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Straitjackets & Mummification

Straitjacket on Kumi in cell with Muzzle
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Institutional Canvas

It's the real thing! The authentic sturdy, heavy duty washable "mail-bag" canvas (yes... the same thick canvas they make the U.S. Postal bags out of!!) canvas straitjacket made with strong locking leather straps and a leather crotch strap this straight jacket is the original outfit used in maximum security institutions and for clinical restraint in mental hospitals! (Kumi, above is also wearing our institutional muzzle!) This is for the uncontrollable "patient" who needs much more training...

canvas straitjacket - back

Available in four sizes, this is for the uncontrollable "patient" who needs much more training...

Item #600-2000
= Chest 36 - 42
 Price: $175.95


Item #600-2001 
= Chest 42 - 46
Price: $175.95


Item #600-2002 
= Chest 46 - 48
Price: $175.95


Item #600-2003 
= Chest 48 - 52
Price: $185.95


Straitjacket, Muzzle and Belts on Gyno Chair
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Heavy duty Canvas Straitjacket   

Zentai Mummy Bondage Suit
Zentai Style Mummy
Bondage Suit

This Zentai style Mummy Bondage Bodysuit is a complete encasement from the top of the head to the hands and feet! Slip into this bodysuit like they would a pair of pants using the zipper in the back. Once the feet are in, pull the arms and hands on and then zip all the way over the head! The suit is breathable and offers an amazing feel of a "second skin". It's also perfect for the mummification aficionado who wants and "under wrap" suit or can be worn alone in tight bondage gear and restraints, which adds even more restriction.

Made of 78% polyamide and 22% spandex,
 allowing for a snug, comfortable fit.

Uni-sex sizing in f
ive sizes available:

Item #590-1200
Extra Small:
 Height: 5ft to 5ft 3"; Chest Size 28" to 32"

Item #590-1201
Height: 5ft 3" to 5ft 6"; Chest Size 32" to 35"

Item #590-1202
Height: 5ft 5" to 5ft 9"; Chest Size 35" to 38"

Item #590-1203
Height: 5ft 7" to 6ft 1"; Chest Size 38" to 41"

Item #590-1204
Extra Large:

Height: 5ft 9" to 6ft 2"; Chest Size 42" to 46"

Zentai Style Mummy Suit
Price: $134.95

Zentai Style Mummy Suit
Choose Suit Size:


Leather Strait Jacket

Leather Strait Jacket 

 For all of our straitjacket and mummy fans who have been asking us for leather... this is it! We found one of the highest quality, most sumptuous and supple leather straitjackets for an indecently low price!

 It's so perfect for long term sessions because of it's design, and it is amazingly restrictive... no matter what size you are, from tiny to big, small to tall and everything in between! (It's the same leather straitjacket as seen in Taboo magazine, too!)
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Fits small (Men's 34-36 or Women's 2-4) up
to large (Men's 42-44 or Women's 14-16)

Leather Straitjacket - back

Leather Straitjacket S-L
Item #580-6000
Price: $525.00 


Mummy Vet Wrap Rolls

Mummy Vet Wrap
Our Mummy Vet Wraps are the perfect solution for a quick, colorful and very effective mummification!

The stretchy wrap is designed to adhere to itself! Not skin or any other materials, so it's very easy to use and remove. The slanted Surgical Scissors work great for cutting the warps off, when done! 

They are very easy to control, so using them to bind a patient on the Bondage Board or to a chair or table is a "cinch'! Pun intended!

 The rolls are approx. 4" wide and available in Black, Red and White.

Item #620-4020 
Black Vet Wrap

Price: $36.00/12 rolls 
Item #620-4023 
Red Vet Wrap

Price: $36.00/12rolls 
Item #620-4024 
White Vet Wrap

Price: $36.00/12 rolls 

 Mummy Bondage 
Bandage Kits

Here are those great stretchy bandages which can be wrapped around and around and all over for that completely look and feel! They come with sharp teethed clips to hold them closed after wrapping! Get these kits for a great savings on the elastic bandage mummy bondage wrapping! They come in the 4" wide or  6" wide rolls, both are 5 yards long!

Item #620-4000 
 4" wide
  10 Rolls/Kit   
Price: $19.50

      Item #620-4001  
 6" wide
   10 Rolls/Kit  
 Price: $32.00


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