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Nurse Rebecca Nurse Rebecca joins our kinky staff!

The clinic just hasn't been the same since Nurse Rebecca's arrival... it's been better than ever! As the weeks go by, we discover more and more intriguing talents, such as her passion for the arts, music and the macabre.

She is a professionally trained figure skater, so donning tight fitting outfits and balancing en pointe in ballet boots is always a supreme pleasure for her (and us!).

Another uniquely important (and exciting!) Nurse Rebecca talent is that she is bi-cunnilingual. One never worries about being tongue-tied, because Nurse Rebecca will graciously come to the rescue!  Her soliloquies, stories and clever but gentle sarcasm prove her to be quite a deft and cunning linguist.

Nurse Rebecca first discovered her love for the mad medical fetish clinic, here at, as an  intern. Her extensive stays and programs at the kinky clinic originally as one of our "patients", led to her recent promotion (up from orderly!).

She is an alumnus of Brookhaven Hospital's Medical School* and not only achieving the rank of nurse, she's also a lube scientist. Her research and clinical lab experiences and experiments have proved invaluable for deciphering applications most applicable in the science of lubology.
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* -kiss-kiss, wink-wink Silent Hill fans!

How Do You Really Feel About Your Sexuality?" 

As sexually free as we like to believe we may be, there are still many deep dark secrets lurking within our psyche that frighten us to even peek at them! Many of us feel we have it all together and that who we are as a sexual being is "out in the open". Yet, for some reason, for so many, sex (and especially kinky or "non-vanilla" or "non-straight" sex) still hides under layers and layers of social mores and taboos.

The following list of questions about personal feelings and beliefs regarding sexuality is a powerful tool, designed to open up and push past self-prejudices that unwittingly, may be hindering your real sense of sexual freedom, exploration and pleasures.

After reading and thinking about these questions, allow time to really investigate your own sexual responses over a period of time. If you are a journal keeper, record your thoughts and feelings.  Regardless of how you keep track of your "investigative results", pay attention to changes and progresses that are leading you to a more fulfilling experience with sex.

The underlying factor of being kinky is that we are turned on sexually. If there are voids in our basic sexual connections, either with others or ourselves, they will be magnified by our kink, BDSM or fetish obsessions.

  • Do you have any personal sexual issues, fantasies, desires, or concerns that you have not shared with your spouse or partner? (Obviously, you are not obliged to share every thought but what holds you back from things you might want to share? And why not share all?)
  • Do you sometimes have sexual fantasies about someone of the same gender? If so, how do you feel about that?
  • Have you ever wondered or worried that you are not "male enough" or "female enough"?
  • Would you describe yourself sexually as more puritanical (following all of the rules) or more hedonistic (forget the rules, go with your impulses)? Are you feeling more strongly towards one or the other?
  • Are you sometimes bored with sex? What  do you believe would make it more fulfilling for you?
  • Would you describe yourself as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual? Think of this answer based on experiences, fantasies and/or feelings.
  • Do have any sexual guilt or shame? In what area?
  • What sexual acts do you especially like, and why?
  • Do you believe masturbation is a healthy sexual release?  If not, why?
  • What do believe holds you back from completely honoring and enjoying who you are sexually, including your thoughts, desires, fantasies and encounters?

So take the results from your pondering and investigation of these questions to use them as a guide to locate and identify any repressed feelings, beliefs and/or tackle any hidden demons. Start working on them. This, in turn, will create outlets for realigning existing and newly discovered passions for more fulfilling, fun and excitement in bed, in the dungeon, in the clinic or wherever!

Penis Testicle Accessory for MYSTim Unit
click on image for larger image

  Penis & Testicle Strap Set TENS Accessory

Yes!... these are a great idea! Tighten the silicone straps around the penis and ball sack, just like a lasso, and connect to your TENS unit ...then hang on to your bronco, Billy!
... you're going for a wild ride! Yeeup!! It's been compared to the sensations of a silky, smooth hand job - but without the hands! For best results, place the smaller 35cm ring around the head of the penis and the larger 40cm ring around the testicles then tighten until comfortable. 

Includes instructions.

Overall Penis Strap Length: 13.8 inches (35 cm)
Overall Testicle Strap Length: 14.75 inches (40 cm)

  Penis/Testicle Electrode Accessory for TENS
Item #200-7110
Price: $48.00


Electro Sex Play
by Peter Boots and Dirk

Electro-stimulation, erotic electro-stim, electric play all basically mean the same thing: using electric or battery powered devices in safe, sane and consensual BDSM games!

For many people, it may seem like a frightening idea, yet many a "newbie" has been converted <pun intended!> by following two simple rules: first, use devices powered by low-powered batteries or plug-in-powered appliances that have been designed to "step down" the voltage and regulates the power and second, never place any contacts or electrodes above the waist (including on hands or arms). The cautions related to the latter is that  even small currents to the heart or brain can disrupt those organs' own delicate balance of their own natural electrical activity.

So, your question is, what can we safely play with? Well, thanks to inventive manufacturers like PES (Paradise Electro Stimulations) and other mainstream electro-therapy products, there are many possibilities! These devices are safe (when used properly) for electrical play and electro-medical fetish scenes, etc. Low frequency AC or pulsed DC devices, such as “TENS” and  “EMS” units, as well as more sophisticated devices made especially for electrical play offer many options, along with high voltage, high frequency, ultra low current devices, like the “Violet Wands”.

TENS (Therapeutic Electro-Neural Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) units and Relaxicisors. Intended for relief of back pain and muscle stimulation, these devices come in various varieties offering different numbers of independent output channels and features that vary the intensity and pulse characteristics of the output. Go for modern battery-powered models and avoid second-hand mains powered ones! They are sometimes advertised in the classified sections of newspapers for mail order, though they don't come cheap. The supplied contact pads can be replaced by contacts of your own.

Introduction to TENS Units

TENS units and similar electrical toys are favorites for BDSM play, but I and others I have played with have found
that they can be a bit difficult to integrate into a scene unless you are playing with a very trusting bottom who doesn't even have residual fears about electricity or has experienced them before.

If you know someone who is excessively fearful but keen to try electricity, give them control of the unit and let them try things out by themselves. I have left fearful bottoms to play with my TENS unit only to come back to find them pleasurably entertaining themselves at full power...

Safety first

Electrical toys must not be used above the waist, or more accurately, above the navel. Some people maintain that as long as both terminals are on the same arm this is safe, too, but personally I feel that it's pushing safety a bit.

Making good contact between the skin and the electrodes is vital -- more on how to do that later. If you don't do this, you won't get good results with TENS units.

You also need to know that the smaller the contact point, the more intense the sensation -- clips and clamps feel quite different than a contact pad! So always start at low power and work up slowly.

Another very important safety point is not to tie someone tightly when using electricity. You will be stimulating their muscles either directly, or make them jump with the sensations. They could injure themselves easily if they can't move. People react differently, so a setting that might make your leg twitch might cause a major leg movement in another -- consider this when tying someone.

Please note that I am only addressing TENS, EMS (passive muscle stimulators sold to people too lazy to do sit-ups) and similar units in this article. Hand crank magnetos, cattle prods or stun guns must not be used as described below.

First Experiments

Trying the unit out on yourself is really the only way to learn. One thing to remember with anything that has settings or dials is that different people have different pain thresholds. Even the same person may experience and interpret sensations differently at different times -- just because one setting is pleasurable to one bottom doesn't mean another one else will find it so.

A good place to start exploring is the legs. Try putting one terminal on the inside of your thigh about three inches from the crotch, the other one on the inside of your ankle. Good lubrication of the skin/contact pads is essential -- water is fine for the genuine re-usable gel type pads that come with some of the units. For dry re-usable terminals or anything home-made, water-based lube like SurgiLube is OK, but adding a small amount of salt to the lube improves conductivity like SpectraGel.


Experiment with the various settings of your unit, always with the unit turned off at the beginning. Most TENS units have settings for intensity (power output), pulse rate and width of signal. There are also several switches for additional 'modes' which may be important for the intended medical use, but seem to add little to play. One of  these modes sets pulse to 'continuous' -- make sure you haven't accidentally selected this.

A good start is to set intensity to about one third of maximum. Then dial in various pulse rates and widths of signal to experience the different sensations. Next, choose approximately 40% pulse rate and signal width and increase intensity. You should feel leg muscles respond by contracting (twitching) in rhythm with the pulse setting. You may need to adjust the position of the pads slightly or check for good contact if your muscles do not respond.

When you reach an intensity level at which your muscles contract comfortably, increase the pulse rate until you reach a point at which the pulse rate is too fast for your muscles to react -- they will cramp instead. Depending on your point of view this can be either unbearably painful or an incredible turn-on! Next, try putting a pad on each ankle -- really nice. Then try putting one or both pads on the sole of your foot. Lastly, if you have two sets of outlets, put one set of pads on each leg.

From here on it's plain sailing. If you can't remember basic human anatomy from school biology, take a look at a fitness or anatomy book at the library and see where all the leg, arse (buttocks) and stomach muscles are located. The principle is really simple -- place the contacts a little beyond where muscles connect to joints and tendons.

Cock and Ball Story

Other places to explore are cock and balls -- try one pad at the base of the balls, the other at various parts of the cock, for example. (I'm sure I don't need to say more about this, other than that I'm sorry I have no similar suggestions for female readers*.)

<>There are all sort of fun attachments you can buy for cock and arse (buttocks), including urethral insertion, butt plugs, ball sack and penis wraps.

* see photo (below) for suggestion for "female readers"

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