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Electro-Sex Prostate Stimulator Electrodes

Quad Pole Prostate Estim

Silicone Quad-Pole Electro-Stim
 Prostate Massager

This has a quad-polar design... yes! takes four 2 mm male pin connectors to function, which means much more powerful results! Prostate milking and stimulation has a new device that increases the power as well as the area of stimulation!

Dual Areas of conductivity for more power and intensity

 Stimulate up to four areas at once with a dual-channel stimulator ( TENS unit or the Flick Duo Kit ), teasing deep inside the anal cavity, tickling the perineum and massaging the prostate in unison. Expect powerful contractions and an intense tingle that nudges Sirius against that sweet p-spot!

4 male pin insetion holes on base of Sirius

Its uniquely designed shape and its pliability allows for angling the tip, shaft and perineum stimulator for a tailored fit for contact with the erogenous zones. Feel the tip stroke and push forward on the prostate with every pulsation. This specialized device takes sexual satisfaction to incredible new heights!

 Male Pin Leads 2 sets

Powerbox/ TENS Unit, lead wires and adapters not included.



Quad-Pole E-Stim Prostate Stim Massager
Item #200-7149
Price: $95.00




As with all insertable sex toy products, lubrication plays an important part of the effectiveness, performance and ease of use.

 We recommend Surgical Lubricant or Sex Grease or any water based lubricants for conductivity and longevity of the electrode's life.

Just as important as the lube, is cleanliness! As we discuss in sound play, be sure to have clean hands (anti-bacterial soaps are great!) and use latex gloves. 

Before insertion, lubrication should be applied to the contact surface of the electrode before placement, for easy adjustment. This allows the electrode body to move freely for your personal fit. 

As we've stated before: Do not use lubricants with silicone ingredients. Silicone is an insulator which greatly affects conductivity, and can chemically bond to the products when applied over a long period of time.

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Electro-ejaculation... The procedure is applied... in the treatment of anejaculation and ejaculatory dysfunction... An electric probe is inserted into the rectum adjacent to the prostate.

The probe delivers a slight electric current that stimulates nearby nerves, resulting in contraction of the pelvicmuscles and ejaculation."

Electro-Sex Butt Rammer
Silicone Electro-Sex
 "Butt Bumper"

Bend over and kiss your limits good-bye! ... YES! here's proof that you are not the only one out there who just loves this unique sort of butt play action!

This 100% medical grade silicone, bi-polar e-stim ass play and prostate stimulation toy is made with an innovative Flex and Stay technology allowing you to shape this device to hit just the right spots!

Bend and Stays in position

 There are three conductive oval ball shapes that "pop" and hit the sweet spot for some deep prostate stimulation, too. The "ramming handle" is non-conductive silicone so you can get a really firm grip that will p-u-s-h it to the limits... and beyond!

Conductive areas on the Butt Rammer

Since it is made from medical grade platinum silicone, cleanup is easy with warm soapy water, rinse, then followed by an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.
The handle has 2mm female jack inputs for connection to any TENS unit or the Flick Duo Kit .

As with all electrical toys we recommend water based lubricant, like Surgical Lubricant or Sex Grease

Overall Length: 9.5 inches
Insertable Length: 7.5 inches
Largest Circumference: 5 ¼ inches
Smallest Circumference: 3 ¾ inches

Silicone Electro-Sex
 Butt  Bumper

Item #200-7155
  Price: $99.95


Electro-Stimulator T.E.N.S. Unit Set

TENS Unit Set
The T.E.N.S. [*Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation]
electro stimulator unit set comes complete with two sets of leads (the male banana-style plugs on the end of the leads, they work on the Electro-Stim Masturbation Sleeve , Flexing Depth Charger, Flexible Anal or Vaginal Probe Electrode, Large Butt Plug Electrode, Curved Butt Plug / Prostate Stimulator, "Ovals" Anal/Vaginal Accessory, both versions of the CBT Chastity Electro-Stim and 6-Ball Extra Long E-Stim Insertable )

It also includes 4 self-sticking hypoallergenic pads, an instruction booklet and yes, the 9V battery is included!

Easy to use and definitely easy on the wallet, this kit has everything you need to get started. Then, add any of the Electrosex Erotic-Stim Electrodes Accessories you see here for even more fun, exciting and unique electro-sex-play!

Don't forget to get some spare pads!

 Electro-Stim TENS Unit Set
Item # 200-6000
 Price: $95.95 only $79.95

  Most popular question: What does it feel like?
Best answer: Initially feels like a tingly, "pins and needles" sensation and after practicing with it, it can be controlled to give a pulsating, muscle contraction effect. The more practice, the more understanding of its effects and how it works best for each individual depending on their level of excitement!

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