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Thrills for under $50.00

Thrills for under $50.00!
This section holds a variety of THRILLING items that cost only $50.00 or less!

We all know times are tough... but for the cost of a dinner out or a movie and snacks,
you can have some thrills and chills running down your spine!

Fun for under $25.00                               More Thrills for under $100.00

Cock & Ball Crusher for CBT
Cock & Ball Crusher 

One of our most popular items ever... It is the ultimate CBT squeeze... Slowly turn the screw mechanism and the big squeeze is on!
The ringed end "screws-up" to close around whatever is forced through the opening. It has a convenient attachment ring for additional bondage or weights. It's
true CBT!

The handy "screw-up" closes around whatever is forced through the opening and with the loop on the end, added weights can be tied or it can be tied to a spreader bar or just use your own imagination...  

4 1/4" H (o.d.)  X 4" W (o.d.)
Inner opening of 2 3/4" X 2 3/4"
which can closes down to 0 (zero)!!

CBT Cock & Ball Crusher
Item #540-4020
Price: $38.00

Silicone Butt Beads and Ball Locker
Silicone Butt Beads and Ball Locker

An amazing combination of stretchy, easy to use cock ring/ball sack connected to tapering anal beads... does it get any sexier than that? If this one toy doesn't become one of his favorites, we'll eat our Nurse's caps! It's so versatile and fits just about every size and shape!

Made of premium silicone that's very flexible, pliable and durable. 
When it comes to CBT and Butt Play all in one, just like all of our other "Butt Lockers" ...the Wild Ride, Red Silicone Butt Locker and the original style Butt Locker ...
 it's the way to go!

Anal Beads and Cockring Combo
Cockring is 1.5" / 3.75 cm diameter
 The Butt Beads 7.25"/ 18.5 cm long
1.25" / 3.25 cm tapering down to .50" / 1.27 cm

 Butt Beads and Ball Locker
Item #320-4063
 Price: $28.95

Prostate G-Spot Vibrator Tool
click on photo for larger view
G-Spot / Prostate Vibrator

This uniquely shaped new silicone vibrator is
designed for anal or vaginal penetration for either the female "g-spot" or prostate stimulation!

 It is very quiet and has six (yes SIX!) different vibration settings: low, medium and high, then pulsing, escalating and super sonic!

Size: 4.5" Long
  Batteries: 3 (three) LR44 ("watch batteries"), included. 

G-Spot / Prostate Vibrator
Item #320-4080
 Price: $49.95

Adjustable Neck Brace
Adjustable Neck Brace
The same neck brace (also known as a surgical collar) used by EMT's is just the ultimate in clinical bondage or even out in public! Who will know? Only you and your Naughty Nurse or Devious Doc!

It is adjustable for all sizes, settings range from 4 inch in height up to a neck stretching 6" with a very easy to use Velcro strap for tight closure fittings!

Very versatile and very, very effective and very affordable!

Adjustable Neck Brace
Item #600-8005


10 Piece Plastic Cupping Set

One of our most popular sets, this cupping set comes complete with a pistol grip pump and ten plastic cups opening in various sizes 2" (6 cups), 1 3/4" (one cup), 1 1/2" (one cup), 1 1/4" (one cup) to 1" (one cup) ! Instruction sheet and a snap closure, box-style carrying case included.
 Note: only one each of the smallest cups comes in the kit.

10 Piece Cupping Set
Item #420-3000
Price: $45.00


SM 101 Book
by Jay Wiseman
SM 101 Book
Originally published in 1992, it is one of the most recommended guidebooks on BDSM ever written. The book begins with preliminary issues, including the definition of SM, then covers the fundamentally important issues such as consent safewords, negotiation (including both short-form and long-form checklists), setting the scene, and aftercare.

 Actual techniques described at some length include rope bondage and other forms of restraint, giving and receiving of erotic pain, flagellation, clamps, spanking, lubricants, genital play, anal play, erotic humiliation, knife play, dominant/submissive interactions, slave training, collars, and much more.

There is a special "starter" chapter titled "A Novice Woman's Quick Reference Guide to Erotically Dominating a Submissive Man" that lays out a step-by-step blueprint for a basic SM session and a chapter devoted to related practices such as enema play, fetishism, fisting, polyamory, and tantra. It has a substantial bibliography and reference section and glossary.

SM 101 Book
Item #660-7103
Price: $24.95

Silicone Cock Gag

Penis Gag

w/ Removable Straps

Made of tasteless, odorless, sturdy silicone, this cock gag has an adjustable velcro flush back closure, great for under hoods or mummification scenes.

 The leather straps are removable for cleaning! Like all silicone sex toys, it's boilable, dishwasher safe, and bleachable in a 10% solution.

The outer mouth piece is contoured to follow the shape around the face, so it is a snug yet comfortable fit for any size head!

 The black penis shape silicone piece of the gag measures 2" in length and 1½" at the widest point.

Silicone Cock Gag
Item #570-4025
Price: $38.95


Clear Glass Ram Rod
click on photo for larger detail

"Ram Rod"
Glass Dildo

This hand blown glass piece is solid, beautiful and durable. It’s also non-porous and seamless with raised angled ribbing (veins) for added insertion pleasure, anally or vaginally!
It can even be put in the freezer or hot water for tantalizing temperature play.

Length: 8", Widest Point: Diameter: 1.75"
Available in Clear [above] or
Black [below]

Clear Glass Ram Rod
Item # 320-6030
Price: $48.00 only $38.95

Barrel Nipple CBT Clamps with Weights
Deluxe Barrel Style
 Nipple Clamps (pair)
each with 8 oz. weights

Just like our Deluxe Chrome Adjustable Barrel Nipple Clamps [above] these are a true heavy duty nipple clamps with an added twist! ...4 ounces of ball weights hanging from each one!!

They stay tightly gripped to nipples (or perfect for CBT!). And you can remove the 8 oz. weight and add any of the other size ball weights or weights you already have! Barrel style nipple / CBT clamps are just the best ever!

•Each barrel nipple clamp is 3 inches long
 and a 1/2 inch in diameter.
•A unique feature of the Barrel Nipple Clamp is that they can be opened a full one inch wide, then closed down tightly with a twist of the barrel!
•Heavy 8 oz. chrome ball weight adds hands-free "tugging" power

Deluxe Adjustable Barrel Clamps (Pair)
  each with 8 ounce ball weight
Item #530-3020
   Price $45.95


Pratt Rectal Speculum
Pratt Anal/Rectal Spreader

Our very popular Pratt Rectal Spreader is downright sexy! With its squeezing-to-open handle, the Pratt Speculum is just a dream to use!

Made of heavy metal with thumbscrews to lock it open! Open-n-see-you--- says the Nurse!

  8.5" overall length
 Blades are 3.5" long x 1" wide
Opens about 2 1/2" wide
Weight is approx. 12 ounces!

Pratt Anal/Rectal Speculum
Item #220-2030  
Price: $48.00

Leather Blindfold/Head Harness
Leather Blindfold/Upper Head Harness
Blindfold and partial head harness all rolled into one with this amazing leather head bondage gear! Wrap this high quality, supple leather mask over the eyes, attach at the top and back with easily adjustable leather Velcro'd straps! 

Since it covers both the eyes and the nose the overwhelming aroma of leather envelopes and intoxicates as it completely blocks out sight! Definitely a rush!! Keeps those lips and mouth available for other duties!!!

Leather Blidfold Head Harness side view

Available is two sizes:
  Small/ Medium: Top of head strap from 6" - 10.5" 
 Back of head strap adjusts from 7.5" - 12"

Large/XLarge: Top of head strap from 6.5" - 12.5"
Back of head strap adjusts from 8" - 12"

Leather Blindfold - Upper Head Harness
Price: $49.95

Blindfold/Head Harness  Size Selections


Steel Leg Cuffs 
All of the same high quality and professional standards of the handcuffs, but these are for the ankles and are bigger, beefier with  a long (14") chain between!

Steel Leg Cuffs
Item #600-6002 
Price: $48.00


Fun for under $25.00                               More Thrills for under $100.00

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