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10 years of Medical Fetish, Mischief and Mayhem!

There's a tried and true old saying, "Time flies when you are having fun." which could not be more precise in describing our first 10 years of Medical Toys.

Ten years ago, after eight straight years of economic growth in the US, the US Government said its budget surplus was $1trillion and planned to use it for strengthening our Medicare system and paying off some of the countries $3.7trillion national debt. The world prepared for the party of the millennium with amazing firework shows and special events  worldwide to welcome in 2000. Napster became the first online music file sharing service. Environmental activist Julia "Butterfly" Hill spent two years living in a 180-foot-tall, 600-year-old California Redwood tree nicknamed, Luna, to prevent loggers of the Pacific Lumber Company from cutting it down. The Dow Jones average was above the 10,000 mark for the first time. Microsoft introduced Windows 98. As we said, time flies...

After ten years, the Medical Toys staff continues to enjoy an eventful, rewarding and definitely unique way of life! And our customers have always been the focus for everything we do, as we listen or read their suggestions, recommendations and ideas. Each and every customer has guided us in some way to grow into the company that we are today.

Along the way, we met so many fellow fetishists; many of them have become dear friends. And thanks to the internet, we have documented and shared many of those experiences. Our overflowing pages of information and photography, continues to boggle all who take time to dig in and explore it all. Remember, we were doing what Wikipedia and Blogger are doing now, long before they were invented!

Over the years, we have moved into larger and larger buildings, allowing us to grow in inventory management, customer service and storage for our ever growing collection of medical devices and equipment. (Let's face it, that stuff is big, bulky and heavy, taking up lots of space!) So, in the last two years we grew into a 10, 000 square foot space, making room for multiple clinics and medical play spaces, more inventory space and expansion.

This year marks a pivotal accomplishment for us. 10 years of quality products, excellence in customer service and a love and devotion to medical fetish and bondage that has had many, many imitators ( the highest form of flattery?), but there is only, one truly dedicated, MedicalToys.com.
Nurse Angela and our Super Intruder Rectal Scope

10 Year Anniversary New Year's Eve Party...
Here's a few pictures from our 10th Anniversary celebration party on New Year's Eve...

Before the event... Sebastian testing his cool lighting

Band is set up... cages and bondage chair ready to go...

Clinic play area set up at the party

Sebastian & Laural do last minute checks of the
 Octo-cage for Ball Drop at Midnight!

Doc Sebastian interviewing Anna Rose of AlterPic.com and KinkyPonyGirl.com and her Master, Uwe for SeriousBondage.com's video-news

Mistress Amanda Wildfyre makes a grand entrance
 in her custom latex gown.

earlier... Ms. Amanda and her Midnight Mummy,
being prepped in a fiberglass encasement

Sexy Nurse Victoria ringing in the New Year!

Very sexy Anna Rose celebrating our 10 years of Medical Fetish
in her semi-transparent straitjacket, nurse hood and "pussy head harness"

Naked "Misty" is ready for midnight's ball drop...
(looks like she's on the floor, but that's the ceiling!)

Doc locks in another willing "victim", ready to ride
 in the cage up two stories!

Deborah Addington, author of numerous BDSM books 
and Amanda Wildfyre

Mark from SeriousBondage.com doing what he
 likes best... video recording and photographing bondage!

"Nurse" Alice has so much fun with the
Chinese finger cuffs at the party.

Happy 10th Anniversary, MedialToys.com...
 many more to come!

Medical Fetish Theme Restaurants

So... you thought you were all alone with your medical fetish? Or maybe you found us, here at Medical Toys  and thought, "Okay, I guess I'm not alone... but..." so you believed you discovered a few more like-souls. But wait! Take a look here at how far and wide our medical fetish influence has traveled... around the world and directly into gastronomy!

Hospitalis -  Latvia

If Latvia is not on your Medical Fetish radar screen... dial it in now! In the beautiful capital city of Riga, now offers a restaurant and bar featuring a decor of sparkling chrome, glass and red & white named “Hospitalis“.

The name says it all... this place is a medical fetishist's dream come true! The wait staff are "nurses" dressed in crisp white cotton uniforms, donning their caps and red wigs (gee, I wonder why they like red haired nurses? <blush>) and horn-rimmed glasses. The bartenders are "Doctors" serving up whatever ails you cure alls, in the form of a cocktail (yes, they even have "Sex on the Beach, and we know what that's good for curing!) or beer or a wine and champagne list to envy the Napa Valleyites.

click for larger image

The creation of this unique, highly stylized, yet gourmet quality dining fantasy, involved a number of their local hospitals and the Latvian National History Museum. Much of the interior is donated from authentic, mostly Soviet-institutional furnishings and medical devices carefully restored. attributes of various treatments, which experienced a proper restoration. Calling in some new blood Latvian artisans, Zane Tetere and Guntars Gravina, helped finish the high-end look and feel. Everyone involved in the project managed to pull off the fine balance between "physician's self-ironic dark humor" and a top-class restaurant from the interior design to the menu. The entire establishment is owned by local doctors. Actually, the president of Latvia is also a doctor, but he, unfortunately, declined to appear at the grand opening, when he discovered how "unusual" this place actually is.

The drinks and food are served in flasks, beakers and operating-room trays as dishes. The prices are equivalent to the haute-cuisine served at $LAT 7.00 (approx. $US15.00 per meal), and it truly is worth every LAT to be able to experience this! http://www.hospitalis.lv/eng/edienkarte.php

click for larger images [below]

The Clinic

The Clinic in Singapore is another Medical Fetishist's wet dream!  It is fine dining, bar and nightclub with a medical chic design mixed by the master of elegant eccentricity architect and artist Damien Hirst, with his attention to details such as syringes, drips, test tubes and other medical paraphernalia in the decor and eating and drinking accouterments.


Spanning over 15,000 sq. ft. of space, The Clinic resembles an organized maze with pill shaped rooms interlocking into one another for easy access. The Clinic has two floors. On the first floor, there are a number of bars, a dance club, and a merchandise store. They have a drink called "Sex on the Drip"

Upstairs, The Clinic offers a dining experience like no other. Dine from kidney shaped surgical pans, and drink through test tubes. The haute-cuisine, avant garde menu is second to none and very well suited to the surroundings.


Shibuya Medical Prison - Alcatraz ER - Japan

Shibuya, Japan is one of Tokyo's "wards" (appropriate name for it, now!) which harbors the fashion and night-life scene for Tokyo. What a better location for this truly bizarre medical theme restaurant, “Alcatraz ER” also known as the “Shibuya Medical Prison.”

It's a mix of a prison hospital (Alcatraz) meets Middle Ages dungeon and yes, it is a restaurant! According to a blog from actual attendees, upon arrival, you have to state your blood-type to enter, which is recorded and then you are handcuffed by nurse-outfitted cuties who lead you to your “cell”- a dingy room resembling a medieval dungeon, for your dining room.

Cocktails (there's one that resembles a cock in a beaker!)  with names like “Influenza” and "Acute Mental Stabilizer” are served in test tubes, or you can even drink from a hospital I.V. drip or a beer in a plastic urinal. Meals are delivered in metal operating trays.

Dinners are occasionally interrupted to an "escaped lunatic" in a Jason mask, who runs around the place, terrorizing customers.

Birthdays are a big deal and unsuspecting celebrants receive "treatments"... and the treatment can depend on the mood of the "doctor" or "nurse" administering it. An over-the-knee fake injection with a giant fake syringe, or being laid out on a operating table being force fed...

  click for larger images [below]

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