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Basic "How-To" of Straitjackets for Role Play:

 1) Getting into the straitjacket

Insert arms into the sleeves.
      b.) Buckle straps in back and wrap crotch strap between legs and attach in back
      c.) Cross arms in front and pull the sleeves to the back, then buckle the sleeve straps.

 2) Using straitjackets in bondage role-play as a punishment device, forces the submissive "patient" into a state of helplessness and a feeling of humiliation. This can be enhanced with spankings and flogging scenes.

 3) Using straitjackets for training purposes allows a new submissive (newbie) to be restricted and restrained either on the floor in a sitting position or kneeling during lessons, beginning with learning the element of submission in its basic form of obedience.

4) Using straitjackets for severe bondage with rope or belts, mummification and/or sensory deprivation scenes with hoods, blindfolds, gags, etc. is usually recommended for more experienced players.

5) Straitjackets are made of a variety of different fabrics and materials such as canvas, latex and leather, each having its own unique fit, feel and function.

Article by SeriousBondage about Straitjackets

Great article
written by Mark of about Straitjackets, usage and techniques... this is one of the photos from that article... and here's the link to it!  ...
Straitjacket Required - Tie Optional
An educational program
by Mark and Travis

Tips & Warnings
  • Always monitor on a submissive "patient" wrapped in a straitjacket at regular intervals during bondage play.
  • Be aware of any unbearable discomfort, painful pinching in crotch or under arms area or any restrictive breathing.
  • Pay attention to how long the submissive "patient" is in the straitjacket, as the arms being folded and held tightly for too long can restrict blood flow.

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