mm plug (female). Then prepare for the ecstasy and the pain, as the various waves and pulses of intensity, flow through the encased penis.

 • Clear synthetic body
 • 100% medical grade platinum silicone conductive surfaces (removable)
 • Cage length: 3.2in/82mm, up to 3.7in/94mm w/ 4mm adjustment spacers
 • Inner cage diameter:  1.3in/34mm up to 1.9in/47mm at widest point
 • Inner clasp diameter:  variable in 6 steps, from 1.3in/33mm to 2.0in/52mm
 • Weight of chastity unit: 3.6oz/102g
ELectro-Sex Chastity Kit
 • Metal padlock w/ 2 keys
 • 5 single-use plastic closures, 10 name shields
 • Electrode cable
 • Multi-language instruction manual
 • Samples of Bonnie & Glide and The Goldfather conductivity enhancer gels
 • Zippered hard shell carrying case

CBT Chastity Electro-Stim
Item #200-7118


Penis Testicle Accessory for MYSTim Unit
click on image for larger image

Penis & Testicle Strap Set
 TENS Unit Accessory

Yes!... these are a great idea! Tighten the silicone straps around the penis and ball sack, just like a lasso, and connect to your TENS unit ...then hang on to your bronco, Billy!
... you're going for a wild ride! Yeeup!! It's been
compared to the sensations of a silky, smooth hand job - but without the hands! For best results, place the smaller 35cm ring around the head of the penis and the larger 40cm ring around the testicles then tighten until comfortable. 

Includes instructions.

Overall Penis Strap Length: 13.8 inches (35 cm)
Overall Testicle Strap Length: 14.75 inches (40 cm)

Penis/Testicle Electrode Accessory for TENS
Item #200-7110

Price: $48.00


Electro-thruster- Deep Penetrator
click on image for larger image

Deep Penetrator Electro-thruster

The Deep Penetrator Electro-thruster is amazing! It literally "pushes" electro-sex to a whole new level! With its penis head shaped tip, the Electro-thruster can be inserted vaginally or anally, assisted with ease of control by the handy gripper handle. It plugs into the TENS unit releasing pulsing, undulating sensation and contractions via the contact area deep within!

 14.5" in total length approx.
 9" of insertable length
 1.5" wide

Deep Penetrator Electro-thruster
Item #200-7135

Price: $120.95 only $89.95 intro offer!


TENS Unit Accessory Flexi Anal Plug
click on image for larger image

Felixible Anal (or) Vaginal Probe
TENS Unit Accessory

This amazing electro-stim anal or vaginal TENS unit accessory is shaped like a large egg with with an extremely flexible, pliable silicone tail. The egg is much bigger than the images make it look, too!  And that thin silicone tail is very comfortable so extended scenes should be no problem!

It is perfectly suitable for either anal or vaginal erotic-electro stimulation (never use between vaginal and anus... one or the other, only!) and the grip has  ribbings to make it easy for removal.

Egg diameter: 34 mm (1.5").
 Insertion length: 150 mm (6") max.

(That's a U.S. 25 cent piece next to it!!)

click on image for larger image

Flexible Anal or Vaginal Probe Electrode
Item #200-7130

Price: $149.95


Urethral Sound Electrode

click on image for larger image

Urethral Sound Electrode
 TENS Unit Accessory

The Urethral Sound is made of hand polished medical aluminum. The smooth 9.8 inch sound when gently introduced into the tip of the penis stimulates the urethra creating an intense sensation. Plug into the  TENS Unit using plenty of lube to gently slide the sound in. The sound can be warmed in hot water or cooled in the refrigerator for more variation during sensory play.


  • Length is 9.8 inches (25.0cm)
  • Diameter is 0.3 inches (0.8 cm)
  • Weight .088 lbs (1.41oz)
  • Made of hand polished medical aluminum

Safety, Care and Usage

Please clean thoroughly before and after use with warm water and soap. Always be well educated when playing with urethral sounds to avoid injury. Never force a sound into the urethra, allow it to gently guide itself in naturally.

Urethral Sound Electrode
Item #200-7115

Price: $98.50


Electrode Nipple Testicle Clamps Bi-Polar  ElectrodeClamps (Pair)
 TENS Unit Accessory

The Bi-polar Electrode Clamps are an accessory for use with the TENS Unit . These clamps are carefully designed using gold plated contacts for the most intense and continuous stimulation. The bi-polar connection allows only the area between the clamps to be stimulated creating a safe connection for using on the penis head or ball sack or any where else your imagination decides... simultaneously!

  • Leads Length 63 inches (160 cm)
  • 2 Body Clamps
  • Gold plated contacts

Bi-polar Electrodes Clamps (Pair)
Item #200-7120

Price: $69.95


Electro-Stim Butt Plug Large forTENS
click on image for larger image

Butt Plug Electrode
TENS Unit Accessory

Made of hand-polished medical aluminum, this fabulous quality plug provides perfectly amazing orgasms.

Plug into the TENS Unit and indulge in the subtlest of pulses up to the most powerful throbbing! Instructions included.

Overall length: 3.8 inches (13.0 cm)
Insertable length: 3.25 inches
Widest Diameter: 2.5" (approx.) (6.5 cm)

Large Butt Plug Electrode
Item #200-7100

Price: $159.75


Oval Dildo from MYStim Electro-Stimulation

click on image for larger image

"Ovals" Dildo
TENS Unit Accessory

Oval the edge... oh, actually over the edge... that's what you'll say and feel with this beautifully designed, polished aluminum "Ovals" Dildo. Cool in the fridge or warm by the heater for added thrills. Ideal for anal or vaginal stimulation, this lustrous metal dildo slides in with ease.

The 2 oval shaped ridges add to the waves of pleasure - the first being full of electro sensations and the second being inactive but smooth and sleek to the touch. Combined, it'll give you an experience unlike anything else!

Use with the TENS unit. Instructions included.

Overall length: 5.5 inches (14.0 cm)
Insertable length: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Diameter: 1.75 inches (4.45 cm)

"Ovals" Anal/Vaginal Accessory
Item #200-7105

Price: $135.00

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