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Proper Care of your Institutional Tan & White Leather Gear

Institutional Cuffs Collar Set Proper care is essential for the life of leather. The surface of the leather we use has not been sprayed with plastic coatings as in mass produced products. To protect your investment, the leather has been treated in the tanning process with a stain repellent. We recommend cleaning your gear periodically with a proper cleaner, such as Lexol® Leather Cleaner and treat with a recommended leather protector, such as Feibing's Aussie Conditioner®. Remember what ever product you choose - a little goes a long way!  Regular treatment will maintain the stain repelling properties. Natural markings and scars are proudly exhibited with no attempt to conceal these hallmarks of genuine leather. Quality leather shows its natural origins in the form of healed scars and varying surface texture. These natural marks and variations distinguish true high quality leather from its imitators.

Break-In Period
As with all fine quality heavy leathers, there is an indefinite break in period. Our products will achieve their ultimate comfort after several uses. It is important that you do not mis-handle the leather gear.  Do not bend items "backwards", in other words: do not bend top grain to top grain (only flesh to flesh side bending).

Color Variations
Tan colored bridle leathers will darken when any type of cleanser or conditioner is applied.  We recommend testing all leather care products on a discreet area first (such as the top grain side of the buckle turnback). Please remember that even the oils from your skin will eventually darken all light colored bridle leathers.

White Leather Deprivation HoodWhite Leather Care
 White leather should only be handled with clean hands!
If the white leather becomes soiled it can likely be cleaned away with a damp paper
towel. For more stubborn stains on white lining leathers (such as ink, makeup etc.) try spraying WD40 on a paper towel first and then gently wiping the area.  Repeat until stain is removed and then cleanse the area again with a clean water-damp cloth.  (This method should be tested on a discreet section, first).

Hog-Tie ClipsBrightening Metal
 Sometimes when gear is stored with minimal air movement or if it is particularly humid, the hardware may not seem as "bright" as it once was. Hardware appearing "cloudy" or "smoky" can be easily shined up with a lint free cloth and your own hot breath.  If you try commercial shiners, suitable for nickel plated steel, chrome, or stainless steel items, remember to use such products very sparingly. Absolutely DO NOT get it on the leather!

No Heat or Direct Sunlight
Do not place your BDSM or Fetish leather items next to strong heat sources such
as fireplaces, radiators or in direct sunlight. This can dry out the natural oils in the leather, causing cracking and stiffening of the leather. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight will eventually fade most natural products and leather is no exception. We strongly recommend that all leather items be kept out of direct sunlight to protect against fading.

No Aggressive Cleaning or Strong Rubbing
Gently wiping is all that the vast majority of soiling require. NEVER use abrasive cleaners, oils, detergents, furniture polish or ammonia on leather! Remember that prolonged, vigorous rubbing or using a coarse colored cloth will also damage the surface.  Be gentle!  

Do not store your leather items in a sealed container of any kind (i.e. plastic bags, tubs or bins).
Leather needs to breathe. A natural fiber bag or vented trunk is ideal. Remember to keep gear dry!

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