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Our cool clinic has definitely been nice during these long, hot days of summer! We've added a few new pics to the gallery... and we've added some new items to the Squeeze and Sharp product sections... namely, Body Pressure Cuffs and Disposable Wartenberg Pinwheels... both very cool! The cuffs are in three sizes... more options, more ideas, more places to use them! 

By the way... have you seen the new video yet by Cleo DuBois? We added it a few weeks ago... It's aptly titled, "Tie Me Up!"... and she does just that and more... 

Well... until the next one, hang out in our kinky medical fetish clinic for a while and stay cool!


Well it's almost August! Time is definitely flying past us here! We have so many new products now... just need more time to get them all tested out (that's always a time buster because we have way too much fun with that part!) Anyway, keep checking in as we add more and more... Did you see the new Anal/Rectal Dilators yet? Or how about the new Enema Nozzle Kit? No? Shame on you!


What begins with "E" ends with "A" and keeps all our sweet submissive patients squirming? ... too easy! Yes, Enema! And we have just launched our comprehensive Enema Products page... 

It has the double balloon style catheter enema nozzles, douche style enemas, the Higginson and of course, our standard 2 quart enema.... and in the coming weeks we'll be adding even more E-goodies and A-goodies! 

So be sure to check it out... along with the added Foley Catheters on our Insertables products page, it's going to be a summer of flush filled fun!


Did you have fun on the 4th? We did!!! ... maybe a wee bit too much! Oh dear!! We'll catch up next week!


Happy 4th of July week, one and all... We're all decked out in our red-white-and-blue, here at Medical Toys... wearing our Nurse Uniform, Nurse's Cap and Cape

And we even have a special very patriotic patient ensemble, the Straitjacket and Disc Blindfold... they're what's hot on Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street, right now! 

... so just wrap the one you love in your arms (very tightly!) and have a safe, happy, very kinky July 4th celebration!


The BBC contacted us last week to supply our Air Casts and a few other items for one of their shows, "So Norton", with Brit celeb Graham Norton having fun with ER Dr. , Alex Kingston... we scrambled to get everything out via Fed Express, clear customs and get to the show on time... some T-Shirts raised eyebrows in customs, with our saying on the back, as well as the Naughty Patient Gown

We've added a few new Nursy pics to the gallery... Panacea Solace of the band, Psuedo Nymph, sent them. She bought her Nurse's full outfit from us and the fans go mad when she walks out on stage! If you are lucky live or be in Vegas, you'll be lucky to see them play at various venues around town... their website has all the info! 

We are announcing our New Improved Disc Blindfolds (BLD) are finally here! We've searched and tried different suppliers but could not seem to get the quality and look we wanted... so now we are making them! Fine leather, thick, soft sleece and good hardware make our New Disc Blindfolds! They are the best and we are proud to bring them to you!


Here it is... June, already! Half of 2002 is behind us! Wow... and we're still feeling like we can't catch up from March! We've added a great new device called our Nipple Clamp Vyber... everyone in the office had to try it on various parts of their bodies... it was quite a hilarious sight... and sound! bbzzzzzzzzz... aahhh! bbbzzzzz... oohh! More goodies to add this week, too, so stay tuned! 


Getting ready for the long weekend... the pre-summer festivities abound... er... are everywhere! (We really like that abound word!) ... 

anyway, our staff will be taking full advantage of the holiday weekend... 

On a more serious note: remember that Memorial Day, is a day of remembrance and mourning for our dead from wars... as a great slogan from the 60's (which needs to be resurrected, again!) once proclaimed: "Make love, not war!" 


Another weird week for us here at We had a real life trip to the ER... that's always very interesting to us Medical Fetishists... the doctor on call was more fascinated by our glee at watching one of our packing persons (who prefers to remain anonymous) getting his head stitched up! Yes, a very bad blow to the head causing a river of red... anyway, to spare you all the gory details (that you'd probably love!), he's seems to be okay... quite a fright for us, though seriously! 

In between hospital visits and shipping our goodies to you, we've added some more to the gallery and went back to our old way of just sending an email to "Ask the Nurse"... apparently everyone thought it was a "live" blog and were afraid to use it! So we're back to the basic email version... so send in those perplexing Medical and Nurse Fetish questions that haunt you!


May Day! It either means sunny and flowery days or HELP!!... however your month is starting out, it's been a bit strange around here in the last week! So we hope all is well for all of you and yours this new month of May! 

Now, down to business.. we are getting ready to release our 5th edition of our infamous mail order catalogue by the end of this month so stay tuned for that! As always, it will come free in all of your orders, but it is $5.00 otherwise (we send you a $5.00 coupon to refund that on your first order! We're so nice!)

We've been asked about our previous catalogues for archival and collections purposes, and if any of you would like to collect any of the older catalogues, just let us know... They'll be $3.00 each plus shipping. Now, that's a very inexpensive form of Medical Fetish History, if we may say so!


It's been another busy week here... we've been adding some new items, like the glass thermometers you've all been asking for! Yes, we have them now and we have both the rectal and oral, so get one for each end! Don't forget to grab some other clinic essentials you may need! 

Many of you asked also for spare TENS unit pads and the electro-conductive gel, so we added that to the Electric Products page. 

We've also been doing some new photos with our Black PVC Nasty Nurse's Uniform, too... so take a sneak peak at those! 

As you may or may not have seen a few new graphics here and there with Ivanna and Paige... They are the beginning of some new updates to our pages, so keep strolling through the product pages to find them! 

Oh... update to the clubs! Yahoo! found the other club!! Hurray! But they lost all of the picture and story files! Booooo! So please help by adding a few of your own Medical and Nurse Fetish pics or stories to the BDSM Medical and Nurse Fetishes Club! Once inside the club, be sure to add to the "files" section... not the "photos"... Thank you! -NL 

4/16/02 12:03:32 PM

Okay, for all of you suffering from yesterday's annual sadistic play called Tax Deadline, we have added some new pics to the gallery and a few inexpensive new toys to make your boo-boo's feel all better! Isn't that what nice (er... nasty) nurses are suppose to do? Hhhmmm?? Now go play and forget all about that mean old tax man! 


Our Yahoo! eGroup Medical Fetish has topped 5000 members plus! Wow!! Thank you all and we look forward to growing stronger yet! 

On a sad note, during the past week, Yahoo! lost one of our other on-line clubs, called BDSM Medical Nurse Fetishes, which was started in March of 2000 and had over 3500 members! We've pushed Yahoo! to try to "find" it but they merely apologize that "due to the merging process of the old style clubs with the new, it was lost"... We of course, still have our Lycos club and the popularity of our Medical Fetish eGroup with over 5,000 members keeps us very busy... so if you were one of the 3500 in the other club, and need a new hang out, check out our Clubs page... 

4/1/02 6:23:16 PM

April... already? No! Can't be!! We didn't get to finish all the great stuff we were trying to do for March! ... Oh well, we'll just have to make sure they get done in April! The "Ask the Nurse" page will be undergoing a minor operation. We've decided to make it more of a "blogger" format, since we get so many questions and so little time to post them all! And the gallery continues to get new "artwork"... we've been receiving all sorts of Medical and Nurse Fetish influenced collections from you, our customers... er, um patients.. so we're adding them to gallery in their own section... Thanks!


Spring is technically (according to the calendar) here in the northern half of the planet! And we at just love the fresh, "randy" energy that bursts forth this time of the year! Everyone just gets so playful and you know what that means! So grab your Medical Toys and go have some fun! 

Be sure to check out the Spring 2002 Newsletter. We've introduced yet another staff member, Paige! She's just so sweet... you'll be seeing lots more of her around here, that is for certain! She and Ivanna are bosom buddies, by the way! There's also an article in the latest Newsletter about in the New Yorker Magazine. Yes, you read that right... read all about the interview and if you can get a copy of the March 18th New Yorker Magazine, read the six page article about "The White Dress" by John Seabrook... was also interviewed in New Woman Magazine from London, England, U.K. The article hasn't come out yet, but as soon as it does, you'll be the next to know! Just stay tuned right here! 

We just added some new items and one of them is a breathing mask... just what every naughty patient needs to be sure they are getting that fresh spring air! We'll be updating the Special Page, too, this week... 


'Tis the week for the wearin' of the green... so, obviously, we had to add a "Green Nurse" to our gallery just for the occasion... Everyone knows there are lots of Irish nurses around and many who are kinkier than we are! (And many who won't admit it!) ...Erin go bragh!

This weekend is also the 2nd year Anniversary of one of our on-line Clubs! The BDSM Medical Nurse Fetish Club on Yahoo was started on March 16th, 2000. It has almost 4,000 members now! ... our first eGroup, which started in October of 1999 has almost 5,000 members! They are a great place to find like-minded fellow Medical and Nurse Fetishists! 


March!! Already?! Well, as our long time customers know, March is always Medical Fetish Madness month here at! So be sure to watch for the medical fetish mischief, mayhem and madness, that we will manage to make during this month! We are giving you a sneak preview of our new "Naughty Patient Paige"! She is just adorable in our Naughty Patient Gown...they'll be lots more to see of her soon! And be sure to read all about her in the upcoming Spring Newsletter, due March 20th!! ... 


We're working night and day to update our product pages! We're adding more navigation tools... (we've grown so big that we discovered we needed to make quick references on all of the pages to help you find everything more easily!) and we're making the picture files (we have sssoooo many!) load quickly, so you won't lose your "patients" waiting for them to load! We have more pictures for the Fetish Nurse Gallery, which will be added, too! We'd love to hear any feedback on all of this updating and navigation stuff, so feel free to send your ideas, suggestions, opinions... whatever!

2/14/02  We hope you enjoy this day of love and all of its resulting fun and pleasures (and enjoyable pain!)... it's not just a day of chocolate and flowers... get the cuffs and blindfold out of the closet (dust them off, first) and have a very kinky, loving celebration of the international day of love... Nurse Valentine's Day! We hope you carry this luscious feeling of love long after the day has ended... 

It's less than one week away for Nurse Valentine's Big Day... and she is just chomping at the bit (the Pony Bit Gag, that is!) about what we have in store for her on Valentine's Day, Thursday! And if you need something for Valentine's Day, better get it on order!! We can ship via UPS Overnight up to Tuesday for east coast orders to be sure it will be there Valentine's Day!! If you are unsure, the best idea is a Gift Certificate! They are in $25.00 increments... so don't procrastinate!! 


Phew... recovered from the weekend... it was great! We had lots of fun and played (and played and...) then we all had trouble trying to get back into the daily office routines here at the kinky clinic!  Anyway,we did add a bit to the gallery, with much more on the way... Nurse Valentine read more of her Valentines... put the Deep V-Diver on the site again... just keeping busy, as nurses usually do! between the playing, that is! ;-) 


Week 2 before Nurse Valentine's big day... Have you sent her a Valentine yet?

...Speaking of Valentine's Day... do you have a clue of what to get your sweet patient or nasty nurse or devious doc for a gift? If you are in the post-holiday credit card pinch like most of us, we have so many ideas for under $35.00!! How about a patient gown for your naughty patient? How about a Nurse's Cap for your Nasty Nurse? Or a handy gift certificate at $25.00? We're just full of great ideas, low prices and if you ask our nurses nicely, they'll wrap your gift for free


Nurse Valentine's favorite day of the year is coming in less than four weeks! ... Last year, we had just a little click-on email button on the front page which yeilded tons-o-email for Nurse Valentine for Valentine's Day... so this year, we've posted a whole page for all of her adoring fans to send her valentines, poems, cards... whatever! And she'll be doing a "stay tuned" on the front page every Thursday until the big 14th of February! 


Just updated the Squeeze and Cupping Products Pages with more fun Nipple Torture stuff! We've added the Tweezer style Nipple Clamps, and the new Nipple Vaccum Cups... and we also added a section to the Medical Fetish Library for Nipple Play. We're all feeling quite perky, around here, after playing with all of these nipple toys! More fun on the way... 


Well, Happy New Year 2002! Whew... 'twas a busy season for us and thank you all for your notes and emails of Best Wishes during the Holidays!! We couldn't do it without you!

  We've added a few new products and will be adding more, as always! We've split the Uniform page into two sections, now, since it's so big and full of pictures and products! On the first page, there's a new PVC Nurse's Uniform now in BLACK! Nasty!!! And we've added the traditional cotton Patient's Gown on the second page with the lab coats, doc/nurse bags, stethoscopes, etc. 

  On our Squeeze page we've added the Japanese style Clover Nipple Clamps... they really are quite versatile too! We were recently featured on the House of Gord site... they have our Whitehead Gag (Mouth Spreader) on their very willing subject... check them out and see... we'll be carrying the special wrapping they used soon! 

Be sure to check in weekly, as we continue to add new products and Gallery photos, etc. ... so you can keep your New Year clinically kinky!



Happy "Boxing Day" as they say in England for the day after Christmas; we hope you all enjoyed a great time with family and friends! Now it's hurry back to work, so we can get ready for the New Year's Eve parties... no rest for the wicked ...

12/19/01 2:35:13 PM

'Tis the season... the nurses are all running around here like frantic elves. We'll be working right up to the last hour! Many of you are also ordering for the New Year's fetish parties, and we will be shipping right up to the last minute for those, too! So to all of our families, friends, visitors , we at Laural, Valentine, Angela, Lacy and Ivanna want to wish you and yours, a very safe and happy holiday... 

12/6/01 8:52:05 PM

Thanks to On Our Backs for featuring our new Nurse's Cape in their holiday gift guide! By the way, our latest ad in OOB is causing quite a stir! No wonder! It's got our new Nurse Ivanna in it! 

... We've decided it's best to postpone this month's CHAT. We want everyone to share the spirit of the holiday season with their loved ones, friends and family... so we'll just wait until January to yack in our Chat Room! See the January CHAT schedule on the Clubs page.

11/29/01 3:52:47 PM

We "decorated" the clinic and the shop for the Holidays... We are definitely  getting into the festive holiday spirit around here... checking who has been naughty and all that fun stuff! 

We've just added a new item (just in time to help you check off your gift list for the Doc or Nurse!)... It's the vinyl version of our leather doctor (or nurse) bag! It's just what every practicing Medical Fetishist needs! The Vinyl Doc/Nurse Bag is just perfect for the "Visiting Fetish Nurse", too! 

11/27/01 1:01:37 AM

Ahhhh... families gathering around the table, sharing stories, eating too much whipped cream on pumpkin pie, watching the same "holiday" TV programs from years before and, of course, that dear, sweet aunt you haven't seen since last Thanksgiving is "camping out" in the computer room on the fold-out sofa! ... We hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday... and are finally back on-line!!!!      By the way... Are you looking for something new to really ring your chimes? Well, we've just added Tuning Forks to our Sounds product page. Great set tuned aluminum forks that vibrate at a "C"... in five different sizes! Check them out... they work great with any of the solid sound sets! 

11/12/01 3:10:03 AM

On Saturday, November 10th, Ken Kesey, author of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" died. We feel a particular loss, since it is in his character of Nurse Ratched, that the "Nasty Nurse" of medical fetish has been somewhat emulated! If any medical fetishist out there has not yet read this book, nor seen the play or the movie... get out there and do it! Afterwards, light a candle and remember a great human being who opened eyes and minds! Ken Kesey, we'll miss your wit and wisdom...

11/7/01 4:00:55 PM

We've just added a great photo to our Gallery secton sent in by one of our very happy customers from her Halloween Party debut as a Kinky Nurse! She was one of the very, very many who donned the crisp white cap and uniform or the PVC uniform set or the Lab Coat for Halloween this year! We were so proud to see the troups of "Nurses" and "Doctors" sporting their medical fetish finery! Halloween gives us all the opportunity to divulge our hidden alter-egos, a bit ... sort of our day of reckoning!! So, thanks, once again, to all who shared it as a Fetish Nurse or Kinky Doctor from!


Hope you all had a bewitching Halloween! We know there were lots of nurses and straitjacketed fetishists at the kinky Halloween parties throughout the planet. ...even a few not so kinky ones! Our staff worked long and hard {pun intended} during the rush of last minute orders... it was fun! Thank you all!! We've just lowered the price of our famous LSC... the lighted scope used to look down the throat, which we found some other very useful ideas to play with! Do you have one yet? If not, take advantage of the new lower price! 

10/23/01 10:28:30 PM

Check out the latest new products... our Ultimate Anal Spreader, our Nipple Clamps and the Three Way Spreader is back... are you ready to add some shiny new toys to your Doctor or Nurse bag?

10/18/01 8:32:29 PM

Just a quickie... we've just added the Hank Sounds Set to the Special Order page... yes, they're the cute ones with the "speed bump" on them as Nurse Lacy says... get a set while they last! One can never have too many sounds sets!!

10/17/01 9:38:10 PM

Dan Savage, writer of the column, Savage Love, which is published in about 60 syndicated newspapers and periodicals, including the Village Voice, did an interview and article on us! Wanna read all about it? Just click here... Savage Love Article
Thanks, Dan... we definitely appreciate the kudos!!

10/12/01 5:36:43 PM

Halloween is less than 20 days away... and the fetish parties will abound (do not pardon the pun!), so are you properly prepared for the party? Our nurse cape, uniforms and caps are going quickly, so don't be caught with your pants down! (Unless you are an obedient patient!) 

10/10/01 11:02:34 PM

The 4th edition of our printed mailorder catalogue, all 48 pages is here! As always, it will be included FREE in your order. It will be $5.00 if you'd like one without an order. We've just added some new naughty bits to the gallery, also. just loves our toys, so they've sent us some Xquisite photographs of their lovely "patients" appropriately wearing our apparatus!! Always in the kink... NL

10/3/01 4:46:46 PM

Whew... we finally finished and uploaded our new Fall-Winter 2001-2002 Newsletter! So be sure to check it out... the secret is revealed, regarding our Nurse's Cape ;-) and we introduce our newest member to our staff, Nurse Ivanna. She is so delicious. The new edition of the catalogue is due any day now... ("finally!" ... muttering under your breath!) Perfection takes a while, I guess! ;-) In case you haven't seen the latest updates to the Ask The Nurse page, you may want to stop by. Ciao for now... NL

9/26/01 7:11:45 PM

Well, due to very many reasons, the new Fall-Winter 2001-2002 newsletter is delayed... We hope it will be on line by Monday October 1st. Sorry... but so much has happened recently we made a command decision to delay release until we could add it all... so it will be a lot bigger than our previous newsletters, that's for sure! And for the catalogue... yes, that is due by early next week! It's our biggest edition ever... 48 pages! So be patient... all good things come to he who waits... mmmmmm... 

9/21/01 5:17:35 PM

Just finished a huge update of the site and more to come. We sold out of the BC1's already! The wooden Ball Crushers were so hot... they went so fast! They are not going away forever, though! We'll do our best to get them back in our inventory... so stay tuned. We found an alternate, less expensive source for our KY Jelly, so we've lowered the price to $6.95/tube to share the savings with you ... every little bit helps! You'll notice we've updated the home page with more patriotism than ever... hope you like it... WE sure do!! This is the big weekend of the new catalogue release (Edition #4) and the new Fall-Winter 2001-2002 Newsletter (with a secret revealed about our new Nurse's Cape!) ... 

9/15/01 2:09:49 PM

We could not have said it better: "Watching and reading and talking about all this horror for four days straight has produced a unique kind of exhaustion. On top of that, there's the strain of "acting normal" and forcing yourself to concentrate on things -- work, grocery shopping, school, whatever -- that don't seem to have a whole lot of meaning right now. And then there's the near-physical act of hoping: for the success of rescuers, that the friends and family of victims can find peace, that our country isn't heading someplace truly awful. All that. So we're looking forward to this weekend. We plan to spend as much of it as we possibly can demonstrating how grateful we are to be here. Visiting/calling/writing the people we love, eating a towering piece of chocolate cake, finding a patch of freshly mown lawn and breathing it in ... all sorts of great things. It feels corny, writing this. But that seems to be the one silver lining to this monstrous event: Nothing's corny this week. Not patriotism, not heroism, not "happy to be alive"ism. We just hope you can find your way to celebrating that side of things, if not this weekend, then soon." -Wired News Enjoy your weekend, all... -NL

9/11/01 3:49:10 PM

Today's horrible catastrophic events are so shocking and outrageous! It seems impossible to realize that violence, hatred and destruction can be escalated to such levels in this day in age... humans are supposed to be the "evolved" species on the planet. We at share the shock and grief of these insane acts and send our care and healing to all of those who have been personally effected, "survived" and must now try to move forward from such devastation. Our condolences to the families and friends who have lost loved ones. We send hope and healing.

9/6/01 4:23:07 PM

Wow... just testing our new logger for our What's New page... This sure will make our updates, additions and notifications a lot easier and faster! As always... continuing to give the best of service for our all of our wonderful customers and visitors! -NL

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