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Although many of us may like pain mixed with our pleasure... seeking ways to play with pain as an endorphin rush in our kinky sex! However, there is no greater turn-off  during that hot moment of escalating pleasure than the searing, burning pain of a toy or finger or fist or penis... or whatever... being thrust inward as it comes to a screeching halt due to lack of enough lube! The moisture from a good lubricant will go a long, long way... spitting or waiting for mother nature to send her naturally formed lubricants in enough supply is an exercise in futility and disappointment, guaranteed!

The good news is that lubes are now specifically created to be more than just a moisturizer, which is basically all we get from spit and mother nature... it's formulated to be more slippery than our own natural juices thus giving a layer of slick protection between whatever is in motion!

For those who have reached a biological response of almost no "mother nature" lubricant at all, lubricants are a must! The delicate tissues of the vaginal and rectal lining responds immediately to proper lubrication. Many women who may complain of pain during intercourse, could alleviate that immediately with a lube that gently allows for stretching and sliding, when things feel "dried up'!

There are a myriad of biological responses for the vaginal "dried up" feeling such as menstruation, age, medical issues, stress, pharmaceuticals, pregnancy, menopause, the list is as diverse as each and every woman! But using a lubricant saves the moment, everytime!
And then there's anal sex! Pain, again? Well, maybe there wasn't enough lube used! That is the single biggest inhibitor for anal sex or playing with anal toys... not enough lube used! Come on... even if the porno you just watched shows the guy spitting into his hand, then ramming that two pound piece of salami into her (or his) rear, trust this: those actors were lubed up first before they rolled the cameras! 

Oh, don't  forget the sex toys! There are more and more amazing sex toys being developed all the time! It's a great time to be sexual explorers. But the day you open the box with your new toy inside, make sure you have (or bought) an appropriate lubricant to use with it... or it too will become an un-fun, painful experience. The reason for the use of the term "appropriate" lube is due to the material the toy(s) is/are made from. Silicone toys, for example cannot be used with silicone lubricant. Silicone eats itself!

Types of Lubricants

Lubes, just like all of the new toys on the market, are being developed at break-neck speed, with many of the changes of formulas assuring that the lubricant works well, but more importantly, keeps the user well! Many of the lubes in the last 10-20 years have changed their formulas for health reasons, as well as their slip and slide effectiveness. So be sure you pay attention to what you are buying and using in and on your body. Our credo is and always has been "safe", sane and consensual, so that includes the lubricants we sell! We seek out the safe ones!

With that in mind, part of that "lubricant history" of the last decades included using food based and/or oil-based lubes, such as Crisco, olive oil, vaseline which is a petroleum product. Since those days, the discovery that these cause bacteria infections, yeast infections, etc. have pretty much made them a huge no-no! Along with their health risks, they break down materials like latex, rubber, pvc, etc. so eventually toys and condoms (how many broken condom stories have you heard?) break down, rendering them useless. If you have (and most have) ever seen what a latex dildo looks like after using "oil based" lubricants ... not a pretty sight! And shudder to think of using it after that - yet, many did, not understanding what happened to their beloved dong!


The water-based lubricants that we use today are basically a derivative from a very familiar source, Surgilube and Ky-Jelly! Yes! They were  invented for the medical and surgical fields for easy insertion of instruments into orifices for gynecological or proctological purposes. Before that, the medical profession primarily used a petroleum or oil based product like Vaseline, which for obvious reasons was discontinued when it was found to be a carcinogen. Once the ease of cleaning up after using water based lubes, along with its hygienic properties leaked out [pun intended] into the public sectors, it became a maelstrom of manufacturers all competing to out-do each other with the best water-based lubricant on the market.  So we can be thankful for the huge variety and continued improvements being made to this very basic, but very important product!

Water-based lubes are more popular for many reasons: they are latex, rubber and condom safe, non-staining and tend to be thicker in viscosity. Yet, one of their drawbacks is that they dehydrate rather quickly, however, they can be re-hydrated again, by adding water. Anal sex does very well with water-based lubes thanks to it thicker consistancy adding a buffer, of sorts, protecting the delicate rectal tissue, along with the slip and slide factor.

Now, because of our attention to safety and health, we highly recommend staying away from water-based lubes that have glycerin. Glycerin can become a sugar compound when introduced to the natural bacterias of the vagina and then, it's yeast infection or even UTI (Urethral Tract Infection). Another ingredient to stay way from is paraben. It also causes UTI's. Especially women, look for water-based lubes that contain purified water and are glycerin-free and paraben-free.  As stated earlier, the manufacturers are continuing to improve these products,  knowing that you won't buy them, if they hurt you!


Silicone-based lubricants are clear, thinner and very, very slippery. Because silicone is an expensive raw material, the silicone lubricants cost almost double the cost of water-based, but the good thing about silicone lubes they seem to last forever!  It's very easy to buy three to four times the amount of water-based lubes to the one made of silicone.

Silicone lube lovers get hooked on the longevity. Although its consistency is very thin, it does not get absorbed into the skin, as the water-based lubes do, therefore it slides much easier. Another great  quality of using non-bacterial reactive silicone is that it decreases any risk of infections, allergies or reactions with your body.

It's also a great massage oil because it lasts so long on the skin. Some people with really stubborn facial or body hair use it for shaving. And for latex clothes fans, it is ideal for shining up latex! But remember, it is ├╝ber slippery!! Be very careful where it is used. It can be very hazardous, if any spills on the floor or in the bath or shower. Use a good soap (Castile soap is great!) and warm water to clean up.
Now here are the drawbacks: silicone lubricants CANNOT be used on silicone toys. It actually bonds to the silicone in the toy and the end result is a gummy, sticky unusable silicone toy. Many have tried and many have learned. The other issue with silicone lubes, unlike water-based lubes, they do not wash out of fabrics easily. The best idea for use is on a non porous surface, that can wipe up easily and keep away from cottons, wools, or any fabrics for that matter! One last drawback, it is not recommended for ingesting. Again, the water-based lubes may be flavored and even swallowed with little effect to the tummy, but don't try it with silicone lubes.

Most silicone lubes include cyclomethicone, dimethiconaol, silicone, dimeticone copolyol.

Mixed Lubes

As stated earlier, the manufacturers of lubes have been rolling up their sleeves and putting on their thinking caps trying to come up with the next HOT! product for the ever growing population of sexually active adults, raging in ages from 20's to 90's! One of their new tricks up those sleeves is the ability to mix lubes, such as a combination of the easy to use thicker quality of water-based fused with silicone for increased longevity and slipperiness!

Another type of designer lubes has a concept that is so simple and fun: one of the partners puts one lube on their body part, then the other partner puts a different lube on their body part and then when the intercourse of those two body parts happens, BOOM! there is a chemical reaction that makes for highly stimulating sensations and sensitivities. Some of these tend to get warmer, some get tingly, they may react differently depending on the body's chemistry and interactions.

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