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Medical Mouth Spreader Whitehead Gag

Nurse Laural and Natali Whitehead Gag
Nurse Laural adjusts the Whitehead Gag for a perfect fit in Natali Demore's mouth.
Medical Dental Whitehead Gag

 When we first introduced the Whitehead Gag in 1998, most did not know what it was... and even today, it is mostly referred to as the mouth spreader gag or the dental open mouth gag due to the fact that unlike others, we offer secure, adjustable buckling and lockable leather straps to hold it snugly around the patient/sub's head!

Soon after our introduction of the ominous metal open mouthed gag, we witnessed a frenzy of excitement in the BDSM and Medical Fetish communities for this unique form of mouth bondage! We continue to be the number one source for this ratcheting medical mouth gag of deviousness!

Due to popular request, we also offer a rubber teeth guard version of the gag! Also available in Black or Tan leather lockable straps!

More Whitehead Gag Photos:

Nurse Victoria Whitehead Gag

Natali w/Whitehead Gag
Nurse Victoria in Cage wearing Whitehead Gag

Whitehead Gag with Teeth Guard- Black Lockable Straps
Whitehead Gag w/Teeth Guard 
  Black Leather Straps
Item #570-6015
 Price: $65.95


Whitehead Mouth agag with Teeth Guard-Tan Straps
Whitehead Gag w/Teeth Guard 
  Tan Leather Straps
Item #570-6016
 Price: $65.95

Vintage Nurses at with Whitehead Gag

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