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 GLOSSARY of Fetish, BDSM and Sexual Terms

         Abduction: to kidnap or carry a person away by force, also
          used in sex play
         Abrasions: scratching or rubbing off skin
         Abstinence: celibacy
         Acmegenesis: orgasm
         Acomoclitic: preference for hairless genitals
         Acousticophilia: arousal from sounds
         Acrophilia: arousal from heights or high altitudes
         Acrotomophilia: sexual preference for amputees
         Actirasty: arousal from exposure to sun's rays
         Acucullophallia: circumcision
         Acupressure: pressure points on body that induce certain
          responses, some sexual
         Adolescentilism: cross-dressing or playing the role of an
         Agalmatophilia: arousal from statues or manikins; also
          called pygmalionism
         Agenobiosis: married couple who consent to live together
          without sex
         Agonophilia: person who is aroused by partner pretending to
         Agoraphilia: arousal from open spaces or having sex in
         Agrexophilia: arousal from others knowing you are having
         Albutophilia: arousal from water
         Algophilia: arousal from experiencing pain
         Aliphineur: person using lotion to arouse partner
         Alloerasty: use of nudity of another person to arouse partner
         Allopellia: having orgasm from watching others engaging in
         Allorgasmia: arousal from fantasizing about someone other
          than one's partner
         Allotriorasty: arousal from partners of other nations or races
         Alphamegamia: arousal from partner of different age group
         Altocalciphilia: high heel fetish
         Alvinolagnia: stomach fetish
         Amatripsis: masturbation by rubbing labia together
         Amaurophilia: preference for a blind or blindfolded sex
         Amomaxia: sex in a parked car
         Ambisexual: bi-sexual
         Amelotasis: attraction to absence of limb
         Amelotation: loss of a limb
         Amokoscisia: arousal or sexual frenzy with desire to slash
          or mutilate women
         Amphisexual: bi-sexual
         Amychesis: act of scratching partner during sexual passion
         Anaclitism: arousal from items used as infant
         Analinctus: licking anus
         Analingus: rimming or penetration of anus with tongue
         Anasteemaphilia: attraction to taller or shorter partners
         Androgyny: having both male & female characteristics
         Androgynophilia: bi-sexual
         Androidism: arousal from robots with human features
         Andromania: nymphomania
         Androminetophilia: arousal from female partner who dresses
          like male
         Androsodomy: anal sex with a male partner
         Anililagnia: arousal from older female sex partner
         Anisonogamist: attraction to either older or younger partner
         Anocratism: anal sex
         Amomaxia: sex in parked car
         Anomeatia: anal sex with a female partner
         Anophelorastia: arousal from defiling or ravaging a partner
         Anophilemia: kissing anus
         Anoraptus: rapist who only attacks elderly women
         Antholagnia: arousal from smelling flowers
         Anthropomorphism: attributing human characteristics to
          half-human half-animal characters
         Anthropophagolagnia: rape with cannibalism
         Anthropophagy: cannibalism
         Apellous: circumcision
         Aphallatia: celibacy
         Aphrodisiacs: drugs (natural or synthetic) stimulating a sexual response
         Apistia: adultery
         Apotemnophilia: person who has sexual fantasies about
          loosing a limb
         Arachnephilia: arousal from spiders
         Arrhenothigmophilous: nymphomania
         Arsometry: anal sex
         Artificial insemination: deposit of sperm into the vagina by
          methods other than male penetration of the vagina
         Asceticism: religious self-denial often including celibacy
         Asphyxiaphilia: arousal from lack of oxygen
         Asthenolagnia: arousal from weakness or being humiliated
         Astyphia: impotence
         Asynodia: celibacy particularly due to impotence
         Autagonistophilia: exhibitionism, arousal from exposing
          naked body or genitals to strangers while on stage or while
          being photographed
         Autassassinophilia: arousal from orchestrating one's own
          death by the hands of another
         Autoerotic Asphyxia: arousal from oxygen deprivation and
          sometimes risk of dying
         Autogynephilia: arousal from crossdressing
         Automasochism: arousal from inflicting intense sensations
          or pain on one's own body
         Autoerotica: self induced arousal (i.e. fantasies or other
         Automysophilia: arousal from being dirty or defiled
         Autonepiophilia: infantilism; arousal from dressing or being
          treated like infant
         Autopederasty: person inserting their own penis into their
         Autophagy: self-cannibalism or eating own flesh
         Autosadism: infliction of pain or injury on oneself
         Avisodomy: breaking neck of bird while penetrating it for sex
         Axillism: penis penetrating an arm pit
         Ball dancing: bell dancing; self flagellation by hanging fruit
          from hooks in skin
         Bardajes: young gay male lover
         Barosmia: arousal from smell
         Basoexia: arousal from kissing
         Bath house: commercial baths, some of which allow sex on
         Bed of Nails: lying on a bed of nails for sensory
         Bee stings: the use of bees, such as to sting genitals
         Bell dancing: self-flagellation with bells or other ornaments
          hanging the skin
         Belonephilia: arousal from use of needles
         Bestiality: zoophilia; sex with animals
         Bi-Sexuality: people with sexual attraction for both sexes
         Biastophilia: those preferring to violently rape their victims
         Bigynist: sex between one male and two females
         Bihari surgery: cutting ligament above penis to make it
          appear longer
         Bindings: wrapping feet or genitals with string or lace
         Bivirist: sex between one female and two males
         Blastolagnia: person aroused by young females
         Blindfolding: covering the eyes
         Blood Sports: sex games which involve blood
         Borderline self-mutilator: automasochism
         Body Painting: temporary designs drawn on body
         Body Worship: sex game where partner is made to adore
          another's body
          Bondage: physical or mental restriction of partner
         Bordellos: houses of prostitution
         Bottom: passive partner who experiences stimuli during sex
          games, masochist, slave, submissive
          Botulinonia: using a sausage as a dildo
         Bouginonia: female masturbation from the use of objects
          such as dildos that stretch open the vagina
         Brachioprotic eroticism: a deep form of fisting where the
          arm enters the anus
         Bradycubia: slow movement during penetration Branding:
          burning patterns or initials into flesh
         Buggery: [slang] anal sex
         Bundling: partners sleeping together clothed and without sex
         Bushie Mall: agoraphilia; sex in an open area
         Butt plugs: anal inserts used for masturbation
         Candaulism: spouse who watches partner having sex with
          someone else
         Caning: whipping that uses a switch or cane to discipline
         Capnolagnia: arousal from watching others smoke
         Castration: removal of the scrotum, testicles, ovaries, or
         Cat Fighting: women fighting without rules and often tearing
          off each other's clothing
         Catamites: young gay male lovers
         Cataphilist: male submitting to female
          Catatasis: stretching of the penis
         Catheters: insertion of plastic tube into urethra
         Catheterophilia: arousal from use of catheters
         Celibacy: abstinence from sex
         Chastity: enforced sexual abstinence
         Chastity Belts: leather or metal belts used to prevent genital
         Chemise Cagoule: long heavy night shirt with hole for penis
         Chezolagnia: masturbating while defecating
         Choreophilia: dancing to orgasmic release
         Chrematistophilia: person aroused by having to pay for sex
          or having sex partner steal from them (see also
         Chronophilia: arousal from passage of time; arousal from
          older partner
         Chubby Chasers: [slang] people who are aroused by obesity in
         Cicatrization: scarring
         Circumcision: the removal of foreskin on genitals
         Clamps: metal, plastic, or wood fasteners used on nipples
          or genitals
         Claustrophilia: arousal from being confined in small space
         Clitoridectomy: surgical removal of the clitoris
         Clitorilingus: licking a clitoris
         Clitoromania: nymphomania
         Cock Rings: rings placed around the base of the male
          genitals to maintain erections
         Cocktails: drinking of body secretions from a glass
         Coitobalnism: sex in a bathtub
         Coitolimia: tremendous sexual drive
         Coitophobia: fear of sexual intercourse
         Coitus: sexual penetration with orgasm
         Coitus analis: anal sex
         Coitus a Mammilla: penetration of penis between breasts
         Coitus à Unda: sex or sex games in water
         Coitus interuptus or reservatus: birth control method where male
          withdraws penis before ejaculation
         Colobosis: mutilation or castration of penis
         Condoms: latex or animal intestine used as shield to guard
          against skin-to-skin contact with partner's genitals
         Constrictions: bondage using rows of strings
         Compulsive cruising: compulsive search for sex partners
         Computer sex: the use of computers for sex games,
          communication, and erotic photography
          Commasculation: homosexuality
         Concubinage: use of female slaves as sex partners; living
          with sex partner without being married
          Confessions: Admitting a sin; in some cases to arouse
          potential partner
         Coprography: writing obscene words or phrases, usually in
          public toilets
         Coprolagnia: arousal from feces
         Coprolalia: arousal from using obscene language or writing
         Coprophagy: the consumption of feces
         Coprophilia: arousal from playing with feces, also called scat
         Coproscopist: arousal from watching a person defecate
         Corsetting: body modification or oxygen restriction from
          using corsets
         Corvus: fellatio
         Costumes: the use of costumes in sexual fantasy play
         Courtesans: the mistress of a king or nobleman
         Courtship: the period before marriage where a person tries
          to entice the other into a commitment
         Couvade: custom where male mimics child birth or is
          confined at time of wife's delivery
         Couvade syndrome: a male who experiences symptoms of
          pregnancy in sympathy for wife
         Cratolagnia: arousal from strength of partner
         Cross dressing: a person who wears the apparel of the
          opposite sex
         Crurofact: leg fetish
         Cryptoscopophilia: desire to see behavior of others in
          privacy of their home, not necessarily sexual
         Cuckoldry: a man whose wife has sex or becomes
          impregnated by a man other than himself
         Cunnilalia: to talk about female genitals
         Cunnilingus: oral sex on a woman
         Cupping: drawing blood to the surface of skin by placing
          heated glass jars onto the skin
         Cutting: cicatrization, or scarring of skin for sexual purposes
         Cyesolagnia: pregnant woman fetish
         Cymbalism: lesbianism
         Cynophilia: arousal from sex with dogs
         Cyprieunia: sex with a prostitute
         D'Eon, Chevalier: French cross-dresser from whom the
          term "Eonism" is derived
         Dacnolagnomania: lust murder
         Dacrylagnia: arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a
         Dacryphilia: person who is aroused by seeing their partner
         Dame de voyage: dolls designed for genital penetration,
          often used by sailors
         Danse du ventre: erotic or fertility dancing; belly dance
         Dating services: agencies arranging for strangers to meet
          each other, usually for a fee
         Day belts: chastity device used for short day excursions
         De Clerambault's syndrome: erotomania Defecolagnia:
          arousal from defecation
         Defilement: arousal from partner or self becoming dirty or
          Deliberate self-harm syndrome: automasochism
          Dendrophilia: arousal from tree or fertility worship of them
          Depilation: shaving, waxing, or other type of hair removal
          Dermagraphism: marks left on the skin of a partner by biting,
          scratching or sucking
          Dermaphilia: doraphilia; sexual stimulus from skin
          Deviance: paraphilia; practice that deviates from the majority
          of society
          Dildos and Plugs: instruments used for genital penetration
          Discipline: punishment and control of a partner in sex play
          Diseases (STD or VD): sexually transmitted diseases, also
          called venereal diseases
          Divertissement: paraphilia
          Docking: slipping one partner's foreskin over the glans penis
          of another
          Dogging: couples who engage in sex in their car while
          others watch from outside
          Doleros: algophilia; arousal from pain
          Dominance/Submission: power exchange between partners
          Domme/Dom: Female (Dominatrix) /Male Top who controls fetish sessions
          Doraphilia: arousal from animal fur, leather, or skin
          Douches: rinsing out the anus or vagina with liquids
          Dowry: sum of money or goods paid to parents of future
          husband or wife
          Dungeons: rooms that are decorated for SM play
          Dysmorphophilia: arousal from deformed or physically
          impaired partners
          Ecdemolagnia: arousal from traveling or being away from
          Ecdyosis: arousal from removing clothes in front of others
          Ecorchement: flagellation
          Ecouteurism: listening to others having sex without consent
          Ederacinism: to tear out sex organs by the roots as in a
          frenzy or to punish oneself for sexual cravings
          Ejaculatio praecox: premature ejaculation
          Electrophilia: arousal from electrical stimulus
          Electrolysis: an electrical method of removing hair
          Elopement: hasty and clandestine marriage without consent
          of family members
          Emetophilia: Roman shower; arousal from vomit
          Endytolagnia: arousal only from partners who are clothed
          Endytophilia: arousal only from partners who are clothed
          Enema: the insertion and expulsion of fluids into the anus
          Entomophilia: arousal from insects or using, them in sex
          Eonism: crossdressing
          Episioclisia: suturing of the labia majora; infibulation
          Eproctolagniac: person aroused by flatulence
          Eproctophilia: arousal from flatulence
          Erotica: sexual literature and photos
          Erotographomania: arousal from writing love poems or
          Erotomania: people who develop an unreasonable love of a
          stranger or person not interested in them
          Erotophobia: fear of sexual love
          Essayeurs: men who were hired by bordellos to become
          sexual with women so that timid clients would follow their
          Eugenics: belief that only the fittest should impregnate
          Eunuchs: castrated men
          Executions: a legal death sentence, some people become
          aroused by watching executions
          Exhibitionism: exposing body to inappropriate and
          nonconsenting people for arousal
          Exmuliebrate: castration
          Exophilia: neophilia; fetish for the unusual or bizarre
          Fainting: passing out or losing consciousness
          Famulus: slaves, family
          Fantasy: mental image or illusion, sometimes sexual
          Fantasy Play: acting out sexual fantasies
          Felching: sucking semen out of vagina or anus post coitus
          Fellatio: oral sex on a male
          Female impersonators: men who dress in women's
          clothing, often for pay
          Fetishes: objects or expressions of obsessive desire
          Fibula: bar that runs through foreskin of male and attaches
          to semi-circle device, used by Romans to prevent
          Fisting: inserting a fist or hand into the vagina or anus
          Flagellation: striking a person with an object
          Flatulence: passing gas from bowels/ [slang] fart
          Flatuphilia: arousal from having partner pass gas
          Flirting: pretending to have affection for another person
          Florentine girdle: chastity belt
          Foot binding: the wrapping of feet, done by Chinese and
          Foot fetish: podophilia
          Frottage: rubbing body against partner or object for arousal
          Furor uterinus: nymphomania
          Galateism: agalmatophilia; sexual attraction to statues
          Gamahucheur: cunnilingus
          Gamophobia: fear of marriage
          Gang Bangs: sex with a series of waiting partners
          Gay: person who prefers same sex lover
          Geishas: Japanese women used as social companions
          Gemellus: testicles
          Genitals: sex organs of either male or female (penis,
          testicles, scrotum, clitoris, vagina, G-spot, cervix, etc.)
          Gendoloma: the use of sexual fantasies to hasten orgasm
          Genofact: genital fetish
          Genuphallation: insertion of penis between the knees of a
          Gerontophilia: attraction to a partner whose age is that of
          different generation
          Girdle of Venus: chastity belt
          Golden Enemas and Douches: urine deposited into anus or
          Golden showers: urinating onto a partner's body
          Gomphipothic: arousal by the sight of teeth
          Gonads: testicles
          Graophilia: arousal from older female partner
          Graphelagnia: arousal from photographs of nudity or sex
          Gregomulcia: arousal from being fondled in a crowd
          Groping: feeling of unknown or unidentified person in boxes,
          suits, etc.
          Group Sex: sex with more than one partner or in close
          proximity of others
          Groupies: erotomania; people who are devoted to or who
          follow celebrities
          Gymnocryptosis: females talking about sex life of husbands
          Gymnophilia: arousal from nudity
          Gynandromorphous: hermaphrodite
          Gynecaeum: area where Greeks kept wives at home and
          separated from other men
          Gynecomania: compulsive desire for female sex partners
          Gynecozygous: lesbians
          Gynelophilous: arousal from pubic hair
          Gynemimesis: male-to-female cross dressing
          Gynemimetophilia: person aroused by a male impersonating
          a female
          Gynephonia: effeminate voice
          Gynonudomanic: compulsion to rip clothes off others
          -gyny: female or having female organs
          Handkerchief Codes: color codes to identify sexual
          Haptosis: non-consensual sexual touching
          Harmatophobia: fear of sexual incompetence or making a
          Harmatophilia: arousal from sexual incompetence or
          mistakes, usually in female partner
          Harnesses: body harnesses used in suspension or penis
          Hedonism: act of indulging in pleasures of the body
          Hedonophilia: sexual arousal from engaging in pleasurable
          Hedralingus: licking anus
          Hemerotism: daydreaming or fantasizing about sex or nudity
          Hermaphrodite: person who has both part female and male
          Hetaerae: the highest class Greek prostitute or female
          Heterophilia: arousal from members of the opposite sex
          Heterosexualism: arousal from members of the opposite
          Hierophilia: arousal from sacred objects
          Hirsutophilia: arousal from armpit hair
          Hodophilia: arousal from traveling
          Homilophilia: sexual arousal from hearing or giving sermons
          Homoeroticism: sexual arousal from person of same sex
          Homophilia: sexual arousal from person of same sex
          Homophobia: fear of same gender sex partner
          Homosexuality: arousal by partners of the same sex
          Hot Wax: sex game where hot wax is melted onto partner
          Humiliation: sex game of degrading partner to establish sexual power
          Hybristophilia: love of someone who has committed an outrage
          Hygrophilia: arousal from body fluids or moisture
          Hymenoclasis: surgical defloration of virgin
          Hymenorrhaphy: suturing of the hymen; infibulation
          Hymenorrhexis: defloration of hymen
          Hyperphilia: compulsive desire for sex
          Hyphephilia: arousal from touching skin, hair, leather, fur or fabric
          Hypnosis: act that induces a level of sleep
          Iantronudia: arousal from exposing oneself to a physician,
          usually by faking an ailment
          Iconolagny: arousal from pictures or statues of nude people
          Idiosyncrat: compulsive desire for sex
          ldrophrodisia: arousal from the odor of perspiration,
          especially from the genitals
          Impotence: the inability to achieve enough tumescence to
          penetrate a partner with one's penis
          Incest: sex with close family member
          Incubus: a spirit who was thought to lie on top of women and
          have sex while they slept
          Infanticide: the practice of killing a newborn child
          Infantilism: cross-dressing as a young child for sex play
          Infibulation: closing penis/vagina with suture or ring
          Inflatable dolls: plastic dolls that are designed for genital
          Inspectionism: voyeurism
          Insufflation: blowing air into a body cavity
          Intergenerational: sex between partners with 20+ years age
          Interrogation: to ask questions, sometimes under duress
          Inunction: anointing or rubbing person with oil or lather
          Invert: arousal from person of same sex
          Invirility: impotence
          Ipserotic: Narcissism
          Irrumation: fellatio
          Ischolagny: avoidance of women to prevent arousal
          -ism: act or abnormal condition classified by prefix (i.e.,
          -ist: person expert in field or adherent of prefix (i.e., sadist)
          Iterandria: arousal from person of same sex
          Jack gagger: a husband that procures men to pay for sex
          with his wife
          Jactitation: a false boast that causes harm to others,
          sometimes sexual
          Juvenilism: dressing or acting out role of a juvenile,
          sometimes sexual
          Kabbazah Sex: tantra sex, male passive, female active
          Karezza Sex: coitus reservatus
          Kegel exercises: exercise of the pelvic muscles that control
          Kleptolagnia: arousal from stealing
          Kleptomania: compulsion to steal
          Kleptophilia: arousal from stealing
          Klismaphilia: arousal from enemas
          Knismolagnia: arousal from tickling
          Kokigami: the wrapping of the penis in a paper costume
          Kolpeuryntomania: stretching of the vagina
          Labiorrhaphy: suturing of the labia
          Lacing: suturing body parts to another object for bondage
          Lactaphilia: arousal from lactating breasts
          -lagnia: lust, arousal
          Lagnocolysis: celibacy
          Lagnolalia: discussion of sexual subjects
          Lagnoperissia: nymphomania
          Lap dancing: squatting above a sitting person and rubbing
          against them to create arousal without touching genitals
          Latex: rubber used specially for wearing or sex toys
          Leptosadism: mild form of sadism
          Lesbian: woman who prefers female lover
          -lingus: suffix meaning with the tongue
          Love: attachment, fondness, and devotion
          Love potions: potions that are thought to increase a person's
          sexual desire
          Lubricants: a substance that reduces friction, often used to
          facilitate penetration
          Lygerastia: tendency to only be aroused in darkness
          Macrogenitalism: arousal from large genitals
          Maieusiophilia: arousal from pregnant women
          Mammagymnophilia: arousal from female breasts
          -mania: suffix indicating an abnormal preoccupation,
          compulsion, or craving for an act or object
          Manuxorate: male using his hand to masturbate
          Maritate: female masturbating alone
          Martymachlia: group sex
          Maschalophilous: arousal from armpits
          Masochism: ability to transfer emotions caused by pain to
          erotic feelings
          Massage: rubbing of the body to increase circulation
          Mastigothymia: flagellation
          Mastix: female sadist
          Mastofact: breast fetish
          Masturbation: orgasm not involving penetration of partner
          Matronolagnia: arousal from older female partner
          Maturation: the process of aging including sexual changes
          Mazoperosis: mutilation of breasts
          Mazophallate: rubbing penis between breasts
          Medical scenes: sex play that involves using medical
          instruments or settings as props
          Melolagnia: arousal from music
          Menage a trois: a couple having sex with a third party
          Menophilist: arousal from menstruating women
          Merinthophilia: arousal from being bound
          Mixoscopia: orgasm dependent on watching others having
          Moriaphilia: arousal from telling sexual jokes
          Morphophilia: arousal from person with a different physique
          Mummification: wrapping the full body in a manner that
          prevents movement
          Munchausen's syndrome: arousal from reopening a wound
          Mutilation: tearing the skin or otherwise deforming a person's
          Mysophilia: arousal from soiled clothing or foul decaying
          Nanophilia: sexual attraction to a short partner
          Naphephilia: arousal from touching or being touched
          Narcissism: self love
          Narratophilia: person who is aroused by discussing sex with
          Nasophilia: nose fetish
          Necrochlesis: sex with a female corpse
          Necrocoitus: penetration of corpses
          Necrophilia: sex with corpses
          Negotiation: arranging transactions for conduct with sex
          Neophilia: arousal from novelty or change
          Niddah: abstaining from sex 1/3 of the time to create arousal
          during rest of month
          Nomavalent: arousal from traveling or new places, usually
          impotent at home
          Nonmonogamy: multiple sex partners
          Normophilia: those only aroused by acts considered normal
          by their religion or society
          Nudity (Recreational): nudity in group settings, beaches,
          nudist camps, etc.
          Nudomania: arousal from nudity
          Nymph: young woman or nature goddesses
          Nympholepsy: trance state induced by erotic fantasies
          Nymphomania: uncontrollable desire of woman for sex
          Nymphotomy: removal of the inner labia
          Ochlophilia: arousal from being in a crowd
          Oculolinctus: licking partner's eyeball
          Oculophilia: eye fetish
          Odaxelagnia: arousal from biting
          Odontophilia: arousal from tooth extractions or tooth fetish
          Oedipus complex: repressed desire to have sex with parent
          of opposite sex
          Olisbos: dildos
          Olfaction: the sense of smell
          Olfactophilia: arousal from odors
          Omolagnia: arousal from nudity
          Onanism: masturbation or withdrawing penis from vagina
          before ejaculation
          Ondinisme: arousal from urine
          Oneiropornism: dreaming about prostitutes or sex
          Ophidicism: use of snakes, sometimes for sexual purposes
          Ophidiophilia: arousal from snakes
          Oral sex: contact between the mouth and genitals; use of
          the mouth in sex play
          Ordune: arousal from photographs of nudes or sex
          Orgasms: climax of sexual excitement, often accompanying
          Organofact: fetish for some part of the body
          Orgies: group sex
          Osculocentric: arousal from kissing
          Osmolagnia: arousal from odors
          Osmophilia: arousal from odors
          Osphresiolagnia: arousal from odors
          Othello's syndrome: jealousy
          Oxygen regulation: regulating intake of oxygen for sexual
          Ozolagnia: arousal from odors
          Pageism: male submitting to female
          Paraphallus: dildos
          Paraphilia: sexual arousal to unusual or socially
          unacceptable object or act
          Parascopism: voyeurism, especially through bedroom
          Pareunasthenia: impotence
          Pareunomania: compulsive desire for sex
          Parthenity: virgin
          Pathicus: passive recipient in gay anal sex; catamite
          Pathophobia: phobia of contracting a sexually transmitted
          Patrolagnia: sex with one's own father
          Pecattiphilia: arousal from sinning or possibly guilt
          Pederasty: anal sex
          Penetration toys: devices used for penis insertion during
          Penis ligation: the tying of the foreskin of a penis
          Penis modification: physical alteration of penis
          Penosugia: fellatio
          Peodeiktophilia: exhibitionism
          Peritomy: circumcision
          Perversion: sexual acts that differ from the standard majority;
          -phagy: practice of eating object specified by prefix
          Phallolalia: talking about penises
          Phallophilia: large penis fetish or preference
          Pheromones: natural chemicals or hormones that induce
          sexual response
          Philemanmania: compulsion to kiss
          -philia: suffix that indicates an abnormal sexual attachment
          to what is specified by acronym
          Phobias: an irrational fear of an object or situation
          Phobophilia: arousal from fear or hate
          Phone Sex: verbal sex between partners on a phone
          Phygephilia: sexual arousal from being a fugitive
          Pictophilia: arousal from pictures, video or movies with a
          sexual subject
          Piercing: inserting needles into skin for arousal
          Pimps: procurer for sexual partners that pay
          Play: the consensual acting out of a role or game,
          sometimes sexual
          Play room: room equipped with sex paraphernalia and used
          primarily for sex play
          Podophilia: arousal from feet
          Polyandry: one wife with multiple husbands
          Polygamy: one person with multiple marriage partners
          Polygyny: one person with multiple wives
          Polyiterophilia: arousal only after having sex with a series of
          Pompoir: vaginal muscle control that masturbates penis
          when inserted
          Posthetomy: circumcision
          Preblysis: premature ejaculation
          Prisha: religious separation of males and females
          Proctophallism: anal sex
          Proctotitillia: tickling anus
          Professional dominatrix: woman hired to function as a Top
          Prostitution: sex performed for financial gain
          Psycholagny: orgasm induced from psychic or mental
          Psychrophilia: arousal from being cold or watching others
          Psychrotentiginous: arousal from cold weather
          Pubephilia: arousal from pubic hair
          Pubic dressing: coloring or adding ornaments to pubic hair
          Pubic Hair sculpturing: removing pubic hair so that the
          remainder forms a pattern (i.e. a heart)
          Pudendacure: pubic dressing for female
          Pygmalionism: agalmatophilia; statue fetishism where
          person rubs their body against statue
          Pygophilemania: arousal from kissing buttocks
          Pygophilia: arousal from contact with buttocks
          Pygotripsis: arousal from rubbing buttocks
          Pyrophilia: arousal from fire or of its use in sex play
          Quadoshka: American Indian form of tantric sex
          Queening: sitting on the side of a person's face as a form of
          Renifleur: person aroused by smell of urine or by sniffing
          Retifism: shoe fetish
          Rhabdophilia: arousal from being flagellated
          Rimming: penetration of anus with tongue
          Ringing: insertion of permanent jewelry into a body piercing
          Ritual Sex: sex performed with specific rules of conduct
          (i.e., Wicca, weddings, slave training)
          Robotism: attraction to or the use of robots in sex play
          Sadism: empowerment and arousal derived from disciplining or
          using corporal punishment
          Sapphosadism: lesbian sadism
          Sarmassophilia: arousal from kneading flesh
          Satyriasis: men who have an uncontrollable desire for sex
          Scat: arousal from using feces in sex play
          Scopophilia: arousal from being stared at oneself
          Scoptolagnia: arousal from seeing the genitals of the
          opposite sex
          Scoptophilia: arousal from looking at sexually stimulating
          Scrotal infusion: infusion of saline into the scrotal sack so
          that it enlarges
          Selgolalia: telling stories that include sex
          Sensory compensation: our body's regulation of incoming
          stimulus to a tolerable level
          Sensory deprivation: removing one or all senses to heighten
          awareness of the mind during bondage
          Sensory overload: inability of our body/mind to absorb and
          comprehend incoming stimulus
          Sex addiction: seemingly uncontrollable compulsion to have sex
          Sex Magick: the use of witchcraft rituals for sexual purposes
          Sex surrogates: professionally trained to assist others
           with sexual dysfunctions
          overcome sexual dysfunctions
          Sex toys: [slang] a myriad of objects used to assist in masturbation
          or sex play for adults
          Sexautism: tendency to be preoccupied with sexual thoughts
          Sexercise: exercises designed to improve muscles used for sex
          Sexologists: people who study the science of sex
          Sexoschizia: bi-sexual
          Sexual anomalies:  paraphilias; sexual practices out of the
           norm of a society, yet normal and healthy; kinky
          Shaving: removing the hair with a razor of a partner or
          oneself for arousal
          Siderodromophilia: arousal from trains
          Siphnianize: anal masturbation
          Sitophilia: arousal from food
          Slaves: person who willingly contracts to be sex slave
          Sleeping princess syndrome: those aroused by partner who
          appears to be asleep
          Slings: swings or other forms of support for suspension
          from which a person may engage in sex
          Smegma: secretions from gland under foreskin of penis or
          Sodomy: oral or anal intercourse involving penetration with
          male or female
          Sotadism: anal sex
          Sounding: insertion of an object into the urethra
          Spanking: using hand to slap partner's buttocks for sensory
          enhancement and arousal
          Spay: castration
          Spectrophilia: either coitus with spirits or arousal from image
          in mirrors
          Speculum: dilating device used by physicians when doing
          pelvic exams and in SM medical scenes
          Spermatophobia: fear of semen loss
          Sphagia: a sacrifice used to placate the gods, the whole
          offering was completely burned
          Sphincter: anal or urethral muscle that closes to prevent
          passage of urine or feces
          Splitting: splitting the penis from the glans toward the base
          Stabbing: insertion of a sharp object into flesh
          Stag parties: private parties where only men and possibly a
          female stripper or entertainer are permitted
          Stapling: inserting a U-shaped wire into skin during sex play
          Statuophilia: agalmatophilia; sexual attraction to statues
          Sthenolagnia: arousal from demonstration of strength or
          Stigmatophilia: arousal from partner who is stigmatized (i.e.,
          tattoos, piercings, scars)
          Strabismus: arousal from eyes of partner
          Strangulation: controlling oxygen by restricting windpipe or
          blood vessels in neck
          Stretching: stretching body or genitals for arousal
          String bondage: constrictions; wrapping string around body
          at certain intervals for arousal
          Strip poker: card game where the losers remove articles of
          Strip search: interrogation process where sex partner is
          stripped and searched
          Stripping: removal of clothes, sometimes performed on
          stage in an erotic manner
          Stuffing: insertion of objects into vagina or anus
          Stupprator: man who is aroused by virgins
          Subincision: cutting part of the glans penis from the tip
          toward the base
          Subliminal tapes: audiotapes that give messages intended
          to alter habits
          Submission: surrender to and trust of a partner
          Subpersonality: a temporary personality or character change
          but one where the person does not lose all consciousness
          with their current surroundings, they are often from
          Succubus: a female spirit who was thought to lie underneath
          men and have sex with them while they slept
          Support groups: groups of people that find solace in
          discussing a common problem
          Suspension: suspending body for sensory deprivation and
          Suttee: religious practice of killing wife upon husband's
          death and burial
          Suturing: stitching flesh together
          Swinging: group sex or wife swapping
          Swing: an object that allows a person to be suspended and
          move back and forth
          Switch: people who play either the top or bottom role (sadist
          or masochist)
          Sybian: a vibrating dildo that sits on top of an object that
          resembles a saddle
          Symphorophilia: arousal from arranging a disaster, crash, or
          Syntribate: rubbing thighs together to masturbate
          Tachorgasmia: premature ejaculation
          Talisman: charm, sometimes used in love spells
          Tantalolagnia: arousal from teasing
          Tantra: yoga type sexual discipline
          Taphephilia: arousal from being buried alive
          Tattooing: tattooing for arousal and marking
          Tea Room: slang term for restrooms used for hustling and
          Teasing: to excite sexually but without fulfilling implied
          Teledildonics: arousal from computer sex games
          Telegony: belief that first man impregnating woman will be
          the father of any subsequent children
          Telephone scatophilia: arousal from obscene phone calls
          Telephonicophilia: arousal from using phone calls for sexual
          Teratophallic: large penises
          Terror play: sex play using terror or fear for arousal
          Thalpotentiginy: arousal from heat
          Thelectize: clitoridectomy
          Thesauromania: compulsion to collect objects or clothing
          belonging to females
          Thlipsosis: arousal from pinching others
          Three-legged bloomers: bondage underwear garment that
          has sleeve for head that opens to genitals of partner
          Thusiai: a sacrifice of food cooked on an altar and eaten
          later by priests or worshippers
          Thygatria: sex between father and daughter
         Tickling: light touch that sometimes causes a laughter
         Timophilia: when a person's primary arousal comes from
          gold or wealth
         Titillagnia: arousal from tickling
         Tithiolagnia: having an orgasm while nursing
         Toilet Training: urinating or defecating on a partner as a form
          of slave training
         Top: term used for partner who controls stimuli during fetish sex
         Torture: inflicting pain to get information or for revenge, also
          used in sex play
          Tourniquets: a device that compresses blood vessels to
          control bleeding, sometimes sexual
         Toucheurism: touching a stranger for arousal
         Tragolimia: compulsive desire for sex regardless of
          attraction of partner
         Transsexual: person who are in the process of physically
          changing sexes
         Transvestite: person who is aroused by crossdressing
         Transvestophilia: arousal from crossdressing
         Traumaphilia: arousal from wounds or trauma;
         Tribadism: lesbianism; sex by rubbing
         Triborgasmia: wife who masturbates husband
         Trichophilia: hair fetish
         Tripsolagnia: arousal from having hair shampooed
         Tripsolagnophilia: arousal from massage
         Tripsophilia: arousal from massage
         Troilism: arousal by being third party in sex scene
         Troubadours: 11th-13th century musician poets that
          popularized love and chivalry
         Undinism: arousal from water
         Uranism: arousal from person of same sex
         Urethral self-instrumentation: sounding; inserting object into
          urethra for arousal
         Urolagnia: arousal from urine
         Urophilia: arousal from urine Urtication: the use of nettles to
          create extra sensation
         Vampirism: consuming blood of partner for arousal
         Vertigo: dizziness, caused by spinning sometimes used to enhance sex acts
         Vertugadin: large hooped skirts that also acted as chastity
         Vibrators: toys that vibrate which may or may not be inserted
         Vicarphilia: arousal from other people's exciting experiences
         Victorian Lace: sexual discipline using crossdressing as
         Victorianism: a 19th century English society that was
          notorious for bigotry and restrictive about morals
         Vincilagnia: arousal from bondage
         Virgin: person not having experienced penetrative sex with
          another person
          Virimimism: adoption of masculinity
         Visualization: an image formed by the mind, sometimes
          used in sex rituals and often in sexual fantasy
         Voyeurism: arousal by watching others without their consent
         Water sports: the use of urine for arousal; urophilia
         Waxing: removal of body hair by a sticky substance applied
          to a strip laid against hair and pulled off
          Wax Play: melted candle wax poured over the skin
         Weddings: marriage ceremonies
         Weight training: the use of hanging weights on genitals or
          hooks for arousal
         Whipping: striking or flagellating a partner for sensory
         Whore House: bordello Wife swapping: exchanging spouses
          with another couple for sexual purposes
         Worship: reverence of an object or person
         Wrestling: a physical struggle between two or more people,
          used as sexual arousal by some
         Xenodynamic: person who is only potent with strangers
          Xenolimia: arousal from strangers
         Xenophilia: arousal from strangers
         Yoni worship: worship of the female genitals
         Yoshiwara: Japanese prostitutes
          Zelophilia: arousal from jealousy
         Zooerasty: arousal from animals
         Zoophilia: arousal from animals
         Zwischenstufe: arousal from person of same sex

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