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Enema Play Medical Fetish Library Enema (and Douche) 

A simple item of equipment for douching or enemas, usually consisting of a rubber bulb and nozzle or a bag or pouch which is gravity fed.

The French word, douche, means "shower", but in a sexual hygiene context this means injecting liquid, usually water, under pressure into the anus or vagina, either for cleansing prior to sex, for contraceptive purposes afterwards (not a recommended practice! DUH!), or as a sexual thrill in itself!

In the vagina, the liquid is entering a closed cavity and only a limited amount can be used. In the rectum, the cavity just inside the rectum area can be flushed, or liquid can be made to penetrate higher and further into the bowel and colon: such a thorough anal douche is known as an enema and the sexual enjoyment of them is termed klismaphilia.

The body will quickly attempt to expel water introduced in this way with a bowel movement and controlling this can be part of the BDSM fun.

The main types of equipment for douching are simple douches with a rubber bulb syringe or a bulb-like vessel attached to a nozzle into which liquid can be squeezed to suck in liquid or water and then injected by squeezing it out into the anus or vagina. Shower attachments designed for inserting into the relevant orifices need great care with regulating the pressure and temperature of your shower!

Enema kits of the sort designed for medical use to relieve constipation consist of a vessel or bag, typically of about 1-2 quarts however, many "fuller capacity" bags are up to a gallon or more!) and attached to a long tube of about 4-6 feet or 1-2 metres which terminates with a nozzle usually with interchangeable styles for both anal and vaginal use. A valve or clamp for turns the flow of liquid into the orifice on and off. The bag is usually hung on a shower rod or towel rack or I.V. Stand. The higher the elevation, the greater the water pressure. Water pressure should not exceed 1 pound psi. The length of the tube is necessary so the bag can be suspended above the recipient, thus gravity will force the liquid downward and help prevent air bubbles.

Douches and enemas are generally harmless BDSM play, but always be aware of safety and knowledge of use or problems could arise if done incorrectly. To prevent infections, the equipment should be kept clean and should be reserved for one-person use, and should not be swapped between anus and vagina without a thorough cleaning. Douching with someone else's urine carries some risk of transmitting infections. Start by using only modest amounts of liquid -- 500 ml (a pint) is quite enough for douching! Purified water is best to use in the enema container.

Temperature is important when administering an enema. If the water is too hot or too cold, it can cause a sort of cramping (sometimes called gripping). Since our bodies run about 98.6 degrees, a good temperature to fill your enema bag is a little warmer than that (approx. 103 degrees).  That allows a comfortable transition of the water, as it flows in with minimal cramping. Colder will definitely cause more cramping!

Average enemas are one and a half quarts, and that is quite a bit of water. However, for the long-time enema users and aficionados, it's not enough... for them, the 4 and 5 quart bags are ideal! But as with all BDSM play, don't make it a competition for how much one can handle... your body will let you know what it can reasonably hold! Don't over-do it, and end up with a bad experience. Remember, it's suppose to be exciting, stimulating and fun! 

Setting up the Enema Bag:

Slide the hose clamp onto the hose about half-way, then, install the hose into the enema bag and put the tip of choice on the other end of the hose. Once all pieces are in place, test for any leaks and tighten what may be the cause.  Before inserting the tip, be sure to lubricate it well,  so that it inserts easily and unobstructed.  Release the hose clamp, so that the liquid can flow. Initially, let the water flow gently. As you become familiar with using the enema bag system, you can easily adjust the height on an I.V. Pole or move it from a lower location (towel rack) to a higher one (shower curtain rod) for more water pressure.

Frequent douching can disturb the natural balance of chemicals and micro-organisms inside the body and vaginal douching is not recommended for women with IUDs (coils). Some enema and douche fans recommend eating yogurt after a session to replace the natural bacteria lost from the process.

Castile Soap Enema Solution:

 Using Castile soap in 0.3 oz. (9ml) packets, mix one packet in 1.5-2 quarts (1.7 liters) of filtered water to make a decent enema solution. Remember to keep the enema temperature at about (103° Fahrenheit  or 39 degree Celsius) give or take 1 or 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius).

Then add this mixture to your enema bag, make sure that the solution has not cooled below 102° Fahrenheit.
Now you're ready to administer or receive the enema.

 These soapy enemas are definitely harder to take and hold than a plain warm water enema.
No matter what type of enema that you use you should try to hold it for a few minutes so it has a chance to do a good job ( 5 to 10 minutes should be sufficient )

CAUTION: Never use dishwashing liquids or detergents or lye base soaps for your enemas they can harm the delicate intestinal lining!!

After using a soap solution, you should always follow up with a couple of simple water enemas to remove the soap residue adhering to the colon walls and prevent further irritation.

Here are a few diagrams of positions for giving or receiving enemas
 and regardless of the position, the easiest way is to relax first!
... then enjoy the enema as it flows.

On Back Legs Raised Position

       One of the easiest and most effective to give/receive an enema.
Be sure to be in the tub or near the toilet for any of these positions...
trying to do this in the bed or living room will ruin a fun evening!

The Kneeling with Chest Down Position

This position allows the solution to flow downhill.

Left Side Position

This position is easier for self-administering and enema.

Always safe, sane and consensual...

- Compiled and edited by Medical Toys with thanks to the Deviants Dictionary in part for this information!

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