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12/24/2008  Take advantage of the Holiday Spirit we are offering! 15% off everything!! Limited time offer, so don't be left out!

We just added the Winter 2008-09  "The Examiner" Newsletter to the newsletter archives! Great reading while you are in your new winter woollies, snuggling by the fire!

Merry Christmas, one and all... enjoy your holidays with friends and family! Hugs and kisses from the Nurses and Doc at!

12/17/2008  ...the elves (Nurses) are working their little fannies off! Decorating, making fattening (but yummy!) goodies and of course, packing and shipping all of those great new toys for the good little (big) boys and girls out there...

And here are a few new ones to add: the Latex Nurse Hood (as seen on Anna Rose in Feb '09 Taboo Magazine), the Fukuoko, the G-Plus (a Magic Wand attachment), and the Stainless Steel Pleasure Wand ...have fun, (big) kiddies!

Oh... if you haven't already seen it, be sure to catch up on the latest article in Jan. '09 Taboo Magazine from Nurse Laural's "Ask the Nurse"

12/12/2008 'tis the season... are you just returning from a company party? Have you just finished stringing the last of the endless strings of lights around the house and trees? Are you bloated and a bit queasy from too much egg-nog?

Well, why not switch gears and slip into some medical fetish fun here at!

 We've added a few new toys and we still have our 10% off sale going on... so take advantage of that, before it's gone!

12/5/2008 Here's a quickie... we just added a Nipple Pumping Kit section... for all of you who begged and pleaded for that, Merry Christmas! ;-)  The Breast Pumping Kit, Pussy Pumping Kit and Penis Pumping are still available, as always! So take advantage of the 10% off offer...

12/3/2008  As we close out this year and enter 2009, we begin our 10th full year of so be sure to check in often as we celebrate that milestone with some great stuff and savings for you!

Check out the video page for some new DVD's we just added... there are some great Domina File DVD's with sexy medical scenes... we like!

11/26/2008  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Enjoy these days of friends, family, feast and fetish! Sure... you can sneak away to find some fetish play time!!

We just updated the front page with a generous offer of 10% off any purchase (does not include our Gift Cards nor can it be combined with other discounts/coupons). This way you can take advantage of another 10% off of our recently lowered prices on the institutional bondage gear, red and white leather restraints, urethral sounds sets, enema gear, clinic supplies,  and books & DVD's.

We've just added Anna Rose's beautiful book, "My Love: A Diary of an S/M Loving Relationship" just in time  for the holidays.  It's the perfect gift for that special someone, since it speaks from the heart and soul of love in our fetish and D/s lifestyle! The photos are magnificent!

Oh... and we've just updated the Gallery! (Finally, you say??) We actually have kept the older gallery, since everyone seems to like the quirkiness of the nurse photos there and of course there's the Museum of Sex Gallery... but we have a new gallery that will continually updated (promise!!) that's easier to use, too! So have fun with them...

11/15/2008  Oh dear! ... a little sidetracked
with all of the news from the "professional" news organizations out there and missed last week's update, didn't we!? ;-o

BTW... the extra large double balloon enema nozzles (300-2036) are back in stock! So grab them while we have them... you know they can be hard to come by sometimes! <pun intended>

We certainly do hope you are enjoying the new front page... Nurse Victoria (aka Gyno Girl) continues to make a hit on YouTube with her latest adventures!

10/31/2008  IT'S HERE!!! ... HALLOWEEN!! Enjoy this time of universally socially accepted role play!

We just updated the front page with our very own Nurse Victoria's plea for everyone to get out and VOTE! It's critical... and we all know that this country is in the critical care unit right now!

Oh... and we updated the Books & Video (DVD) section, too! Some new items and some new lower prices! ... and the Clubs page now has text links to clubs, munches, events and organizations for BDSM and kinky folk, like us! ;-)

10/24/2008  It's next week: Halloween!  If you don't have your kinky nurse or naughty patient, mummy or doctor outfit yet... get it now! If you are looking for extras, like a masks, latex gloves, syringes and stethoscopes, we have those, too!

Check out some of our new lower prices on our Institutional Restraints and our Red & White Nurse Restraints... just in time for some early holiday gift buying!? You know there's a dear sweet naughty patient or naughty nurse who's been extra good (or bad?) this year!

Speaking of naughty or nice... our little Nurse Victoria has another YouTube appearance... this week's Gyno Girl, covers (pun intended) the Camel Toe!  You'll  love it!!

10/17/2008  Counting down... only two weeks left to Halloween and then the election! So we've decided to go as Enema Nurses this year! Let's face it, America needs an enema, right now!

And check out our very own hot, naughty but nice Nurse Victoria's debut as The Gyno Girl. She's on YouTube at'll be seeing much more of her for her weekly updates! 

10/09/2008  Only three weeks left... until Halloween!! If you haven't thought about that, because of all of the other "distractions" going on right now... get started! This year will be even more of "treat" to be decked out in a costume and using it as a fantasy escape from too much "trick" reality!

Speaking of which... had it up to your ears with the election and the economy? We've got a great way to flush out all of the nonsense!'s another e-word... ENEMA

But if an enema's not your bag, baby, how about a stimulus package you can't refuse? (it happens to be another e-word, also!)... erotic electrostimulation

10/01/2008 The countdown begins... to Halloween, of course! Our one day a year to really act out our fantasies in public without worrying about what "they may think"! So, have you decided what you'll wear to the office that day or the club that night? Yup... it's on a Friday this year!! Get creative, and most of all, have fun, you deserve it!

The new Autumn 2008 MTC Newsletter (The Examiner) is up! For those of you who signed up for the email version, you already received it in your email on Sunday... along with a few other tidbits! ;-) This edition covers some "behind the scenes" of our photo sessions and a great article about BDSM in mainstream movies!

9/22/2008 Happy first day of Autumn! How about a few new DVD's to watch as the days get shorter and the nights longer?!

And if that doesn't inspire you... check out our new front page! Our fav-o holiday is right around the bend... HALLOWEEN!... we're having so much fun getting ready for it!

9/17/2008  Mmmphf! Another new gag, just added... the Inflatable Penis Gag! It's definitely a mouthful!  The Collin Specula (that's the plural of speculum, got it?) are back where they belong on our Speculum Page!

By the way, stop by Anna Rose's website, and see "I Need Oxygen" session filmed here during her visit!

 And Charlotte Brooke ( along with Claire Adams ( feature some great photos from their "Broken Dolls" session during their visit earlier this year.

9/14/2008 OH! ... Well that's about all you'll be able to say with our new all rubber "Open Mouth Gag"! It's definitely one to drool over.

Getting ready for Halloween, yet? Well, we are... keep posted for some new shoes, we'll be adding this week! They are just what the Nurses ordered...

9/05/2008 Mmmm... what a great long weekend... having a hard time getting back into the "groove", now! <evil grin>

Speaking of grooves... how about a new Butt Toy?! We just added a really fun, sexy butt plug, called the "Rattler"... because it rattles while you wear it! It's quite devious... in many ways!

By the way, hope you are (or already have!) taking advantage of our "Back to School" specials... they won't be there too much longer!

8/20/2008  Jeez! We must have put a jinx on time slowing down... it sped up instead!  We're already getting ready for that long Labor Day Weekend... so get your Medical Toys, now! You know it will be here "lickety split" ('love that saying!)

By the way, we just had a wonderful time here, with our friend, Anna Rose of and ... she is the gorgeous Nurse featured on our front page!  Nurses Victoria and Ivy are dutifully ( well, Nurse Ivy is, anyway) paying attention to the great Medical Fetish Class that Anna Rose is instructing on a few of our new Special Kits, like the Electro-Anal Starter's Kit and the Kinky Enema Kit!

7/31/2008  Bye-bye, July... how quickly that month flew! Here's hoping we can make August last a bit longer... with a Magic Wand Kit, maybe?

Oh, don't forget the end of the month is the longest weekend of the summer... Labor Day! It'll be here before you know it! So get your kinky stuff, medical toys and bondage gear in time for lots of extra curricular activities!

7/25/2008 The 12th edition of our Printed Catalog is out... as always, it's free with any order!  We also updated our " in the Media" page... we've been getting lots of press and attention from all over the world!

7/18/2008 More releases from the product testing lab: A great new silicone ball gag... and the return of our infamous Inflatable Butt Plug Enema Nozzle! And a new Kinky Enema Starter's KitHot fun in the summertime!

7/15/2008  For all of you who absolutely love our new Institutional Restraints line, but asked for them in black leather to match the "rest of the bondage stuff"... here you go! The Black Leather Restraints section is officially open for your dungeon and bedroom needs! Yes... even the Institutional Arm Binders are available in all black! ;-)

  Hey there all of you Newsletter patient patients... it's finally here... the Summer 2008 edition! And it's loaded with two of our favorite subjects: Nurses and Enemas!

7/3/2008  Remember... free to be kinky! Reclaim your independence this weekend and enjoy the fireworks created by the spark of the two (or more?) of you exploring and playing with Medical Fetish! ...sending our best wishes this 4th of July!

6/27/2008 The 4th of July is next Friday! What are you waiting for? Get your Medical Toys for summer's long, hot weekend of fireworks and make some of your own explosions... of the orgasmic kind!!

6/24/2008  Just released another new medical toy from product testing... it's called the Gyro Prostate Stimulator! It is very unique, very intense and well... check it out along with our other Prostate Stimulation toys and devices! Summer never felt so good!! ;-}

6/18/2008 Just added one of our new videos... London Fetish Girls produced by SkinTwo... it's so incredible! ...starting with  sexy medical fetish scene with gorgeous girls from the hot London Fetish scene! Get your thumb ready to hit the "replay" button over and over!!

6/11/2008 New Enema Equipment!!! We just added one of the fun, new items we've been product testing... it's the JBL Sit-on Enema Bag! What a unique way to experience the "flush-rush" of an enema! It has other nozzles for different effects, too!

6/8/2008 Okay... yeah!! The shopping cart situation appears to be stabilized (sounds like we're treating a patient, doesn't it?) Anyway, don't forget to hit your page "reload" or "refresh" button, to make sure the new coding is refreshed in your browser!

Once again, we appreciate your "patients" for any inconveniences... life on the internet is fun and exciting... and a real nail-biter, sometimes! ;-}

Now, let's get that Oxygen Mask back on our web-techie!  ;-o

6/7/2008 ...Aargh! Shopping Cart hiccups... we're fixing the shopping cart as I type this, patient patients, so don't give up! Most pages are already repaired and working perfectly, again! 

6/6/2008  Breathing heavy, yet? Well, we just added one of our newly tested products that may come in handy for you: Oxygen Masks! Total Medical Fetish... and so sexy to see and feel!

6/4/2008 Wow! What happened to the rest of May? That long weekend went a lot longer than expected, but oh what fun we had! So many new Medical Toys arriving for product testing, lately (and more on the way!), our kinky clinics are getting a thorough work out! We'll announce those new toys here, as usual, after testing is done... ;-)

Nurse Ivy adores her new "Humility Hood" (also known as a Gwen Beanie Hood or a Scold Mask). And Nurse Victoria's back cover of July's Taboo with Charlotte Brooke is definitely catching a "buzz" everywhere! Nurse Laural's latest "Ask the Nurse" article is in this issue, as well!

5/23/2008 Enjoy the long weekend!  By the way, we have the Larger Double Balloon Enema Nozzles available again! All of you on the waiting list, here they come!!

5/19/2008  Looking for something completely different? We've just added our new latex "Humility Hood" and it is so awesome! Another Euro import that will have your "patient" or submissive drooling... have the towels handy!

5/16/2008  REMINDER ALERT: Memorial Day Weekend is NEXT WEEKEND!! Get your kinky medical toys in time for the "break out" play weekend of the summer! 

The shipping info page will explain any special shipping needs you may have to get it all there on time for that hot, sweaty weekend! ;-)

Check out our latest ad on the back of Taboo magazine... it's getting lots of attention and kudos!

5/14/2008 Mmmm.... furrr-licious! That's the only way to describe our new "fur" lined leather bondage cuffs and collars! So soft... you'll be purring like kitten! They are made by Sinvention, with lots of quality and tender loving care, who also make our Red & White Leather Nurse Restraints, our Red & Black and Blue & Black Leather Restraints and of course, our, now infamous Institutional Bondage Collection

5/6/2008 Yipeee!!! ... it's National Nurses Week!  May 6th -12th so, in an effort to honor
those we couldn’t possibly honor enough, we’re inviting you, our dear "patients" and friends to send us an email, sharing your story about the impression that a REAL nurse made in your life. We'll feature some of the top picks in our upcoming {long overdue!} Newsletter.  Make sure to  hug (try not to molest them, okay??) a nurse this week, in thanks!

5/2/2008 It's May... already? Perfect month for some Medical Fetish, Mischief and MAY-hem,
n'est-ce pas?  Well then, grab some Medical Toys and be ready for the long hot weekends of play ahead!

If you need some reading materials or maybe a DVD for a bit of late night viewing with some popcorn and pumping, we've continue to fill the bookshelves with great stuff! A new vibrator may add to the mayhem...

4/25/2008 Just added the Leather Muzzle to the Hoods page... it's absolutely the best Face Muzzle anywhere! Add a classic blindfold and you are done for the evening! 

4/22/2008  Earth Day... take a moment to reflect on it. 

4/19/2008 New updates to the Medical Fetish Library, will keep you busy for a while! Who said libraries are boring?

4/11/2008  Ohhh... we are so enjoying this new Medical Toys we just added: Breast Pumping Cups and Kits! YES!! Looks good, feels good and makes us Nurses so wet and gooey! It's gonna be a great weekend! 

4/8/2008 Phewwy... what a wild week! The shopping cart's was on the "fritz" again, but the good folks who are upgrading it say all is well! We certainly hope so! So sorry for any inconveniences, dear patients... we truly appreciate your "patients"!

Check out the updates on the Books and Video section! By popular demand, we've just added the SM 101 Book... just about the most comprehensive tome on the subject!

We've updated the Squeeze Play page... added some great new photos and we're offering a few CBT and nipple torture devices for some savings... take a look!

The Clinic Supplies page has a few new goodies as well... and the Dental/Oral Sex Dams Med Fetish Library section is now updated.

3/30/2008 Thanks for the feedback on the continuing updates, etc. to the site (just like this page), everyone! It's truly our labor of love going on here. ;-)

So check out the new updates to the Institutional Restraints pages and the Nurse Restraints pages... we just revamped the Catheter section and the Enema pages, too. The hoods, gags and blindfolds have a few new pics and info on them as well.

Still working on the Newsletter... so many projects, too little time!

3/21/2008  As you can see we've been adding more, updating and doing some fun additions to the site... and it will continue... on the Enema Accessories page, we now have black Enema Tips, black 26 oz. Bulb Syringe and Black Enema/Douche Set along with a great 3-Pack of Disposable Enema Bags... the spring and summer's best idea for travel!

Enjoy the Spring Equinox and Easter weekend... don't overdose on chocolate bunnies!

3/11/2008  Here's more mayhem for March... we just added more Pro-Gasm Devices to our Prostate Stimulation page! If you never had your prostate milked... well here are the gadgets to do it!

And more Vibrator accessories for the Magic Wand. These new attachments are certified screaming orgasm makers! You have our nurses own word (and orgasms) on it!

3/8/2008 Sounds like a deal... we just lowered the prices of most of our sound sets! Yes!! ...we've been up to some mischief!  Stay tuned... more on the way!

3/3/2008  March! Medical Fetish, Mischief, Mayhem and Madness is here again! And who better to represent the month that says "green" so well, but our dear friend Natali Demore of She looks so hot in our Red & White Naughty Nurse Restraints... the leprechauns forgot about their pot of gold!

2/25/2008 Oh my, my, my... we just added another one of our new anal pleasuring devices, that works both ways! Yyyupp! It's a uniquely designed "strapless" double dildo! Simply ingenious: double the pleasure, double the fun!

2/14/2008 Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the day made for lovers...

We just added a new special to help add some spark! An Electro-Starter Kit! It's  the perfect combo for getting acquainted with erotic electro-stim play!

2/1/2008 Just in... more great finds from AVN... the Domina Files DVDs! Yes!! Those of you asking (more like begging, admit it) for some "real" fetish videos, here they are! Each one features a different Mistress(es) and their kinky clinic and/or dungeon. Very well done... you will like!

While we were at it we completely updated the Books and Videos... now they are side-by-side on the same page. And like I just said... more to be added!

1/22/2008  Okay, okay! Here's the scoop... we went to AVN (Vegas, baby!) and had a blast, okay? Met some great peeps, found some great new stuff (we'll be adding them, soon!) and wore my new HW Design latex Nurse Uniform... it was to die for! I will embellish in the next newsletter... so be patient, dear patients!

Valentine heartNow, for the fun new Valentine - Naughty Nurse restraints! If you didn't see the front (home) page, yet... go see it! Hubba-hubba!! Ambrosia Wood (no relation, but we may adopt her!) is our newest naughty nurse and she wears our newest Naughty Nurse Red/White Leather restraints so well... don't you agree?

We've got 'em here... just in time for Valentine's day... so get with it and get your dearest little Nursie some gorgeous red and white leather sexy restraints (before someone else does!)

1/6/2008  Oops! Discovered an error... we accidentally marked the Institutional Arm Splints and the Black Arm Splints as $375.00, when they are actually $295.00!! It's all fixed... sorry for any heart attacks we may have caused!

1/2/2008  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  And a great, great year this 2008 will bring! This marks the beginning of our tenth year...  can you believe it? Time flies when you're having too much fun in the clinic!!

We have so much in store for you, our dear dedicated patients of perv! So hang on... grab a tube of surgi-lube and enjoy our wild ride into Medical Fetish and Nurse Fetish history...


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