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Electro-Stimulation from P.E.S. for Electro-Sex Play
Choose any of the items below to read all about how-to-use,
pictures of the item in use, suggestions for use and to order.

P.E.S. Power Box
Electro-Stim Unit

Urethral & Penis Head Double Electrode
"Deep Throat

Prostate Stimulator
Single Electrode

Penis Head E-Stim
Single Electrodes

Penile Rings
Single or Double

Rectal Pacifier
Single Electrode $89.95

Penis Base Ring
& PenisMid Ring
Single Electrodes

Anal Tubular Single Electrode

Butt Plug

Double Electrode

Urethral and Multi-use
Single Electrode


  Electro-Flex Vaginal Plug
Double Electrode

Ball Sack Single Adjustable Electrode
"Testicle Tubular"
~Designed for Men       ~Designed for Women       ~Unisex uses

TENS Unit and Accessories
Looking for even more devious ways and ideas to explore Electro-Sex Play?

Check out these TENS  electro-stimulators and accessories for them! 
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