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Sex stamina advice for men

Sex isn’t just about self-satisfaction. In fact, if you really want to score high in the sack, it’s essential you build up your sexual stamina to last the distance and keep your other half happy.

Thankfully, a number of simple tips could help you on your way to a more fulfilling sex life. By following certain routines and adopting a few easy exercises, you’ll soon have the ladies queuing up around the block ... and improve your fitness in the process!

Sex may appear simple enough to master (unless you’re an inexperienced teenager or 40-year-old virgin fumbling around in the dark, that is). However, if you really want to boost the potency of your passion, it might be time you tried some of the following techniques.

1. Working out groin muscles. If you often find yourself hobbling around with muscle pain the morning after a steamy night of passion, it might be useful to regularly stretch your groin, keeping it primed and ready for even the most outrageous sexual position. Basic groin stretches will better-prepare your body for a forthcoming sexual epic, so make sure you regularly try out a few when you get chance!

2. Building arm muscles. Sexual stamina can require great upper-body strength, depending on which coital position you’re planning to adopt! It may therefore be an idea to enjoy the occasional free-weights session, gradually toning up your arm muscles. We’re not saying you should build yourself up into a beefcake Adonis overnight. However, the odd bout of upper-body exercise could really keep you energised for longer-lasting sex.

3. Staying mentally focused. An obvious one this, but if you really want to make the most of your sexual encounters, it’s vital you don’t let the possible repercussions play on your mind. Avoid worrying and allow yourself to stay focused in the bedroom by taking adequate precautions before you hop into the sack. Protect yourself against the perils of pregnancy scares with decent contraception and you’ll feel all the better for it.

4. Reducing alcohol consumption. If your nightly routine consists of downing the odd beer (or seven) at the local bar, before stumbling home for a swift night of passionate fumbling with your other half, you may need to reassess your thirst for booze. Alcohol can seriously damage your sexual virility when consumed in heavy doses, with its depressive nature dampening testosterone levels. A few drinks with the lads may help keep up social appearances, but they certainly won’t keep up things in the bedroom. So, unless you want to suffer the wrath of a moody spouse, unfulfilled by your semi-cocked sabre, try and take it easy, else the only hot date you’ll be making will be with that lonely single-bed in the spare room.

5. Improving blood-flow. Before you sprint to the doctor’s at the first sign of erectile problems, try and adopt a more natural way of increasing the blood flow to your groin, without the aid of Viagra. By regularly flexing and massaging your body’s central groin muscles, blood will start to flow more readily in that area, allowing you to stand to attention for longer in the bedroom.

6. Flexing the abdominal muscles. While your torso may currently appear more of a flabby twelve-pack than a toned six-pack, a little abdominal exercise could go a long way in boosting your sexual stamina. The abs are key to providing bursts of sexual energy, driving the groin by thrusting it forwards and then releasing it. As a result, a few daily crunches or sit-ups could really develop your sex life, preventing you from flopping down onto your partner with sheer exhaustion in the middle of a bedtime romp. So build up those belly muscles and you’ll be feeling abs-olutely fabulous in no time!

7. Loving thyself ... but not too much. It won’t make you go blind, but ‘self-love’ could certainly damage your chances of making a potent first impression. What could be worse on a hot date than whipping off your boxer shorts to reveal ... well, not much at all really? Too much self-pleasuring may while away the lonely nights between dates, but it certainly won’t do much to strengthen your credibility in the presence of a female, when you remain limp from exhaustion! No matter how desperate you get, try and save your energy for the real thing ... after all, sex is a marathon, not a sprint. However, if you are one of those who needs to let some go, once in a whlile, to keep from being a popping cork, then by all means go for a nice stroke, here and there!

8. Stretching the quads and calves. Cramp is a big turn-off in the bedroom, with the quads and calves notably susceptible to sudden bouts of tightening pain. As a result, regularly stretching your leg muscles could seriously heighten your sexual experience, easing them into the demands of flexible sex-ercise. Don’t let muscular pain cramp your style ... work-out those quads and calves and you’ll soon feel the benefits.

Sex shouldn’t just be about making a quick entry and an even quicker exit. Instead, if you really want to enjoy a night of steamy passion and appease your partner in the process, it might be worth undertaking a few extra-curricular exercises and lifestyle tweaks to truly reach your optimum performance. Sexual stamina won’t come overnight but hopefully you will!

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