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Vacuum Cylinders and Cups Sizing Page

Okay, Nurse... what size do I need?

Selection of the proper size penis cylinder is essential for maximum comfort and best results:

Using a cylinder that is too large in diameter around the penis is a problem because it will be difficult to get a good vacuum seal, and/or your testicles may be pulled up into the cylinder, which can be very painful! 
Another problem using a cylinder that is too large in diameter (circumference), is hampering the enlargement process by trying to pump the surrounding skin, as well as the muscle tissue. The correct size cylinder is the most effective and efficient way to grow in girth and length with vacuum pumping! So be sure to purchase the cylinder based on the Penis Sizing Chart we've provided (below). Then, as you develop, progressively work-up to the next larger cylinder.

To accurately measure the circumference of your penis, it must be erect. Measure your girth by wrapping a string around your erect penis, then use a felt-tip pen to heavily mark the point on the string where it crosses itself. Next, straighten the string, and use a ruler to measure the distance between the two marks. This measurement will represent your penile girth.

For example: If the measurement around the penis is 5-1/2" around the thickest part (circumference), then that equates to a 1-3/4" diameter cylinder. Another example: 6" circumference would equate to a 2" diameter cylinder. Always go to the next cylinder size, if you happen to have an "in-between" penis circumference measurement.

For Advanced Two Stage Cylinder Measuring:
 Two stage cylinders are sized by measuring in the same method as above, however you need to also measure balls around the area near where you would wear a cockring. Use this measurement with the chart below to determine the first stage size, the second stage should be 1" - 1 1/2" larger.

Penis Cylinder Sizing Chart

Cylinder Size
Penis and/or Balls

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The Nipple/Clitoris Cylinders -
available in width sizes:

1/2", 5/8", 3/4",1-1/4" inner diameter 
and the standard height is approximately  3 3/4".

For sizing
: Measure width of nipple (or clitoris for the Clit Cylinders). Simply measure the width of the nipple area or clitoris to be pumped.

For example, as shown above, the darkened area is almost a full 1 inch, yet the actual protruding nipple area measures only 5/8", so the correct cylinder would be 5/8".

Nipple/Clit Cylinder Approximate Size Guide using U.S. Coins:

 1/2 inch cylinder = smaller than a U.S. dime.

 5/8 inch cylinder = approx. size of a U.S. dime.

 3/4 inch cylinder = approx. size of a U.S. quarter.

 1-1/4 inch cylinders = approx. size of a U.S. half-dollar

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The Labia (Pussy) Cups
(measurements represent inner cup dimensions)

Item # 400-4000 (S)
 Approx. 3.25"W X 4.25"L X 2" D

Item # 400-4001 (M) 
 Approx. 3.75"W X 4.75"L X 2 1/8" D

Item # 400-4002 (L) 
 Approx. 4.25"W  X 5.25"L   X 2.25" D

For sizing: Measure the length from the area just above the clitoris (mons pubis) to just below the vaginal opening.

Then measure the width between the thighs where they meet at the crotch, with the legs opened as shown above.

Cup Number
Maximum Pussy Length [Approx.] Minimum Crotch Width [Approx.]
4- 1/4 inches
( 10.8 cm ) 
  3-1/4 inches
( 8.25 cm )
4- 3/4 inches
( 12.1 cm )
3-3/4 inches
( 9.6 cm )
400-4002  (Large) 5-1/4 inches
( 13.3 cm )
4-1/4 inches
( 10.8 cm )

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Once again...

Remember: The inner dimension of the penis, nipple or clit cylinder or pussy cup governs
what actually gets sucked up into the cylinder or cup! So be accurate!

Measure and order accurately... for hygiene reasons, we can not accept returns or
exchanges on the penis cylinders, nipple or clit cylinders and/or pussy cups!
So measure twice to be sure!

  Notes on moving up to next size:

Normally, a first time "pumper" starts with the cylinder size that meets their current measurement(s),
  then gradually move up through the sizes as they see results and seek more growth.
 It's easy to move up (or down a size!), since our cylinders are sold separately, as well as complete kits.
You may discover that experimenting with a variety of sizes adds to the pumping experience, especially when used in BDSM play!

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