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  Spreader Bars!
Spreader Bars: Strict Bondage

Spreader bars are an easy and very effective way to add immobility and strict restraint to any medical or bondage scene! They attach quickly with D-clips or even rope to bondage and institutional cuffs at each end so that wrists, ankles or thighs can be held apart.

Once on the wrists, for example, the bar keeps the arms and hands spread, rendering their wearer defenseless! So true with the ankles... legs are spread and unable to close... and forget about trying to get away with spreader bars on your legs!

Spreader Bar Positions
Spreader bars are so versatile and can be used in so many different positions. One spreader bar between wrists and one between the ankles with hands and feet secured to achieve a full spread eagle is one of the most vulnerable positions.

In the kneeling position, a spreader between the ankles and then another between the thigh area just above the knees is a submissve's pain and glory. Add even more tension with the arms secured in the back with a spreader between the wrists!

Bending over a spanking bench with spreader bars secured between the wrists and ankles will take that spanking to a whole new level!

Try using the spreader as an extension to another bondage device or furniture, like a stock or a chair.

And if you have way to hang the spreader bar, it's perfect for light suspension (meaning no full body weight suspension) for arms or legs.
Use some rope for re-inforcing, if necessary.

Spreader Bar Safety Check List

1.) Don't spread limbs too far apart to prevent muscle spasms or pulls.
2.) Be careful not to twist ankles or wrists with spreaders bars in place.
3.) If spreader bars are raised over head, be sure to watch for limbs "falling asleep" from lack of circulation.
4.) Pay attention to pressure on thighs and hips if person is laying on their back with a spreader bar attached to the ankles, especially during sexual intercourse.
5.) Periodically check for any of the issues listed above and always remember: safe, sane and consensual.

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Adjustable Spreader Bar
Adjustable Spreader Bar
One bar fits all! Well, most, anyway!! This heavy-duty stainless steel adjustable spreader bar is a quick, easy way to keep knees and legs apart or restrain interfering hands out of the way - simply attach wrist or ankle cuffs to the eyebolts at either end with D-clips or locks. Just pull out the quick disconnect pins, slide the bar over the hole you want to re-size to, drop in the pin and ...poof! is ready! Adjusts from 24" - 37" (63.5 - 94 cm) wide (great for wrists, legs, thighs...) and it breaks down to three short sections... perfect for storage and travel! 
Adjustable Spreader Bar Detail #1

Adjustable Spreader Bar
Item #630-5000
Price: $59.95


Red Spreader Bars

Aviation grade aluminum spreader bars available in 24" or 36" in Red. Made in the USA with quality and reliability.

Spreader Bars
Limited Quantities in Red only

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Red Spreader Bar
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