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Institutional Medical Bondage Padded Cuffs & Collars

Institutional Cuffs on Victoria

Thick quality vinatge-medical style tan leather makes these our number one favorites in the clinic! Our unique heavy-duty Padded Institutional Cuffs and Collar are an awesome combination of heavy sturdy tan leather and the supple white garment leather that create the best medical fetish institutional restraints for your naughty patient!

These institutional padded restraints are a must have for a Devious Doc or a Nasty Nurse! Add a spreader bar, some D-Clips or bondage rings  or even use the handy leather Bondage Tethers to keep unruly patients secured to their bed posts or railings. They can be locked, too... 

 Functional, durable, unbelievably secure and comfortable...


Vital Stats:

  • Extremely Secure, Built to Last and Amazingly Comfortable
  • Thick Padded White Glove Leather Lining
  • Fine English Bridle Tan Leather Outer Body
  • Precision White Saddle Stitching
  • Double Locking Roller Buckles
  • Heavy Duty D Clips attached!
Madison Young wearing institutional cuffs
Madison Young

Closeup of Institutional Padded Cuff on Ankle

Medical Bondage Cuffs

The real McCoy!
These heavy duty leather cuffs with thick leather with foam padding are the actual restraints used in hospitals and institutions!

They are commercial grade, strong and durable and once locked in place, no patient will dare try to escape!

Sold as a pair ...with keys, of course!

Humane Restraint Cuffs 3 sizes

Institutional HR Wrist
Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4000


 Institutional HR Ankle
 Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4001
 Price: $139.95


 Institutional HR X-Large
Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4002
 Price: $145.00


Padded Medical Bondage Wrist and Ankle Cuffs on Nurse Lilu

Hot new addition to our leather medical bondage offerings!!  Our Medical Bondage Leather Cuffs and Collar are an awesome combination of sturdy "institutional" tan leather with a smooth, supple red glove leather over thick padding.

To add to their unique fit form and function for medical restraint aficionados, they have a double locking buckle system along with rivet-secured built in D-Clips, so they are ready to attach immediately to anything... anytime!

So worthy... so submissive...

Close up of Medical Red lining Cuffs

 “A slave’s life is mostly composed of patience and study. Yes, study. If not with actual books, then following the example of greater, senior slaves.

Or learning every nuance of their owner’s character, so that they can more completely and seamlessly offer themselves at the right time and in the right manner.”

 ~Laura Antoniou, author of  The Marketplace BDSM fiction series and much more...

Tan Leather Hog-Tie

Tan Leather Hog Tie Clip

The 2 1/2" center ring and heavy duty Snap-clips are secured in a 4-way restraint with 1" wide sturdy tan Latigo leather.

Item #640-2003 
Price: $26.95


White Leather Hog-Tie
White Leather Hog Tie Clip

The 2 1/2" center ring and heavy duty Snap-clips are secured in a 4-way restraint with 1" wide sturdy white Latigo leather.

Item #640-2004
Price: $26.95


Instiutional Style Cuffs by Strict  Leather
Institutional Padded
Wrist & Ankle Cuffs
Lock your patient down, just like the real "special" ward patients! With these vintage style medical tan and white leather cuffs. Made from high quality institutional tan colored English Bridle leather with a supple white padded leather on the inside lined, secure, fit and comfort are ensured! The lockable buckle is perfect for keeping your naughty patient under strict control! Then clip them to some Tan Tethers...

Available in Wrist sizes and Ankle sizes...
and matching Collar!
Locks sold separately.

Ankle Cuffs

Institutional Padded Cuffs

Wrist Cuffs (pair)
11.5" long X 3" wide
Item #600-4010
Price: $95.95

Ankle Cuffs (pair)
14.5" long X 3" wide
Item #600-4011
Price: $99.95

Institutional Padded Cuffs Size Selections

Medical Bondage Wrists Leather Cuffs
Leather Medical Bondage
  w/ Red Padded Lining

Wrist & Ankle Wide Cuffs

These are so exciting! Thick padding under the red glove leather lining makes these 3.25" wide, double locking buckled wrist restraints perfect for extended medical play scenes!  Their unique design continues with an attached, rivet-secured D-clip connection! So easy to quickly clip to spreader bars, bondage rings, hog-ties... anything... anytime! (No more worrying if you have any spare D-clips on hand!) Aesthetics, style, function and just sexy as hell for any medical fetishist... at a price that works for today's budget "restraints"!!

Medical Bondage Leather Restraints Ankles

Wrist Restraints (pair) = 3.25" W
fits 5.75" up to 9.5"

Ankle Restraints (pair) = 3.50" W
fits 8.75" up to 13.5"

Medical Cuffs w/ Red Lining
Wrist (pair)
Item #600-4050 
Price: $75.95

Medical Cuffs w/ Red Lining
 Ankle (pair)
Item #600-5050
Price: $79.95

Medical Bondage Cuffs Size Selections

NOTE: These are hand crafted exclusively for so allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
 after order.

Medical Bondage Leather Restraints Collar
Medical Bondage
Leather w/ Red Padded Lining


Complete the look and "patient" submissive feel created by our Medical Bondage Restraints Cuffs with a matching Collar! From the D-ring in the front to the locking buckle in the back, this collar is so comfortable to wear thanks to the smooth padded red glove leather lining!

 Available in two sizes:
•Small/Medium (fits necks up to 15.5")  •Medium/Large (fits necks up to 18.5")

Leather Medical Bondage
  w/Red Lining Collar

Item #600-5055 Small/Medium
 Item #600-5056 Medium/Large
Price: $69.95

Collar Size Selections

NOTE: These are hand crafted exclusively for so allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
 after order.

click on photo for larger detail
Institutional Leather Bondage Strap
w/ Clips (Pair)

 Need a quick, but very effective hook-up? These long "furniture friendly" bondage tethers are made from strong bridle leather and are secured with solid steel rivets. They fit perfectly around bed posts, chair legs, trees, fireman poles, gurney legs, exam tables... well, you get the idea! Simply loop them through and clip your favorite patient to their cuffs, arm binders or foot trainers or whatever your heart desires! Sold as a pair. 

New longer length:
36" from clips to top of loop!
 -- previously only 24" long!

Tan Leather Bondage Tethers
Item #640-4001
Price: $58.00

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