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Vacuum Cupping Set Instructions

1.) Insert the cup into the pump end.

2.) Apply the cup to a point on the body.

3.) Pump air out of the cup by squeezing the handle smoothly and fully 3-4 times, or until desired vacuum strength is reached.

4.) While holding the cup, twist the pump 1/4 turn, then remove pump by pulling straight up and away from cup.

Any redness that occurs will fade within 10 minutes to two hours, depending on the length of time the cup is left on the skin, the strength of the vacuum and the area of the body.

Most often, a “hickie” like mark will be left where the cup was! This too will fade in a day  or two.

Best advice: experiment and limit usage initially. Always be safe, sane and consensual!

Helpful Hints:

... To get a better vacuum seal between the skin and the cup, use a thick water-based lubricant (like
Surgical Lubricant jelly). Massage oils and Vaseline may be used also, but they tend to get sticky.

... Hairy areas are hard to seal! Be sure to trim or shave the area for a secure seal!

... Removing the cups is easy by lifting the air shuttle device on top of the cup. It allows air to
escape so the cup detaches easily.

... Keep the cups cleaned by using an antibacterial soap and warm water. Never, never  immerse in boiling water or use harsh detergents or bleach!

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