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Fire Cupping Instructions

Gather the items you will be using in one area. You will need matches or a lighter and/or a candle, some cotton balls, forceps or long tweezers, some rubbing alcohol and Surgi-Lube or a similar lube product..

Have the person and all your tools in place before starting. One very dramatic method of lighting the flame which will heat the air inside the fire cup’s globe, is to use the forceps or tweezers with the cotton ball, then dip the cotton ball into alcohol and light it. Or you can just light a candle or a common BBQ lighter works well also

Holding the cup so its mouth opening is down, hold the flame from whatever you’ve chosen to ignite, under the opening for a few seconds. Remember, the cup DOES NOT have to be heated:only the air inside the globe of the fire cup is heated! Hold the cup over the flame for a short time, then quickly place on the clean, hair-free skin.

As the air inside the cup (globe) cools, it will cause a vacuum effect and suck the skin upward into the globe. Suction should hold it in place. Check by lightly tugging at the cup. If it pops off too easily or does not seem to be able to “seal”, try using a bit of lube around the lip of the Fire Cup prior to heating and applying. Practice will yield desired results!

To remove, allow air into cup by putting one hand on the globe, then pressing the skin down at the rim of the cup with a few fingers from the other hand. You may need to gently slide your pressing finger down and under the rim in order to break the seal. The cup should then pop off.  Click here to see some examples...

Fire Cups Sets
A true ritual in itself... Each set contains heavy duty glass fire cups which when heated and placed on the skin, cool sucking the skin up into the globe of the cup! Read up on Fire Cupping play with for more how-to's and history!
Fire Cup Sets & Sizes are:
(NOTE: sizes are the diameter of the cup mouth opening)

Fire Cup Set of 3 sizes
Item #420-4000 
Price: $26.95
includes one each Extra Small = 1/2", Small = 1", Medium = 1 1/2" 


  Fire Cup Set of 4 Large Cups
Item #420-4005 
Price: $34.95
includes 4 each Large = 2"


Fire Cups Set of 4 X-Large Cups
Item #420-4010 
Price: $38.95
includes 4 each Xtra Large = 3"


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