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The Big Stanley & Stanley, Jr.

Acrylic Anal and/or Vaginal Plug Quad-Electrode for the PES Power Box

Big Stanley-Electro Butt Plug

Big Stanley is the first electrode ever offered that is a quadruple pole electrode.
This means it has four conductive surfaces, two at 5.75" long and two at 4" long.

Not only can you vary your stimulation based on how many poles you use, but also by what lengths are combined!

Try it with two PES Power Boxes and see what kind of Erotic Electro Stimulation you experience.

The Umbilical Cord was designed for just such an electrode.

Big Stanley Configurations
To Use Big Stanley
  • Attach leads to the poles you wish to use
  • Liberally apply lubricant in and around the orifice you are inserting Stanley into
  • Relax, relax, relax, relax
  • Slowly and gently insert Stanley into either the vaginal or anal cavity*
  • Plug your leads into your power source(s) and enjoy the ride

Recommended configurations with Big Stanley:

  • Use a short strip with a long strip and rotate Stanley until the stimulation is exactly where you want it
  • Use both long strips on Channel A of your Power Box and one short strip on Channel B for an interesting 3-Electrode Configuration
  • Connect both long strips to Power Box A and both short strips to Power Box B and vary your settings on each box
  • Again using two Power Boxes, connect a short strip in circuit with a long strip on each box. Vary your adjustments so you get two different sensations from each Power Box.
  • With vaginal insertion, adjust Stanley so a long strip is in contact with the G-spot on Channel B and connect both short strips on Channel A. Use the red Power Interrupt Button to cut off the Power to Channel B intermittently to intensify the sensations.
      * For both safety and hygiene reasons, it's not recommended to use the same device in both orifices!


"Big Stanley"
Anal-Vaginal Quad-Electrode
Item #200-3002
Price: $299.95


Satnley, Jr. quad-electrode for PES Box Anal/Vaginal
Stanley Junior is here! In response to the demand for more quad pole Electrodes, PES has expanded its Acrylic Anal/Vaginal Plug* offering with !

A quadruple pole Electrode like Big Stanley, this "junior" version is 1 3/4" at its widest point (compared to  Big Stanley's 2 1/2" maximum diameter!). Junior is 6" long and 1 3/16" at his narrowest point.

Like the Big Stanley, Stanley, Jr. has four conductive surfaces: two at 5 1/2” long and two at 3 3/4 ” long.

* For both safety and hygiene reasons, it's not recommended to use the same device in both orifices!

Stanley, Jr. w/ Umbilical Cord attached

Big Stanley and Satnley, Jr. side-by-side
 Try Junior with two P.E.S. Power Boxes you experience. Stanley Junior can be used as either an anal Electrode or a vaginal Electrode, thus adding to his versatility. Try Stanley, Jr. with two PES Power Boxes for even more options and additional electrodes, such as the Deep Throat and the Testicular Tubular.

The Umbilical Cord was designed for just such an electrode. It will neatly direct all four connections.

Like the Acrylic Anal Plugs, Stanley,Jr. can create that in-and-out rhythmic sensation unique to electro stimulation, and with its four contact points, there is almost a push-pull feeling created by the competing circuits.

Junior offers many variations of that pulsing sensation. Using two power boxes, you could create a non-stop feeling of in-and-out penetration with just this one Electrode!

Use the same methods as shown for Big Stanley (above), for unique combinations, sensations and stimulations of the erotic kind!

"Stanley, Jr."
Anal-Vaginal Quad-Electrode
Item #200-3001

Unavailable from the manufacturer.


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