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"Camel Toe" Creation:
Vacuum Pumping Products & Kits

What is a Camel Toe ?

Camel Toe is a nickname given to the tight V shape with the slight cleavage made by the fullness of the outer labia being "creased" by panties or tight fitting shorts and jeans.

Camel Toe (KAM·uhl toh) n. [slang]
...the protrusion through tight jeans (underwear, shorts, bikini bottoms, etc.) of a female's genital labia; resembling the division of toes on a camel's hoof. -Webster's Online Dictionary

Now, just imagine what that swelling feels like! Full and squeezing pressure all around your pubic area... it will take walking, standing, even sitting to a whole new level, girls!!

Create your own Camel Toe... with our easy to use Pumping Kits!

Camel Toe Creation
Pumping Cup

  Create your own "Camel Toe"! These cups are designed uniquely for comfort and long life usage! You'll love the look and the feel... swollen lips! And we're not taking about the pouty lips like Angelina Jolie's!! These are the lower "love lips"... the labia and vulva!  A Camel Toe Creation looks good... and feels so good, too!

Don't forget the pump! Or save money and get the whole kit!

Click here for accurate sizing information!

Pussy Pumping Vacuum Cups
click on photo for larger detail

Item # 400-4000(S)=Approx.3.25"W X 4.25"L X 2" D
Item #
400-4001(M)=Approx.3.75"W X 4.75"L X 2 1/8" D
Item # 400-4002(L)=Approx.4.25"W  X 5.25"L  X 2.25" D

Measurements are inner dimensions.
 D = Deep

See measuring instructions & chart for accurate sizing

 Camel Toe Creation
Pumping Cups

Price: $85.00

Pussy Cup Selections (see list above for sizes)  


Efficient Vacuum Hand Pump
Single-Hand Vacuum Pump
  This is our latest addition to the offerings for vacuum pumping! This pump is so easy to use and just as easy on the budget! Lighter weight and streamlined rubber grip handles make it a must have for all of your pumping needs! It works with a single-handed "squeeze the trigger" method.

The vacuum pressure gauge accurately displays the vacuum readings of your pumping routine from
0-30 inches Hg (Hg = mercury!) or 0-76 cm Hg. It comes ready to use with the hose and coupling attachment for all of our various penis, clitoris and nipple tubes and/or cylinders and pussy (labia) or breast cups. 

Item #400-8001

Single-Hand Vacuum Pump 
Price: $75.00


  RASH FREE Total Body Shave Cream

One of the most fun and definitely most erotic sensations... the preparation for pumping your new Camel-Toe! need to be shaved (at least around the areas where the edges of the correct sized cup fits snugly over the pussy area) in order to get the best seal for the most vacuum! 

Here is rash-free shaving cream! Experience the exotic blend of natural oils and emollients to reward yourself with a silky smooth shave. Leaves the skin feeling vibrant, irresistibly soft and conditioned. Clean, refreshing, no fragrance! Enhanced with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. Human tested only!

Coochy - Body Shave Creme  Original
Oh So Original
Coochy Rash-Free Shave Creme

An alluring array of light florals with a hint
of baby powder freshness. Created
with softening agents for both hair and skin, this is the perfect shaving creme for the "Coochy"!  It helps prevent annoying (and painful!) shaving bumps and ingrown hairs left behind by other shaving products.

It protects skin during shaving while provides a smooth, moisturizing shave for any part of the body! Designed specifically to soften even the coarsest body hair, it works perfectly for shaving the legs and underarms, as well.

Product Features:
  • Paraben-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Made in USA
  • No Animal Testing
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Panthenol
  • Pro-Vitamin B5
  • Anti-irritant (Allantoin)
  • Keratin Protein
The Best Body Shave Crème for Sexy Skin…recommended for Pussy Pumping and EVERYWHERE!

2 Sizes: Save on larger bottle!

16 oz. Coochy  Shave Creme
Item #460-8023
Price: $25.95


8 oz. Coochy  Shave Creme

Item #460-8022
Price: $17.95

Pussy Vacuum Pumping Kit
  Camel Toe Creation Pumping Kits
The Perfect Combination for a Perfect Camel Toe! Our most popular sizes are now available as a kit... the Pussy Pumping Kit includes just what you need to achieve full, luscious labia lips! The secret to maximum suction is a clean shave and lube and this kit has it all...  our efficient single-hand vacuum pump w/meter, a 8 ounce bottle of Sex Grease and complete instructions. Everything you'll need for sexy new way to enjoy yourself... not only does it feel so good... but it looks so damn hot! 

Click here for accurate sizing information!

Item #400-9020 S)  =  Approx. 3.25"W X 4.25"L X 2" D
Item # 400-9021 (M)  = Approx. 3.75"W X 4.75"L X 2 1/8" D
Item # 400-9022 (L)  =  Approx. 4.25"W  X 5.25"L   X 2.25" D

Measurements are inner dimensions. D = Deep 

 Camel Toe Pumping Kits
Price: $172.95 only $169.50

Pussy Pumping Kit Selections (see list above for sizes )


Lubricants make for a tighter seal and supple skin!

Sex Grease Lubricant - the best

The finest personal lubricant on the market today, SEX GREASE® was created for your enjoyment when a little extra lubrication is needed. With this in mind we formulated our herbs and vitamins to attain maximum lubricity for use on sensitive skin and delicate tissue. And, SEX GREASE® provides such remarkable lubrication that just a little goes a long way.

Water based
pH balanced

Bottle size: 8 Fluid oz

Manufactured under strict laboratory conditions using only the highest purity, pharmaceutical grade materials available. All bottles are factory sealed.

Purified water with herbal extracts of pot marigold, myrrh, carrot, chamomile and elder, propylene glycol, glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, phenoxyethanol, propylparaben, butylparaben, sodium hydroxide, disodium edta, B vitamin complex.

Item #460-2035
  Sex Grease 8 oz.
Price: $12.95 


Another popular lubicant is the definitive, very long lasting lube made of a Silicone formula; it's safe and has the staying power that some may need while playing or with any pumping devices. Get that maximum suction power! All in uniquely designed no spill, no mess bottles!

Available in 4.2 oz. bottle, 8.9 oz. bottle or 16.4 oz. pump bottle:

Pumper's Lube

Platinum Lube Size Selections


Other Lubricants we sell... click here!

Vacuum Pumping FAQ's 

Q1. Does this really work? 
A1. Yes! The same way working out in a gym for developing muscle mass of your legs, arms,
shoulders, etc. the muscle mass is stretched and engorge to develop larger with the vacuum suction. 

Q2. Can I use any pumping device with these cylinders and cups? 
A2. No! These are designed to be used with the Efficient Hand Pump for the proper fit of the connector and the best function for measurements with the vacuum suction meter for accuracy and consistency. 

Q3. I ordered the wrong size, now what? 
A3. As we clearly state, for hygiene purposes we cannot take these items back, so measure accurately and order correctly the first time to prevent making a costly error. 

Q4. Why can't I get enough vacuum? It seems like it's leaking air somehow?? 
A4. This is usually indicative of an improper seal, either due to hair or "bumps" in the skin or not enough lube being used for the seal. Always be sure the area is completely hair free by shaving and use lots of lubricant can never have too much lube!! And try to be sure the base is always as flat and flush with the surface of the body as possible. The last case scenario may be that the wrong size was ordered.

Q5. How long do my Pussy Pumping sessions need to be?

A5. Generally, the more often you pump, the more dramatic the results. We recommend pumping sessions of 20 minutes to half-hour for Pussy Pumping and repeated daily. However, apply vacuum pressure for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Release vacuum pressure and remove the cylinder for a few minutes between each 10-minute pumping interval. And remember to give yourself some "time-off" after a week or so of pumping for consistent results.

"Gyno Girl" explains Camel Toes ... and the fun of creating one!

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